Terra Jolé, Tonya Banks, Elena Gant, Christy McGinity Gibel, Traci Harrison Tsou and Briana Manson all return for the second season of Little Women: LA, and the stakes are higher than ever. When a shocking baby announcement is made and there's a new little lady in town, the group's friendships are pushed to the limit. In each hour-long episode, viewers get a unique glimpse into the lives of these girlfriends as they wade through the ups and downs of life, supporting one another every step of the way as they prove, once again, that height is just a number. Add to my shows

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Social Media Intervention 08x10

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After Tonya's daughter dropped the bomb that she wants to move away from home, Tonya plans a girls trip to Las Vegas on a mission to change her daughter's mind. While in Vegas, Christy escapes to visit her mom, and confesses shocking details about her marriage with Todd. And even though Terra insists she is no longer involved with Black Girl Moscato, after new details immerge, Tonya and Christy are convinced she's lying.

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