When it comes to coiffing the heads of Hollywood's elite, celebrity stylist Kim Kimble is at the height of haute couture hair trends. Having already solidified her reputation as the A-List go-to hair diva, Kim and her crew of fiery stylists open up the doors of their ultra-exclusive salon to show the world the sheer madness of high-end hair. With some of the biggest names in movies, music and fashion gracing the seats of the Kim Kimble studio, the drama and competition reaches epic heights as each stylist attempts to cut their name next to Kim's in the pantheon of Hollywood hair.In Season 4 of L.A. Hair, Kim Kimble is back, and ruling her empire has become harder than ever! First, Kim shakes up the salon when she hires a brash new stylist from Atlanta. Then she gets an offer she can't refuse from the bad boy of Hollywood Hair, Jonathan Antin, who wants to break into the lucrative world of wigs and extensions. When Jonathan turns from friend to foe, and Kim discovers an informant in her salon, the shears come out as "Hair Majesty" fights to defend her throne. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

L.A. Hair Confidential 05x10
Kim Kimble goes behind the scenes of Season 5 and dishes on her new staff, revealing never-before-seen footage; Kim opens the archives of her love life, family life and what pushed Leah over the edge.
Hair We Go! 05x09
Kim fights to pull off the hair opera for the sake of her family and her business; project manager Gocha stirs up trouble among the stylists; Leah gets pushed to her breaking point and things explode.
Hair Du Soleil! 05x08
MaCray Cray Like...Wo! 05x07
Put Your Business Panties On! 05x06
I Snatched Your Weave! 05x05
The sheers come out during Kim's wig and champagne bar launch event; Gocha crashes the party bearing shade; Jay's assistant role pushes her over the edge; stylists come to blows, forcing cameras to shut down.
Making The Cut 05x04
Down Wright Shade 05x03
Go Big Or Go-shady 05x02
The Kimpire Strikes Back 05x01
Hair Majesty Kim Kimble has a new world order along with a new team of stylists; Naja is sent to investigate; Kim's mystery man; a blowout erupts when Leah meets with the enemy, Gocha.

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