Phil Coulson heads an elite team of fellow agents with the worldwide law-enforcement organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division), as they investigate strange occurrences around the globe. Its members -- each of whom brings a specialty to the group -- work with Coulson to protect those who cannot protect themselves from extraordinary and inconceivable threats. Add to my shows

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Missing Pieces 06x01
Scattered across the galaxy, the team works to find their footing in the wake of losing Coulson.

Latest episodes

The End 05x22
A member of the team dies while trying to stop Talbot, who is intent on acquiring enough Gravitonium to fight Thanos. Meanwhile, the agents try to deal with Coulson's impending death.
The Force of Gravity 05x21
While Talbot pays his family a visit, Coulson and Melinda try to find a way off of the Confederacy spaceship.
The One Who Will Save Us All 05x20
Talbot and Coulson go to negotiate with the Confederacy, while Daisy has Jemma find a way to make the Centipede technology work.
Option Two 05x19
Qovas sends his men to get the Gravitonium, and finds a team torn apart by suspicion and distrust of each other... and no sign of Daisy.
All Roads Lead… 05x18
Daisy benches Coulson and takes a team to stop Ruby before she becomes the Destroyer of Worlds.
The Honeymoon 05x17
Deke is injured trying to help Daisy, while Fitzsimmons and Elena discover what Hale has planned. Meanwhile, Melinda makes a confession to Coulson.
Inside Voices 05x16
Coulson convinces one of Hale's people to help him. Meanwhile, Jemma and Elena come up with a plan to free Fitz, while Daisy and Melinda turn to Robin for help.
Rise and Shine 05x15
Hale's history with Hydra is revealed as she tries to convince Coulson to join forces with her. Meanwhile, Fitz asks for his freedom so that he can help find out why Hale wants their leader.
The Devil Complex 05x14
Fitz tries to seal the rift, and what appears to be his greatest fear materializes to help him. Meanwhile, Coulson and Melinda capture Hale only to discover that it's a trap.
Principia 05x13
The team gets a lead on the Gravitonium they need to seal the rift once and for all. Meanwhile, Deke learns who his grandparents are, while Hale and Ruby recruit another member to their team.

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