On his quest to become the world's greatest daredevil, Kick Buttowski performs suburban stunts, such as riding down Dead Man's Drop on an ironing board or racing the school bus with a soda-powered jet pack. If one of his stunts goes awry, Kick responds with his customary "I'm good!" then picks himself up and tries it again. He also likes to hang with his friends: Gunther, his loyal sidekick, who enthusiastically supports his every move; Wade, a slacker convenience store clerk, who is always ready to help out; and Mr. Vickle, Kick's neighbor, who provides encouragement and words of wisdom. Kick also has an older brother Brad, who relishes tormenting him, and a younger sister, Brianna, a spoiled pageant princess who covers everything with glitter -- making her, from Kick's point of view, "the opposite of awesome." Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Last Fan Standing 02x44
Two of Kick's fans compete to see which one is his biggest admirer, and they throw a celebration in honor of their hero's latest stunt.
Goodbye, Gully 02x43
Gordie tries to impress his father by attempting to destroy Kick's favorite hangout.
Crumbs! 02x42
Kick tries to keep his dad away from some homemade cookies.
Only the Loan-ly 02x41
Petrified! 02x40
Say Cheese 02x39
Bwar-Mart 02x38
Kyle E. Coyote / Locked Out / Rocked! 02x37
Meathead Justice 02x36
Roll Reversal 02x35

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