Judge Judy is a courtroom series stars former family court judge Judith Sheindlin. Each episode finds Judge Judy presiding over real small-claims cases inside a televised courtroom. Judge Judy brings her trademark wit and wisdom to the widely successful half-hour series where justice is dispensed at lightning speed. Add to my shows

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Reign of Homeless Terror?! 23x244

season 20

Teen Basketball Player vs. Tough Coach! 20x260
The grandmother of a talented athlete demands a refund after the girl drops out of her basketball league because she disagrees with her coach.
Bloody Break-In?; Don't Block My Number! 20x259
A woman is accused of breaking into her own apartment, injuring herself and bleeding on the bed; a man accuses his ex of cheating on him and blocking his calls.
Move Back in With Mom?!; Unwed Parents and the Stolen Guitar? 20x258
A young woman faces problems with her former roommates; a young mother says her child's father sold her property.
Home Improvement Thief?!; Ill-Fated Roommates 20x257
A man accuses a pair of cousins of stealing his rebate card from a store; a woman sues her sister's ex-boyfriend.
Woman Shot by BB Gun!; Coonhound Chaos! 20x256
Diamond Disaster!; BMW vs. Ford Focus?! 20x255
A woman says her ex conned her into placing her own diamond in an engagement ring setting he bought; motorists blame each other for a crash.
Gardener Attacked by Tree Owner?! 20x254
A gardener says an enraged neighbor struck him three times.
Test Drive Mishap!; Tail Light Takes the Heat! 20x253
After a potential buyer damages a motorcycle, the seller pockets the down payment and sells it to someone else; a man sues his daughter's ex for impound fees.
Italian Mastiff Mating Mess!; Family Friendly Drinking! 20x252
A dog owner sues for an unpaid stud fee; a driver and her passenger fight over blame for a car crash that occurred when they were both drunk.
Buy High, Sell Low?!; Stolen and Stripped?! 20x251
Grandparents' Rights Now!; The Dating List 20x250
A couple sue an attorney for money paid to fight for visitation with their grandchildren; a man says he paid his ex-girlfriend back all that he owed her.
Barbershop Brawl!; Mom Owes Me! 20x249
A man accuses his barber of attacking him with a gun, a straight razor and a barbecue fork; a man totals his mother's car and sues her.
American Bully Puppies for Sale!; Postdated Check Hell! 20x248
A woman resists repaying the balance due on a pair of puppies when, she says, she finds a defect in one of them; a woman admits to writing a post-dated check that never should have been cashed.
Mixed-Up Priorities!; Single Moms Split! 20x247
A man admits to buying expensive rims for his luxury vehicle, which was repossessed because he failed to make car payments; ex-roommates fight over a security deposit.
Seizure Shakedown!; Valentine's Day Forgiveness?! 20x246
Drinking Buddy Trouble; Antique Hide and Seek? 20x245
Vegas Birthday Fail!; Puppy Takes a Bad Fall!; Rookie Driver Mistake! 20x244
Sisters fight over an unpaid loan and damages to a rental car; a dog's owner blames a baby sitter for its broken leg; a teen admits to hitting a fellow motorist when she had only two days of driving experience.
Sexy Pics of an Ex?!; False Arrest and Compromising Photos? 20x243
A young man is accused of blackmailing his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend with intimate photos; a teen says she was falsely arrested for stealing a phone.
Don't Keep on Truckin'!; Consignment Chaos 20x242
A truck driver denies owing his former boss thousands of dollars for loans and claims the boss fabricated an assault; a man says his consignment-sale items were mishandled and refuses to pay storage fees.
Third Roommate Roulette!; Auction Angst 20x241
Damages and unpaid rent are left in a roommate's wake; a man refuses to pay for a broken-down vehicle his friend won for him in an auction.
French Bulldog Breeding Battle!; DUI Meets the Company Credit Card! 20x240
A client says a dog breeder denied her the proper pick of the litter; an ex-employee is sued for bailing himself out of jail with a company credit card.
Landlord Lease Breakers?!; Drinking and Car Totaling?! 20x239
Landlords say former tenants owe for rent and damaged property; a man accused of drunkenly totaling a car insists he has already paid for damages.
My Brother Did It!; Suits, Safety and Flipping Cars! 20x238
A drunken driver damages his sister's car while taking his 6-year-old niece to lunch; a woman says her ex-business partner owes for apartment damage after an assault.
Car Deal Doubt; Illegal Jeep Repo? 20x237
A car's seller ignores a buyer having second thoughts; a married couple do not let their repossessed vehicle go without a fight.
Tangled Love Triangle?; Unwed Parents vs. Bedbugs 20x236
A woman sues her ex-husband and his new partner -- her cousin; young parents feud over a car, personal property and bedbugs.
Security Deposit Snafu!; Drunk Driving Excuses 20x235
A former tenant says he was illegally evicted; a driver who admits he drank all day before wrecking his friend's car blames his friend for the crash.
Shady Make-Up Artist?; Heroin and Alcohol Abuse? 20x234
A bride lacks faith in her makeup artist's punctuality and demands a refund; a man with substance-abuse issues says his landlord mistreated him.
Sick Child Fundraising Frenzy? 20x233
A promoter backs out of a charity event prematurely.
