Manimal was a short lived television series shown on NBC. It was about a shape-shifting man who could turn himself into any animal. Simon MacCorklndale plays Jonathan Chase, a professor of criminology and a specialist in animal behavior. He's also an adviser to the New York Police Department, although they don't know about the animal part. They also don't know about this other special power he has, the ability to immobilize his prey with his eyes. Chase is assisted in his endeavors by a chauffeur, played in the pilot by Glynn Turman but replaced in future episodes by Michael D. Roberts. Over the course of the pilot episode, Chase also picks up a partner in Melody Anderson, playing a policewoman. William Conrad summed up the story in the opening narration: Opening narration “Dr. Jonathan Chase is a wealthy, young, and handsome man with the brightest of futures with a very dark past. From Africa’s deepest recesses, to the rarest peaks of Tibet, heir to his father’s legacy, and the world’s darkest mysteries is Jonathan Chase, master of the secrets that divide man from animal, animal from man, Manimal.” Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Night of the Beast 01x08
Jonathan, Ty and Brooke go on a vacation to Birch Hollow but their car breaks down during the journey. They manage to get a lift from a couple who live nearby. Maggie one of them, asks Jonathan where he had taken Jack. Jonathan realises that she has mistaken him to be part of a gang of robbers who had broken Into her home. A gangster's syndicate wants to do a gambling paradise out of the provincial small town Birch Hollow. Jonathan, Brooke and Ty, who have arrived by chance in the crooks' nest, will try to nail the gangsters down. Chase, played by Simon MacCorkindale — love that name, turns himself into a big bear to scare some baddie trying to turn a hotel into a gambling resort.
Breath of the Dragon 01x07
Chase goes to Chinatown to see if a friend's grandson is involved in a protection racket. A ruthless criminal called the "Dragon" terrorizes the businessmen in Chinatown of New York. When an arson attack is committed on the owner of restaurant Tam, professor Chase devises a plan to face the Dragon and his gang.
Scrimshaw 01x06
(New day) While exploring a cave Brooke and a boy stumble across an old piece of scrimshaw clutched in a skeleton's hand. The accidental finding of the scrimshaw, a preciously carved walrus's tooth, leads professor Chase, Ty, Brooke and little Corky on an adventurous treasure search. However, two gangsters want to get rid of Jonathan and his friends.
High Stakes 01x05
A parachutist's failure during a horse race show is used as screen to shift horses. In the form of a falcon Jonathan Chase succeeds in saving the man. A horse breeder uses the bustle to steal a valuable stallion.
Female of the Species 01x04
Sarah, the " Wolfgirl from Sultanpur" is taken to New York to be exposed to the public. But she manages to run away. Professor Chase and Brooke try to come behind the secret of Sarah's origin.
Night of the Scorpion 01x03
Policewoman Brooke McKenzie and professor Chase examine the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of businessman Michael Sloan. Sloan has in his possession a list which might expose American operatives as KGB double agents. What does Terri Sloan know about the list of her father's?
Illusion 01x02
Bulgarian Zoltan Gregory uses his diplomatic passport to smuggle over and over again costly furs into the US. His partner, the Illusionist Harris, wants to get out. Afterwards Harris is murdered. Professor Chase suspects there is something fishy and begins to inquire.
Manimal 01x01
Jonathan Chase is a zoological expert who has learned to mutate himself into various animals. This episode offers a flashback to some kind of accident in Cambodia in 1968. During the war, Ty, Chase's buddy discovers his secret and vows to assist him. In this episode, Jonathan helps Detective Brooke MacKenzie nail a gang of gunrunners. Tonight's story is about an attempt to steal a shipment of arms and nerve gas. In tracking criminals, MacCorkindale's Chase turns into a panther, an eagle and a cat. Sexy Ursula Andress guests as one of the villains. In one scene Chse changes into a kitten and winds up cuddled in her arms. Seizing opportunity, he sticks his head into the front of her robe.

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