Lab Rats: Bionic Island introduces Leo just as he settles into the high-tech home he shares with his inventor stepdad, Donald Davenport, his mom, Tasha, and Eddy, the "smart house" computer. There he discovers a secret underground lab with three experiments, super-human teens: Adam the strong one, Bree the fast one and Chase the smart one. The trio, eager to leave their confines, convinces Leo and his parents to let them join him at school where they try to fit in while trying to manage their unpredictable bionic strengths. Along the way, they help Leo build self confidence while he figures out a way to keep their bionic abilities a secret from the world. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Bionic Island: The Vanishing 04x20
The academy students suddenly vanish after receiving an operating system upgrade. The team initially blames a glitch, but realize the kids are pawns in a much bigger master plan. The Lab Rats put their lives at risk when they face off against the vanished students' captors - a nefarious duo they recognize from their past.
Bionic Island: Space Colony 04x19
Donald takes everyone for a visit to "Davenportia," the first human space colony located on a remote planet in another galaxy.
Bionic Island: And Then There Were Four 04x18
Everyone is shocked when Douglas introduces a fourth bionic sibling named Daniel who's been living a normal life with an adopted family.
Bionic Island: Ultimate Tailgate Challenge 04x17
When Tasha gets everyone except Perry tickets to the big college football game, Perry creates mayhem. Upon arriving at the game, Perry and Davenport go head-to-head in the ultimate tailgate challenge judged by former NFL athlete Willie McGinest.
Bionic Island: Lab Rats: On the Edge 04x16
When the president awards Adam, Bree and Chase for their heroics, Leo feels left out and forms his own team. When Leo discovers he and one of his teammates have joint bionic abilities, he pushes her to the limit which causes her to lose her eyesight. Racked with guilt, he moves back to Mission Creek but is forced to regain his courage when his family is put in extreme danger.
Bionic Island: The Curse of the Screaming Skull 04x15
When Terry Perry brings back a skull from a neighboring island, everyone is convinced that it's cursed when strange things start happening to those who come into contact with it. Meanwhile, Adam tries to introduce Bob to the art of scaring people.
Bionic Island: Human Eddy 04x14
Davenport gives Eddy, the smart home system, a synthetic human body, and he quickly becomes a model employee working alongside Terry. Meanwhile, Chase gets an offer to go to Washington to work for the President.
Bionic Island: Bob Zombie 04x13
Douglas develops a new piece of technology replicating Chase's bionic intelligence and gives it to some of the other academy students, including Bob. Meanwhile, Perry takes over the island, and instantly abuses her powers and makes everyone's lives miserable, especially Leo and Bree.
Bionic Island: One of Us 04x12
An amnesic S-1 arrives at the Island, scared, lost, and vulnerable. Chase and Douglas discover from her that Krane implanted the bionic students with a deadly virus. Chase, Douglas and Leo desperately try to find a solution before time runs out. Meanwhile, Adam and Bree try to make their last hours comfortable. Bree wants to have a party and Adam wants to set the world record for most balloons in a room.
Bionic Island: Bionic Action Hero 04x11
Douglas reveals that a former colleague is a movie director & wants to make a movie based on Adam, Bree and Chase. However, when she shows up to the academy with her actor Troy West (played by Leo Howard) for research, her evil agenda begins to unfold.

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