Reba McKenzie very publicly discovers that her country music legend husband, Bobby Gallagher, has been cheating on her. Determined to get a fresh start and perhaps revive her own country music career, Reba packs up her sharp-tongued mother and two kids and drives cross country to live in Bobby's Malibu beach-front party pad. Once there, gregarious and over-sharing neighbor Kim immediately reaches out with an offer to mentor Reba as she adjusts to Southern California. With a new home and a much more liberal west coast set of rules, Reba, her kids and mom welcome the change, but soon realize that the open-mindedness of Southern California goes much farther than they'd expected. When Reba finds that trying to get her foot back in the music business is going to be an uphill battle, she befriends Geoffrey, the assistant to her record label's president -- who never seems to be in the office. Though overwhelmed and feeling out of place, Reba realizes that, all in all, family is what matters most, and they must learn to view their new Malibu lifestyle as a chance for a new beginning. Add to my shows

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