season 6

Air date Episode Title
04.09.2001 06x01 Case 91521
11.09.2001 06x02 Season 6, Episode 2

season 10

Air date Episode Title
13.09.2005 10x01 Season 10, Episode 1
13.09.2005 10x02 Season 10, Episode 2
14.09.2005 10x03 Season 10, Episode 3
14.09.2005 10x04 Season 10, Episode 4
15.09.2005 10x05 Season 10, Episode 5
15.09.2005 10x06 Season 10, Episode 6
16.09.2005 10x07 Season 10, Episode 7
16.09.2005 10x08 Season 10, Episode 8
17.09.2005 10x09 Season 10, Episode 9
17.09.2005 10x10 Season 10, Episode 10
20.09.2005 10x11 Season 10, Episode 11
20.09.2005 10x12 Season 10, Episode 12
21.09.2005 10x13 Season 10, Episode 13
21.09.2005 10x14 Season 10, Episode 14
22.09.2005 10x15 Season 10, Episode 15
22.09.2005 10x16 Season 10, Episode 16
23.09.2005 10x17 Season 10, Episode 17
23.09.2005 10x18 Season 10, Episode 18
24.09.2005 10x19 Season 10, Episode 19
24.09.2005 10x20 Season 10, Episode 20
27.09.2005 10x21 Season 10, Episode 21
27.09.2005 10x22 Season 10, Episode 22
29.09.2005 10x23 Season 10, Episode 23
30.09.2005 10x24 Season 10, Episode 24
01.10.2005 10x25 Season 10, Episode 25
04.10.2005 10x26 Season 10, Episode 26
05.10.2005 10x27 Season 10, Episode 27
06.10.2005 10x28 Season 10, Episode 28
07.10.2005 10x29 Season 10, Episode 29
08.10.2005 10x30 Season 10, Episode 30
11.10.2005 10x31 Season 10, Episode 31
12.10.2005 10x32 Season 10, Episode 32
13.10.2005 10x33 Season 10, Episode 33
14.10.2005 10x34 Season 10, Episode 34
15.10.2005 10x35 Season 10, Episode 35
18.10.2005 10x36 Season 10, Episode 36
19.10.2005 10x37 Season 10, Episode 37
20.10.2005 10x38 Season 10, Episode 38
21.10.2005 10x39 Season 10, Episode 39
22.10.2005 10x40 Season 10, Episode 40
25.10.2005 10x41 Season 10, Episode 41
26.10.2005 10x42 Season 10, Episode 42
27.10.2005 10x43 Season 10, Episode 43
28.10.2005 10x44 Season 10, Episode 44
29.10.2005 10x45 Season 10, Episode 45
01.11.2005 10x46 Season 10, Episode 46
02.11.2005 10x47 Season 10, Episode 47
03.11.2005 10x48 Season 10, Episode 48
04.11.2005 10x49 Season 10, Episode 49
04.11.2005 10x50 Season 10, Episode 50
05.11.2005 10x51 Season 10, Episode 51
05.11.2005 10x52 Season 10, Episode 52
08.11.2005 10x53 Season 10, Episode 53
08.11.2005 10x54 Season 10, Episode 54
09.11.2005 10x55 Season 10, Episode 55
09.11.2005 10x56 Season 10, Episode 56
10.11.2005 10x57 Season 10, Episode 57
10.11.2005 10x58 Season 10, Episode 58
11.11.2005 10x59 Season 10, Episode 59
11.11.2005 10x60 Season 10, Episode 60
12.11.2005 10x61 Season 10, Episode 61
13.11.2005 10x62 Season 10, Episode 62

season 11

Air date Episode Title
12.09.2006 11x01 Season 11, Episode 1

season 12

Air date Episode Title
11.09.2007 12x01 Season 12, Episode 1

season 13

Air date Episode Title
16.09.2008 13x01 Season 13, Episode 1

season 14

Air date Episode Title
15.09.2009 14x01 Season 14, Episode 1

season 15

Air date Episode Title
14.09.2010 15x01 Season 15, Episode 1
14.09.2010 15x02 S15E02
15.09.2010 15x03 S15E03
15.09.2010 15x04 S15E04
16.09.2010 15x05 S15E05
16.09.2010 15x06 S15E06
17.09.2010 15x07 S15E07
17.09.2010 15x08 S15E08
18.09.2010 15x09 S15E09
18.09.2010 15x10 S15E10
21.09.2010 15x11 S15E11
21.09.2010 15x12 S15E12
22.09.2010 15x13 S15E13
22.09.2010 15x14 S15E14
23.09.2010 15x15 S15E15
23.09.2010 15x16 S15E16
02.10.2010 15x25 The Basketball Coach
26.10.2010 15x43 S15E43
27.10.2010 15x44 S15E44
29.10.2010 15x46 S15E46
29.10.2010 15x47 S15E47
30.10.2010 15x48 S15E48
02.11.2010 15x51 S15E51
23.11.2010 15x80 S15E80
24.11.2010 15x82 S15E82
30.11.2010 15x86 S15E86
04.12.2010 15x90 S15E90
07.12.2010 15x91 S15E91
11.12.2010 15x95 S15E95
15.12.2010 15x97 S15E97
18.12.2010 15x100 S15E100
25.12.2010 15x104 S15E104
28.12.2010 15x105 S15E105
29.12.2010 15x106 S15E106
30.12.2010 15x107 S15E107
04.01.2011 15x108 S15E108
06.01.2011 15x110 S15E110
07.01.2011 15x111 S15E111
15.01.2011 15x117 S15E117
18.01.2011 15x118 S15E118
22.01.2011 15x122 S15E122
26.01.2011 15x124 S15E124
27.01.2011 15x125 S15E125
28.01.2011 15x126 S15E126
02.02.2011 15x129 S15E129
03.02.2011 15x130 S15E130
04.02.2011 15x132 S15E132
08.02.2011 15x135 S15E135
08.02.2011 15x136 S15E136
09.02.2011 15x138 S15E138
10.02.2011 15x140 S15E140
11.02.2011 15x141 S15E141
18.02.2011 15x151 S15E151
19.02.2011 15x153 S15E153
19.02.2011 15x154 S15E154
22.02.2011 15x155 S15E155
22.02.2011 15x156 S15E156
23.02.2011 15x157 S15E157
23.02.2011 15x158 S15E158
24.02.2011 15x159 S15E159
24.02.2011 15x160 S15E160
25.02.2011 15x161 S15E161
25.02.2011 15x162 S15E162
26.02.2011 15x163 S15E163
26.02.2011 15x164 S15E164
01.03.2011 15x165 S15E165
01.03.2011 15x166 S15E166
02.03.2011 15x167 S15E167
02.03.2011 15x168 S15E168
03.03.2011 15x169 15E169
03.03.2011 15x170 S15E170
08.03.2011 15x173 S15E173
15.03.2011 15x178 S15E178
17.03.2011 15x180 S15E180
18.03.2011 15x181 S15E181
19.03.2011 15x182 S15E182
25.03.2011 15x186 S15E186
05.04.2011 15x193 S15E193
14.04.2011 15x200 S15E200
20.04.2011 15x204 S15E204
21.04.2011 15x205 S15E205
22.04.2011 15x206 S15E206
23.04.2011 15x207 S15E207
26.04.2011 15x208 S15E208
28.04.2011 15x210 S15E210
29.04.2011 15x211 S15E211
30.04.2011 15x212 S15E212
03.05.2011 15x213 S15E213
03.05.2011 15x214 S15E214
04.05.2011 15x215 S15E215
05.05.2011 15x216 S15E216
05.05.2011 15x217 S15E217
06.05.2011 15x218 A neighbor's broken glasses
07.05.2011 15x220 S15E220
10.05.2011 15x221 S15E221
10.05.2011 15x222 S15E222
12.05.2011 15x224 Dog died after eating human's medicine
12.05.2011 15x225 The cost of a vacation in Mexico
14.05.2011 15x227 S15E227
24.05.2011 15x228 S15E238
17.05.2011 15x229 S15E229
17.05.2011 15x230 S15E230
18.05.2011 15x231 S15E231
19.05.2011 15x232 S15E232
20.05.2011 15x234 S15E234
21.05.2011 15x235 S15E235
25.05.2011 15x239 S15E239
27.05.2011 15x242 S15E242
01.06.2011 15x243 S15E243
02.06.2011 15x244 S15E244
03.06.2011 15x245 S15E245
08.06.2011 15x248 S15E248
15.06.2011 15x254 S15E254
17.06.2011 15x257 S15E257
17.06.2011 15x258 S15E258
18.06.2011 15x259 S15E259
18.06.2011 15x260 S15E260