Pitiful Porch?; Workman's Comp Chaos!; Shady Car Deal?! 20x232
A homeowner demands a refund from a contractor, saying his work was substandard; a man says a friend owes him money for working on his disability case; the judge is suspicious of the money trail related to the sale of a supposedly stolen car.
Bonfire Blowout?!; Move-Out Money 20x231
Property owners fight over liability after a bonfire damages a neighbor's fence; a man made to vacate his home demands that his landlord pay for moving expenses and renovations he made.
Rescue Chihuahua Chase?!; Roommate Misfits! 20x230
After a neighbor's dog attacks her Chihuahua, a woman demands compensation for the new fence she put up; a former roommate is accused of skipping out on rent.
Daters or Debtors?!; Slashed Tires & Jealousy?! 20x229
A former couple, who met at the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant, fight over money; a man is certain that his jealous ex-lover is the one who slashed his tires.
Antique Car Destroyed?!; Roommate or Thief?! 20x228
A man says an auto mechanic ruined his classic car; former roommates trade accusations of thievery.
Construction Lockout! 20x227
A man accuses a contractor of causing damage to his home.
Trucking Company Chaos!; Stolen Boat Rip-Off?! 20x226
The owner of a trucking company sues a former employee for a truck-recovery fee; police confiscate a woman's newly purchased boat because it was stolen.
Crystal Meth and Disability?!; Deceased Dad's Trailer Drama 20x225
A meth user says his ex-landlords stole his property; a man sues his stepdaughter for repayment of a loan.
Case of the Missing Angel Statue!; Storage Battles!; Jealousy-Fueled Breakup?! 20x224
When a client fails to pay her, a painter takes the law into her own hands; couples feud over an unpaid business loan; suspicions of infidelity lead to accusations of stealing property and a fight over a lease.
The Pregnant Chihuahua Did It!; Deceased Parents, Feuding Children! 20x223
A newly single and unemployed man is sued for apartment damages he says his dog caused; sisters sue their brother for the return of their late parents' property.
Brother vs. Sister!; A House Divided! 20x222
Siblings feud over a car; a man sues his son for substandard and unfinished work on his home.
Cruising Boyfriend!; Robbed While Serving Time?!; No Title, No Car! 20x221
A woman sues her ex for the cost of a cruise; a man says his child's mother stole his furniture while he was incarcerated; a man returns a car when the seller is unable to produce the title.
Outrageous Business Practices; Chickens Rule the Roost! 20x220
The judge has little patience for a businessman who takes payments in cash without providing receipts; chickens are accused of damaging property.
Social Insecurity?!; Parked Car Hit and Run! 20x219
A man says his former landlord evicted him illegally, damaged his property and filed false charges against him; a woman accuses her mother's neighbor of hitting her parked car and fleeing the scene.
Twice Divorced to the Same Man?!; Roommates No More! 20x218
A woman on disability sues her child's father for repayment of a loan; a former tenant sues a man for damages.
Same Sex Wedding Woes!; Hit-and-Run Detective! 20x217
A newlywed sues his wedding videographer for aggravation; a man finds evidence at the scene of a hit-and-run, tracks down a suspect and sues.
Elder Abuse?! 20x216
An argument between neighbors over the color of a fence leads to accusations of assault, abuse and harassment.
Borrowed and Crashed?!; Senior Stairway Fail! 20x215
Former friends dispute a fender bender; an elderly woman falls down the stairs two times at her apartment building, then is sued for unpaid rent and damages.
Moldy Daycare?!; How to Live to Be 100! 20x214
A home day care provider is accused of having a mold infestation; an elderly woman says seven Chihuahuas attacked her.
My Child Is a Nightmare ... ; DUI Feud! 20x213
Mom and baby sitter fight over the cost of child care; a woman sues her ex for the repayment of a loan and accuses him of assault.
Husky Custody Battle!; Phone Stomping and Face Punching?! 20x212
Dice-Throwing Disaster?!; Burning Down the Trailer! 20x211
Cat Wars! 20x210
Flooding Video Controversy! 20x209
Rapper Repair?; Begging for Money?! 20x208
A man is accused of selling a salvaged car that is impossible to register; a woman says money a friend gave her to save her business was not a loan.
Bait Shop Sign Slam!; Flirting and House Painting?; Pills, Horses and Gambling?! 20x207
Disappearing Dog?; Divorce Drama!; Motorcycle Money Man! 20x206
Grandmother Glam Shots Scam?! 20x205
A grandmother says that after her estranged daughter-in-law used her credit card, she ended up paying more than $5,000 for glamour shots of her grandchildren.
Baseball Bat Rage!; Suspicious Sublease?; President Obama Dancing?! 20x204
Bike Buyer's Remorse!; Cash Cow House? 20x203
Confidential Prison Marriage?!; Online Dating Bust! 20x202
Seizures, Shopping and Smashing!; Jilted Jail Bride 20x201
T-Boned at a Stoplight!; Restrain Me No More! 20x200
Pregnancy Complications?; 12-Year-Old Shih Tzu Scare! 20x199
Babysitting Scam?!; Father and Son Drama 20x198
In and Out of Jail!; Rescued Mastiff Mischief 20x197
A woman accuses her roommate of taking advantage of her while she was serving time; a teen dog-owner's smug boyfriend takes the brunt of the judge's attention.
