Lilyhammer follows New York mobster Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano as he enters the federal witness protection program after ratting on his boss. A sports fan, Frank wants to make his new life in Lillehammer, the Norwegian town that hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics - or as he calls it "Lilyhammer." Frank has visions of a paradise of "clean air, fresh white snow and gorgeous broads" far away from the temptations of the Big Apple and from mob hit men. Reality, of course, turns out to be spectacularly different. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Loose Ends 03x08
The new addition to Tommy's crew shocks Frank and Torgeir; Chris vows to do anything to win back Sigrid; Frank vows to hunt down Jan.
The Funeral 03x07
Things look good for Jan until his new girlfriend has a fateful request; Roar signs Torgeir's life away; Tommy takes his betrayal up a notch.
The Minstrel Boy 03x06
Frank's new ex-mafia crew member, Tommy, may not be as great as Frank believes, and Roar's Brazilian problems follow him to Norway.
Tommy 03x05
When Frank enters the wine business, it stirs up trouble with local activist; a mob hit goes bad; Rio spells danger for Roar yest again.
The Mind is Like a Monkey 03x04
With the 20th anniversary of the Lillehammer Winter Olympics approaching, Torgeir hopes to fulfill a dream, and Roar gets a chance to return to Rio.
The Homecoming 03x03
Frank and Torgeir return from Brazil to find that the Lithuanian gang has raised the stakes, while "Rio Roar" is now a national celebrity.
Foreign Affairs 03x02
Frank and Torgeir head to Brazil to save Roar from his troubles with the law, and Jan has a second thoughts about his murder confession.
Tiger Boy 03x01
It's not a happy New Year for Frank, topped off by Jan Johansen's surprise and unwanted return. Meanwhile, Roar is in Rio de Janeiro to get married.
Ghosts 02x08
A familiar face from the old days shows up in Norway, forcing Frank to return to his New York roots for two very different types of family reunions.
The Freezer 02x07
A farmer's debt is paid with the deed to a reindeer herd, giving Frank a business idea; Frank meets a new love interest; Jan must flee the country.

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