It is a time of darkness! It’s not a good time to be here. A Skeleton Army is attacking Ninjago. There’s a rumor that Lord Garmadon has returned, but that’s impossible. He’s only a legend; a dark and terrible legend told to scare little children who misbehave. But what if he’s real? What if he’s returned? Legend says, long ago before time had a name, Lord Garmadon tried to destroy Ninjago; to break it apart with the Power of Destruction. But before he could, his brother Wu, a Spinjitzu Master saved us all by banishing Garmadon to the Underworld. As I said, it is just a legend. But still, the Skeleton Army is real, so where is the Spinjitzu Master. Who will save us now? Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Titanium Ninja 03x08
As the final battle approaches one ninja must make the ultimate sacrifice.
The Void 03x07
The team race against the nindroids in order to retrieve the golden weapons- having to adapt to space while they do.
Codename: Artcturus 03x06
Pythor and the Nindroids manage to find the trapped Overlord.
Enter the Digiverse 03x05
Borg and Pixal prepare a device to reboot the system.
The Curse of the Golden Master 03x04
The ninjas' look the Stranger with an old enemy providing help.
Black Out 03x03
AFTER the hard drive containing the Digital Overlord is stolen, alternatively-powered Nindroids are sent to attack by the culprit.
The Art of the Silent Fist 03x02
OverBorg searches for the Golden Ninja and the Techno Blades.
The Surge 03x01
The ninja warriors are in for a new adventure in a technologically advanced city.
The Titanium Ninja 03x00
As the final battle approaches one ninja must make the ultimate sacrifice.
The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master 02x26
Evil overtakes Ninjago as a final confrontation looms.

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