Tyana is a young divorcee who returns home to Southern California for a second chance in life. She decides to take a job in real estate -- making her father Delroy very happy to see she's following in his professional footsteps -- but she plans to work for his competition. Tanya also reconnects with her old friends, especially her best friend Nefertiti who is happily single and ready to help Tyana get her groove back. But Tyana's world is suddenly turned upside down when her unemployed brother Latrell unexpectedly moves into her NoHo (North Hollywood) condo. This four-part, half-hour sitcom airs on three consecutive nights on TV One with two back-to-back episodes on the first night. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Is This The End? 04x33
In the season finale, Delroy pops the question to Bridget… only to find out she’s still legally married to Cordell’s father. When they get her ex to sign the divorce papers, he goes to the roof of Del Jones Realty where he threatens to kill himself. Meanwhile, Latrell and Imunique aren’t sure how to define their relationship when Latrell introduces her as his friend. Then, Imunique drops the bomb that she’s pregnant.
The Buckin’ Don’t Stop Here 04x32
Imunique drives Latrell to his commercial audition and ends up landing the role he was going in for. After the commercial shoot, Latrell and Imunique have a huge fight… and end up in bed together. Meanwhile, Delroy has to finally get his first prostate exam.
What He Don’t Know, Won’t Hurt Him 04x31
Fabian realizes that Latrell’s new girlfriend is transgender and plots with the gang on how to break the news before he “seals the deal.” Imunique kisses him to sell the story that she broke them up because she was jealous. Meanwhile, Delroy and Macaroni Tony are on a roadtrip to Lake Tahoe and Delroy finds out Macaroni Tony used to date Bridget.
Ain’t That About a Snitch 04x30
Imunique fights off a burglar and becomes a local celebrity. However, when the police want her to identify the guy, she isn’t sure she wants to rat. But when the burglar attacks Ms. Earleane, Imunique has a change of heart. Meanwhile, Delroy teaches Jasmine how to close deals… but she ends up teaching him a thing or two.
Temp Tation 04x29
Jasmine lands a broadcasting gig in Alaska so Delroy is forced to hire a temp.
My Way or the Hallway 04x28
After a night at the movies, Latrell and Imunique get locked out of their condo....
No R.O.I. 04x27
Imunique invites Jasmine into her ghetto investment club.
Shady Predictions 04x26
Fabian’s cousin, Claire Boyant, does a palm reading for everyone in the gang.
Gullible is as Gullible Does 04x25
After being taken advantage of several times Jasmine attends “Suckers Anonymous”...
The Hot Seat 04x24
munique throws a bachelorette party for DeLovely, but catches her cheating with a male stripper.She struggles to convince DeMiracle of what she has seen, then lands on "The Hot Seat," Latrelle's new internet series.

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