season 1

Air date Episode Title
06.04.2010 01x01 Wonderful Days
13.04.2010 01x02 A Lesson for Two
20.04.2010 01x03 Alluring Sweets
27.04.2010 01x04 Qualifications of a Lover
04.05.2010 01x05 I'm Sorry!
11.05.2010 01x06 Uneasiness at Akihabara
18.05.2010 01x07 Wh-What!? A Dripping Wet Midsummer Delusion
25.05.2010 01x08 It's Always That in August
01.06.2010 01x09 Turning to God Only in Times of Suffering
08.06.2010 01x10 At Last, the Real Thing!
15.06.2010 01x11 Nitpicking a Good Day!
22.06.2010 01x12 One, Two, Threesome!

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