Annulled and Angry!; Marijuana Insult? 20x196
Semi-Automatic Street Fight?! 20x195
Fishing Frenzy!; Family Reunion Food Fail?! 20x194
Uber Affair?!; Wedding Vows and Alcohol! 20x193
Parent of the Year in the Hot Seat!; Runaway Pit Bull Puppy! 20x192
A drag racer acknowledges that he defrauded the government; a woman says her lost puppy was found by a neighbor who refuses to return it.
Friendly Neighborhood Road Rage!; Deceased Mom, Deadbeat Dad? 20x191
A near-collision escalates into a heated exchange and vandalism; a woman accuses her granddaughter's father of stealing security benefits intended for the child after her mother passed away.
Mean Girl Cat Fight?!; Scorned Renter Takes Revenge? 20x190
Children get into a fight at school, leaving angry mothers in their wake; a woman is accused of vandalizing a car.
Blame It On Your Bro!; Bulldog vs. Little Girl! 20x189
Brothers cannot agree on who was driving a car the night of an accident; a dog's owner says a child provoked his dog before it bit her in the leg.
You're Not the Victim Here!; Random Drug Test Crash?! 20x188
After a teen rams her mom's uninsured car into a neighbor's vehicle, her mother sues the neighbor; a teen regrets letting a co-worker borrow his car when it is returned damaged.
Bailiff Caught in the Middle!; Boyfriend Beatdown?! 20x187
Angry exes refuse to respect courtroom rules; a woman is arrested for hitting her boyfriend in the face.
Addiction, Conviction ... Recovery? 20x186
A man sues for emotional distress after being evicted from his sober living house for refusing to take a drug test.
Dog Park Playdate Gone Wrong!; No Pity for Playing House! 20x185
A Great Dane's owner sues for slander after it is accused of attacking several dogs at a play date; unwed parents fight over a car accident and whether the father had permission to take the children for a ride.
Escape With the Children?!; Jail Time Between Best Friends 20x184
A man says his children's mother emptied his bank account and stole the tools he used to make vehicles for wounded warriors; a man accuses his former friend of stealing his money and belongings while he was in jail.
$2,000 for Lifelike Baby?!; Unwed Parents Payback! 20x183
The sale of a valuable doll is in dispute; a woman admits she pawned her ex's TV and video game console to pay the rent.
Dirty Drug Test Bail Out!; Teen TV Custody 20x182
Breaking Down Barriers!; Get A Job! 20x181
Another Reason Not to Live Together!; Birthday Punch to the Face?! 20x180
Tinsel Town Abandonment?!; Courtroom Kickout! 20x179
Break-up Fit of Rage?!; No Backsies! 20x178
Witnesses on the Judge's Watch List!; Disastrous Crash into House! 20x177
Father Shields Negligent Teenager?!; Shouting Out Not Allowed! 20x176
A father steps up to stop police intervention when his teen driver is accused of causing an accident; the judge takes great offense when the plaintiff blurts out a slur against the defendant.
Car Dumped on Ex-Wife!; Judge Judy Calling! 20x175
A man dumps a jointly owned car on his ex-wife's doorstep when he is ready for a new one; the judge picks up the phone to call a defendant on his bluff.
Puppy Choking on Chicken Bone Drama?! 20x174
A neighbor takes a sick puppy to the vet to save its life, then expects the owner to repay her for veterinary bills. I have been watching the show for some time. Sometimes the Judge makes a fool of herself but this is the first time I have been motivated to send a message. To compare a sick dog being taken to a veterinarian for $500 to a sick child being taken to a doctor is beyond comprehension. Dogs, which I have always owned and taken good care of, are pets and can be euthanized if a family can't afford bills. We do not compare them to children. I think it might be proper for Judge Judy to apologize for this shameful statement.
Artwork vs. the Car Wash! 20x173
An artist says a car-wash owner damaged a $3,600 painting that was left in the vehicle's trunk.
Property Dump and Dash!; Good Deed Gone Wrong! 20x172
A man dumps a dozen boxes of his co-worker's belongings in a parking lot to get her attention; a widow regrets allowing her trainer to borrow her car.
Parents Want Their Child Arrested? 20x171
Parents are livid that their runaway teen stole the family cat.
Let's Do the Bad Math!; Contractor Scam?! 20x170
A man seeks more than $7,000 for an $800 car; a man ends up losing thousands of dollars after hiring a contractor to fix up a house.
Children Fight Deceased Father's Soulmate!; Email Scam and Slander? 20x169
Siblings sue their late father's girlfriend for taxes, attorney fees and the return of his belongings; a jewelry designer says she was the victim of an email scam and unaware that she used a bad check to pay for a car.
Single Woman Snafu!; My Sister the Moocher? 20x168
A woman's boyfriend rents a car for a female friend; guns, shoes and rent divide sisters.
The Truck that Got Away! Convicted Felon Takes on Lawyer! 20x167
After only 12 days into a relationship, a young couple makes a big, bad decision regarding custody of a truck. Charged with unarmed robbery, a man hires an attorney who keeps him out of jail; he sues her because he was convicted of the felony.
Adult Assaults Disrespectful Tweener?! 20x166
A 12-year-old with a history of discipline issues says an adult pinched and insulted her.