season 16

Air date Episode Title
13.09.2011 16x01 S16E01
13.09.2011 16x02 S16E02
14.09.2011 16x03 S16E03
14.09.2011 16x04 S16E04
15.09.2011 16x05 S16E05
15.09.2011 16x06 S16E06
16.09.2011 16x07 S16E07
16.09.2011 16x08 S16E08
17.09.2011 16x09 S16E09
17.09.2011 16x10 S16E10
20.09.2011 16x11 S16E11
20.09.2011 16x12 S16E12
21.09.2011 16x13 S16E13
21.09.2011 16x14 S16E14
22.09.2011 16x15 S16E15
22.09.2011 16x16 S16E16
23.09.2011 16x17 S16E17
23.09.2011 16x18 S16E18
24.09.2011 16x19 S16E19
24.09.2011 16x20 S16E20
27.09.2011 16x21 S16E21
28.09.2011 16x22 S16E22
29.09.2011 16x23 S16E23
30.09.2011 16x24 S16E24
01.10.2011 16x25 S16E25
04.10.2011 16x26 S16E26
05.10.2011 16x27 S16E27
06.10.2011 16x28 S16E28
07.10.2011 16x29 S16E29
08.10.2011 16x30 S16E30
11.10.2011 16x31 S16E31
12.10.2011 16x32 S16E32
13.10.2011 16x33 S16E33
14.10.2011 16x34 S16E34
15.10.2011 16x35 S16E35
18.10.2011 16x36 S16E36
19.10.2011 16x37 S16E37
20.10.2011 16x38 S16E38
21.10.2011 16x39 S16E39
22.10.2011 16x40 S16E40
25.10.2011 16x41 S16E41
26.10.2011 16x42 S16E42
27.10.2011 16x43 S16E43
27.10.2011 16x44 S16E44
28.10.2011 16x45 S16E45
28.10.2011 16x46 S16E46
29.10.2011 16x47 S16E47
29.10.2011 16x48 S16E48
01.11.2011 16x49 S16E49
01.11.2011 16x50 S16E50
02.11.2011 16x51 S16E51
02.11.2011 16x52 S16E52
03.11.2011 16x53 S16E53
03.11.2011 16x54 S16E54
04.11.2011 16x55 S16E55
04.11.2011 16x56 S16E56
05.11.2011 16x57 S16E57
05.11.2011 16x58 S16E58
08.11.2011 16x59 S16E59
08.11.2011 16x60 S16E60
09.11.2011 16x61 S16E61
09.11.2011 16x62 S16E62
10.11.2011 16x63 S16E63
10.11.2011 16x64 S16E64
11.11.2011 16x65 S16E65
03.11.2011 16x66 S16E66
12.11.2011 16x67 S16E67
12.11.2011 16x68 S16E68
15.11.2011 16x69 S16E69
15.11.2011 16x70 S16E70
16.11.2011 16x71 S16E71
16.11.2011 16x72 S16E72
17.11.2011 16x73 S16E73
17.11.2011 16x74 S16E74
18.11.2011 16x75 S16E75
18.11.2011 16x76 S16E76
19.11.2011 16x77 S16E77
19.11.2011 16x78 S16E78
22.11.2011 16x79 S16E79
22.11.2011 16x80 S16E80
23.11.2011 16x81 S16E81
23.11.2011 16x82 S16E82
24.11.2011 16x83 S16E83
24.11.2011 16x84 S16E84
29.11.2011 16x85 S16E85
30.11.2011 16x86 S16E86
01.12.2011 16x87 S16E87
02.12.2011 16x88 S16E88
03.12.2011 16x89 S16E89
06.12.2011 16x90 Man Accuses Ex-Wife of Hitting Him in the Face; Borrowed Car Is Returned Wrecked
07.12.2011 16x91 Ex-Family Members Battle Over an ATV; Anger Management After Alleged Domestic Violence
08.12.2011 16x92 Teen Mother Says Ex Cracked Windshield With Fist; Ex-Lovers Wage War Over a Car Lease Deal Gone Bad
09.12.2011 16x93 A Murder Conviction's Appeal Is Disputed; Dog Injured After Jumping Out Window
10.12.2011 16x94 Bar School Information Allegedly Hijacked; Parking Tickets Divide Former Friends
13.12.2011 16x95 Alleged Infidelity Leads to Vandalism; Shopping Cart Collision & 4-Year-Old Girl
14.12.2011 16x96 Car Repo Catastrophe; Boss Sued for Coffee Spill
15.12.2011 16x97 BB Gun Shootout and a Busted Window; Car Deal Gone Bad
16.12.2011 16x98 Ex-Fiances Fight Over ATV; iPhone Heist
17.12.2011 16x99 Ex-Fiances, Protective Orders and Harassment; Western Re-Enactor Fights Over Replica Jacket
22.12.2011 16x100 Pit Bull Damage and Jailed Boyfriend; Smashed iPhone
24.12.2011 16x101 Vegas Gambling and Pawn Shop Fight; Four-Wheeler Rammed Into Tree
28.12.2011 16x102 Pool Malfunction Kills Garden; Unwed Parents' Nasty Breakup
03.01.2012 16x103 Holiday Assault and Vandalism; Bumper Crash
04.01.2012 16x104 Day Care Accused of Neglect; Cat Scratches and Heroin Use Disputed
05.01.2012 16x105 Car Repo Battle; Ex-Lover Car Mishap
06.01.2012 16x106 Pregnant Girlfriend and Pawned TV; Pit Bull and Insurance Fraud
07.01.2012 16x107 Black Belt Karate Dispute; Exes Fight Over Children's Christmas Gifts
10.01.2012 16x108 Teen's U-Turn Collision on Father's Day; Illegal Horse Parking
11.01.2012 16x109 Woman Bites Man's Back; Terrible Texts
12.01.2012 16x110 Pushed While Pregnant?; Dog vs. Car
13.01.2012 16x111 Free Rent Woes; Alleged Punch Bowl Fraud on eBay
14.01.2012 16x112 Political Prank; Disgruntled Man, Damaged Desk
17.01.2012 16x113 Police Raid Collateral Damage; Ex-Lover Loan for Child Support
18.01.2012 16x114 Homeless Fight; My Best Friend Stole My Dog
19.01.2012 16x115 Employee in the Middle; 11-Year-Old Vandal
20.01.2012 16x116 Drunken Smash Denied; Laptop Fire at Fireman's House
21.01.2012 16x117 May-December Romance Woes; Siberian Husky Attack
24.01.2012 16x118 Car Crush Disaster; Landlord Pocketing Rent?
25.01.2012 16x119 Community Service Gone Bad; Stay Away From My Stuff
26.01.2012 16x120 Mother-Son Floor Damage; Illegally Sold Furniture?
27.01.2012 16x121 The Runaway Renter; Trashed Lake House
28.01.2012 16x122 Tutoring Company Upset; Crash Wedding
31.01.2012 16x123 Laid Off, Lease and Love; Annulment Drama
01.02.2012 16x124 Failed Financial Friendship; Funeral Costs After Suicide
02.02.2015 16x125 Dispute Over Drugs; Check, Please
03.02.2012 16x126 Fight, Broken Jaw; Siblings' Cadillac Fight
03.02.2012 16x127 Sibling Scrap; Teen Cries Scam
14.02.2012 16x128 Relationship Reversals; Minor Drinking, Driving, Crashing
04.02.2012 16x129 Horse Tongue Tragedy
07.02.2012 16x130 Grandbaby's Daddy Drama; Hit and Run
07.02.2012 16x131 Car Repair Fraud; Snowboard Gear Dispute
08.02.2012 16x132 Buddies and Bleach; Hearts and Loans
08.02.2012 16x133 Bailed Out After Alleged Assault; Car Deal Slam?
09.02.2012 16x134 Boyfriend ATM Scam?; Loaned Truck Crash
09.02.2012 16x135 Golfing Dispute; Fight After a Funeral
10.02.2012 16x136 Firecracker Dog; Table-Flipping Rage?
10.02.2012 16x137 Ex-Friends' Pain and Suffering; Love-Triangle Fight; Dental Debt
11.02.2012 16x138 Baseball Bat Payback; Bat Payback Part II
11.02.2012 16x139 Ambush and Attack; Bike Battle
14.02.2012 16x140 Slapping a Child; Stolen Sister TV
14.02.2012 16x141 Veteran's Service-Dog Attacked
15.02.2012 16x142 Failed Run for Mayor; Love Triangle Divorce
15.02.2012 16x143 Ex-Lovers' Bitter Breakup; Best Friends for Never
16.02.2012 16x144 Thrown Under the Bus; Good Faith
16.02.2012 16x145 It's a Family Affair; Cousin Crash Clash
17.02.2012 16x146 Bank Buddies; Friendship Repo
17.02.2012 16x147 Dog Bite Bitterness; Jet Ski Father Scam?
18.02.2012 16x148 Four-Year-Old Accused of Vandalism
18.02.2012 16x149 Knife-Lunging Laptop Attack; She's My Best Friend's Mom!
21.02.2012 16x150 Fit of Rage, Kicked Car; Character Party Disaster
21.02.2012 16x151 No Bonus, No Pay; Horrible Bosses
22.02.2012 16x152 Party to End All Parties; Dangerous Wheels
22.02.2012 16x153 I Should've Gnome!; Man Bails Out Lover's Mom
23.02.2012 16x154 Window Pain; Sister Rivalry
23.02.2012 16x155 High-School Sweethearts; Janitor Caught on Tape
24.02.2012 16x156 Bite Arm, Key Car; Ex-Car Conundrum
24.02.2012 16x157 Brothers and Foes; Loan Via Love
25.02.2012 16x158 Motorcycle Dog Assault
25.02.2012 16x159 I Want My Belongings Back!; Gas and Gambling
28.02.2012 16x160 Good Deed, Lost Truck; Dad Accused of Stealing From Teen
28.02.2012 16x161 Rage in Court; Green Bay Packers and a Pit Bull
29.02.2012 16x162 All in the Family; Not So Friendly Loan
29.02.2012 16x163 Miscarriage Debt and Stolen Money; Lies and Damaged Rims
01.03.2012 16x164 Teen Lies to Police About Wreck; Fatal Attraction
01.03.2012 16x165 Drunk on the Job; Overpaid Child Support?
02.03.2012 16x166 Ugly Custody Exchange
03.03.2012 16x167 Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors; Cousin Car Catastrophe
06.03.2012 16x168 Mad Because Lover Moved On?; Baby Blues
07.03.2012 16x169 Child Support Ran Me Over; Pills and a Mystery Wreck
08.03.2012 16x170 Chickens and Bonfires
09.03.2012 16x171 Engagement Ring Fight; Trash or Treasure
10.03.2012 16x172 Accused of Auto Theft; Flipped Out
13.03.2012 16x173 Fight for Medical Treatment
14.03.2012 16x174 Punch Bite Loan; Sisterly Strife
15.03.2012 16x175 Rental Unit Squatter?; Cheap Jeep
16.03.2012 16x176 Bittersweet Belongings; Blame the Kids
16.03.2012 16x177 Girlfriend in the Middle; Double Trouble
17.03.2012 16x178 Daughter Dragged Into Parents' Fight; Assault Over the Internet
17.03.2012 16x179 Time to Get Organized; Newborn Rude Awakening
20.03.2012 16x180 When Labradoodles Attack; The Art of Babysitting
21.03.2012 16x181 Band Never Got Played
22.03.2012 16x182 Fast and Furious BMX Crash; Floral Shop Heist; Stunt Gone Wrong
23.03.2012 16x183 Tires, Tows and Missing Car; Unhappy Teenager
23.03.2012 16x184 Heck of a Deck
24.03.2012 16x185 Grandmother and Gangsters
24.03.2012 16x186 My Landlord, My Tormenter
27.03.2012 16x187 Child's Photos and Jail Time; Road Rage
28.03.2012 16x188 Con-Man; Foosball Fight
29.03.2012 16x189 Punching a Door; Basketball Beat Down
30.03.2012 16x190 Mother and Daughter Bail Money; Limo Left Couple at Altar
31.03.2012 16x191 Casino Troubles; Handyman Drama; Runaway Roommate
03.04.2012 16x192 A Heated Situation; Vandalism and Drinking
04.04.2012 16x193 Bella the Bulldog; A Messy Affair; Deadbeat Dad?
05.04.2012 16x194 Bull Mastiff Injury; Box Cutter Injury
06.04.2012 16x195 Loan for Love?; Daddy Dearest; Stepdaughter Loan
07.04.2012 16x196 Shopping Teens and Car Keying; Middle-Child Syndrome
10.04.2012 16x197 Child Protection and Taxes; Runaway Bride?; Toddler Midnight Mishap
11.04.2012 16x198 Drinking and Driving and Wrecking; Bucked off a Horse
12.04.2012 16x199 Younger Boyfriend Crash; Custody Loan Fallout; Deceased Mother's Money
13.04.2012 16x200 Beer Pong Gone Wrong; Craigslist Baby-Sitter Snafu
14.04.2012 16x201 Brother Blow-Up; Mother and Daughter Bail Dispute; Teen Driving Accident
17.04.2012 16x202 Stiletto Stabbing
18.04.2012 16x203 Ex and Harassment; Major Teen Rager?
19.04.2012 16x204 Kicked Out of the Band; Shoe Fetish
20.04.2012 16x205 Mother and Son Battle; Show Me the Money
21.04.2012 16x206 Bailed Out Uncle; Assaulted Child?; Cost of Eviction
24.04.2012 16x207 Electric Bill Breakup; Country Dancing Skirmish
25.04.2012 16x208 New York Restraining Orders; My Sister's Ex
26.04.2012 16x209 Anime Action Figures Missing
27.04.2012 16x210 Steak-Knife Stabbing; Twin Sister Jewelry Heist
27.04.2012 16x211 Gerbils, Broncos and Ex-Friends; Mother Borrows From Teenager
28.04.2012 16x212 Family Drinking Assault
28.04.2012 16x213 $30,000 Biker Magazine Buyout; Bar Friendship Gone Wrong
01.05.2012 16x214 Poodle Bamboozle; Friends of the Force
01.05.2012 16x215 Get Out!
02.05.2012 16x216 False Third Strike Charges
02.05.2012 16x217 Manipulation Loans?; Trip to the Philippines
03.05.2012 16x218 Teen Rental Hijinx; Gimme Back My Dog!
03.05.2012 16x219 First Date Nightmare; Horse Fight!
04.05.2012 16x220 Dad's Death Benefit Fight; Trust Fund Teenager
04.05.2012 16x221 Free Ride to Kentucky; Collision Payback
05.05.2012 16x222 World Series Rip-Off?; Teen Bails Boss Out
05.05.2012 16x223 Engagement Ring Cruise; Credit Crash
08.05.2012 16x224 Landlord Assault?; Case of the Missing TV
08.05.2012 16x225 Ex-Lover Accusations
09.05.2012 16x226 When Bedbugs Bite!; Cowboy Love
09.05.2012 16x227 Assault and Autism; Driven to Deceit
10.05.2012 16x228 Father and Son Battle
10.05.2012 16x229 Alpha Dog Defense; Baby Tax Drama
11.05.2012 16x230 Stop Smoking Pot!; Stop Drinking!; Lies and Liens
11.05.2012 16x231 Fall From a Roof
12.05.2012 16x232 Pit Bull/Bicycle Bang-Up; Fraud and Foreclosure
12.05.2012 16x233 Smashed and Crashed; Young and the Restless
false 16x234 Season 16, Episode 234
15.05.2012 16x235 Sober House Lockout
16.05.2012 16x236 Daddy-Daughter Fallout; Ex-Wife Attack?
16.05.2012 16x237 Death of a Dog; Not in My Name
17.05.2012 16x238 Reno Vacation Gone Wrong; Plastic Surgery Sister
17.05.2012 16x239 The Breakup; Bicycle Held Hostage
18.05.2012 16x240 Baby Photo Fiasco; Wii Broke a TV!
18.05.2012 16x241 Truck Thief Crash; Xmas Decoration Payback; Saving Son From Eviction
19.05.2012 16x242 International Language of Love; NY Cousin Clash
19.05.2012 16x243 NY Family Business; Flooded NY Apartment
22.05.2012 16x244 Squatter Squabble; Stolen Laptop Caper
22.05.2012 16x245 Post Office Slander?; Pet Custody Fight
23.05.2012 16x246 Abortion Accusation; Boo Boo the Dog
23.05.2012 16x247 Not the Father; Party Foul
24.05.2012 16x248 Fight Over a Funeral; Dream Car Fallout
24.05.2012 16x249 Custody Victory Drama; Hit and Run?
30.05.2012 16x250 Wedding Trust Fund; Sweet Charity
01.06.2012 16x251 Controlling or Carless?
02.06.2012 16x252 Mother Issues; Animal House
05.06.2012 16x253 Roommate Blackmail; Bike Bang-Up
08.06.2012 16x254 Busted Car; Storage Wars
09.06.2012 16x255 Tires of Harassment; Ex-Boyfriend Hustle?
12.06.2012 16x256 Elder Abuse Caught on Tape?
12.06.2012 16x257 False Stabbing?; Friendship Over
13.06.2012 16x258 $40,000 Owed in Child Support; The Damage Is Done
15.06.2012 16x259 Wife vs ExWife; Car Roll Crash
16.06.2012 16x260 Gospel Group Grievance; Marijuana Farmer?

