Leverage is a slick and crafty drama following a team of expert thieves that take down corrupt corporations in elaborate high-tech schemes. Insurance investigator Nate Ford exposed scams and recovered stolen items worth millions. But his life hit the skids when his insurance company allowed his ailing 8-year-old son to die. Years later, Nate gets even as the leader of a specialized team of thieves, computer experts and con artists that right corporate and governmental injustices against honest citizens. To expose corruption, Nate will do wrong for all the right reasons –– he will provide Leverage. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Long Goodbye Job 05x15
Nate puts everything on the line for himself and the team with their riskiest con yet when he takes on a case that is connected to his son's death.
The Toy Job 05x14
The team creates a global toy craze to take on a CEO who is about to market dangerous toys to the public.
The Corkscrew Job 05x13
Prompted by the suspicious death of a worker, Nate and the crew take on the greedy owner of a winery trying to obtain a priceless bottle of wine.
The White Rabbit Job 05x12
The team attempts one of the most difficult cons ever devised to stop a businessman from bankrupting his business and the town that depends on it.
The Low Low Price Job 05x11
The crew takes on a big-box retail chain who is bribing a small town to run local mom-and-pop stores out of business. They sabotage a new mega-store in order to keep it from destroying the town.
The Frame-Up Job 05x10
Nate must clear Sophie's name when she is framed for the theft of a priceless work of art.
The Rundown Job 05x09
Eliot, Hardison, and Parker assist Eliot's old partner, counter-terrorism specialist Colonel Michael Vance, in stopping a biological weapon from being released in Washington, D.C.
The Broken Wing Job 05x08
When a torn ACL leaves Parker behind on the crew's latest job, she spies on the Brew Pub's customers for fun and discovers a group of thieves planning a heist.
The Real Fake Car Job 05x07
Nate and the crew concoct a story about a vintage car to get a corrupt Wall Street businessman to break his immunity agreement with the government.
The D.B. Cooper Job 05x06
Agent McSweeten, who still believes that Parker and Hardison are undercover FBI, asks the team to look into the case that has been obsessing his dying father for over 30 years: the 1971 plane hijacking by D.B. Cooper.

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