Casey and Derek both had great lives before they met each other, as well as single parents. When Casey's mom, Nora, meets Derek's dad, George, they date, and ultimately marry each other, causing Casey to have to move into Derek's house, losing her friends and old school. Now, Casey and her sister, Lizzie, must deal with a new house, a new school, two new step brothers, Edwin and Derek, a new step sister, Marti, and a new step father, George. Casey, at first, feels angry at her mom's decision, and hates the fact that she must share a room with Lizzie, with almost no space, and her having no say-in on what the family does, since it's still not really her house. But Casey soon grows accustom to her new house, but still can't stand Derek, her obnoxious, egotistic new step brother, whom, like Casey, is also the eldest of their siblings, which causes a reoccurring conflict between the two, who are used to bossing around their siblings. Since the beginning, Casey has made a good friend, Emily,is going out with max, the football's team quarterback . Casey is really fitting in and starting to enjoy her new life, but she may never get used to Derek. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Futuritis 04x18
As graduation day approaches, a worried Casey is having difficulty writing her valedictorian speech, which she blames on her fear of Derek pulling a prank and ruining it until Derek points out that she's actually afraid of what the future holds. Meanwhile, Edwin is concerned that he won't be able to live up to Derek's reputation at J.S. Thompson High when he goes there in the fall. The family celebrates Casey and Derek's high school graduation and the two make a very awkward announcement: that they are going to the same university.
Surprise! 04x17
As Prom approaches the Venturi household is full of surprises Derek announces a new love, Casey gets back with an old love, and Nora and George announces the biggest surprise of them all to the family.
Truman's Last Chance 04x16
Teddy's Back 04x15
Casey agrees to go out with Truman but things don't go exactly as planned. Meanwhile, Edwin's friend Teddy returns and won't leave the Venturi-McDonald family alone. While everyone else wants him to leave, Derek decides to take him under his wing and George is away on a business trip.
Tuesday Afternoon Fever 04x13
Casey & Ralph?! 04x12
How I Met Your Stepbrother 04x11
It's George and Nora's two year wedding anniversary and George has thrown the family a Mexican fiesta. Nora decides that its time the family learns about Operation Disengagement, Derek and Casey's plan to break up George and Nora.
No More Games 04x10
Casey is stuck with Truman as her fencing partner in PE. Meanwhile, George buys a ping pong table and it puts Edwin and Derek to be in competition with each other.
Rude Awakenings 04x09
No Secrets 04x08
Truman keeps asking Casey out and every time she says no, as a result she has been having dreams about him. Meanwhile Edwin starts snooping on the McDonad's and Casey's dream diary goes missing.

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