season 17

Air date Episode Title
11.09.2012 17x01 German Shepherd Attack | Get Out of My Courtroom!
11.09.2012 17x02 It's MY Cadillac to Lose! | Animal House Vacation
12.09.2012 17x03 Mechanic Mess | Unwed Parent Woes
12.09.2012 17x04 Vandalism Caught on Tape! | Our Daughter's Totaled Car
13.09.2012 17x05 Van on the Run | Roommate Demise
13.09.2012 17x06 Wedding Trip and Fall | Florida Condo Scam?
14.09.2012 17x07 Shady Law Enforcement? | Dating Under the Influence
14.09.2012 17x08 Sisters Child Support Feud | Drinking Driving Crashing; Dog Hit by Car
15.09.2012 17x09 Paternity Test Vandalism; Fake Designer Scam?
15.09.2012 17x10 Dance Hall Disaster
18.09.2012 17x11 Cop Sues Motorist
18.09.2012 17x12 Teacher Sues Student; Chihuahua Toss
19.09.2012 17x13 Cyclist Blacks Out After Crash; Fostered Dog Scam?
19.09.2012 17x14 Mom Mad at Rekindled Love?; IRS Fraud?
20.09.2012 17x15 Man Misses Birth of Child; A Writer's Junked Car
20.09.2012 17x16 Landlord Denies Abuse; Feuding Cousins
21.09.2012 17x17 Assault and a Loaded Gun; Ex-Girlfriend's College Tuition
21.09.2012 17x18 Brother to Blame; Scorned Ex-Lover?
22.09.2012 17x19 Aspiring NY Singer Sued; Forcing My Hand
22.09.2012 17x20 Annulled Marriage
25.09.2012 17x21 Jilted Vacation; Ex-Lover Money Matters
26.09.2012 17x22 Car Beat Down; Kissing Cousins
27.09.2012 17x23 I Smell Gas!
28.09.2012 17x24 Car, Truck, Assault; Boating While Intoxicated
29.09.2012 17x25 Not Afraid of the Judge!; Property Tax Fight
02.10.2012 17x26 Questionable Loan to New Friend; Deadly Drunk Driving Accident
03.10.2012 17x27 Pit Bull Threat?; Paternity Problem
04.10.2012 17x28 Teen Sisters' Vandalism; Broken Friendship
05.10.2012 17x29 Ex-Roommate Feud; Car Crisis!
06.10.2012 17x30 Jail Time Equals Sale Time
09.10.2012 17x31 Ex-Son in Law Trucker; Sibling Bad Blood
10.10.2012 17x32 Mother Sues Son; Roommate Riff
11.10.2012 17x33 Teen Tagging and Egging; Blame the New Fiancee
12.10.2012 17x34 Bailed, Gas, X-Gifts; Property Lockout?
13.10.2012 17x35 Love/Hate Triangle
16.10.2012 17x36 Mother and Son Fight; Man Punches TV?
17.10.2012 17x37 Ex-Lover Jackknifes Truck; A Lesson on Lying
18.10.2012 17x38 Pit Bull Mauls Yorkie; Golf Ball Bash; Ex-Lover Fight
19.10.2012 17x39 Stolen iPad?; Can't Buy Me Love
20.10.2012 17x40 Designer Shoe Deal Gone Bad | Sister-in-Law Feud
23.10.2012 17x41 Disappearing Jewelry; Father/Son Loss of Deposit
24.10.2012 17x42 Vandalism Catch 22; My Mother/My Enemy
25.10.2012 17x43 Girls' Weekend Gone Wild; Abandoned Dog
25.10.2012 17x44 Sugar in Gas Tank?; Player Loan
26.10.2012 17x45 Burned; Lovers No More
26.10.2012 17x46 Identity Theft False Arrest?; Ex-Fiancees' Dog Fight
27.10.2012 17x47 Crazy Love; Frat House Car Block
27.10.2012 17x48 Racecar Collision; Teenager Joy Ride Wreck
30.10.2012 17x49 Three-Timing Boyfriend?
30.10.2012 17x50 Violent Hissy Fit Caught on Tape; Hospital Bed Handout
31.10.2012 17x51 Young Girls Terrorized; Unwed Parents Fight
31.10.2012 17x52 Pageant Beauty and the Breach; Roommate Lies?
01.11.2012 17x53 Racism and Trans-Gender Hate?
01.11.2012 17x54 Road Rage Cat Fight
02.11.2012 17x55 Unfriendly Car Crash; Man Claims Police Lied
02.11.2012 17x56 Drug Cookie Crash | No Car, No Money
03.11.2012 17x57 Don't Touch My Wife! | Hookah Pipe Party Mishap
03.11.2012 17x58 Biting and Fighting | Drunk Dad, Impounded Puppy
06.10.2012 17x59 Payback for Bailout | Valentine's Day Warrant Pay-Off
06.11.2012 17x60 Punch Truck Love | College Athletes Fear Marijuana Exposure
07.11.2012 17x61 Target Practice Vandalism; Ex-Girlfriend Warrant
07.11.2012 17x62 Ex-Vandalism & Drug Trafficking?; Bowling Wii Disaster
08.11.2012 17x63 Windshield Wiper Attack; Crash, Brake and Bills
08.11.2012 17x64 Fight Over a Harley; Super-Glued Computer
09.11.2012 17x65 Fake Designer Bag Scam?
09.11.2012 17x66 Vow Renewal Video up in Flames | Arrest and Sexual Advances?
10.11.2012 17x67 Risque Internet Pics; Terrorist Facebook Threats
10.11.2012 17x68 Pregnancy Test Vandalism; Punched in Face by Teen
13.11.2012 17x69 Father Hates Daughter's Boyfriend
13.11.2012 17x70 Teen Too High to Drive?; Pit Bull Bites Dog Sitter
14.11.2012 17x71 The Wedding That Never Happened; Single Mom Shake-Up
14.11.2012 17x72 Mother/Daughter No Love Lost
15.11.2012 17x73 Drunken Stupor Maneuver?; Fraudulent Family Feud?
15.11.2012 17x74 When Cousins Fight | Unwed Parents Car Dispute
16.11.2012 17x75 Divorcees Drama; Broken Hearts
16.11.2012 17x76 Stolen Baby Belongings?; Crash at the Club
17.11.2012 17x77 Pit Bull Gunfire; Baby Not on Board
17.11.2012 17x78 Love Bite | I Want My Cash!
20.11.2012 17x79 Mail Tampering and IRS Fraud?; It Takes Two
20.11.2012 17x80 Child Custody and Malicious Intent?
21.11.2012 17x81 Vacuum Cleaner Caper; Bridesmaid Dress Disaster
21.11.2012 17x82 Domestic Dispute
22.11.2012 17x83 Fit of Rage!; Babysitter Blues
22.11.2012 17x84 Fireworks Flop!
27.11.2012 17x85 Boys Just Wanna Have Guns; Minor Car Collision
28.11.2012 17x86 Dueling Daughters; Totaled Truck, Broken Heart?
29.11.2012 17x87 Bike Bang-Up | Assault and Rent
30.11.2012 17x88 Sexual Harassment | Ex-Girlfriends Fight
01.12.2012 17x89 Follow the Money!
04.12.2012 17x90 Dud Truck Divides Siblings; Man Attacked by His Own Pit Bull; Internet Snafu
05.12.2012 17x91 Boxer Boo Boo; Ex-Lover Association Fight
06.12.2012 17x92 Surprise, You're a Daddy!; Cat Fight!
07.12.2012 17x93 Parents Sue Son; Shoes on Fire!
08.12.2012 17x94 Love, Lies and Deceit; Impounding My Heart
11.12.2012 17x95 Teen Lesson in Lying | Sister Squabble
12.12.2012 17x96 Older Man/Younger Friend; Kickboxing Thrift Store
13.12.2012 17x97 Teen Driver Destruction | Harley Freeloader?
14.12.2012 17x98 Mexico Timeshare Ex-Lovers | The Manny
15.12.2012 17x99 Pit Bull Whisperer | Animal House
18.12.2012 17x100 DUI Bailout Mom; Juvenile Tracking Device Dispute
19.12.2012 17x101 Motorcycle Mishap | Drunk Roomie?
20.12.2012 17x102 When Service Dogs Attack!; Man vs. Car
21.12.2012 17x103 Incarcerated Family Feud | Five Kids, Five Mothers
22.12.2012 17x104 Custody Fight Payback | Enlisted Woman & Mad Dad
08.01.2013 17x105 Jealousy Beer Bath! | Scratch That!
09.01.2013 17x106 Blind Horse Vandalism? | Say Uncle!
10.01.2013 17x107 Baby Daddy Payback? | BB Gun Shootout
11.01.2013 17x108 Illegal Dumping? | Graduation Party Bang-Up
12.01.2013 17x109 Jail Break-Up | Hissy Fit Bleach Attack?
15.01.2013 17x110 My Ex-Lover Did It!; Strangers on a Bus
16.01.2013 17x111 Black and Blue Ear | Text Message Payback
17.01.2013 17x112 Child's Mysterious Skin Condition | I Don't
18.01.2013 17x113 Alleged Parrot Abuse; Child Vandal?
19.01.2013 17x114 Sister Pushed Down Stairs? | Slapped While Driving?
22.01.2013 17x115 Deadbeat Dad?; Widower's Custody Fight
23.01.2013 17x116 Pit Bull Attack | SUV Thief?
24.01.2013 17x117 College Party Pooper? | Cat Maims Dog!
25.01.2013 17x118 Mobile Home Destruction?; Mother-in-Law's Expectations
26.01.2013 17x119 Sling Shot Fight!; Party Fight Caught on Video
29.01.2013 17x120 Missing Dog Custody Fight; The Shattered Saturn
30.01.2013 17x121 St. Patrick's Day Catastrophe; 21st Birthday Party Bus Battle
31.01.2013 17x122 Hickeys, Alcohol and Teenagers; Punched Car
01.02.2013 17x123 Pregnant Roommate Riff; Video Game Villain?
01.02.2013 17x124 Online Whirlwind Romance; No Good Deed!
02.02.2013 17x125 Ex-Lover Restraining Order; Ex-Boyfriend vs. Ex-Boyfriend
02.02.2013 17x126 Day Care Abuse of a Toddler? | Cell Phone Wars
05.02.2013 17x127 A Mother's Last Wishes; Royal Hair Battle!
05.02.2013 17x128 DMV Fraud; Too Much, Too Soon
06.02.2013 17x129 No Good Deed!; Landlord Tenant Showdown
06.02.2013 17x130 Baseball Bat Madness; Scam or Makeup Artist?
07.02.2013 17x131 Older Man Helping Young Girls?; Lasik Eye Surgery Payback
07.02.2013 17x132 Booze, Boys and Boats | Drug Money and Damages
08.02.2013 17x133 Not So Sweet 16; Breast Cancer Faker!
08.02.2013 17x134 The Bitter End | Drinking and Skateboarding
09.02.2013 17x135 Pit Bull Breeding Bungle; Drunk Driving Ex-Boyfriend?
09.02.2013 17x136 Road Rage Vigilante; Toddler Vandal?
12.02.2013 17x137 Softball Player Scam?; Three-Year-Old Vandal?; Mom Wants Payback!
12.02.2013 17x138 DJ Payback; Stepfather Sues Teen Stepdaughter
13.02.2013 17x139 Tow Truck Travesty
13.02.2013 17x140 Ex's Drama; Dog Sitter Danger
14.02.2013 17x141 Hair Pulling and Car Keying; Boyfriend Bribe?
14.02.2013 17x142 Democratic Road Trip Disaster; $4,000 Crap Shoot?
15.02.2013 17x143 Jealous Rage Vandalism?; Laptop Rage
15.02.2013 17x144 Summer Rental Sham?; Stepmother/Stepson Fight
16.02.2013 17x145 Wedding Mess | Three Strikes, You're Out!
16.02.2013 17x146 Indecent Proposal? | My Father, the Thief?
19.02.2013 17x147 Hardworking Mom Woes | Cheap Jeep?!
19.02.2013 17x148 Teen Behaving Badly | Good Samaritan Shakedown
20.02.2013 17x149 Sex Swap for a Car?; Dinner Party Attack
20.02.2013 17x150 Vandalism on Video!
21.02.2013 17x151 Bridezilla?; Grave Illness
21.02.2013 17x152 Balcony Property Toss! | Rock-Throwing Vandalism
22.02.2013 17x153 Laptop Party Disappearance | Exploding Car
22.02.2013 17x154 Overbite Fight! Bail Bond Battle
23.02.2013 17x155 Lying to Police? | Concert Ticket Snafu
23.02.2013 17x156 Smoking Pills & Check Fraud; Mother vs. Daughter
26.02.2013 17x157 Check Scam? | Kind Deed Ignored
26.02.2013 17x158 Slashed Tires | Smoke Bomb! | Illegal Eviction?
27.02.2013 17x159 Test Drive Crash | Childhood Friends Fight
27.02.2013 17x160 Car Accident Settlement | Allergic Reaction to Wedding Dress
28.02.2013 17x161 Feuding Twin Sisters | Landlord vs. Mother of Three
28.02.2013 17x162 Electronic Theft | Crash and Burn
01.03.2013 17x163 Ex-Boyfriends and Abuse?; Landlord Trespassing Charges
02.03.2013 17x164 Wire Tampering? | Baby-Sitting Renter
05.03.2013 17x165 He Said, She Said; Roommate Rift
06.03.2013 17x166 Funding Nemo | Custody Loan Dispute
07.03.2013 17x167 When Dachshunds Attack! | Teen Vandals?
08.03.2013 17x168 Security Academy Scam? | Red Light Crash!
09.03.2013 17x169 Money Madness | Truck Collusion
12.03.2013 17x170 Beer in Gas Tank | Theme Park Suffering
13.03.2013 17x171 Best Friend Desertion?; Old Car, New Fight!
14.03.2013 17x172 Drunk vs. Sober; Ex-Fiance's Feud
15.03.2013 17x173 Commission Crisis; Fight Over a Will
16.03.2013 17x174 House Sitting Strife; Wild Child?
19.03.2013 17x175 Softball Jersey Snafu
20.03.2013 17x176 Sold a Sick Puppy?; No Friend of Mine
21.03.2013 17x177 The Gig Is Up!; Ex-Fiancees Fight
26.03.2013 17x178 Grandma Drama; Modular Madness
27.03.2013 17x179 Slander at the Salon?: Never Loan to a Friend!
28.03.2013 17x180 Ugly Breakup; Consolidation Craziness
28.03.2013 17x181 Judge Judy's Face-Off With Insurance Agency
30.03.2013 17x182 Palm Springs Problems; Mother vs. Son
02.04.2013 17x183 Diesel Disaster!; Kicked and Jumped Car
03.04.2013 17x184 Crazy Drunk Driving?; Doctor Wants to Be Made Whole
04.04.2013 17x185 Custody Wars; Relationship Repo
05.04.2013 17x186 Death in the Family; Hit and Run
06.04.2013 17x187 Teen Leaves Injured Mother at Accident Scene; Unwed Parents Fight
09.04.2013 17x188 When Minors Drink!; Dog Attack and Euthanization
10.04.2013 17x189 Tanning Bed Theft?; Car Explosion, Melted Fence!
11.04.2013 17x190 Flashlight Assault! | Contracts 101
12.04.2013 17x191 Drug & Alcohol Mix? | Dueling Divorcees
13.04.2013 17x192 Paycheck Theft? | Asleep at the Wheel?
16.04.2013 17x193 Happy Bachelor? | Roommates Divided
17.04.2013 17x194 Father-Son Brawl!
18.04.2013 17x195 Who's Telling the Truth? | Young Love and Loan
19.04.2013 17x196 Babysitting Battle | Follow the Paper Trail!
20.04.2013 17x197 Knocked Out! | Car Loan Caper
23.04.2013 17x198 Say You're Sorry! | House of Lies?
24.04.2013 17x199 Mother and Son Squatters? | Disastrous Curb Crash
25.04.2013 17x200 Return From Prison; Crib Craziness
26.04.2013 17x201 Rental Car Rip-Off!; Good Samaritan Payback
26.04.2013 17x202 Rottweilers Attack Chihuahua? | Payback for Braces
27.04.2013 17x203 Cancer, Cocaine and a Neo Nazi? | Marriage Meltdown
27.04.2013 17x204 Babysitting Road Rage!
30.04.2013 17x205 Road Rage | Ex-Lovers' Car Fight
30.04.2013 17x206 Jealous Rage Vandalism?; Pool Table Trouble
01.05.2013 17x207 Underground Party; Underground Party On!; Puppy Problems
01.05.2013 17x208 Give Me Back My Car!; Stolen Motorcycle?
02.05.2013 17x209 A Bloody Bad Time | Puppy Love
02.05.2013 17x210 Mom Got My Car Repoed! | Lawn Mower Mayhem
03.05.2013 17x211 War of Roses
03.05.2013 17x212 Knife Attack?; Uninsured Teen Trouble
04.05.2013 17x213 Flat Screen and False Arrest | Lover Loan to Fix Teeth
04.05.2013 17x214 Smashed Windshield; Financial Friendship
07.05.2013 17x215 Mama Drama!; No Song to Sing
07.05.2013 17x216 Scary Crash!; A Family Affair
08.05.2013 17x217 Nutty Roommate?; Unwed Parents Fight
08.05.2013 17x218 Stalker?; Debt Dumper
09.05.2013 17x219 Savage Dog Bite!; Coin Collection Theft?
09.05.2013 17x220 Never Mix Friends and Finances; Bad Engine, Bad Blood
10.05.2013 17x221 Mother vs. Son; Motorcycles and Marijuana?
10.05.2013 17x222 Alaskan Husky Custody; Stolen Car and Credit Card?
11.05.2013 17x223 Tribal Settlement; Landlord Foul Play?
11.05.2013 17x224 Pit Bull Attack!; College Car Confusion
14.05.2013 17x225 Road Rage Showdown; Morphine Motorcycle Cocktail
14.05.2013 17x226 Fish Tank Assault; Audi Issue
15.05.2013 17x227 French Class Finances; Credit Card Crazy
15.05.2013 17x228 Roommate Rumble; Bad Driving
16.05.2013 17x229 Motorcycle Death;| He Said, She Said
16.05.2013 17x230 Friends Turned Enemies | Live-in Boyfriend or Not?
17.05.2013 17x231 The Sergeant and the Security Deposit; Alleged Love Affair
17.05.2013 17x232 Grieving Son Sues Father | A Thief in the Night
18.05.2013 17x233 Roommates and Restraining Orders; Give Me My Jackpot!
18.05.2013 17x234 Brick Toss?; Plastic Surgery Feud
21.05.2013 17x235 Disappearing Saxophone | Party Bus Fight! | Careful What You Text!
21.05.2013 17x236 Family Repo Flight | Bird Lady
22.05.2013 17x237 Jealous Ex?; Time to Grow Up!
22.05.2013 17x238 Start-Up Failure; Popcorn Stuck in a Child's Ear!
23.05.2013 17x239 Emergency Vet Bills | Furniture Fallout
23.05.2013 17x240 Family Bonds | Furious Father/Deceased Mother
24.05.2013 17x241 Restraining Order | Bachelor Pad
28.05.2013 17x242 Love and War | Six-Year-Old Boy's Collision | The Commute Dispute
01.06.2013 17x243 Father Son Fight
01.06.2013 17x244 Church Friends Fight; Mother of Seven Sued
04.06.2013 17x245 Stabbing, Divorce and a DUI; The Ex-Con and the Missing Furniture
06.06.2013 17x246 Legit Crash or Scam?; No Good Deed
07.06.2013 17x247 Lion's Club Fight!; You Owe Me Rent!
08.06.2013 17x248 Pay Me Back!; Scooter Fight
08.06.2013 17x249 Mom and Son's Fiancee Fight!; User Boyfriend; Door Destruction
11.06.2013 17x250 Unwed Parents Fight; Restraining Order; Texting Trouble
12.06.2013 17x251 Stepsister Deception?; Ex-Lover's Couch; Relationship Ruining Rental
13.06.2013 17x252 Drug Addict Payback; Big Brother; Bahamas Vacation
14.06.2013 17x253 Everything but the Kitchen Sink!; German Shepherd Attack!; Parents of 16 Children
14.06.2013 17x254 Assault With a Rock; Mother Sues Daughter
15.06.2013 17x255 Botched Limo to the Prom!; Father Daughter Rental Dispute
15.06.2013 17x256 The Van Man; Teen Mom Damages?; Dog and Truck Collision
22.06.2013 17x258 Electrocution Payback?; Show Me the Money!
22.06.2013 17x259 Friendship Gone Wrong
29.06.2013 17x260 Car Keying Tenant?

