Terra Jolé, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity Gibel, Traci Harrison Tsou and Briana Manson all return for the second season of Little Women: LA, and the stakes are higher than ever. When a shocking baby announcement is made and there's a new little lady in town, the group's friendships are pushed to the limit. In each hour-long episode, viewers get a unique glimpse into the lives of these girlfriends as they wade through the ups and downs of life, supporting one another every step of the way as they prove, once again, that height is just a number. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Sins And The City 07x18
After Tonya's daughter dropped the bomb that she wants to move away from home, Tonya plans a girls trip to Las Vegas on a mission to change her daughter's mind. While in Vegas, Christy escapes to visit her mom, and confesses shocking details about her marriage with Todd. And even though Terra insists she is no longer involved with Black Girl Moscato, after new details immerge, Tonya and Christy are convinced she's lying.
Beauty And The Booze 07x17
Elena takes a huge step forward towards opening her own beauty salon, by interviewing staff and working with her first vendors. Meanwhile, with just days until her wine launch, Tonya gets news that could cancel the party completely. And after months of fighting, Christy's frustrations with Todd lead her to taking drastic measures.
Kicking and Screaming 07x16
After weeks of preparing for weight loss surgery, Christy finally goes under the knife. Meanwhile, Terra breaks down after hearing her daughter Penny may need surgery to reduce the pressure on her brain. And when Mika organizes a kickball game, some of the girls feel the team name is offensive to Little People.
Sideways in Solvang 07x15
After Mika's prank on Tonya goes horribly wrong, Terra is on damage control for her part in the incident. Meanwhile, Mika utters controversial comments on Christy's weight, leading to a nasty food fight. Once the group returns home from Solvang, Tonya professes her love to Jaa even though he has a girlfriend.
Welcome to Solvang 07x14
While on a girls bonding weekend, Jasmine has a terrifying horseback riding experience in Solvang, California. Tonya makes a drunken confession to some of the girls about her feelings for Jaa. Mika plays an extreme prank on the girls, sending Tonya off the rails.
Extreme Therapy 07x13
Sick and tired of all the broken relationships, Christy and Tonya call their relationship guide, Hasani. In an intense couples therapy, Todd reveals the truth about why he does not agree with Christy's decision to have weight-loss surgery. Motivated to work on their friendships and conquer their fears, things heat up when the girls are put through an extreme challenge in Hasani's teambuilding bootcamp.
Stage Fright and Heartache 07x12
When Jasmine's father asks her to sing at his restaurant, her extreme stage fright threatens to ruin the performance before it's begun. Terra struggles with Tonya's demanding she choose between business and friendship. Meanwhile, Christy and Todd have been pretending for months that their marriage is picture perfect, but a confession from Christy brings all their old issues bubbling to the surface.
The Ultimatum 07x11
To rejuvenate their bodies, Tonya and Christy venture into the world of plastic surgery. Elena helps her husband Preston with his movie premiere. And Tonya gives Terra an ultimatum that could tear their friendship apart forever.
Get Happy 07x10
Terra mentors Mika on starting her own YouTube channel; Christy becomes overprotective when her daughter Autumn wants to go clubbing for the first time; and Mika tries to apologize to Tonya, but Tonya has other things in mind.
Lil Panty Droppers 07x09
Christy and Autumn get a reality check when they do a trial run as realtors. Elena struggles with whether or not to apologize to Jasmine over business matters. Meanwhile, Mika visits LA with her husband and daughters. But when Mika gathers the girls for a BBQ and Undie Walk for charity, Tonya wants nothing to do with her.

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