Based on the hit Australian comedy series of the same name, Kath & Kim follows the daily lives of Kath, a forty-something divorcee, and Kim, her self-centered daughter. Together they get through the ups and downs of life with a dysfunctional relationship that only and mother and daughter could have. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Home 01x17
In the first-season finale, Kath asks Phil to move into her house, which she's sprucing up for the Parade of Homes. Elsewhere, Kim is peeved when Craig forgets their second-date anniversary, but Craig's omission is part of his plan to win her back.
Bachelorette 01x16
In order to prepare for Kath's bachelorette party, Athena brews a batch of her special tea for Kath, Kim and Tina. Craig and Derrick, meanwhile, take a more traditional approach for Phil's bachelor party by hiring a stripper.
Desire 01x15
Kath takes measures to fix Kim's marriage after Kim and Craig's bickering ruins Kath and Phil's date. In on the plan, Phil teaches Craig how to be a better partner.
Competition 01x14
After discovering she's still married, Kath tracks down her ex to finalize their divorce. Meanwhile, Kim thinks she may have found her calling upon meeting a tough Roller Derby skater.
Celebrity 01x13
Kath tries out for "Cats" after an inspiring performance by a local celebrity. To prepare herself for fame, Kath seeks spiritual advice from Athena. Elsewhere, Kim takes a job in Phil's sandwich shop.
Idols 01x12
Kath and Kim compete for an opportunity to host Wynonna Judd (who makes a cameo) for dinner. The pair put on the ritz to impress the judges, but their efforts don't go exactly as planned. Elsewhere, Craig and Derrick try to compose a hit country song.
News 01x11
Kath supports Kim on her quest to become an anchorwoman at the local news station. Elsewhere, Craig hits Phil's car and then accidentally has it confiscated by the police.
Florida 01x10
Phil encourages his customer to live a healthier lifestyle. Meanwhile, Craig spends the money he anticipates making from selling his purebred puppies, which may turn out to be mutts after all.
Friends 01x09
Kath and Phil throw a Christmas party in hopes of finding other couple friends. Their guests of honor are the mall security guard and his wife. Elsewhere, Kim and Craig's friendship with Derrick falters at the Circuit Surplus holiday party.
Sacrifice 01x08
A stressed-out Kath visits Phil's life coach and spiritual adviser and is soon taken with the woman. Elsewhere, Kim enlists Craig to help her remove a boot from her car because she refuses to pay her parking tickets.

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