season 18

Air date Episode Title
10.09.2013 18x01 House Sitter Horror; Bitter Babysitter?
10.09.2013 18x02 Teenage Vandals
11.09.2013 18x03 Video Game Pile-Up; Child Support Scammer?
11.09.2013 18x04 Housesitting Hijacker?; Drunk, Disorderly, and Half Naked?
12.09.2013 18x05 Pellet Gun Shootout; Car Security
12.09.2013 18x06 Don't Spank My Daughter!; Broken Door, Broken Friendship
13.09.2013 18x07 Honey Delivery Disaster; So Sue Me, Roomie
13.09.2013 18x08 Trust Fund Raid; Furniture Fight
14.09.2013 18x09 Too Much Vodka; Paternity Test Time
14.09.2013 18x10 Explicit Photos Disputed; Hell Date
17.09.2013 18x11 Mom Thrown Out of Courtroom!; Ex-Lover's Excuses
17.09.2013 18x12 Baby Daddy Drama; Sisters Fight Over a Puppy
18.09.2013 18x13 Victim of Racism or a Thief?
18.09.2013 18x14 Storage Wars; Dog Struck by Car
19.09.2013 18x15 Handicapped and Handcuffed; Don't Tell People I Have Lupus!
19.09.2013 18x16 Rent Free and Smoking Pot?; Ex-Fiancee Fiasco
20.09.2013 18x17 Break-Up, Break-in?; Heroin Possession?
20.09.2013 18x18 Money Stolen From a Thief?; Guilty of Domestic Violence
21.09.2013 18x19 Fight Over Troubled Teen's Rehab
21.09.2013 18x20 Cat Fight and Crash!
24.09.2013 18x21 Maltese Attack!; Mother-in-Law Thief?
25.09.2013 18x22 $15,000 Property Loss?; Stolen Identity or Bitter Father?
26.09.2013 18x23 Teen Volleyball Madness
27.09.2013 18x24 Assaulted by a Parrot!; Bike and Car Collision
26.09.2013 18x25 Dog Bite Baby Shower!; Public Assistance Lost!
01.10.2013 18x26 Tandem Bike Crash!; Ex-Lovers' Feud
02.10.2013 18x27 Fake Doctor?
03.10.2013 18x28 Revengeful Roommates; Divorce Disaster
04.10.2013 18x29 Clean and Sober Suit; Criminal or Justified
05.10.2013 18x30 Pro Basketball Player Sued; Car Conundrum
08.10.2013 18x31 Burning Down the House!; Short Sale Showdown
09.10.2013 18x32 Too Much Marijuana?; Ex-Lover Battle
10.10.2013 18x33 Pit Bull Attacks Child/Giants vs Cowboys Letdown
11.10.2013 18x34 Angry Tenant Break-In?; $4,000 Tuition Scam?
12.10.2013 18x35 Daughter Disaster; Pit Bull Put Down
15.10.2013 18x36 Ex-Friend Troubles; Computer Scam Sale?
16.10.2013 18x37 Surprise Witness!; Injured Pomeranian
17.10.2013 18x38 Jewelry Thieves Caught on Tape; Brutus the Service Dog
18.10.2013 18x39 She's a Parasite!; Truth or Dare Danger
19.10.2013 18x40 Graduation Party Flipped Car
22.10.2013 18x41 Feuding Divorcees; Abusive Boyfriend?
23.10.2013 18x42 Freeloading Ex-Lover?; Punched in the Face?
24.10.2013 18x43 Sideswiped Truck; Tax Prep Slander?; Stolen or Repossessed?
25.10.2013 18x44 Shih Tzu Attack; Baseball Card Caper
26.10.2013 18x45 Judgment Causes Happy Dance; Prom Dress Disaster
29.10.2013 18x46 Defame Game; Assault or No Assault?
30.10.2013 18x47 Arrest for Drug Possession; Sisters Act Up!
31.10.2013 18x48 Motorcycle Mayhem; Unwed Parents Fight; Make a Decision!
01.11.2013 18x49 False Restraining Order?
01.11.2013 18x50 Mad at Mother of My Child!; Punched Door
02.11.2013 18x51 Hidden Seafood!; Slashed Tires!
02.11.2013 18x52 Thunderbird Theft?; Car Divides Friends
05.11.2013 18x53 Burglary and the Ex-Boyfriend; Just Don't Do It!
05.11.2013 18x54 PayPal Problem?; Mother Mayhem; Trying Truck Times
06.11.2013 18x55 Fake Silver Sale; Teen Denies Bad Driving
06.11.2013 18x56 Driving School Skirmish; Up a Creek Without a Boat
07.11.2013 18x57 Biting Boyfriend?; Baby Sitter's Bounced Checks!
07.11.2013 18x58 Abusive Dog Owner; Goddaughter Beware!; Redecorating Disaster
08.11.2013 18x59 Deli Towing Incident
08.11.2013 18x60 Convenience Store Car Kicking; Moving In, Moving Out!
09.11.2013 18x61 On-the-Job Assault; Smashed Spaniel Tail!
09.11.2013 18x62 Mercedes-Benz Scam; False Arrest Fallout
12.11.2013 18x63 I Do on Craigslist; Don't Flood My Car!
12.11.2013 18x64 Crash the Birthday Party; Parking Lot Accident
13.11.2013 18x65 Late Pick-Up to a Party; Follow the Bouncing Ball
13.11.2013 18x66 Go Cart, No Go; Tenant Conflict
14.11.2013 18x67 Do Not Tattoo Over the Internet; Return My Motorcycle!
14.11.2013 18x68 Take the Bar Fight Outside
15.11.2013 18x69 Ruined Wedding Celebration; Father-in-Law No More
15.11.2013 18x70 Tenant Power Struggle; Child Day-Care Provider Dispute
16.11.2013 18x71 Too Hot in the Kitchen?; The Neighborly Thing to Do
16.11.2013 18x72 Lovers Spat; I Want My Rent and Property
19.11.2013 18x73 Ex-Lovers' Property Dispute; Mother vs. Son
19.11.2013 18x74 Collie Attacks Yorkie; DUI Bailout
19.11.2013 18x75 False Restraining Orders?; Father Son Fight
20.11.2013 18x76 Housemate Harassment; Child Support Fight
21.11.2013 18x77 Let Them Eat Wedding Cake!; Hurricane Destruction
21.11.2013 18x78 Return My Chihuahua!; Doberman Daschund Attack
22.11.2013 18x79 Fight Over Horse; Tenant Tidiness
22.11.2013 18x80 Flight From Crime; Art Studio Garage Damages; Teen Eviction
23.11.2013 18x81 Camel Race Injuries; Bad Tenant?
23.11.2013 18x82 Rowdy Roommates; Vegas Trip Gone Bad
26.11.2013 18x83 Back Kicking a Toddler?!
26.11.2013 18x84 Unwed Parents Want Payback!; Sister Sues Sister
27.11.2013 18x85 Weights Fall on Body Builder; Day Care Disaster
27.11.2013 18x86 Ex-Lovers' Blurred Lines; Dance Mom
28.11.2013 18x87 Soccer Fight!; Clueless Crash Into a Wall
28.11.2013 18x88 Pekingese Loses Eye to Pit Bull; Abandoned Horse?
03.12.2013 18x89 Minor's DUI Alcohol Run!; Brother-Sister Squabble; Pool Table Comes Between Exes
04.12.2013 18x90 Pool Pierced by Arrow?; The Blame Game
05.12.2013 18x91 Bad Check, Bad Friend?; Baby Daddy Debt
06.12.2013 18x92 Hostile Defendant Thrown Out of Court!; 1961 Comet Custody
07.12.2013 18x93 Family Furniture Fight; Fighting Cousins
10.12.2013 18x94 Real Estate Runaround; Entrapment?
11.12.2013 18x95 Murder and Medical Malpractice; Debt and Deployment
12.12.2013 18x96 When the Inmate Is Away ... ; Relationship Rehab
13.12.2013 18x97 Grooming Gone Wrong; Father-Daughter Car Dispute
14.12.2013 18x98 Emergency Move-Out; Stolen Shotgun?
17.12.2013 18x99 Ladies' Night Out Limo Disaster; Harassing Car Deal?
18.12.2013 18x100 Mobile Home Manipulation?; Car Crash!
19.12.2013 18x101 Niece Fights Aunt; Los Angeles Vacation Gone Wrong
20.12.2013 18x102 Mother Daughter Mayhem; Family Fight Over Home
21.12.2013 18x103 Chrysler Custody Battle; Ex-Fiancee Fight; Cousin's Bail Money
07.01.2014 18x104 Head-Butted!; Coin Collection Thief
08.01.2014 18x105 Sister Fight; Biting Dalmatian?
09.01.2014 18x106 Dog Custody; Roommate Dispute; Illegal Driver
10.01.2014 18x107 Pawnshop Payback!
11.01.2014 18x108 Girl Fight; Who Scammed Who?; Car Blow Up!
14.01.2014 18x109 Widower Waiter's Bailout; Colliding Bike Boy
15.01.2014 18x110 Karate Camp Neglect?; Bad House Sitter?; Sister Fight!
16.01.2014 18x111 Dog Blamed for Violent Crash; Roommate Disaster
17.01.2014 18x112 Good Samaritan Family; Daddy's Girlfriend
18.01.2014 18x113 House Mayhem; Frenemies; Under the Influence
21.01.2014 18x114 Engagement Ring Custody; Accusations of Murder
22.01.2014 18x115 Home Improvement Hijinks; Fostering Fraud?
23.01.2014 18x116 Stranger Danger; Neighbors and Dogs Drama
24.01.2014 18x117 Busted Windows; Wreck at School
25.01.2014 18x118 Dog Trainer Scam?; Electrocuted Godson
28.01.2014 18x119 Property Problems; Bounty Hunter Payback
29.01.2014 18x120 The Godfather; Slander and Las Vegas Trip!
30.01.2014 18x121 Woman Picks Dogfight?; Vampire Showgirl
31.01.2014 18x122 Kids in Rolling Car Collision; Thieving Cousin?
31.01.2014 18x123 Pit Bull Attacks Child; Is Ex a Thief?
01.02.2014 18x124 Mutual Custody Combat?
01.02.2014 18x125 Bottle Assault
04.02.2014 18x126 Road Rage Slam!; Bunk Bed Blowup
04.02.2014 18x127 Yoga/Gym Merger Mess!; Ex-Fiance Fight
05.02.2014 18x128 Malicious Skateboarder?; Too Young to Live Alone
05.02.2014 18x129 Maced in the Face!; Divorced and Still Fighting!
06.02.2014 18x130 Dog Barking, Cat Poisoning; Give Me Back My Ring!
06.02.2014 18x131 Tax Return Rift; Car Versus Tree
07.02.2004 18x132 Stolen Pit Bull Puppies
07.02.2014 18x133 Slapped for Cheating?; Friendship Fraud?
08.02.2014 18x134 Caught on Tape!; Sucker Punch
08.02.2014 18x135 Dishonest Damages?; Imprisoned Wedding Caterer
11.02.2014 18x136 Dying Cat's Rescue; Crashes and Lies
11.02.2014 18x137 Drug Dealer?; House-Sitting Party Damage
12.02.2014 18x138 ATV Hit and Run; Sugar in Gas Tank Threat
12.02.2014 18x139 Dog Training Disaster; Family Damages
13.02.2014 18x140 Handshake Deal Gone Bad; Disability Debit Card Craziness
13.02.2014 18x141 War of the Roommates; Granny or Nanny?
14.02.2014 18x142 Mother & Daughter Gang Up on Ex
14.02.2014 18x143 Diseased Puppy or Misdiagnosis?
15.02.2014 18x144 Domestic Violence Victim?; Brother Sister War
15.02.2014 18x145 Rowdy Roommates; Day Care Drama; Ex-Lover Vacation Spat
18.02.2014 18x146 Vicious Assault, Broken Jaw; Who Wrecked My Truck?!
18.02.2014 18x147 Dehydrated Defendant; Lethal Lemon
19.02.2014 18x148 Dead Tree Catastrophe; Ex-Lover Battle
19.02.2014 18x149 Babysitting Danger; Horse Lands in Pool!
20.02.2014 18x150 Father Protects Drunk Daughter?; Car-Kicking Tantrum
20.02.2014 18x151 Hair Stylist Wars; Daddy's Good Deed Punished?
21.02.2014 18x152 Child Support Sleuth; Maltipoo Attack!
21.02.2014 18x153 Ailing Uncle Going Blind; Bahamas Cruise Crisis
22.02.2014 18x154 Expert Car Crasher; Wedding Rush
22.02.2014 18x155 Terrible Roommate?; Funeral Fraud?
25.02.2014 18x156 Dream Car Rip-Off!; Scammer Denial; Christmas Day Hit-and-Run
25.02.2014 18x157 Arson Allegations; Grand Theft Restitution
26.02.2014 18x158 Property Held Hostage; Brothers and Bail Money
26.02.2014 18x159 Angry Fathers Mutual Combat; Boyfriend Assault?
26.02.2014 18x160 Dog Rescue, Robbery and Assault; Damage Denial; Wedding Banquet Foreclosure
27.02.2014 18x161 Sisters' Assault Stand-Off; Heartbroken and Broke
28.02.2014 18x162 Saudi Arabia House-Sitting Snafu; Life Insurance Vacation Spree
01.03.2014 18x163 Dog Breeding Beginners; Evicted Sisters
04.03.2014 18x164 Roommate Revolt; Puppy Payment!
05.03.2014 18x165 Mom to the Rescue!; Cousin Complaints
06.03.2014 18x166 Stalking and Assault?; Co-Signing Cousin; Logo Liability
07.03.2014 18x167 Dirty Drug Test?; Pink Boot Scuffle
08.03.2014 18x168 Dogs, Drinking and Death Threats
11.03.2014 18x169 Sex for Dental Work?; Roommate Rift
12.03.2014 18x170 Mobile Home Scam?; Pawn Shop Sham
13.03.2014 18x171 Teen Vandal?; Children Lost to Foster Care
15.03.2014 18x172 Parole Model; Green Pool, Angry People!
15.03.2014 18x173 Subsidized Siblings; Friends No More!
18.03.2014 18x174 Magician vs. Illusionist; Pit Bull Choke Hold
19.03.2014 18x175 Skin Cancer Scare; Computer Cash Out
20.03.2014 18x176 Legal Beatdown!; Boat Bailout
21.03.2014 18x177 Racism or Renter Neglect?
22.03.2014 18x178 Death Threat?; Man Cave Clash
25.03.2014 18x179 Mama Drama; Human Shield!
26.03.2014 18x180 Disability Debate!; Hotel Room Party Pooper
27.03.2014 18x181 Stepfather Payback; Repo Mom
28.03.2014 18x182 When Unwed Parents Fight!
29.03.2014 18x183 Grieving Teen Assault; Barking Dog Threat
01.04.2014 18x184 Day Care Endangerment; Housing Wars
02.04.2014 18x185 Boy Going Blind?; In-Lawlessness
03.04.2014 18x186 Pool Pushing Prank; Bad Boyfriend?
04.04.2014 18x187 Bonfire Damage; Grand Dreams Disaster
05.04.2014 18x188 Speedy Cupid; Frat House No More!
08.04.2014 18x189 Shattered Windows; Drunken Knife Fight
09.04.2014 18x190 E-Cigarette Scam?
10.04.2014 18x191 Show Me the Lawsuit Money!; Dying Mother
11.04.2014 18x192 Rehab Brother; Fire Hydrant Slam!
12.04.2014 18x193 Pit Bull Attack; Shoe-Throwing Sister!; Rent Games
15.04.2014 18x194 Get Out of My House!; Invasion of Privacy?
16.04.2014 18x195 Store Rage!
17.04.2014 18x196 Kidney Transplant Tragedy; You Trashed My Home!
18.04.2014 18x197 Verbal Contracts 101; Shut That Dog Up!; Annoying Roommate Rant
19.04.2014 18x198 Marijuana Mayhem; When Girlfriends Fight
22.04.2014 18x199 Baby Daddy Payback; Car Mileage Fraud?
23.04.2014 18x200 Landlord Laundry List; Ice Cream Shop Stalker?
24.04.2014 18x201 Assault in the Workplace; A Family's Feud
25.04.2014 18x202 Ex-Lover Assault Story
25.04.2014 18x203 Scooter Squabble; Spit in the Face!
26.04.2014 18x204 Tummy Tuck Trials; Salvaged Motorcycle Woes
26.04.2014 18x205 Camper Trailer Battle!
29.04.2014 18x206 Repeat Offender Baby Daddy; Pick of the Litter Liar?
29.04.2014 18x207 Punch Drunk Love; Pyramid Scheme
30.04.2014 18x208 Mysterious Motorists; Bitter Breakup
30.04.2014 18x209 Don't Fence Me In!; Premeditated Theft?
01.05.2014 18x210 Don't Flirt With the Judge!; Crash on a Commune!
21.04.2014 18x211 Homeless and Happy?; Insurance Scam or Practical Joke?
02.05.2014 18x212 Racial Profiling?; Roommate Rebel
02.05.2014 18x213 Hiring and Firing in America; Eviction Conviction
03.05.2014 18x214 Comatose Mother, Criminal Son?; Fresh Mouth Takedown!
03.05.2014 18x215 Military Kick Out!; Ex-Fiancee Assault Charges
15.05.2014 18x216 Jilted Lover or Loony Roommate?
06.05.2014 18x217 Tijuana Crowbar Payback!; Dog Eat Dog!
07.05.2014 18x218 Sick Child or Crash Scam?; Too Much Information!
07.05.2014 18x219 Man Held Hostage?; Teenagers Gang-Up
08.05.2014 18x220 Domestic Violence or Victimized Father?; Pedestrian Meets Hood of Car!
08.05.2014 18x221 Ditched Car; Mother/Son Feud; Race Car RIP Tribute
09.05.2014 18x222 Car Fraud?; Party Bus: Party Foul!; Grand Theft Gamers?
09.05.2014 18x223 Landlord Scammed?; Injured Pleasure Horse
10.05.2014 18x224 Rock-Throwing Child Testifies; Porched Possessions Upset!
10.05.2014 18x225 Taxing Friendship; Exes Fight Over Child's Bed
13.05.2014 18x226 Ugly Split/Smashed Truck!
13.05.2014 18x227 Babysitting Debacle; Unwed Parents' Bitter Breakup; Shoplifting Among Friends
14.05.2014 18x228 Texas Exes; Drunk and Abusive?; Repeat Offender Drug Bailout
14.05.2014 18x229 Drinking and Driving House-Sitter?; Traffic Ticket Pile-Up; Three's a Crowd
15.05.2014 18x230 Mutual Combat or Teen Bullying?
15.05.2014 18x231 Kid-to-Kid Combat!
16.05.2014 18x232 Calling the Cops on a Cop!
16.05.2014 18x233 Teens in Tight Quarters!; Tattooed Lip Infection!
17.05.2014 18x234 Brawling Brothers; Younger Lover Bailout?
17.05.2014 18x235 Stolen Heart Medication?; Online Love Gone Wrong
20.05.2014 18x236 Pit Bull Attack or Pit Bull Victim?; Ex-Lover Craziness
20.05.2014 18x237 Sober-Living Strife!; Who Ran the Red Light?!
21.05.2014 18x238 Clash of the Cousins; Dog-Breeding Brawl
21.05.2014 18x239 Funeral & Family Fight; Bulldog Stud Was a Dud!
22.05.2014 18x240 Marijuana-Growing Property Fight!
22.05.2014 18x241 Broken Relationship; Tenant Take Down
27.05.2014 18x242 Used Car Disaster?; Ex-Girlfriends and Vandalism
28.05.2014 18x243 Roommate Mayhem; Brother-in-Law Blowup; Ex-Lover Payback
29.05.2014 18x244 Used Car Calamity; Collateral Ex-Girlfriend Damage?; Abandoned or Stolen?; Co-Workers All Fired Up!
30.05.2014 18x245 Mother-Daughter Rift; Raccoon and Pit Bull Attack; Pawned Albums
31.05.2014 18x246 When Childhood Friends Fight!; Sci-Fi Costume Battle
31.05.2014 18x247 Handcuffed!; Bad Brother?
03.06.2014 18x248 Wedding Tragedy; Payback Time for Ex-Girlfriends
04.06.2014 18x249 Motocross Bulldog Attack; Odd Man Out!
05.06.2014 18x250 Family Fight Over a Will; Motorcycle Mistake!; Single Mom Breakdown
06.06.2014 18x251 Deal With the Deceased; Souped-Up Snowmobile Crash!; Who's Lying?″
07.06.2014 18x252 Outrageous Landlord?!; Missing Title!; Party Jumper Jacked?
10.06.2014 18x253 Unwed Parents' Plight or Flight?; Phone or Fist at Fault for Crash?
11.06.2014 18x254 40th Birthday Party Fiasco; Ex-Lovers' Car Clash; Used Car Hustle?
12.06.2014 18x255 Teenager Steals From Her Mother?; Daycare Drama; Reckless Driving Mishap; Officer Byrd Takes Charge!
13.06.2014 18x256 When Divorcees Fight; Repair Nightmare!; Dog Custody Battle
14.06.2014 18x257 Freak Accident Move Out!; False Arrest and Harassment?; Stepdad's Good Deed Gone Wrong
28.06.2014 18x258 Sober-Living Knife Attack?; Table Thief?; Truck or Cash!
01.07.2014 18x259 Gay Dating Drama; Bicycle Thief?; Fire Pit Problem!
05.07.2014 18x260 Friendship Fiasco!; Car Custody Triangle

