Captain America, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Wolverine and Iron Man team up with others to fight crime in this Cartoon Network animated series. based on the characters & designs from the toy line Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Final Battle! (‘Nuff Said!) 02x26
Once the Dark Surfer is defeated and the Infinity Gauntlet destroyed, things have not gone back to normal until the Super Hero Squad realizes the Infinity Sword is still somewhere in the cosmos. With Ronan the Accuser's help, the Squad locates the Cosmic Infinity Pool which leads to a surprise confrontation with Doom.
When Strikes the Surfer! 02x25
Thanks to the knowledge obtained from Warlock inside the Soul Stone, the teams devises a plan to defeat Dark Surfer. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom devises his own plan to defeat Dark Surfer only to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet for himself.
Soul Stone Picnic! 02x24
Captain Marvel joins the team in their fight with Dark Surfer but things go wrong when Ms. Marvel, Thor and Iron Man end up in the Soul Stone with Thanos and Warlock.
Revenge of the Baby Sat! 02x23
Iron Man invents a time traveling device in order to return to the moment right before Silver Surfer takes the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos turning him into the Dark Surfer. However, Dark Surfer finds out Iron Man's plans and destroys the device and as a going away present, transforms Iron Man, Falcon & Scarlet Witch into toddlers forcing Wolverine & Hulk to babysit while Thor, Ms. Marvel & HERBIE search for a way to transform them back.
Missing: Impossible! 02x22
Before the team heads out to confront Dark Surfer, The Super Hero Squad is visited by Impossible Man. He attempts to impress his estranged wife by taking on the Dark Surfer himself.
Brouhaha at the World’s Bottom 02x21
In a last ditch effort to save their fellow Squad members, Ms Marvel & Mr. Fantastic join Captain America in the Savage Land to attempt a daring experiment but things go awry when Cap is kidnapped by Baron Strucker and Hydra who are attempting to flee Earth.
1602!: Six Against Infinity: Part 6 02x20
Scarlet Witch lands in the year 1602 where she must help the newly founded Super Hero Town face Captain Doom & his pirates while defending herself from charges of witchcraft. Meanwhile Dr. Strange helps the rest of the Squad find the missing members.
Planet Hulk!: Six Against Infinity: Part 5 02x19
Hulk lands on a planet Sakaar and is forced to enter gladiatorial combat by the Red King. Meanwhile, Reptil with the help of Firestar & the Human Torch attempt to keep the Earth warm until they can devise a plan to return it to its orbit.
The Devil Dinosaur You Say!: Six Against Infinity: Part 4 02x18
After being thrown into another dimension by the Dark Surfer, Wolverine befriends Moon Boy and his Devil Dinosaur. Wolverine must help them from a gigantic robot named High Evolutionary. Meanwhile, The Mayor hijacks a Squaddie vehicle to confront the Dark Surfer on his own which only annoys the Surfer which causes him to send Earth hurtling into deep space.
This Man-Thing, This Monster!: Six Against Infinity: Part 3 02x17
Iron Man lands in a village that's plagued with mummies, werewolves, vampires and a large swamp creature. Things get worse when the dimensional rift drains his suit of its reserve powers.

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