This action-packed series takes a fascinating and gripping look at life within the walls of Las Vegas' Clark County Detention Center, where law enforcement officers do their job in the city that never sleeps. Cameras go behind the scenes to give viewers an in-depth look at correction officers who risk their lives every day to maintain a stable environment in a facility packed with a wide range of violators, from hardened criminals to drunks sleeping off a night after too much partying. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Season 5, Episode 8 05x08
Season 5, Episode 7 05x07
A repeat offender tries to goad officers into a physical confrontation; an inebriated cowgirl kicks up a fuss over the removal of her boots. Later, a man pinched for carrying a concealed weapon claims his blade is really used to shuck oysters.
Season 5, Episode 6 05x06
A woman stalking David Copperfield is arrested; an incensed inebriated inmate voices her displeasure with the guards; and a young man nabbed for driving under the influence of prescription drugs howls for his dog.
Season 5, Episode 5 05x05
A woman who was nabbed for jaywalking claims the police were out of line for arresting her; a young woman is brought in on domestic-violence charges. Later, a busted dealer claims he's selling pot to support his addiction to poker.
Season 5, Episode 4 05x04
Season 5, Episode 3 05x03
Season 5, Episode 2 05x02
An aspiring martial-arts fighter tries to wriggle out of handcuffs and gets stuck; a football rivalry takes a bad turn when a Steelers fan assaults a Ravens follower.
Season 5, Episode 1 05x01
Season 4, Episode 10 04x10
A ladies' man smuggles women's underwear into jail; a woman arrested at a traffic accident is incredulous to discover that smoking marijuana while driving is against the law; a young man charged with DUI tells guards he fears he may become pregnant behind bars.
Season 4, Episode 9 04x09
An incredulous hooker gets busted on a slow work day; an intoxicated inmate tangles with guards; and an angry transsexual has cross words for a guard.

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