season 19

Air date Episode Title
09.09.2014 19x01 Parking Rage!; Best Friend Bailout
09.09.2014 19x02 Fight Over a Funeral; Attorney Extortion?
10.09.2014 19x03 Child's Dog-Bite Marks Disputed; Show Me the Money!
10.09.2014 19x04 Drunken Stupor Nightmare!; Dirt Bike Bonfire
11.09.2014 19x05 Salvaged SUV Scam?; Dog Walking Attack!
11.09.2014 19x06 Vandalism Caught on Tape!; Two Moms Sue One Child
12.09.2014 19x07 Eyewitness Perjury?!; Twice-Kidnapped Puppy
12.09.2014 19x08 Hidden Camera Catches a Thief?; Unwed Parents Parking Ticket Plight
13.09.2014 19x09 Dad Calls Police on Daughter; Voicemail Vengeance
13.09.2014 19x10 Incriminating Facebook Photos; Scissors vs. Shoes!
16.09.2014 19x11 Stabbed in the Face!
16.09.2014 19x12 Soldier Accused of Credit-Card Theft; Super Lovebug Lawsuit
17.09.2014 19x13 Child and Car Custody Battle; Older Cabbie's Young Roomie
17.09.2014 19x14 Mama Drama!; The Mentor and the Squatter?
18.09.2014 19x15 Transient Parenting?; Good Deed Gone Wrong
18.09.2014 19x16 Blind Curve Catastrophe!; Trashed Transport?
19.09.2014 19x17 When German Shepherds Attack!; TV Remote Control Assault?
19.09.2014 19x18 Daughter-in-Law Dilemma; Worst Job Interview Ever!
20.09.2014 19x19 The Anguish of Ex-Lovers; World Cup Woes
20.09.2014 19x20 Friendship, Finances and Flirting; Designer Jeans Disaster!
23.09.2014 19x21 Crowbar Wielding Mother!; Failed Friendship
24.09.2014 19x22 Police Officer Assaulted by Landlady?!; College Football Scholarship Hiccup
25.09.2014 19x23 Father and Daughter Gang Up on Ex!; Boy Traumatized After Dog Attack
25.09.2014 19x24 Bare Bones Apartment Dispute; Vintage Clock Breakdown
27.09.2014 19x25 Grand Theft Drama; Premature Lock-Out?
30.09.2014 19x26 Three's a Crowd; Moving Out Madness
01.10.2014 19x27 Uninsured Motorcycle Crash!; Crash After Bible Study!
02.10.2014 19x28 Neighborly Plant Destruction?; Facebook Furniture?; Follow the Money!
03.10.2014 19x29 Pesticide Assault?; German Shepherd Scare!
04.10.2014 19x30 Furniture Feud!; Deportation and Disability
07.10.2014 19x31 Doused With Gasoline!; Pit Bull vs. Bijon
08.10.2014 19x32 Lose the Puppy!; Boxer on Steroids?
09.10.2014 19x33 The New Wife; Debit Card Downer
10.10.2014 19x34 Legal Battle; Car Crash Into a Cemetery!
11.10.2014 19x35 Rescue Pit Bull Euthanized; Bikini Swap
14.10.2014 19x36 Drug Addict Destruction?; Restraining Order Damages; Freeway Crash
15.10.2014 19x37 Pawned Family Jewelry; Hurricane Season Dog Fight; Motorcycle Mayhem
16.10.2014 19x38 Fish Tank Destruction!
17.10.2014 19x39 Teenage Phone Vandal?; 8-Year-Old Takes the Stand!
18.10.2014 19x40 House War; Thief and a Hustler?
21.10.2014 19x41 Childcare Trade Gone Wrong?; Ripped-Off While in Jail?; Son-in-Law Payback?
22.10.2014 19x42 Brother/Sister Lease War!; BFs Not Forever; Deceased Father's Harley
23.10.2014 19x43 Eco Friendly Backfire!; Betrayal of Trust!
24.10.2014 19x44 Divorce Slap in the Face!; Wrong Side of the Law?
25.10.2014 19x45 Good Deed Punished!; Pricey Patch-Up Job!
28.10.2014 19x46 Bicyclist Lands on Head!; Chicken Coop Massacre!; Kicked Out Before Moving In?
29.10.2014 19x47 Gas Leak Scare!; Vandalism Caught on Tape!
30.10.2014 19x48 Speeding Motorcyclist Crash!; Incriminating Photos
31.10.2014 19x49 Assault or Self-Inflicted Injuries?
31.10.2014 19x50 Never Read Your Boyfriend's Texts!; Bitter Roommate Battle!
01.11.2014 19x51 Wheelchair Runs Over Caregiver?; Broke Down Dating!
01.11.2014 19x52 Nurse Accused of Abuse; Foster Child at Fault?
04.11.2014 19x53 Kicked in the Buttocks!; Archer Denies Shoot-Up!
04.11.2014 19x54 Pit Bull Stabbed 16 Times?!; Hit and Run ...Fast!
05.11.2014 19x55 Sick Before the Wedding!; Three's a Crowd!
05.11.2014 19x56 Bang Up Neighbors; Spa Party Hustle?
06.11.2014 19x57 Sign Language Drama; Mustang Theft?
06.11.2014 19x58 Mother Daughter Drama; Truck Driver Babysitter Blues
07.11.2014 19x59 Father Butts Into Daughter's Divorce!; Jaguar eBay Purchase Gone Wrong!
07.11.2014 19x60 Unleashed Dog Mayhem!
08.11.2014 19x61 Rescue Dog Attack!; Lovers Playing House
08.11.2014 19x62 Reckless Teen Driver Whodunit!; 6-Year-Old Takes the Stand!
11.11.2014 19x63 Love Triangle Assault!; Can't Buy Me Love!
11.11.2014 19x64 Caught Cheating?; Landlord 101!
12.11.2014 19x65 Potbellied Pig Custody Battle; Cat Sitting Catastrophe
12.11.2014 19x66 Ex-Fiancee Fight!; Pit Bull Attack to Face!; Fake Concert Tickets?!
13.11.2014 19x67 Mud Slinging Break-Up!; He Said/She Said Assault Charges
13.11.2014 19x68 Bleach and Burglary!; Freeloading Friend Cries Assault!
14.11.2014 19x69 Used Car Chaos!; Mom Goes After Daughter
14.11.2014 19x70 Get Me Out of Kansas!; Pay My Teen Daughter's Pregnancy Bills!; One Way? No Way!
15.11.2014 19x71 Punch Drunk Whiskey Party; Outrageous Squatters!
15.11.2014 19x72 Man Accidentally Confesses to Cheating!; Prada Roommate Drama
18.11.2014 19x73 Dirty Dirt Bike?; Band Betrayal; Punch Drunk New Year!
18.11.2014 19x74 Full House Fire!; Motorcycle Crash He Said, She Said!
19.11.2014 19x75 Bites, Barks and Bruises!; Breast Pump Custody Battle!
19.11.2014 19x76 No Pets Allowed!; Principles Don't Pay!
20.11.2014 19x77 Take a Plea, Tell a Lie!; Online Jewelry Slam!
20.11.2014 19x78 Work Ethic Called Into Question!; Judge Judy's Birthday!
21.11.2014 19x79 Staged for Disaster!; Funeral Road Trip Ruined
21.11.2014 19x80 Call the Fashion Police!; Thrown Out Back, Thrown Out Possessions?
22.11.2014 19x81 Shih Tzu Shuttling!; Pit Bull Collateral Damage!
22.11.2014 19x82 Deceased Fiance, Family Fight!
25.11.2014 19x83 Sisters' Pepper Spray Fight!
25.11.2014 19x84 Kitten Custody Dispute!; Queen Esther Window Buster?!
26.11.2014 19x85 Tree Hugger Skirmish!; Pit Bull Bully?
26.11.2014 19x86 Public Humiliation at the Racetrack?; Truck Trap!
27.11.2014 19x87 Repo Man Runaround?; Burglary and a False Arrest?
27.11.2014 19x88 Abandoned or Stolen Property?; Delinquent Roommate?
02.12.2014 19x89 Low Income or No Income?; Tenant in the Hot Seat!
03.12.2014 19x90 Judge Judy's Lessons in Dentistry!; Rottweiler Puppies Hit by Car!
04.12.2014 19x91 Who's Scamming Who?; Illegal Dog Stud?; Designated Driver Damage!
05.12.2014 19x92 PT Cruising for a Bruising!; When Friends Repossess Your Car!
06.12.2014 19x93 Big Dogs and Hot Tubs!; Only Child vs. Only Dad
09.12.2014 19x94 World's Worst Romantic Gifts!; Car Crashing Cousin?; Sideways Dog Scratcher?
10.12.2014 19x95 Pilot Caught Cheating Online?!; Mobile Home Moxy!
11.12.2014 19x96 Cougar Landlord?; Your Junk? My Treasure!
12.12.2014 19x97 Deceased Dad's Truck Trouble; Firefighter Fun Cruise
13.12.2014 19x98 Optical Store Flood!; Mobile Car Washing Dream
16.12.2014 19x99 Flight Attendant's Basement Blues; Overly Excited Teen Jumper!
17.12.2014 19x100 Down and Out Karaoke Singer; Mother Goes After Son's Ex!; Motorcycle Racer Refund!
18.12.2014 19x101 Family Drama Lockout!; Divorcee Tax Fraud?
19.12.2014 19x102 Neighbors Restrained From Each Other!; High-Priced Georgia Water?!
20.12.2014 19x103 Don't Lie to the Judge!; Hysterically Bad Driver?; Escorted Out by Police!
06.01.2015 19x104 Disabled Daughter Caring for Mother?; Sick Cat, Harassment and Threats
07.01.2015 19x105 Vindictive Roommate Games; Thriving Hair Salon Runaround!; Attacked by a Yorkie!
08.01.2015 19x106 Complex Mom Management; Son Pays Father's Child Support?!; Divorcee Grand Theft?
09.01.2015 19x107 Mold and Marijuana: Which Came First?!; Mercedes Mayhem
10.01.2015 19x108 Wedding Limo Scorcher!
13.01.2015 19x109 Good Samaritan Twice Bitten!; Stop Playing With Your Hair!
14.01.2015 19x110 RV Trip From Hell; Get Out ...but Keep Paying My Rent!
15.01.2015 19x111 Killer Pack of Pit Bulls?; Basset Hound Rescue Caught on Tape!
16.01.2015 19x112 Cry for Car Help!; Stolen Church Check?; Sick Dog Payback; When Ex-Fiancées Fight!
17.01.2015 19x113 Drunk Batting Practice?!; Overheated Housewarming!
20.01.2015 19x114 Beaten With a Child's Toy; It's Raining Cockroaches!
21.01.2015 19x115 Lhasa Apso vs. Pit Bulls!; Old Mercedes, New Boyfriend, Bad Blood!
22.01.2015 19x116 Don't Play With Fire!; Gross Animal Abuse?
23.01.2015 19x117 9 Grams of Marijuana; Where Did the Love Go?
24.01.2015 19x118 Girls Basketball Team Turmoil; $25,000 Bingo Winner Bash!
27.01.2015 19x119 Bouncy House Hijinks; Evict Me? Evict Me Not!; Facebook Misstep!
28.01.2015 19x120 Save Me Mom!; Pit Bull Terror!
29.01.2015 19x121 Jeep Bashing Payback?!; Small Town Lawnmower Amnesia?
30.01.2015 19x122 Bullying Comes to Blows!
30.01.2015 19x123 Dachshund Drama!; $5,000 Temper Tantrum?!
31.01.2015 19x124 Sober Living Assault?; Salon Burglary Blowout
31.01.2015 19x125 Knife to the Throat?!
03.02.2015 19x126 High on Drugs or Espresso Shots?!; Trust Fund Thievery?
03.02.2015 19x127 Drugs, Gambling and Sexual Harassment?
04.02.2015 19x128 Robbed by an Ex-Lover?; Day Laborer Shadiness?; Too Drunk to Remember!
04.02.2015 19x129 Punched Over a Parking Spot!; Relationship Hell!
05.02.2015 19x130 Face Scratcher/Elbow Basher!; Child Guardianship Bitterness?
05.02.2015 19x131 Harrowing Dog Chase Caught on Tape!; Rear-Ended Insurance Slam!
06.02.2015 19x132 Botched Eyelash Extensions?; Good Christian Deed Gone Wrong!
