"Married at First Sight", the extreme social experiment where four couples will meet for the very first time on their wedding day. Three top relationship experts are controlling this radical experiment involving eight Aussie singles, using a mix of neuroscience and psychology to try to create four perfect matches. Relationship psychologist John Aiken has interviewed single applicants across the nation and built a detailed personal profile for each one. Neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford compiled the detailed neurological profiles. And psychologist Sabina Read met the applicants in their own environment to prepare to pair them with the most suitable partners. These four extremely brave and hopeful couples will face the most terrifying wedding imaginable – tying the knot with someone they have never laid eyes on. Add to my shows

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Episode 13 05x13
The biggest scandal in the program's history plays out in sensational circumstances at the commitment ceremony.

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Episode 12 05x12
A secret pact at the dinner party sets up a betrayal that will split the group.
Episode 11 05x11
A shock split that no one saw coming, and 'yes week' brings some couples closer together, while others struggle following orders from their partners.
Episode 10 05x10
The fallout from last night's dramatic Commitment Ceremony continues to be felt as the couples move in together, and the first signs of the scandal that will rock the experiment.
Episode 9 05x09
With love already blooming for some couples, the group is shocked at the first Commitment Ceremony when two brides get blindsided by their husbands.
Episode 8 05x08
The first dinner party of the season and all 11 couples meet each other for the first time, but one bride has her eye on another husband.
Episode 7 05x07
It's the final wedding of the season and the honeymoons continue. Can Troy win over his sceptical bride? John hits a hurdle on his honeymoon.
Episode 6 05x06
The show's first millionaire groom puts his faith in the experts, and single mum Gabrielle must find the courage to share her secret with her new husband.
Episode 5 05x05
Last season's favourite groom John Robertson returns for a second chance at love. And will Troy meet his Barbie dream girl at the altar?
Episode 4 05x04
The first six couples arrive for their honeymoons. For some, love starts to bloom, while others find trouble in paradise.
Episode 3 05x03
The weddings continue in Australia's most controversial social experiment. One bride must pass the test of the mother-in-law with the power to break up her wedding.

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