A look at the lifestyles of a group of 20-something residents of the exclusive postcode in London, Chelsea, SW3. Add to my shows

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End of Season Party 15x12
Ellie Taylor and the entire cast celebrate the end of series 15 with all the gossip, drama and latest on Liv and Digby, Sam and Habbs and Jamie and Ell
Episode 11 15x11
Jamie is on a mission to impress Ell with his athleticism, but how will he feel when Ell and Miles strike up a French connection? Sam drops everything to support Olivia through her break-up, but is she being as honest with her friends as they think? And a unicorn threatens to come between Ollie and Sophie when Toff throws an enchanted 'twisted tea party'.
Episode 10 15x10
Following Olivia and Digby's decision to make their relationship work, Olivia reverts back to her old lifestyle of partying with her pal Alex. But will the relationship survive this new 'old' Olivia? When Habbs reveals she has slept with Sam, James takes the opportunity to create trouble, leaving Sam with doubts about Habbs. And Jamie introduces his new girlfriend Ell to the group - but has some hair-raising news.
Episode 9 15x09
After time away from Digby in Sri Lanka, Liv is even more confused as to whether they should be together. Sam is keen to continue on from his holiday romance with Habbs, but has she been playing it cool since they've come back to Chelsea? When James tries to impress Toff with a fun night out, she's less than bowled over with his choice of venue. With her book launch approaching, Louise enlists the help of Francis to help overcome her fear of public speaking.
Episode 8 15x08
Olivia leaves Digby behind in London as she heads to Sri Lanka to re-evaluate her relationship. Will distance make the heart grow fonder, or will the time apart strengthen her resolve to step away? And back in Chelsea, Ollie Locke drops by to play matchmaker to Toff and James.
Episode 7 15x07
Liv finds herself questioning her relationship with Digby, so Harry decides to organise a non-couples trip away to help clear her mind. And Francis reveals a secret passion as he dusts off his old ballet shoes and treads the boards.
Episode 6 15x06
Louise is fed up of Ryan being sidelined since Alik's return to Chelsea, and turns to Jamie for help. Jamie insists the only solution is bringing the two sworn enemies together once and for all. Sam Prince is in trouble as rumours that he cheated on his girlfriend Jemima are confirmed. But how will Sam feel when he finds out his friend Miles has been the one lending her a shoulder to cry on? Mark Francis dreams of becoming a superstar DJ and recruits Alex to help him share his impeccable music taste with the masses.
Episode 5 15x05
After a disastrous anniversary dinner, Ryan confronts Louise over her lack of empathy. Harry and Sam Prince are forced to spend time together when their girlfriends arrange a night out, but their mutual dislike gets the better of them. And Francis takes the boys out of Chelsea on a rural camping trip.
Episode 4 15x04
Episode 3 15x03
Jamie gets increasingly stressed following Melody's decision to stay in Chelsea - is there something he is hiding from her? Olivia and Digby's relationship is put under pressure when a piece of gossip gets into the wrong hands. And Toff finds a new admirer in the shape of James. Will she fall for his advances?

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