Pedestrian Teen Hit by Truck!; College Payback Gone Wrong! 20x165
The driver of a truck that hit a young girl is brutally assaulted; a college graduate chooses to support his disabled parents rather than pay back his student loans.
Judge Judy Calls a Bluff!; Mercedes in the Middle 20x164
The judge threatens to make a phone call that will shut litigants down; ex-lovers fight over custody of a car and make unreasonable title claims.
Family Emergency Upset!; Cancer or No Cancer? Prison Visit Crash! 20x163
The online sale of a classic car falls apart after a man's daughter is attacked at knife-point; a good Samaritan sues for payback when the defendant's diagnosis changes; prison inmates' partners fight over a vehicle wreck.
Mutual Combat Chaos!; The Mailbox Made Me Do It! 20x162
A man says his children's mother beat him up, while she sues him for a false restraining order; a young driver blames a mailbox and an oncoming car for his traffic accident.
Pregnant Dog Bashing?!; Monte Carlo Hijinks 20x161
Neighbors blame each other when a pregnant dog involved in an attack gets injured and loses her puppies; a former tenant resists paying for a vehicle, saying it failed to pass inspection.
Teenage Loan Sharks?!; Subletters From Hell! 20x160
A married couple say a teen reneged on an agreement to pay for car repairs; a couple gives a ridiculous reason for stopping payment of rent.
Shock Collar Ambush?! 20x159
Months after a pet owner chose not to activate his pet's shock collar during a dog fight, he claims the owner of the other dog ambushed and harassed him.
Dreadlocks Discrimination?! 20x158
A filmmaker and his girlfriend accuse their ex-landlord of discrimination and deny charges of a party fire burning the property.
Wild About Minnesota Hockey! 20x157
In a battle over a late mother's estate, hockey season tickets, a mink stole and a trailer hitch come into play.
Hair Salon Freeloader?! 20x156
A salon owner accuses her ex-landlord of lying about zoning permits, but ends up in the hot seat when Judge Judy asks why she never paid rent.
Prison Minister Fights for Sick Mother!; Fast Girls, Late Rent? 20x155
Mini-Farm Move Out!; Don't Be Dependent on a Man! 20x154
Hoarders Stand-Off?!; Waterworld Debacle! 20x153
Ex-roommates fight over who is responsible for the mess in their smelly pigsty of an apartment, which is recorded on video and shown to the world; after installing a hot tub and a swimming pool, a woman complains that her water bill is too high.
Stepsister Nightmare!; $50,000 Custody Battle! 20x152
A tenant neglects to mention that she has no way to pay rent; a widower's fight to gain custody of his children depletes his savings, leaving him to borrow from a kind-hearted brother-in-law.
Car Fight!; Child Support Goes to College!; Dangerous Pumpkin Prank! 20x151
Women accuse each other of vandalism; a college student breaks an agreement with her father; a victim of teens' Halloween prank sues for damages.
Man Bites Dog!; Drunken Leg Drop!; 18 Cop Calls in a Month?! 20x150
A man says he broke his tooth while biting a pit bull to stop it from killing his pet; a teen is accused of drunkenly breaking a bed; CPS, the police and accusations of sexual harassment come into play in a landlord/tenant feud.
Gotcha Video!; Factory Worker Steals Judge's Heart!; The Last Straw! 20x149
Sleep Number Mattress Thief?!; Caregiver Rip-Off?!; Dueling Couples! 20x148
Kung Fu Kickin' Landlord?! 20x147
Shocking Teen Assault Video! 20x146
Father of Ten Thinks It's Funny!; Pool Hall Bash!; Bail Out While Pregnant?! 20x145
One of a man's 10 children says he stole their Christmas presents; a woman is accused of smashing a pool cue in a bar; a woman sues her baby-daddy for repayment of bail money.
Flirting Turned Fighting!; Child Support & the 65-Inch TV 20x144
A woman says her boyfriend assaulted her and vandalized her car; the judge reminds a woman that a 5-year-old does not need a 65-inch TV.
Crazy Crash Caught on Tape!; Drunk Video Confession?!; Boy Band Payback 20x143
A driver admits to ramming into a parked car; a video shows a man asking for the pass code to a missing phone; a fight over concert tickets ends a friendship.
False Arrest by Angry Neighbor!; Shih Tzu Hostage Crisis! 20x142
A feud over dogs ends in a man being arrested for throwing away trash on his own property; a woman sues her ex for veterinary bills and the return of ``her'' dog.
Floating Wedding Gift!; Illegal Lock Out! 20x141
Former friends dispute payment for a boat; a woman admits to changing locks because her ex was sneaking in after being kicked out.
Miniature Dachshund Mayhem!; Madman Money?! 20x140
Dog-walkers' encounter ends in bloodshed; a woman says her ex gave her money to pay for his vandalism, not for a car loan.
Pilfered Belongings?; Baby Daddy Drama!; Raging Party, Missing Laptop! 20x139
A woman who moved out of a shared home says her things were stolen; a mother accuses her baby-daddy of dangerous, drunken behavior around their child; a man discovers that his roommate threw a wild party and that his belongings have gone missing.
A Dog, a Snake, a Fish and My Son!; Counterfeit Designer Watch! 20x138
A landlady says two young men destroyed her home; a man accuses a pawn shop owner of selling him a counterfeit watch.
