A look at the lifestyles of a group of 20-something residents of the exclusive postcode in London, Chelsea, SW3. Add to my shows

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Episode 7 15x07

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Episode 6 15x06
Louise is fed up of Ryan being sidelined since Alik's return to Chelsea, and turns to Jamie for help. Jamie insists the only solution is bringing the two sworn enemies together once and for all. Sam Prince is in trouble as rumours that he cheated on his girlfriend Jemima are confirmed. But how will Sam feel when he finds out his friend Miles has been the one lending her a shoulder to cry on? Mark Francis dreams of becoming a superstar DJ and recruits Alex to help him share his impeccable music taste with the masses.
Episode 5 15x05
After a disastrous anniversary dinner, Ryan confronts Louise over her lack of empathy. Harry and Sam Prince are forced to spend time together when their girlfriends arrange a night out, but their mutual dislike gets the better of them. And Francis takes the boys out of Chelsea on a rural camping trip.
Episode 4 15x04
Episode 3 15x03
Jamie gets increasingly stressed following Melody's decision to stay in Chelsea - is there something he is hiding from her? Olivia and Digby's relationship is put under pressure when a piece of gossip gets into the wrong hands. And Toff finds a new admirer in the shape of James. Will she fall for his advances?
Episode 2 15x02
Jamie is looking forward to Melody's time in London coming to an end, but what was meant to be a fleeting romance may be here to stay! How will Jamie take the news that Melody might be settling in Chelsea for good? Meanwhile, as Mimi uncovers yet more rumours of Harry's inappropriate behaviour, Melissa must decide whether to continue to trust him or call time on their relationship. And can Alik and Louise finally put the past behind them and be friends?
Episode 1 15x01
The Chelsea friends are back with series 15. Having finally moved on from Frankie, Jamie is keen to introduce holiday romance Melody to Chelsea. But will his rushing into things have consequences? Newly arrived in London, Alik is keen to make amends with Louise and Ryan, but when he overhears a chance remark from Louise, things take a turn for the worse. Harry is in love with new girlfriend Melissa, but the relationship comes under threat when Mimi has a revelation. Toff is busier than ever with her new column and seeks out the help of a distinguished friend.
Christmas Ding Dong 14x12
Rick Edwards hosts Made in Chelsea's Christmas Ding Dong, in which there are awkward reunions all round, Sam and Tiff come face to face for the first time since their split, Frankie and Liv clash heads, and Louise and Ryan's cosy chat is interrupted by a call from New York. All that, plus the cast star in a Nativity scene that is not to be missed.
Christmas 14x11
Make-ups and break-ups abound as the Christmas festivities get under way in SW3. Will the festive mood bring everyone together or will seasonal goodwill fall short of fixing broken friendships?
Episode 10 14x10
Jamie is still texting Frankie but also taking Clemmie out on a date. Things come to a head at Liv and Digby's dinner party and fireworks ensue between Jamie, Frankie, Clemmie and James. Meanwhile, Louise and Mimi help Sam get back into the dating game and Liv encourages Alex to date Habbs. But is Alex really ready for a relationship?
Episode 9 14x09
Jealousy flares when Jamie learns that Frankie is dating James Taylor, so Jamie decides to find a date of his own. With Ryan declaring his love for Louise through his tattoo, Louise starts feeling the pressure to get one of her own. Meanwhile, Sophie Herman decides to throw a circus-themed party. Francis wastes no time in auditioning for the headline act, with the help of an unwilling Fredrik.

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