Framed for killing a cop, Nikita agrees to work for a secret government agency. Add to my shows

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A Time for Every Purpose 05x08
A devil's bargain. The Collective will surrender Michael's son for Nikita's father, Mr. Jones. It's an agreement Jones will accept ... if Nikita becomes what she never wanted to be: the new Operations.
Let No Man Put Asunder 05x07
One in, one out. Michael returns under a cloud of suspicion. Operations dies in a firefight. But Michael's return may be brief: The Collective kidnaps his son as a way to lure him back.
The Evil That Men Do 05x06
Some problems can be simply eliminated. But sometimes things aren't so simple. Operations' attempt to kill Nikita and Center's subsequent attempt to kill Operations leave both elite agents alive and at odds.
The Man Behind the Curtain 05x05
He's the real Mr. Jones. And he's Nikita's dad. But Nikita's meeting with him isn't the father-daughter reunion she may have imagined, not when events reveal the presence of a mole inside Section.
All the World's a Stage 05x04
Continuing to combine her personal quest with Section forays, Nikita decides to get answers from the top. But is Mr. Jones really the top? And is he really Mr. Jones?
In Through the Out Door 05x03
It's like a high-risk scavenger hunt. The disc Nikita found has coordinates that may tie to the answers she's seeking. Meanwhile, the mind-control process forced upon her tightens its disorienting hold.
A Girl Who Wasn't There 05x02
Together again: Operations and Madeline - but this time, she is a computer simulation. Section tries to uncover the Collective. Nikita seeks answers as to why she was originally recruited.
Deja Vu All Over Again 05x01
Her days as a field operative are over... but not for long. Mr. Jones reneges on his promise, reassigning Nikita to Section One and sending her to infiltrate a meeting of terrorist factions.
Four Light Years Farther 04x22
Nikita and Michael's absence causes a leadership void in Section, yet that doesn't stop Operations from deciding to cancel one of them when apprehended. But a wild card interferes: the mysterious Mr. Jones and his even more unexpected accomplice.
Up the Rabbit Hole (2) 04x21
She looks and sounds like com expert Quinn. But she isn't Quinn... and she has a profound influence on Michael. Plus: Jason wraps his mission. Isn't it just like Section to reveal there's now another?

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