Booty Call or Dognap Call? 20x137
A teen seizes an opportunity to take back custody of her dog.
Narcotics, Divorce and Debt!; Break a Leg! 20x136
A grandmother sues her son's ex-wife for childcare costs; a woman fights her ex-boyfriend for payback for his child's medical expenses.
Texas Hot Eviction!; Teen Robbed by Mother?! 20x135
A single mother of four finds herself evicted after filing a rent complaint with the city; a young woman whose mother put bills in her name to keep the family afloat wants payback for ruined credit.
Evidence Showdown!; Independence Day Attack! 20x134
The judge orders litigants to search for proof of a car purchase; a dog walk becomes a scary attack when a neighbor's dogs run wild.
The Judge Talks Roofing! 20x133
A contractor tries to explain a contract that left customers with leaks, but the judge shares personal roofing knowledge to set him straight.
Bowling Alley Boutique Bust!; Housekeeping Bandit?!; Great Oak Bites the Dust 20x132
A vendor sues an event planner for failing to show up; a man says his housekeeper stole from him while he was in the hospital; remnants of a giant oak tree are in dispute.
Mean Girl Ninjas?!; My Co-Worker Is a Slob 20x131
Hooded suspects dressed in black vandalize a teen's car; a man sues for defamation of character when his co-worker tells others he is a slob.
Repossessed or Stolen?; Wedding Date Disaster! 20x130
A woman takes a car her friend purchased in her name; a family member sues inconsiderate newlyweds for repayment of loans.
Ex-Girlfriend vs. the Truck!; Nightmare Tenant? 20x129
A woman insists she is not to blame for damage to her ex-boyfriend's truck; the judge tells a homeless man to get rid of his dog.
The Pit Bull and the Burglar!; Chicken Massacre! 20x128
When a pit bull attacks a 13-year-old boy and his pet, its owner blames a burglar for letting it out during a robbery; after a vicious dog attack, chicken owners must euthanize two of their hens.
Father and Son Squatters?; Parking Violation Shakedown?! 20x127
A man and his son disobey a housing court judge and refuse to leave their rental home; a woman says she was assaulted in an effort to collect on parking tickets.
Shot in the Knee!; Save My Business! 20x126
A man denies shooting a friend on a camping trip and says she is exaggerating her suffering; a woman sues a former friend for repayment of a loan.
EBay Transmission Fail?; Fashion Road Trip!; Football Meets Windshield! 20x125
A mechanic blames an online merchant for selling him shoddy parts; models sue a fashion designer for travel expenses; a teen admits his football hit a passing car.
Family Drama Fallout!; Taxi Company Start-Up Mom 20x124
A woman admits to calling children's services on her brother; a woman on disability sues her children's father for reneging on an offer to invest in her business.
Ex-Lover to the Rescue!; Homeless Daughter 20x123
A woman resists repaying her ex-boyfriend for a loan to save her home from foreclosure; a woman says she and her boyfriend lived in her mother's rental car.
Pregnant Mom Photo Bust!; With Friends Like This ... 20x122
A mother says her photographer canceled after she paid hundreds of dollars for photos; a woman regrets renting a car for her friend.
Did the Drug Addict Do It?!; Love or Obsession? 20x121
When property goes missing, a woman's roommate says she warned her to lock her door; a waitress says she found photos of herself all over a patron's apartment.
Broken Neck DUI!; Communal Craziness? 20x120
A teen who got drunk, stole his girlfriend's car and broke his neck in a crash accuses his girlfriend's mother of buying him alcohol; a woman accuses her ex-lover of keeping her property and threatening her.
Toxic Negligence?!; Stake Out Neighbor! 20x119
A woman says her landlord evicted her for asking for help with a mold infestation; metal rods a man put in the ground to prevent cars from parking on his lawn end up damaging a woman's car.
Pit Bull Attacks Man's Face!; Trespassing Landlord? 20x118
A man loses part of his lower lip to his co-worker's aggressive pit bull; a tenant says his landlord trespassed and stole his property.
Busted for Pull-Ups?!; Moral Judgment From a Thief?! 20x117
A man says he was arrested and threatened with jail time for doing pull-ups at a bus stop; a woman cashes a bad check on her boyfriend's behalf, and he spends all of the money.
Crazed Road Rage Incident; Misplaced Grief? 20x116
A road-rage survivor says a man screamed at him and kicked his car because he drove by his house; a young waitress rejects the older man who bailed her out of jail.
Don't Call the Cops! Sad Sister Story 20x115
A woman says her vehicle was hit by a truck, whose driver begged her not to call police, then sued her for $5,000; an unwed mother of four regrets lending thousands of dollars to her sister.
Pepper Spray, the Police and Road Rage?! 20x114
A feud between neighbors escalates into violence in the streets, and one says the other tried to run over him.
Dramatic Pit Bull Beatdown!; The Rat Trap? 20x113
A woman tells of the narrow escape of her small dog from the jaws of a loose pit bull; a landlady accuses her deadbeat ex-tenants of lying about a rat infestation.
Pepper Spray, the Police and Road Rage?! 20x112
A sheriff's department employee's daughter pepper sprays a neighbor, who cries foul play.
Creepy Gardening 20x111
A landlord says he evicted his tenants due to nighttime tree-trimming, vegetable vandalism and loud fighting.
