Loosely based on the real-life M*A*S*H unit 8055, life at the 4077 revolved around the day-to-day routines of Captain "Hawkeye" Pierce, Captain "Trapper" McIntyre, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake, Major Margaret Houlihan, Major Franklin Burns and Corporal "Radar" O'Reilly. Through these characters, viewers traveled beyond the long hours and the horrors of the operating room to a place where friendships were forged, laughter was found and drinks were served. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen 11x16
As Time Goes By 11x15
Everyone steps forth with memorable contributions when Hot Lips insists that a time capsule be left by the 4077th crew.
Give and Take 11x14
When Charles is handed the job of being the 4077's charity collection officer, he desperately tries to pass the buck.
Friends and Enemies 11x13
An old and dear friend of Col. Potter's arrives with injuries sustained in a careless accident.
Say No More 11x12
A gruff general visits his severely injured son and faces the harsh realities of military life when the young man dies.
Strange Bedfellows 11x11
Charles refuses to solve his annoying snoring problem; Potter's son-in-law visits with some shocking news.
U.N., the Night and the Music 11x10
Run for the Money 11x09
The Moon Is Not Blue 11x08
Settling Debts 11x07

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