06.02.2015 19x133 Death Divides a Family; Odometer Scam?
07.02.2015 19x134 Children Witness Parents' Bloody Brawl!; Three's a Spring Break Crowd!
07.02.2015 19x135 Physical Abuse of the Handicapped?; Sick Puppy 101
10.02.2015 19x136 Revenge Couple; Aquarium Canopy 101
10.02.2015 19x137 Pit Bull Pinata?!; Mom Ruined My Credit!; Diamond Bracelet Breakdown!
11.02.2015 19x138 Teenager Fights Back!; 40-Year Friendship Fail
11.02.2015 19x139 Crying Over $1,000 of Spilt Milk!; Blue Book Gotcha!; 25th Wedding Anniversary Hack!
12.02.2015 19x140 Animal Cruelty or Nightmare Tenant?; Favors Forgotten
12.02.2015 19x141 Fatal Attraction Payout?; Pretty in Pit Bull Pink
13.02.2015 19x142 The Smoking Good Samaritan!; Hail Damage Fallout
13.02.2015 19x143 Horse Heartbreak; Entrepreneur or Sugar Daddy?
14.02.2015 19x144 Stealing from an Ailing Grandmother?; Cyclist Slam Shocker Caught on Tape!
14.02.2015 19x145 Poker Party Robbery?!; Rotten Roommate?
17.02.2015 19x146 Genius Jealousy Detective!
17.02.2015 19x147 Jealousy-Fueled Car Wash Vandalism!; Ex-Fiancee Gone Wild
18.02.2015 19x148 Shih Tzu Saved from Euthanization!; Stiff Back, Stiffed Doctor!
18.02.2015 19x149 Good Son or Greedy Son?; Uninsured U-Turn Upset!
19.02.2015 19x150 Oldest Scam on the Internet!; Pure-Bred Rottweiler Anguish!
19.02.2015 19x151 Dessert-in-a-Cup Hustle?; Major Dry Cleaner Snafu!
20.02.2015 19x152 Prison, Pride and Vulgar Texts!; 30-Year Friendship Busted
20.02.2015 19x153 Gay Stepfather's Inheritance; Salon Chair Slander!
21.02.2015 19x154 Felony Evasion Bailout!; Engagement Ring Payback
21.02.2015 19x155 Felony Theft Plea Deal; Engagement Ring of Deceit; With Friends Like These...
24.02.2015 19x156 Judge Judy Minnesota Beatdown!; Chest of Harassment; Restrain Me Not!
24.02.2015 19x157 House Guests Turned Nightmare Tenants!; Lame Excuse Gets Lamer
25.02.2015 19x158 Pomeranian Mauling!; Jack Russell Rivalry!
25.02.2015 19x159 Ladies' Kickball League Drama!; Squatters Judgment Day?
26.02.2015 19x160 Torn Between Two Fathers; Waste Not, Want Not!
26.02.2015 19x161 Mother Sues Son!; Classic Truck Arson Target?; Cavalier King Charles Eye Attack!
27.02.2015 19x162 The Brady Bunch Gone Bad; Divorcees' Tuition Fight; Felony Misdemeanor Bailout
03.03.2015 19x163 Message to the World!; Goats Scream Bloody Murder; A Family Affair
05.03.2015 19x164 Family Battle Over Father's Death
06.03.2015 19x165 Mom No More!; Tiny Recording Studio Burglary?
07.03.2015 19x166 Grandmother Custody Clean-Up!; Boat Thief Meets White-Out Fairy?
10.03.2015 19x167 Vasectomy Victim?; Sentimental Jewelry Heist?!
17.03.2015 19x168 DUI Police Scuffle!; Pit Bulls Attack Beagle!; Best Friend or Worst Thief?
28.03.2015 19x169 Horse Trade Gone Bad!; Car Dealer Gets Bad Hand?
21.04.2015 19x170 A Lesson in Lending; Head-Splitting Breakup!
22.04.2015 19x171 Drunk Sister Totals Car?; Pit Bull Picks Unfair Fight
23.04.2015 19x172 $10,000 Back Child Support Blues! Brick to the Head!
24.04.2015 19x173 Child Left in a Runaway Car?; Beer and Bones Over the Balcony!
24.04.2015 19x174 Yoga Promo Gone Bad!; Broken Tooth Tiff; Happy Dog Reunion!
25.04.2015 19x175 The Tattoo Artist's Apprentice!; Casanova Dodges Payback!
25.04.2015 19x176 When Ex-Girlfriends Fight!; Burning down the condo!
28.04.2015 19x177 Shocking Family Beatdown!; Life Insurance Loser?
28.04.2015 19x178 Phantom Boyfriend in Malaysia?; Car Fiasco!
29.04.2015 19x179 Teen Accused of Scamming the Sick!; Martial Arts Fight Fraud?
29.04.2015 19x180 The Engagement Ring Collector?; Hoarder or Heavy Drinker?
30.04.2015 19x181 Blood, Booze and Birthdays; Emergency Brake Bash!
30.04.2015 19x182 Dog Poisoning?!; Mom Not a Fan of My Wife!
01.05.2015 19x183 Truck Surrender?!; Bad Luck Police Bump!
01.05.2015 19x184 Home Invasion or Rent Evasion?
02.05.2015 19x185 Catfight Over a Jailbird!; Uber Boyfriend Dispute
02.05.2015 19x186 Boys on the Hood!; Childcare Miscalculation
05.05.2015 19x187 Hockey Violence Victim; Float My Houseboat!
05.05.2015 19x188 Obsessed Stalker?; Six-Car Sideswipe!
06.05.2015 19x189 Money for Nothing!; Mystery Shopper Injustice?; Payday Intercepted!
06.05.2015 19x190 Attitude Ingratitude!; Muslim Good Samaritan?
07.05.2015 19x191 Grieving Siblings Demand Justice!; Repossession Romance Fail
07.05.2015 19x192 Bash or Crash?
08.05.2015 19x193 Twin Girls Repoed Ride!; Mangled Motorcycle Mix-Up!; Ex-Fiancé Crash!
08.05.2015 19x194 Single Mom Married Boyfriend!; Cheating on Facebook?
09.05.2015 19x195 Ungrateful Aunt's Trailer Trash?; Lesbian Love Gone Wrong
09.05.2015 19x196 Beloved Car Trashed by Ex!; Tire Kicking or Car Whipping?
12.05.2015 19x197 Off-Road Collision!; Playing House No More!
12.05.2015 19x198 Drunk Driving Disaster!; Framed for Hit and Run?; The Movie Made Me Do It!
13.05.2015 19x199 Slumlord or Mooching Mama?; Good Riddance to Bad Memories Ya'll!
13.05.2015 19x200 Christian Mingling Scam?; Jewelry Heist?
14.05.2015 19x201 Breathalyzer Scam?; Car Keying Caught on Tape!
14.05.2015 19x202 Give Me Back My Daughter!; $100,000 Settlement Woes!
15.05.2015 19x203 Stalking and Destruction?; Baltimore Brother Drug Bust!
15.05.2015 19x204 Cyclist Slam Whodunit!; Deactivated Tundra Tirade
16.05.2015 19x205 Arrested for Stealing Your Own Van?!; Assault Joke?
16.05.2015 19x206 Fender Bender Con Artist?; Dueling Divorcee Hard Drives
19.05.2015 19x207 Scary Bolt-Cutter Harassment?!
19.05.2015 19x208 10,000 Reasons Not to Open a Restaurant; Rafting Trip Turned Drug Bust!
20.05.2015 19x209 Fight After Father's Death
20.05.2015 19x210 Lying to Police?; The Silent Killer!; Women, Weed and Weather!
21.05.2015 19x211 Friendship in Flames!; Relationship Money Drain
21.05.2015 19x212 Shelter from Slapping?; Hysterical Storage Mess!
22.05.2015 19x213 Abandoned or Beloved Property?; Title Thief
23.05.2015 19x214 Stalking Ex-Lover?; Car Meets Brick Wall!
28.05.2015 19x215 Assault Charge Bailout!; Take My Dog Off the Kill List!; Traveling Basketball
29.05.2015 19x216 Foster Parents' Dreams Bashed?!; Fight Night!
29.05.2015 19x217 Toddler Brunch Battle; Teenager Crash!
30.05.2015 19x218 Unbearable Living Conditions?!; Merging Motorist Mayhem!
03.06.2015 19x219 Breast Implant Payback!; Flooding with a Purpose?!
05.06.2015 19x220 Brothers' Eviction Blues; Landlord Harassment?
09.06.2015 19x221 Bosnia & Bedbugs?!; BMW Bang-Up!; Criminal Mischief Payback!
10.06.2015 19x222 Title Jumping Jam?!; Help Me Find My Children!; Drunk or Asleep During Crash?!
10.06.2015 19x223 Mother and Son No More; Unwed Parents' Knife Fight?; Jealous Rage Rock Throwing!
11.06.2015 19x224 Never Do Business With Family!; $100,000 Profit and a Paint Job
12.06.2015 19x225 Handyman on Holiday; Three's a Crowd!; You Got the Wrong Guy
13.06.2015 19x226 Break Dad's Rules? Lose Your Car!; Mercedes Swap Gone Bad!; Who Scammed Who?
13.06.2015 19x227 The Magic of Loans!; Boyfriend's Birthday Bounty; Roommate Car Keying?
17.06.2015 19x228 Battle Over the American Flag!; Stolen Vehicle for Sale?!
17.06.2015 19x229 Honeymoon That Never Happened!; Senior Sibling Stealing?!
19.06.2015 19x230 Fight Over Flooding!; Police Roommate Skirmish
20.06.2015 19x231 Child Support Roofing Ruckus!; Bad News Gym Partners
24.06.2015 19x232 Emergency Surgery Fallout; Cockroaches and Drug Trafficking?!
25.06.2015 19x233 Rescued Dog Kills Cat!; Grow Up and Pay Up!
26.06.2015 19x234 Salvaged Car; Failed Friendship!; Sister Drives Into Tree?
26.06.2015 19x235 Trouble Money!; Waterfront Property Nightmare; $5,000 Friend or Foe?
27.06.2015 19x236 Love Is Legally Blind!; Intervention or Bullying?
27.06.2015 19x237 Hoarding or Hating?; Eight Children Lockout!
30.06.2015 19x238 Teen's First Car Calamity!
02.07.2015 19x239 Coveted Corvette; Deer in the Headlights!
04.07.2015 19x240 Caregiver Catastrophe
11.07.2015 19x241 Almost Homeless; Fight Over a Lemon!; Animal House
01.09.2015 19x242 Party Pony Abuse?!; Twitter Friend Payback!
01.09.2015 19x243 Lockout Lowdown; Aunt vs. Niece vs. Meth Possession?!
02.09.2015 19x244 Postman vs. Large Dog!; World's Worst Boat Shoppers?
02.09.2015 19x245 Ex-Friend Without Benefits!; Loan Me, Loan Me Not!
03.09.2015 19x246 The Judge Judy Fence Talks; Screaming Ghost Skulls
03.09.2015 19x247 Drama Mama Standoff!; Give Back the Engagement Ring!
04.09.2015 19x248 Bloody Barnyard Massacre!
04.09.2015 19x249 Show Me the Property Damage!; Take Care of Me!
05.09.2015 19x250 Child Attacked by Dog; Marital Property Payback; Loan vs. Investment 101
05.09.2015 19x251 Vicious Dog or Super Scammer?; Prison Payback
08.09.2015 19x252 Cell Phone Wars!; Landlord Break-In?!
09.09.2015 19x253 The Never-Ending Car Story!; Botched Boxer Breeding
09.09.2015 19x254 Suicide Attempt Turned Neighborhood Feud!
10.09.2015 19x255 Thwarted Thief Pulls a Knife?!; Expecting Mom Expects Payback!
10.09.2015 19x256 Dog Park Attack!; Mercedes Misunderstanding
11.09.2015 19x257 Dog Run Over By Car!; Sister Swindled By Brother?
11.09.2015 19x258 Bogus Smog Check?!; Drunk Driving Finger Pointing!
12.09.2015 19x259 Live Free or Die!; Motorcycle Gift of Gratitude?!
12.09.2015 19x260 Gambling and Drug Trouble!; Landlord Lament!

