A look at the lifestyles of a group of 20-something residents of the exclusive postcode in London, Chelsea, SW3. Add to my shows

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Episode 10 16x10

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Episode 9 16x09
After kissing Liv in Canada, Miles returns to Chelsea to find best friend - and Liv's ex - Digby on his doorstep. Habbs starts to feel suffocated by Sam's constant attentions and confesses her doubts about the relationship to Melissa. Meanwhile, Ollie is determined to pull out all the stops for his book launch and enlists the help of Sophie Hermann to give the event that magic touch.
Episode 8 16x08
After the boys' apprehension, and Emily gate-crashing Liv's trip to British Columbia, Canada, some unexpected flirting causes shock waves within the group. Louise and Ryan find themselves overwhelmed when Mark Francis takes it upon himself to plan their wedding. Jamie is on a mission to play Cupid with Fred and Sophie, but will it all end in tears?
Episode 7 16x07
Miles finds himself on thin ice with housemates Habbs and Emily as he continues to treat their home like a lad's pad. Tristan offers to host a luncheon at his house to help smooth things over with the unhappy housemates - but does he have an ulterior motive with Habbs? Meanwhile, Sam is happy with Habbs and ready to move things forward, but is he moving too fast? And Sophie and Fred grow closer - could there be romance in the air?
Episode 6 16x06
The girls are at the end of their tethers living with Miles, while Liv extends an olive branch to Ryan in the form of an offer to take engagement photos for him and Louise.
Episode 5 16x05
Episode 4 16x04
Episode 3 16x03
Episode 2 16x02
Episode 1 16x01
After a shock split with Digby in Hvar, Liv is desperate to avoid her wounded ex. But as she bites the bullet and returns to Chelsea, she is faced with Digby's endless social media posts of nights out with their mutual friends and a confrontation proves inevitable. Meanwhile, a furious Habbs has split with Sam following news of his behaviour on a night out. Can the troublesome Thompson win her back once again? And Miles, Habbs and Emily decide to move in together, but Emily's dislike of Habbs's friend Melissa causes tension.
End of Season Party 15x12
Ellie Taylor and the entire cast celebrate the end of series 15 with all the gossip, drama and latest on Liv and Digby, Sam and Habbs and Jamie and Ell

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