In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories. Add to my shows

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Our Words Will Not Be Heard 22x11
A high-profile activist suspects her sister has been kidnapped by a hate group. Garland and Benson push for change with NYPD brass. Kat gets some good news.

season 5

Head 05x25
A spy camera is found in a Central Park public restroom.
Poison 05x24
The poisoning of a couple's adopted daughter prompts Stabler and Benson to suspect the child's mother based on testimony from her other 7-year-old daughter.
Bound 05x23
An elderly woman is found strangled to death at her home.
Painless 05x22
A woman dies and initial evidence lead Benson and Stabler to believe she has been murdered.
Criminal 05x21
Rebecca Wheeler, a criminology student is found murdered in Central Park.
Lowdown 05x20
Jeff York, an assistant DA is found murdered.
Sick 05x19
An internet chat room tracks down a 12 year old boy named Jeremy, who is threatening to kill a 5 year old girl.
Careless 05x18
A six year old boy has been suffocated to death.
Mean 05x17
Emily Sullivan, a sixteen year old student, is found murdered in the trunk of her father's car.
Home 05x16
Jacob Nesbit, a nine year old boy, is found eating food out of a trash can.
Families 05x15
Shannon Coyle, a sixteen year old student, is found dead in an alley.
Ritual 05x14
A seven year old is found dismembered in Central Park, and it appears it was some kind of ritual killing.
Hate 05x13
A Muslim woman is raped then burned to death. Benson and Stabler fear it could be a hate crime.
Brotherhood 05x12
A fraternity boy is found murdered.
Escape 05x11
Michael Baxter escapes from prison years after being convicted for raping his girlfriend's son Lee.
Shaken 05x10
Lucy Prichard, 20 months old, is taken while playing at the park.
Control 05x09
A man is running through a subway station bleeding to death because his penis was cut off.
Abomination 05x08
A young man is found dead in the Village. Evidence lead Benson and Stabler to the guy's boyfriend and the boyfriend's father (George Segal) - an anti-gay.
Choice 05x07
A rape leads to the case of a woman (Josie Bissett), her abusive husband and the rights of their unborn child.
Coerced 05x06
A homeless schizophrenic (Leland Orser) kidnaps a 5-year-old boy in this harrowing episode in which Beverly D'Angelo begins a recurring role as public defender Rebecca Balthus.
Serendipity 05x05
The discovery of the bodies of a newborn and her mother leads to a doctor (Martin Donovan) coming under suspicion. Diane Neal joins the cast as ADA Casey Novak.
Loss 05x04
While constructing a murder case, ADA Alexandra Cabot becomes the target of a Colombian drug cartel.
Mother 05x03
After a psychiatrist (Susanna Thompson) has been raped in a crack house, she's very uncooperative with the investigation.
Manic 05x02
Misuse of a prescription drug is involved in the killing of two students.
Tragedy 05x01
The search is on for an abducted woman who's about to give birth.

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