season 20

Air date Episode Title
15.09.2015 20x01 Catfight at a Custody Exchange!
16.09.2015 20x02 Let Me See My Daughter
17.09.2015 20x03 Troubled Teens, Computer Fiends?; 40-Year Age Difference!
18.09.2015 20x04 VIP Limo Loopiness!; My Dog is a Mini Me!
19.09.2015 20x05 When You're Hot, You're Hot!; Hard Times Break-In
22.09.2015 20x06 Honey, I Shrunk Your Pants; Child Support Me Not
23.09.2015 20x07 Ex-Fiancee Fight!
24.09.2015 20x08 Harrowing Dog Attack Drama!; Jealous Rock-Throwing Rage!
25.09.2015 20x09 Rent Free for All; Location Scout Harassment?!
26.09.2015 20x10 Hotel Room Destruction!; Rent-A-Church
29.09.2015 20x11 Mocked After Being Attacked?!; Girlfriend Causes Heart Failure?!
30.09.2015 20x12 Judge Judy 101!; Lovers Too Soon?!
01.10.2015 20x13 $14,000 Out the Window?!; Show Me the Bail Money!
02.10.2015 20x14 Why Own a Pit Bull?; Mother's Day Car Bashing!
03.10.2015 20x15 Mormon Good Will Hunting; Family No More!
06.10.2015 20x16 Troubled Teens' Crash Pad!; Pit Bull Breakout!
07.10.2015 20x17 Ditched and Drunk?; Tax Woes Kill A Friendship!
08.10.2015 20x18 The Black Eye Whodunit?!
09.10.2015 20x19 Therapy Dog Defender!; Family Fraud?!; Believe It or Not?
10.10.2015 20x20 Dirty Hands Dilemma!; Stop Stabbing My Vicious Dog!
13.10.2015 20x21 Payback Break-In?!; Grandmother's Meddling!
14.10.2015 20x22 Dog Mauling Caught on Tape!; Cruising Online Crush!
15.10.2015 20x23 Casanova Stallion; Heated Horses on the Loose!
16.10.2015 20x24 Wedding Planner Nightmare!
17.10.2015 20x25 Hair Relaxing Fallout!; Bulldog Buddies No More!
20.10.2015 20x26 Suicide Shocker
21.10.2015 20x27 Liquor License Losers?
22.10.2015 20x28 Funeral, Fighting and Drug Abuse?!
23.10.2015 20x29 Two Tons of Yard Garbage?!; Scary Homeless Friends?
24.10.2015 20x30 Unsafe and Sorry Roommate?!; Angry Father of the Bride
27.10.2015 20x31 Exotic Chandelier Scam?; Criminal Car Sale?!
28.10.2015 20x32 Tortoise Resort Fail; Puppy Buyer Remorse
29.10.2015 20x33 Jealous Vigilante Justice?; Disabled Mom, Disobedient Daughter?
30.10.2015 20x34 Chased and Beaten by Neighbors?!
30.10.2015 20x35 Small Dog vs. Smaller Baby!
31.10.2015 20x36 Child Slams Into Car!; Truck Driving Mama's Boy?
31.10.2015 20x37 Mother-Daughter Custody Fight!; Sellout Crowd Scam?
03.11.2015 20x38 Nosy Neighbor Defames Pastor?!; Money Order Thief?!
03.11.2015 20x39 Drug Addict Beats Boyfriend?; Uninsured Menace!
04.11.2015 20x40 Troubled Teen, Fighting Fathers!
04.11.2015 20x41 Nice Guy or Nasty Drunk?!; Car Rental Racket!
05.11.2015 20x42 The Good Samaritan of Kitchens; Big Time Buyer's Remorse
05.11.2015 20x43 No Job...No Car!; Roommate Retaliation Party?
06.11.2015 20x44 Out of Control Pet!; Sideswiped in the Night
06.11.2015 20x45 Native American Reunion Fail!; Chihuahua Amputee
07.11.2015 20x46 Truth Has Its Day in Court!; Hijacked Rental Car, Stolen Cash?
07.11.2015 20x47 Lovers or Roommates?; Dangerous Biker Boy
10.11.2015 20x48 Sisters, Funerals and Guns!; Ex-Lovers Laptop Fight!
10.11.2015 20x49 Friends With Partial Benefits; Chill Dog Wreaks Havoc!
11.11.2015 20x50 1,000 Beer Bottles Clean-Up?!
11.11.2014 20x51 Extravagant Beach Wedding Fail!; Brother Sister Skirmish!
12.11.2014 20x52 Meth Mechanic Slander!; Safe Deer ... Injured Car!
12.11.2014 20x53 Wedding Planner Rip-Off?!; Fatal Dog Walk?!
13.11.2015 20x54 Online Scammer?!; Music Blaring Recklessness?!; Baby Daddy Drama!
13.11.2015 20x55 My Neighbor Tackled Me!; Spiteful Car Ownership!
14.11.2015 20x56 Don't Show Up Drunk!; Mutual Combat Cruise?!
14.11.2015 20x57 Vengeful Ninja Brick Thrower?!; Lies, Lawyers and Landlords
17.11.2015 20x58 Drugs, Arrests and Gas Poisoning?!
17.11.2015 20x59 Bat Girl Goes Bonkers?!; Separation and the Single Mother
18.11.2015 20x60 Horrifying Dog Death!; Bad Driver Caught on Tape!
18.11.2015 20x61 Don't Be a Bum Magnet!; When Doors Attack!
19.11.2015 20x62 Ex-Lover Caught Lying!; Get Out of Jail Rent Free!
19.11.2015 20x63 Front Porch From Hell!; Unfit for Each Other Roommates!
20.11.2015 20x64 Don't Pee and Post!; Peace, Love and the Broke-Down Bus!
20.11.2015 20x65 World's Worst Healthcare Aid?!; Hostile, Loud and Annoying?!
21.11.2015 20x66 The Tattle Tale and the Ex-Convict?!; Flooding and Fleeing!
21.11.2015 20x67 Say Yes to the Shoddy Dress?!; Consignment Nightmare!
24.11.2015 20x68 Luxury Car Lemon?!; Austin Freebie!; Grandma the Car Thief?!
24.11.2015 20x69 Fairytale Pit Bull Story!; 30-Year Friendship Fail!
25.11.2015 20x70 Truck Takes Out House!; Jealous Roommate Rage?!
25.11.2015 20x71 Pro Squatters vs. Slumlords?
26.11.2015 20x72 Horse Abuse?!; Terrier Mauled by a Bear?!
26.11.2015 20x73 The Case of the Stolen Bulldogs?
01.12.2015 20x74 10-Year-Old Car Thief!; Motorcycle Enthusiasts Clash!
02.12.2015 20x75 Muzzle Mishap Leads to Attack?!; Fixit Ticket Blues!
03.12.2015 20x76 Retaliation Fireworks?!; Transgender Ex-Convict Wardrobe Malfunction?!; Don't Start at the Beginning!
04.12.2015 20x77 Judge Judy Busts a Liar!; Horse Repo!
05.12.2015 20x78 Death Divides a Family!; Baby Daddy Drama
08.12.2015 20x79 Hong Kong Freak-out?!; Pit Bull Arm Chomp!
09.12.2015 20x80 Property Tax Rip-Off?; Pain Med Payback?!; Mother's Klepto Keeper?!
10.12.2015 20x81 10-Year-Old Skater Vandal?!; Judge Judy's Exclusive Pez Dispenser Story!
11.12.2015 20x82 When Bed Bugs Bite!; Dying Son, Deadbeat Dad?
12.12.2015 20x83 Drinks, Baseball and a Bailout!; Sibling Squatter?
15.12.2015 20x84 Pregnant Cow Cover-Up?!; The Disappearing Tax Refund!
16.12.2015 20x85 God Weighs In on Truck Dispute?!; Ex-Lovers Leftovers; BBQ Balancing Act!
17.12.2015 20x86 Teen Vandalizes Grandma's Car?!; Father Son Drug Drama!
18.12.2015 20x87 Tree Root Ruckus!; Too Drunk to Remember?!
19.12.2015 20x88 Fight at the Dealership!; WW2 Guns, Ex-Wives and a Chop Saw!
05.01.2016 20x89 Best Man Limo Disaster!; Black Lab Leftovers
06.01.2016 20x90 Headlock Truck Fight!; Drive-Through of Shame!
07.01.2016 20x91 Little Dog vs. Little Brat?!; DJ Disappearing Act!
08.01.2016 20x92 Collision Caught on Tape!; Show Car Craziness!
09.01.2016 20x93 Child Abusing Animals?!; Family Fiasco!
12.01.2016 20x94 Females, Filth and Liquor?!; Trucker's Sin of Omission!
13.01.2016 20x95 Fight of the Goonies' Fanatics; Teen Flies off the Handle!
14.01.2016 20x96 Restraining Order Scam?; Cologne Loan or Theft?!; Teenage Attention Span Fail!
15.01.2016 20x97 Siberian Husky Custody Fight!; Jail Time Payback!
16.01.2016 20x98 Mama Drama!; Ex-Lover Left in the Dust?!
19.01.2016 20x99 Deadbeat Gambling Baby Daddy?!; Detained by Immigration
20.01.2016 20x100 Faulty Fiance?!; Lovers' Playpen Party Pooper!
21.01.2016 20x101 Truck Deal Backfire!; Party Disaster or Cover-Up?
22.01.2016 20x102 Handyman Squatter?; Hazardous Waste of Space?
23.01.2016 20x103 A History of Violence?; Bad Check Bailout!
26.01.2016 20x104 Home Sale Swindle; Stolen Camera Unpaid Rent
27.01.2016 20x105 Homeless Squatter on the Hot Seat?!; Runaway Cow Collision!
28.01.2016 20x106 Sugar in the Gas Tank Payback?!; Hit and Run!
29.01.2016 20x107 Newlywed Rings Ripped Off?!; Fire Rescue Heroics?
30.01.2016 20x108 Exposed Gun Goof!; Secret Love Affair Exposed!
02.02.2016 20x109 Roaches, Maggots and Clutter?!; Teenage Car Slam!
03.02.2016 20x110 Birthday Boy's Bottom Bitten!; Van Love Gone Wrong
04.02.2016 20x111 Creepy Gardening
05.02.2016 20x112 Pepper Spray, the Police and Road Rage?!
05.02.2016 20x113 Dramatic Pit Bull Beatdown!; The Rat Trap?
06.02.2016 20x114 Pepper Spray, the Police and Road Rage?!
06.02.2016 20x115 Don't Call the Cops! Sad Sister Story
09.02.2016 20x116 Crazed Road Rage Incident; Misplaced Grief?
09.02.2016 20x117 Busted for Pull-Ups?!; Moral Judgment From a Thief?!
10.02.2016 20x118 Pit Bull Attacks Man's Face!; Trespassing Landlord?
10.02.2016 20x119 Toxic Negligence?!; Stake Out Neighbor!
11.02.2016 20x120 Broken Neck DUI!; Communal Craziness?
11.02.2016 20x121 Did the Drug Addict Do It?!; Love or Obsession?
12.02.2016 20x122 Pregnant Mom Photo Bust!; With Friends Like This ...
12.02.2016 20x123 Ex-Lover to the Rescue!; Homeless Daughter
13.02.2016 20x124 Family Drama Fallout!; Taxi Company Start-Up Mom
13.02.2016 20x125 EBay Transmission Fail?; Fashion Road Trip!; Football Meets Windshield!
16.02.2016 20x126 Shot in the Knee!; Save My Business!
16.02.2016 20x127 Father and Son Squatters?; Parking Violation Shakedown?!
17.02.2016 20x128 The Pit Bull and the Burglar!; Chicken Massacre!
17.02.2016 20x129 Ex-Girlfriend vs. the Truck!; Nightmare Tenant?
18.02.2016 20x130 Repossessed or Stolen?; Wedding Date Disaster!
18.02.2016 20x131 Mean Girl Ninjas?!; My Co-Worker Is a Slob
19.02.2016 20x132 Bowling Alley Boutique Bust!; Housekeeping Bandit?!; Great Oak Bites the Dust
19.02.2016 20x133 The Judge Talks Roofing!
20.02.2016 20x134 Evidence Showdown!; Independence Day Attack!
20.02.2016 20x135 Texas Hot Eviction!; Teen Robbed by Mother?!
23.02.2016 20x136 Narcotics, Divorce and Debt!; Break a Leg!
23.02.2016 20x137 Booty Call or Dognap Call?
24.02.2016 20x138 A Dog, a Snake, a Fish and My Son!; Counterfeit Designer Watch!
24.02.2016 20x139 Pilfered Belongings?; Baby Daddy Drama!; Raging Party, Missing Laptop!
25.02.2016 20x140 Miniature Dachshund Mayhem!; Madman Money?!
25.02.2016 20x141 Floating Wedding Gift!; Illegal Lock Out!
26.02.2016 20x142 False Arrest by Angry Neighbor!; Shih Tzu Hostage Crisis!
26.02.2016 20x143 Crazy Crash Caught on Tape!; Drunk Video Confession?!; Boy Band Payback
27.02.2016 20x144 Flirting Turned Fighting!; Child Support & the 65-Inch TV
27.02.2016 20x145 Father of Ten Thinks It's Funny!; Pool Hall Bash!; Bail Out While Pregnant?!
01.03.2016 20x146 Shocking Teen Assault Video!
01.03.2016 20x147 Kung Fu Kickin' Landlord?!
02.03.2016 20x148 Sleep Number Mattress Thief?!; Caregiver Rip-Off?!; Dueling Couples!
02.03.2016 20x149 Gotcha Video!; Factory Worker Steals Judge's Heart!; The Last Straw!
03.03.2016 20x150 Man Bites Dog!; Drunken Leg Drop!; 18 Cop Calls in a Month?!
03.03.2016 20x151 Car Fight!; Child Support Goes to College!; Dangerous Pumpkin Prank!
05.03.2016 20x152 Stepsister Nightmare!; $50,000 Custody Battle!
08.03.2016 20x153 Hoarders Stand-Off?!; Waterworld Debacle!
12.03.2016 20x154 Mini-Farm Move Out!; Don't Be Dependent on a Man!
12.03.2016 20x155 Prison Minister Fights for Sick Mother!; Fast Girls, Late Rent?
17.03.2016 20x156 Hair Salon Freeloader?!
02.04.2016 20x157 Wild About Minnesota Hockey!
05.04.2016 20x158 Dreadlocks Discrimination?!
08.04.2016 20x159 Shock Collar Ambush?!
12.04.2016 20x160 Teenage Loan Sharks?!; Subletters From Hell!
15.04.2016 20x161 Pregnant Dog Bashing?!; Monte Carlo Hijinks
16.04.2016 20x162 Mutual Combat Chaos!; The Mailbox Made Me Do It!
29.04.2016 20x163 Family Emergency Upset!; Cancer or No Cancer? Prison Visit Crash!
29.04.2016 20x164 Judge Judy Calls a Bluff!; Mercedes in the Middle
30.04.2016 20x165 Pedestrian Teen Hit by Truck!; College Payback Gone Wrong!
30.04.2016 20x166 Adult Assaults Disrespectful Tweener?!
03.05.2016 20x167 The Truck that Got Away! Convicted Felon Takes on Lawyer!
03.05.2016 20x168 Single Woman Snafu!; My Sister the Moocher?
04.05.2016 20x169 Children Fight Deceased Father's Soulmate!; Email Scam and Slander?
04.05.2016 20x170 Let's Do the Bad Math!; Contractor Scam?!
05.05.2016 20x171 Parents Want Their Child Arrested?
05.05.2016 20x172 Property Dump and Dash!; Good Deed Gone Wrong!
06.05.2016 20x173 Artwork vs. the Car Wash!
06.05.2016 20x174 Puppy Choking on Chicken Bone Drama?!
07.05.2016 20x175 Car Dumped on Ex-Wife!; Judge Judy Calling!
07.05.2016 20x176 Father Shields Negligent Teenager?!; Shouting Out Not Allowed!
10.05.2016 20x177 Witnesses on the Judge's Watch List!; Disastrous Crash into House!
10.05.2016 20x178 Break-up Fit of Rage?!; No Backsies!
11.05.2016 20x179 Tinsel Town Abandonment?!; Courtroom Kickout!
11.05.2016 20x180 Another Reason Not to Live Together!; Birthday Punch to the Face?!
12.05.2016 20x181 Breaking Down Barriers!; Get A Job!
12.05.2016 20x182 Dirty Drug Test Bail Out!; Teen TV Custody
13.05.2016 20x183 $2,000 for Lifelike Baby?!; Unwed Parents Payback!
13.05.2016 20x184 Escape With the Children?!; Jail Time Between Best Friends
14.05.2016 20x185 Dog Park Playdate Gone Wrong!; No Pity for Playing House!
14.05.2016 20x186 Addiction, Conviction ... Recovery?
17.05.2016 20x187 Bailiff Caught in the Middle!; Boyfriend Beatdown?!
17.05.2016 20x188 You're Not the Victim Here!; Random Drug Test Crash?!
18.05.2016 20x189 Blame It On Your Bro!; Bulldog vs. Little Girl!
18.05.2016 20x190 Mean Girl Cat Fight?!; Scorned Renter Takes Revenge?
19.05.2016 20x191 Friendly Neighborhood Road Rage!; Deceased Mom, Deadbeat Dad?
19.05.2016 20x192 Parent of the Year in the Hot Seat!; Runaway Pit Bull Puppy!
20.05.2016 20x193 Uber Affair?!; Wedding Vows and Alcohol!
20.05.2016 20x194 Fishing Frenzy!; Family Reunion Food Fail?!
21.05.2016 20x195 Semi-Automatic Street Fight?!
21.05.2016 20x196 Annulled and Angry!; Marijuana Insult?
24.05.2016 20x197 In and Out of Jail!; Rescued Mastiff Mischief
24.05.2016 20x198 Babysitting Scam?!; Father and Son Drama
25.05.2016 20x199 Pregnancy Complications?; 12-Year-Old Shih Tzu Scare!
25.05.2016 20x200 T-Boned at a Stoplight!; Restrain Me No More!
26.05.2016 20x201 Seizures, Shopping and Smashing!; Jilted Jail Bride
26.05.2016 20x202 Confidential Prison Marriage?!; Online Dating Bust!
27.05.2016 20x203 Bike Buyer's Remorse!; Cash Cow House?
28.05.2016 20x204 Baseball Bat Rage!; Suspicious Sublease?; President Obama Dancing?!
31.05.2016 20x205 Grandmother Glam Shots Scam?!
09.06.2016 20x206 Disappearing Dog?; Divorce Drama!; Motorcycle Money Man!
10.06.2016 20x207 Bait Shop Sign Slam!; Flirting and House Painting?; Pills, Horses and Gambling?!
14.06.2016 20x208 Rapper Repair?; Begging for Money?!
18.06.2016 20x209 Flooding Video Controversy!
23.06.2016 20x210 Cat Wars!
25.06.2016 20x211 Dice-Throwing Disaster?!; Burning Down the Trailer!
28.06.2016 20x212 Husky Custody Battle!; Phone Stomping and Face Punching?!
29.06.2016 20x213 My Child Is a Nightmare ... ; DUI Feud!
30.06.2016 20x214 Moldy Daycare?!; How to Live to Be 100!
01.07.2016 20x215 Borrowed and Crashed?!; Senior Stairway Fail!
02.07.2016 20x216 Elder Abuse?!
02.07.2016 20x217 Same Sex Wedding Woes!; Hit-and-Run Detective!
05.07.2016 20x218 Twice Divorced to the Same Man?!; Roommates No More!
05.07.2016 20x219 Social Insecurity?!; Parked Car Hit and Run!
07.07.2016 20x220 Outrageous Business Practices; Chickens Rule the Roost!
08.07.2016 20x221 Cruising Boyfriend!; Robbed While Serving Time?!; No Title, No Car!
09.07.2016 20x222 Brother vs. Sister!; A House Divided!
09.07.2016 20x223 The Pregnant Chihuahua Did It!; Deceased Parents, Feuding Children!
13.07.2016 20x224 Case of the Missing Angel Statue!; Storage Battles!; Jealousy-Fueled Breakup?!
14.07.2016 20x225 Crystal Meth and Disability?!; Deceased Dad's Trailer Drama
15.07.2016 20x226 Trucking Company Chaos!; Stolen Boat Rip-Off?!
16.07.2016 20x227 Construction Lockout!
28.07.2016 20x228 Antique Car Destroyed?!; Roommate or Thief?!
16.08.2016 20x229 Daters or Debtors?!; Slashed Tires & Jealousy?!
18.08.2016 20x230 Rescue Chihuahua Chase?!; Roommate Misfits!
19.08.2016 20x231 Bonfire Blowout?!; Move-Out Money
20.08.2016 20x232 Pitiful Porch?; Workman's Comp Chaos!; Shady Car Deal?!
23.08.2016 20x233 Sick Child Fundraising Frenzy?
23.08.2016 20x234 Shady Make-Up Artist?; Heroin and Alcohol Abuse?
24.08.2016 20x235 Security Deposit Snafu!; Drunk Driving Excuses
24.08.2016 20x236 Tangled Love Triangle?; Unwed Parents vs. Bedbugs
25.08.2016 20x237 Car Deal Doubt; Illegal Jeep Repo?
25.08.2016 20x238 My Brother Did It!; Suits, Safety and Flipping Cars!
26.08.2016 20x239 Landlord Lease Breakers?!; Drinking and Car Totaling?!
26.08.2016 20x240 French Bulldog Breeding Battle!; DUI Meets the Company Credit Card!
27.08.2016 20x241 Third Roommate Roulette!; Auction Angst
27.08.2016 20x242 Don't Keep on Truckin'!; Consignment Chaos
30.08.2016 20x243 Sexy Pics of an Ex?!; False Arrest and Compromising Photos?
30.08.2016 20x244 Vegas Birthday Fail!; Puppy Takes a Bad Fall!; Rookie Driver Mistake!
31.08.2016 20x245 Drinking Buddy Trouble; Antique Hide and Seek?
31.08.2016 20x246 Seizure Shakedown!; Valentine's Day Forgiveness?!
01.09.2016 20x247 Mixed-Up Priorities!; Single Moms Split!
01.09.2016 20x248 American Bully Puppies for Sale!; Postdated Check Hell!
02.09.2016 20x249 Barbershop Brawl!; Mom Owes Me!
02.09.2016 20x250 Grandparents' Rights Now!; The Dating List
03.09.2016 20x251 Buy High, Sell Low?!; Stolen and Stripped?!
03.09.2016 20x252 Italian Mastiff Mating Mess!; Family Friendly Drinking!
07.09.2016 20x253 Test Drive Mishap!; Tail Light Takes the Heat!
07.09.2016 20x254 Gardener Attacked by Tree Owner?!
08.09.2016 20x255 Diamond Disaster!; BMW vs. Ford Focus?!
08.09.2016 20x256 Woman Shot by BB Gun!; Coonhound Chaos!
09.09.2016 20x257 Home Improvement Thief?!; Ill-Fated Roommates
09.09.2016 20x258 Move Back in With Mom?!; Unwed Parents and the Stolen Guitar?
10.09.2016 20x259 Bloody Break-In?; Don't Block My Number!
10.09.2016 20x260 Teen Basketball Player vs. Tough Coach!

