Comedy series written by and starring Greg Davies as Dan, a childish idiot whose world is on the brink of collapse. Add to my shows

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Episode 6 04x06
In the series finale, Dan is caught in a race against the clock to prove his credentials as a dad, but a terrifying figure from his past surfaces to seek revenge. Brian decides to call time on modern 'feral' dating and Jo must decide who she really is.
Episode 5 04x05
When a health visitor suggests what mum and new baby need is a 'daddy day', Dan can't believe his luck. But when his son seems a bit cold towards him, Dan becomes increasingly desperate to establish a bond.
Episode 4 04x04
In the fourth episode, Dan takes his Behavioural Unit on a historical school trip with desperate hopes of becoming a 'bright light' his troubled kids can follow. Jo goes undercover to avoid government detection, obviously, and Brian has a mysterious secret passion.
Episode 3 04x03
In the third episode, Dan is frustrated by the universal lack of respect for his new status as a father, and decides to join a local dads' club. Desperate to fit in, how far will 'Papa Bear' go to impress the other dads? Brian is worried about his daughter's cultural identity, and Jo adds to his stress with her box of 'things I don't understand'.
Episode 2 04x02
In the second episode Dan presents Emma with a perfect vision of a family and embarks on a journey to rediscover a terrible truth about a misremembered friendship. Meanwhile Jo embraces freeganism and Dan reluctantly re-enters the teaching profession... kind of.
Episode 1 04x01
Walking disaster-area and child-trapped-in-a-man's-body Dan is blinkered by unrealistic hopes for his impending fatherhood; he's quit his much-hated job as a teacher and is applying his unique work ethic to another, more earthy profession. With Aunt Nesta and his mum now in a retirement village 'pissing my inheritance up a wall' Dan is on an increasingly desperate hunt to find a new home for his soon-to-be family. Helped by his oldest friends, uptight financial advisor Brian and the irrepressibly bonkers, serial 'entrepreneur' Jo, can Dan finally grow up to become the man he hopes he can be?
The Party 03x06
Dan's teaching career is reduced to few words in his final school assembly and some parting gestures from his child nemesis and Mr Klackoff. With Jo in sole charge of organising a Skype-ably impressive party at her shop, Dan can surely relax knowing that this is all in safe hands. But with the usually unflappable Nesta wrong-footed by sinister 'Daddy', Mum taking a turn for the worse, as well as the revelation of a mysterious terror-inducing local and seismic news from America... will Dan's world turn completely upside-down in this series finale?
Adopted 03x05
Dan shares the shocking news of his adoption with his best mates and embarks on a search for a life that could have been. Brian's children are bored and a trip to the beach with Jo and Dan sounds far more exciting than their father's dull plans. But will Brian take the risk of getting sand in his beloved Renault Scenic and, more to the point, expose his kids to a day out with his ever-irresponsible friends? Cultural awakenings and jeopardy await.
The Visa 03x04
Dan tries to keep his plan to emigrate to the USA moving at pace, but with the complicated issue of a visa to negotiate he knows he needs to draw on all his inner steel to have any chance. With the increasing likelihood of Dan's American dream turning into a nightmare, Jo tries her best to help, while Brian is less concerned by his idiot friends, at best, questionable idea. Meanwhile, issues at home force Dan back into to the gym... although working out is the last thing he wants to do. Guest appearance by Reginald D Hunter.
Big News 03x03
In an action-packed episode involving the police, Dan is struggling to get his 'news' taken seriously, or even listened to by his friends and family. Brian meets the woman of his dreams... and the children of nightmares... while Jo is drawing on every ounce of creative energy to plan the grand opening of her new shop. Nesta also has a big problem to deal with, and 'Daddy' decides to take things up a gear with Dan.

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