Birthday Boy's Bottom Bitten!; Van Love Gone Wrong 20x110
A pit bull's owners say their pet bit a neighbor because it was provoked; a former couple dispute whether money was a loan or a gift.
Roaches, Maggots and Clutter?!; Teenage Car Slam! 20x109
A homeless woman sues her ex-landlord for moving costs; a teen accuses his former friend of causing a four-car pileup.
Exposed Gun Goof!; Secret Love Affair Exposed! 20x108
A security officer says an instructor was too hard to reach about a visit to a gun range; a woman learns her husband is cheating and demands a divorce.
Newlywed Rings Ripped Off?!; Fire Rescue Heroics? 20x107
Items go missing after a landlord lets a handyman change an apartment lock without supervision; a neighbor is accused of starting a fire and damaging property.
Sugar in the Gas Tank Payback?!; Hit and Run! 20x106
A woman denies vandalizing a car in revenge after catching her boyfriend and her ex-best friend together ``romantically''; despite eyewitness testimony, an uninsured driver denies hitting a parked car and fleeing the scene.
Homeless Squatter on the Hot Seat?!; Runaway Cow Collision! 20x105
A tenant who failed to pay rent sues his ex-roommate for illegal eviction and disposing of his property; a motorist who hit a runaway cow sues the animal's owner for damages to his vehicle.
Home Sale Swindle; Stolen Camera Unpaid Rent 20x104
A History of Violence?; Bad Check Bailout! 20x103
A homeless felon says his ex-landlord had him arrested unjustly; a convict is accused of flirting with a good Samaritan's husband.
Handyman Squatter?; Hazardous Waste of Space? 20x102
A man sues his ex-landlady for damaged and stolen property, and she says he failed to pay rent; an owner sues a tenant for property damage and the cost to remove hazardous waste.
Truck Deal Backfire!; Party Disaster or Cover-Up? 20x101
A longtime friend refuses to pay for a truck when she learns it has more than 200,000 miles on it; a man denies trashing his cousin's home while she was away.
Faulty Fiance?!; Lovers' Playpen Party Pooper! 20x100
A woman sues a driver for totaling her car, but he points the finger at her fiance; ex-lovers fight over a loan to buy things for grandchildren.
Deadbeat Gambling Baby Daddy?!; Detained by Immigration 20x99
A mother accuses her children's father of gambling away money intended for their food and medication; a defendant claims he was wrongfully detained for two months.
Mama Drama!; Ex-Lover Left in the Dust?! 20x98
A woman accuses her son and his wife of stealing her vehicle; a mom reunites with her estranged husband, and her lover says she left him with a broken lease.
Siberian Husky Custody Fight!; Jail Time Payback! 20x97
A teen battles his father for sole custody of a dog the youth bought; a convict's roommate sues for payback of rent money.
Restraining Order Scam?; Cologne Loan or Theft?!; Teenage Attention Span Fail! 20x96
A woman says her ex promised to drop a lawsuit if she dropped her restraining order against him; ex-boyfriends feud over expensive cologne and designer watches; an uninsured motorist admits she wasn't paying attention when she hit another vehicle.
Fight of the Goonies' Fanatics; Teen Flies off the Handle! 20x95
A road trip ends with sisters fighting over rent and missing property; a teen is accused of pulling the door handle off her friend's car and throwing it in his face.
Females, Filth and Liquor?!; Trucker's Sin of Omission! 20x94
College students are accused of trashing their rental home, but they deny all charges and demand their security deposit back; a married man's lover sues him for repayment of the loan that sent him to trucking school.
Child Abusing Animals?!; Family Fiasco! 20x93
A woman sues her neighbor for vet bills; a couple sue their 21-year-old son for damaging their home and car.
Collision Caught on Tape!; Show Car Craziness! 20x92
Motorists argue over who caused a collision; an alleged drunk woman on a motorized scooter crashes into a 1983 DeLorean.
Little Dog vs. Little Brat?!; DJ Disappearing Act! 20x91
A man sues a dog's owner for his son's medical bills; newlyweds sue a DJ for not showing up to their wedding.
Headlock Truck Fight!; Drive-Through of Shame! 20x90
A man claims he suffered a scratched cornea after his ex-friend allegedly attacked him; a man sues an estranged relative for crashing into his car in the driveway.
Best Man Limo Disaster!; Black Lab Leftovers 20x89
A bachelor party allegedly ends with a damaged limo; a breeder denies owing a refund for a returned puppy.
Fight at the Dealership!; WW2 Guns, Ex-Wives and a Chop Saw! 20x88
Tree Root Ruckus!; Too Drunk to Remember?! 20x87
Teen Vandalizes Grandma's Car?!; Father Son Drug Drama! 20x86
God Weighs In on Truck Dispute?!; Ex-Lovers Leftovers; BBQ Balancing Act! 20x85
Pregnant Cow Cover-Up?!; The Disappearing Tax Refund! 20x84
Drinks, Baseball and a Bailout!; Sibling Squatter? 20x83
Former lovers fight over a loan to purchase a car; parents of five say a relative skipped out on rent and hoarded trash in their home.
When Bed Bugs Bite!; Dying Son, Deadbeat Dad? 20x82
A landlady sues former tenants for a bed bug infestation; a man neglects to pay for a plane ticket to see his dying son.
