A look at the lifestyles of a group of 20-something residents of the exclusive postcode in London, Chelsea, SW3. Add to my shows

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Christmas Ding Dong 14x12
Rick Edwards hosts Made in Chelsea's Christmas Ding Dong, in which there are awkward reunions all round, Sam and Tiff come face to face for the first time since their split, Frankie and Liv clash heads, and Louise and Ryan's cosy chat is interrupted by a call from New York. All that, plus the cast star in a Nativity scene that is not to be missed.
Christmas 14x11
Make-ups and break-ups abound as the Christmas festivities get under way in SW3. Will the festive mood bring everyone together or will seasonal goodwill fall short of fixing broken friendships?
Episode 10 14x10
Jamie is still texting Frankie but also taking Clemmie out on a date. Things come to a head at Liv and Digby's dinner party and fireworks ensue between Jamie, Frankie, Clemmie and James. Meanwhile, Louise and Mimi help Sam get back into the dating game and Liv encourages Alex to date Habbs. But is Alex really ready for a relationship?
Episode 9 14x09
Jealousy flares when Jamie learns that Frankie is dating James Taylor, so Jamie decides to find a date of his own. With Ryan declaring his love for Louise through his tattoo, Louise starts feeling the pressure to get one of her own. Meanwhile, Sophie Herman decides to throw a circus-themed party. Francis wastes no time in auditioning for the headline act, with the help of an unwilling Fredrik.
Episode 8 14x08
Jamie tries to play peacemaker between Alik and Louise before Alik flies back to New York. Sam Prince's friend James catches Frankie's eye. Will he be the one to get Frankie back in the game? And Mark Francis and Victoria step in to plan an elaborate party for Toff's birthday.
Episode 7 14x07
Things heat up as Louise's ex-boyfriend Alik flies in to Chelsea. How will Ryan react when he finally meets the New Yorker? Following their trip to Tuscany, Harry is on a mission to get a second date with Frankie, but once Jamie finds out about their growing friendship, will he try to put a stop to Harry's endeavours? Olivia and Digby's relationship is going from strength to strength, but is he really ready to meet the parents?
Episode 6 14x06
Liv and Digby's fledgling romance blossoms under a Tuscan sun, while Sam takes drastic action to erase all memories of Tiff.
Episode 5 14x05
Romance is in the air in Chelsea, as Olivia sets her sights on a model at her photo shoot, and Francis sets Fredrik up on a date with Sophie. Meanwhile, not everyone else is as lucky, as Mimi tells Charlie how she really feels, and Sam's fears come to life with some news from Tiff.
Episode 4 14x04
Tiff tells Louise she still loves Sam, but a new revelation means everything hangs in the balance. Jamie decides to spice things up for Ryan and Louise.
Episode 3 14x03
Francis and Proudlock take it upon themselves to get Jamie back out on the dating game. But which lucky Chelsea lady will they set up with him? The animosity between Mimi and Tiff comes to a head as Tiff goes on a date with Charlie. Things between Louise and Ryan are getting more strained, can they save their relationship? And Sam Thompson returns to Chelsea, but it's not long before a shock revelation about Harry and Tiff rocks him.

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