10-Year-Old Skater Vandal?!; Judge Judy's Exclusive Pez Dispenser Story! 20x81
A boy's story changes when he takes the stand; the judge shares a personal story when a candy-dispenser collector sues a man for substandard work.
Property Tax Rip-Off?; Pain Med Payback?!; Mother's Klepto Keeper?! 20x80
A woman accuses her longtime friend of stealing cash she gave him to pay her taxes; a man says he paid back a loan by sharing his pain medication with the lender; a neighbor says she paid back a personal loan by doing errands.
Hong Kong Freak-out?!; Pit Bull Arm Chomp! 20x79
Death Divides a Family!; Baby Daddy Drama 20x78
A mom and her teen son fight with a pastor over a TV set; a mom says her 20-year-old son's father owes for the young man's medical bills.
Judge Judy Busts a Liar!; Horse Repo! 20x77
The judge makes a phone call and learns that a motorist is not telling the truth; a teen accuses former friends of stealing her horse and selling it for $100.
Retaliation Fireworks?!; Transgender Ex-Convict Wardrobe Malfunction?!; Don't Start at the Beginning! 20x76
A homeowner says a neighbor's fireworks damaged her roof; a woman sues her sister-in-law for the cost of clothes for her brother; a young man wants to tell the entire story of his doomed relationship.
Muzzle Mishap Leads to Attack?!; Fixit Ticket Blues! 20x75
A man who failed to muzzle his friend's dog is sued for another dog's injuries; a woman expects her friend to pay for a ticket she got while borrowing the friend's car.
10-Year-Old Car Thief!; Motorcycle Enthusiasts Clash! 20x74
In the middle of the night, a child steals car keys and causes a four-vehicle collision; woman fight over ownership of a motorcycle.
The Case of the Stolen Bulldogs? 20x73
When a woman accuses a couple of stealing her dogs, death threats, animal abuse and retaliation come into play.
Horse Abuse?!; Terrier Mauled by a Bear?! 20x72
Horses' owner accuses the woman who boarded them of starving them and leaving them in harm's way; large dogs' owner blames a bear for an attack on a neighbor's small dog.
Pro Squatters vs. Slumlords? 20x71
Landlords accuse former tenants of squatting and owing for rent, then the tenants sue for water damage.
Truck Takes Out House!; Jealous Roommate Rage?! 20x70
A motorist admits to driving her truck into her rental home, causing a wall to fall down; a girlfriend's roommate says a platonic friendship led to her eviction.
Fairytale Pit Bull Story!; 30-Year Friendship Fail! 20x69
The teen owner of nine pit bulls tells an unbelievable story to defend himself against charges that his animals attacked another dog; longtime friends regret lending money to each other.
Luxury Car Lemon?!; Austin Freebie!; Grandma the Car Thief?! 20x68
A car's owner says a mechanic's repair work only made matters worse; an ex-girlfriend admits to using the plane ticket a man gave her; a daughter says her mother illegally repossessed her car.
Say Yes to the Shoddy Dress?!; Consignment Nightmare! 20x67
A teen sues her clothing designer for not finishing her prom dress on time; a woman sues a consignment dealer for items she sold on the Internet.
The Tattle Tale and the Ex-Convict?!; Flooding and Fleeing! 20x66
A woman says her cousin-in-law spread rumors about her, choked her and stole her jewelry; a niece says her uncle destroyed her belongings after she abandoned the home she was managing.
World's Worst Healthcare Aid?!; Hostile, Loud and Annoying?! 20x65
An employee fired after only four hours of work sues the employer for pay; a woman says her new tenant turned into a different person after he moved in.
Don't Pee and Post!; Peace, Love and the Broke-Down Bus! 20x64
Young men who posted their acts of vandalism online find themselves being sued for damages; a man accuses his travel partners of putting gasoline in a diesel engine, ruining it.
Front Porch From Hell!; Unfit for Each Other Roommates! 20x63
A woman says her new, $8,000 porch was horrendous, and the builder accuses her of kicking him off her property; a woman says her former tenant trashed a room.
Ex-Lover Caught Lying!; Get Out of Jail Rent Free! 20x62
A man's story about the sale of a vehicle falls apart, and his ex sues for her property; a woman sues her daughter's jailbird boyfriend for unpaid rent, damages to a car, and moving expenses.
Don't Be a Bum Magnet!; When Doors Attack! 20x61
A woman lends money to a handsome young man she met on Facebook; an old door falls on a car.
Horrifying Dog Death!; Bad Driver Caught on Tape! 20x60
After a dog is run over by a truck on an icy road, neighbors feud over liability; despite video evidence, a driver denies being responsible for damages from a parking-lot accident.
Bat Girl Goes Bonkers?!; Separation and the Single Mother 20x59
A man says a woman who claims he stole money beat him in the head with a bat; an unwed mother and her friend argue over whether money was a gift or a loan.
Drugs, Arrests and Gas Poisoning?! 20x58
Ex-lovers and a landlord feud over vandalism, dangerous gas emissions and a history of drug abuse.
Vengeful Ninja Brick Thrower?!; Lies, Lawyers and Landlords 20x57
Don't Show Up Drunk!; Mutual Combat Cruise?! 20x56
My Neighbor Tackled Me!; Spiteful Car Ownership! 20x55
Online Scammer?!; Music Blaring Recklessness?!; Baby Daddy Drama! 20x54
Wedding Planner Rip-Off?!; Fatal Dog Walk?! 20x53
Newlyweds accuse a wedding coordinator of ruining their wedding; a man says a 12-year-old dog-walker severely injured his poodle, resulting in its death.
Meth Mechanic Slander!; Safe Deer ... Injured Car! 20x52
A disgruntled customer spreads nasty rumors about a mechanic; an employee damages a company car while avoiding a deer.
Extravagant Beach Wedding Fail!; Brother Sister Skirmish! 20x51
1,000 Beer Bottles Clean-Up?! 20x50
Friends With Partial Benefits; Chill Dog Wreaks Havoc! 20x49
A former tenant says a landlord manhandled her and slammed her 55-inch TV to the ground; a teen says her friend's calm service dog destroyed more than $2,000 worth of her belongings.
Sisters, Funerals and Guns!; Ex-Lovers Laptop Fight! 20x48
A woman says her nephew shot her in the head with a BB gun, and her sister says she stole her belongings; ex-boyfriends argue over the purchase of a computer.
Lovers or Roommates?; Dangerous Biker Boy 20x47
A couple's relationship disintegrates and leads to accusations; a 7-year-old boy is accused of crashing into a parked car.
Truth Has Its Day in Court!; Hijacked Rental Car, Stolen Cash? 20x46
A woman's violent past comes into play when she accuses another woman of harassment; former friends fight about rental car fees and ticket sales.
Native American Reunion Fail!; Chihuahua Amputee 20x45
A genealogy search reunites family members who then argue about fraud; dog owners argue about whose dog bit off a Chihuahua's paw.
Out of Control Pet!; Sideswiped in the Night 20x44
A woman's small dog was off its leash when a neighbor's dog attacked it; a hit-and-run accident leaves a couple suing the owner of a damaged car.
No Job...No Car!; Roommate Retaliation Party? 20x43
The Good Samaritan of Kitchens; Big Time Buyer's Remorse 20x42
Nice Guy or Nasty Drunk?!; Car Rental Racket! 20x41
Troubled Teen, Fighting Fathers! 20x40
Drug Addict Beats Boyfriend?; Uninsured Menace! 20x39
Nosy Neighbor Defames Pastor?!; Money Order Thief?! 20x38
Mother-Daughter Custody Fight!; Sellout Crowd Scam? 20x37
Child Slams Into Car!; Truck Driving Mama's Boy? 20x36
Small Dog vs. Smaller Baby! 20x35
Former friends fight over custody of a dog after a baby is born, and a restraining order comes into play.
Chased and Beaten by Neighbors?! 20x34
A woman says a dog's owners beat her up after she pepper-sprayed them.
Jealous Vigilante Justice?; Disabled Mom, Disobedient Daughter? 20x33
Tortoise Resort Fail; Puppy Buyer Remorse 20x32
Exotic Chandelier Scam?; Criminal Car Sale?! 20x31
Unsafe and Sorry Roommate?!; Angry Father of the Bride 20x30
Two Tons of Yard Garbage?!; Scary Homeless Friends? 20x29
A landlord forgets to bring proof of the massive amount of trash he says was left in his front yard; a woman cites her ex-roommate's ``dangerous friends'' as one of the reasons she had to move out.
Funeral, Fighting and Drug Abuse?! 20x28
Liquor License Losers? 20x27
Suicide Shocker 20x26
Hair Relaxing Fallout!; Bulldog Buddies No More! 20x25
Wedding Planner Nightmare! 20x24
Casanova Stallion; Heated Horses on the Loose! 20x23
Dog Mauling Caught on Tape!; Cruising Online Crush! 20x22
The owner of a small dog demands compensation after it is attacked and killed by a larger one; a pair who met online end up fighting over a romantic cruise that never took place.
Payback Break-In?!; Grandmother's Meddling! 20x21
Dirty Hands Dilemma!; Stop Stabbing My Vicious Dog! 20x20
Therapy Dog Defender!; Family Fraud?!; Believe It or Not? 20x19
The Black Eye Whodunit?! 20x18
Ditched and Drunk?; Tax Woes Kill A Friendship! 20x17
Troubled Teens' Crash Pad!; Pit Bull Breakout! 20x16
Mormon Good Will Hunting; Family No More! 20x15
Why Own a Pit Bull?; Mother's Day Car Bashing! 20x14
$14,000 Out the Window?!; Show Me the Bail Money! 20x13
Judge Judy 101!; Lovers Too Soon?! 20x12
Mocked After Being Attacked?!; Girlfriend Causes Heart Failure?! 20x11
Hotel Room Destruction!; Rent-A-Church 20x10
Rent Free for All; Location Scout Harassment?! 20x09
Harrowing Dog Attack Drama!; Jealous Rock-Throwing Rage! 20x08
Ex-Fiancee Fight! 20x07
Honey, I Shrunk Your Pants; Child Support Me Not 20x06
When You're Hot, You're Hot!; Hard Times Break-In 20x05
VIP Limo Loopiness!; My Dog is a Mini Me! 20x04
Troubled Teens, Computer Fiends?; 40-Year Age Difference! 20x03
Let Me See My Daughter 20x02
Catfight at a Custody Exchange! 20x01

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