season 21

Air date Episode Title
13.09.2016 21x01 Death Threat and Racial Profiling?!; Check Bouncy House?
13.09.2016 21x02 You Sound Like a Fool!; Gambling Getaway Gone Wrong!
14.09.2016 21x03 The Fixer!; Motorcycle Regrets
14.09.2016 21x04 Dangerous Drinking!
15.09.2016 21x05 Bad Babysitter Barter; Matching Tattoo Fail!
15.09.2016 21x06 Be Afraid ... or Not!; DWI Disability Fail
16.09.2016 21x07 Baby Daddy Bye Bye!; Haircutting Double-Talk?
16.09.2016 21x08 21st Birthday Party Down the Toilet!; Volvo Custody Fight
17.09.2016 21x09 Eye Witness Wow!; Pack Your Bags ... Guilt Trip!
17.09.2016 21x10 Car in Captivity; Speed Eviction?!
20.09.2016 21x11 World's Greatest Landlord?!; Online Attorney Fraud?!
20.09.2016 21x12 Double Baby Daddy Drama!; Go Bang Your Heads Against a Wall!
21.09.2016 21x13 The Ever-Changing Dog-Attack Story; Fumigation Fence War!
21.09.2016 21x14 Rottweiler Puppy Fail; Pro-Bono Publicist Scam?!
22.09.2016 21x15 Icy Road Spin Scare!; Dune Buggy Bamboozle
22.09.2016 21x16 Parking Insanity Caught on Tape!; Single Mom Mess
23.09.2016 21x17 Rage Against the Door!; Convicted Felon Wants Guns Back
23.09.2016 21x18 Disorderly Cousin Conduct?!; Show Me the Proof!
24.09.2016 21x19 Cyclist in the Ped Crossing Smash!; Neighbor From Hell?!
24.09.2016 21x20 Mechanic Crosses a Line?!; Unbelievable Car Deal!
27.09.2016 21x21 Assault of the Landlord?!; Pedestrian Slam in a Parking Lot!
28.09.2016 21x22 Co-Parenting BBQ Snafu!; Prized Tennis Shoes Feud!
29.09.2016 21x23 Friendly Loan or Cry for Help?; White Noise Leads to Homelessness?!
30.09.2016 21x24 Father Scams Inmate?!; Brother's Gift Backfires?!
01.10.2016 21x25 Teen Lies to Police!; Rodent Disposal Fee Fight!
04.10.2016 21x26 Stealing From the Disabled?!; Stalking and Harassment?!
05.10.2016 21x27 Ex-Wife Gets the Pit Bull?; Mercedes Custody Battle
06.10.2016 21x28 Pot-Bellied Pig Bite!; Two Bedrooms Too Small!
07.10.2016 21x29 Arkansas Handyman Hustle?!; Mobile Homelessness?
08.10.2016 21x30 Knife Fight Threat!; Meter Fraud?!
11.10.2016 21x31 Retirement Payday Fail!; Teen Drives Into Wall!
12.10.2016 21x32 Nervy Squatter Lawsuit?!; Well-Behaved Courtroom Dog
13.10.2016 21x33 Thanksgiving Day Breakdown!; Sun Roof Strife!
14.10.2016 21x34 Tree Huggers vs. Tree Choppers; Mistaken Trailer Identity?!
15.10.2016 21x35 Wedding Carriage Ride Failure?!; Terrible Landlord or Miserable Tenant?!
18.10.2016 21x36 Charity Golf Drama!; Who Let the Cat Out?
19.10.2016 21x37 Teen's Savings Stolen by Mom?!; Double Surgery Beatdown!
20.10.2016 21x38 Pool Man in Hot Water?!; Upside Down Truck Deal?!
21.10.2016 21x39 The Picasso of Upholstery; Blue Book, Shmoo Book!
22.10.2016 21x40 Illegal Entry and Photo Shoot?!; Malamute Mayhem!
25.10.2016 21x41 Exotic Fish Payback!; Skateboarder Tragedy!
26.10.2016 21x42 Young Girls Salon Fail!; 2x4 Vandalism Victim?
27.10.2016 21x43 Crock of Baloney!; Pit Bull Chomps Chihuahua!
27.10.2016 21x44 Hothead Road Rage?!; Joy Ride or Hell Ride?
28.10.2016 21x45 Squatter Denial?; Good Samaritan Bitten in the Face!
28.10.2016 21x46 Boxing Coach Space Invader?!
29.10.2016 21x47 Single Mom Settlement; Dog Bite, Huge Settlement
29.10.2016 21x48 Teen Road Trip Lie!; Botched Bodywork?!
01.11.2016 21x49 Jealous Baby Mama Cat Fight!; Free Wheeling and Dealing!
01.11.2016 21x50 Road Rage? Never Get Out of Your Car!; Impounded Car Custody Scramble!
02.11.2016 21x51 God's Gift to Women on the Hot Seat!
02.11.2016 21x52 Lesbian Mud Slinging!; Deceased Dad's Equipment Recovery
03.11.2016 21x53 Pomeranians and the Police!; Underage Drinking and Online Bullying?!
03.11.2016 21x54 Revealing 911 Call!; Trust Your Instincts!
04.11.2016 21x55 A Roommate's Violent Eviction?!; Out of Work, Pregnant and Swindled?!
04.11.2016 21x56 Ex Brothers-in-Law Repo Feud!; $20,000 Child Support Payback!
05.11.2016 21x57 Teen Corrupted by Drug Offers?!; Odometer Scam?
05.11.2016 21x58 Bride Bursting at the Seams?!; Uber Driver Collides With Teen Driver?!
08.11.2016 21x59 Squatter Extortionist?!; Entrepreneur on the Hot Seat!
08.11.2016 21x60 Warning: Adorable Puppy in Court!
09.11.2016 21x61 Winning Lottery Ticket Thief?!; Read What You Sign!
09.11.2016 21x62 This Is Not Show and Tell!; Smoked Out!
10.11.2016 21x63 Bring Back My Child!
10.11.2016 21x64 Mom the Mechanic?!; Dog Etiquette 101
11.11.2016 21x65 Handyman Shows Off Gunshot Wounds?
11.11.2016 21x66 Repoed for a Crazy Amount!; Dog Grooming Business Fail
12.11.2016 21x67 Jealousy Turns to Violence?!
12.11.2016 21x68 Elder Abuse Arrest?!; Deceased Husband ... and Boyfriend?!
15.11.2016 21x69 Bad Attitude Ex-Boyfriend?!
15.11.2016 21x70 Teen Child Support Woes!; Baby Car Seat Slip-Up!
16.11.2016 21x71 Innocent Onlooker Steps Up!; Officer Byrd Nudged by a 13-Year-Old!
16.11.2016 21x72 Hostile Work Environment?; Trampoline Park Accident!
17.11.2016 21x73 Jealousy-Fueled Vandalism?!; Fire Pit Craziness?! Bitten Buyer?!
17.11.2016 21x74 Most Wanted Shoplifter?!; The Reluctant Landlord?
18.11.2016 21x75 Faulty Family Business?!
18.11.2016 21x76 Horse Tragedy in Unsafe Stables?!; Barter Fail!
19.11.2016 21x77 Parents on the Run From Each Other!?
19.11.2016 21x78 Felon Gets Hustled?!; Intoxicated Roommate Woes?!
22.11.2016 21x79 Lame Horse Trespassing?!; I'm Tired of Paying for Weed!
22.11.2016 21x80 Engagement Ring Confusion!; Too Much Money Too Soon?!; Drunk Cyclist?
23.11.2016 21x81 New Boat Owner Fail!; Sister Fighting DUI
23.11.2016 21x82 Malicious Call to Child Protective Services?!; Horrible Tenant?!; Intersection Collision!
24.11.2016 21x83 When Inebriated Lovers Fight!; Bad Grandmother?!
24.11.2016 21x84 Four-Dog Pile-Up!; Spray Gun Mist Mess!
29.11.2016 21x85 $100,000 Dog Attack Nightmare!
30.11.2016 21x86 Debutante Dud?!; Cars Held Hostage?!
01.12.2016 21x87 Sick Boxer Puppy Scam?!; Baby Caught in the Middle!
02.12.2016 21x88 Arrest Him for Fraud?!; Pay Me Back Auntie!
03.12.2016 21x89 I Love You, But I Don't Owe You!; 33-Year-Old RV Bust!
06.12.2016 21x90 Uber Accident Victim?!; Divorce Debit Drama!; Bongs and Pipes ...Oh My!
08.12.2016 21x91 Social Security Fraud?!; Ex-Lovers Break It Down!
09.12.2016 21x92 German Shepherd Breeding Fail?!; It's Mostly Nonsense!
10.12.2016 21x93 When Ex-Mother-in-Laws Attack!; Love Triangle Disaster!; Metal Pipe Slam?!
29.12.2016 21x94 Doggie Daycare Disaster!; Mouth of Pain!
03.01.2017 21x95 Divorced and Angry!
04.01.2017 21x96 Dad Left in the Dark?!; Victim Compensation Funeral?
05.01.2017 21x97 Renter Hell!
06.01.2017 21x98 Don't Fence Me In!; Sister, I Don't Believe You!; Mess or No Mess?!
07.01.2017 21x99 Hair Salon Rip-Off!; Cousins Go Dutch on Rent?; Friends' Fallout!
10.01.2017 21x100 The Danger of Dog Parks!; Study Abroad Misfire; Friends Don't Let Friends Borrow Money
11.01.2017 21x101 Time Share Fiasco!; Bad Luck Car Sale
12.01.2017 21x102 Savage Dog Attack!; Medical Treatment Disaster
13.01.2017 21x103 Immigrant Battle!; I Smell Pot!
14.01.2017 21x104 Where's the Ring?!; The Case of the Missing Car; Totaled Friendship!
17.01.2017 21x105 Limo Driver Thief?; $50,000 Truck Custody Battle; Burn Baby Burn!
18.01.2017 21x106 $100 Basketball Bet Turns Violent!; Quick! I Need a PIzza Oven!
19.01.2017 21x107 Zip Line Rip-Off?!; Teen Purchase Pickle!
20.01.2017 21x108 Judge Judy's Message to Congress!; Homeless or Helpless?!
21.01.2017 21x109 Trust the Judge: Get a Lawyer!; Pigs Don't Live in Houses!
24.01.2017 21x110 Slander and Cheating?; The Vanishing Tax Refund
25.01.2017 21x111 Charity Singer Gets Shafted?!; Handyman Drama
26.01.2017 21x112 Sick Cat Travel Alert!; 96-Year-Old Wants What She Wants!
27.01.2017 21x113 Inside Job?!; Senior Skip Day!
28.01.2017 21x114 Quinceanera Party Fail?!; Rabbit Hutch Crunch!
31.01.2017 21x115 Man Enraged by Police Arrest?!; The Biting Black Cat!
01.02.2017 21x116 Bitter Custody Battle; Mechanic Mayhem
02.02.2017 21x117 How Do You Support Yourself?!; Don't Cross the Yellow Line!
03.02.2017 21x118 Bloody Assault at the Comedy Show!; Wedding Chapel Catastrophe!
03.02.2017 21x119 Ex-Girlfriend Escape Caught on Tape!; Show Me the Money Trail!
04.02.2017 21x120 Unbelievable Lawsuit!; Cheating, Guns and a Stolen Laptop?!
04.02.2017 21x121 Shhh ... Don't Tell My Husband!; Cash up Front, Friend!
07.02.2017 21x122 Boiling Water Poured on High Roommate?!; Tell the Truth!
07.02.2017 21x123 Pregnancy False Alarm Vandal?!; Mustang Mishap
08.02.2017 21x124 Repo Man Chased Down!; What's a Pyredoodle Puppy?!
08.02.2017 21x125 Wild Pigs That Bite?!; Sinking Boat
09.02.2017 21x126 A Mother's Revenge on Her Son's Ex?!; Homeless and Looking for Payback?!
09.02.2017 21x127 Childcare Center Revenge?!; Man's Mani/Pedi Fail
10.02.2017 21x128 Abuse of the Justice System?; You Should Know Better by Now!
10.02.2017 21x129 Child Hit by Car!
11.02.2017 21x130 Basketball, Lies and the Police!; Wedding Kiss and Make-Up?
11.02.2017 21x131 Angry Brother Vandal?!; Don't Give Away My Cat!
14.02.2017 21x132 Daughter Steals $10K From Mother?!; Hawaiian Cash Flow Fail!
14.02.2017 21x133 Heartbreaking Mother/Daughter Identity Theft; Deer Takes Another Car Down!
15.02.2017 21x134 Child Support Feud!; Don't Prey On My Daughter!
15.02.2017 21x135 Exotic Fish Mass Funeral!; That's No Excuse for Driving Drunk!
16.02.2017 21x136 Playing House With a Baby!; Bad Tempered Landlord?
16.02.2017 21x137 Muzzle Your Pit Bull!; Rebellious Grandson Rent Control?!; I Should Have Let My Wife Speak!
17.02.2017 21x138 Bookkeeper Caught Stealing!; Friend Bailout Bummer!
17.02.2017 21x139 Good Samaritan or Stalking Friend?; Blindside Collision?
18.02.2017 21x140 Off-Road Vehicle Swindle?!; Uninsured and Driving Drunk?!; Wipe That Smile Off Your Face!
18.02.2017 21x141 Botched Wig Order?!; Casual Gambler Demands Payback!
21.02.2017 21x142 If You Love Your Child ... Don't Do This!
21.02.2017 21x143 Gun Play and a Knife Fight?!; Most Respectful Bad Driver Award!
22.02.2017 21x144 BB Gun Playdate With Dad Gone Wrong!; Bullets and Boyfriends!
22.02.2017 21x145 Stuck With the Bill Behind Bars?; Lyrical Lips Singer Scam?!
23.02.2017 21x146 Voter Fraud and Rabbits?!; Judge Reveals Secret to Living Longer!
23.02.2017 21x147 Stealing Power!; Rats in the House!
24.02.2017 21x148 Professional Driver Crash!; The Ultimate Sister Betrayal!
24.02.2017 21x149 High at Work? You're Fired!; I'm Just Trying to Get Home!; Raise Your Hand if You Were Sober!
25.02.2017 21x150 Ex-Lover's Expensive Mistake!; Shoot My Dogs if You See Them!
25.02.2017 21x151 Sick and Kicked Out?!; Child Attacked by Out of Control Dog?!; Friends Don't Loan to Friends!
28.02.2017 21x152 Infant Breaks Leg in Daycare?!; Hair Straightening Trauma
28.02.2017 21x153 Auto Accident with a Twist!; Mother Son Drama!
01.03.2017 21x154 Creative Estate Planning Bust!; Watch Out for the Deer!
01.03.2017 21x155 Fear in a Cramped Rental!; Clueless Landlord?!; Security Deposit Abuse?!
02.03.2017 21x156 Foster Care Horror Story?!; Lose the Ring if You Don't Like Him!
02.03.2017 21x157 Online Dating Fail!; Who's Telling the Truth?!; Restraining Order Roommates?!
05.04.2017 21x158 Give Me My Prize Money!; Lesbian Marriage Fail
07.04.2017 21x159 Internet Romeo Smackdown?!; Sweet 16 Party Upset!
08.04.2017 21x160 Defective Pug Puppy?!; Salvaged Car Fraud?!
11.04.2017 21x161 I Only Fear God and Judge Judy!; Fake Dreadlocks Disaster?!
14.04.2017 21x162 Sister Brother Breakdown!; Neighborhood Hit and Run!
15.04.2017 21x163 Eyelash and Tanning Business Bust?!; Surprise Evidence!
28.04.2017 21x164 Mother Leaves Toddler in Car
28.04.2017 21x165 Family Movers and the Police Chase!
29.04.2017 21x166 Fraud and Forgery?!; Contractor Conman?
29.04.2017 21x167 Dysfunctional Household?!; My Tenant, the Vandal?!
02.05.2017 21x168 Man Suspects He's a Father!; Dog Custody Battle!
02.05.2017 21x169 Lying Teen's False Imprisonment?!; Don't Be Late for Court!
03.05.2017 21x170 Outrageous Mother on a Rampage?!; Child Support Nightmare
03.05.2017 21x171 Father and Son Jail Time?!; Car Lot Bug!
04.05.2017 21x172 Teen Fighting, Lying and Pregnancy?!; Alabama Landlord Shakedown
04.05.2017 21x173 Trip to Italy Fail!; Super Bowl Overtime Controversy!
05.05.2017 21x174 The Great Slot Machine Heist?!
05.05.2017 21x175 Don't Be a Selfish Parent!; Paint Job or Scam Job?
06.05.2017 21x176 Anger Mismanagement; Ex-Con Hook-Up Hijinx?!
06.05.2017 21x177 Vacation Disaster!; New Franchise Owner Upset
09.05.2017 21x178 Puppy Mill Advocacy Gone Wrong; Say No to the Dress... and the Married Man!
09.05.2017 21x179 Mean Girls Stage an Intervention?!; TV Takes the Fall!
10.05.2017 21x180 Ex-Boyfriend's Attack Caught on Video?!; Don't Act Like a Baby!; Failed Engagement Fallout
10.05.2017 21x181 Beer Pong Gone Wrong?!; Woman Attacked During Beauty Treatment?!
11.05.2017 21x182 Spaniel Mixed Blessings; Choking Scare at Day Care?!
11.05.2017 21x183 Family Living in Car Seeks Driveway Rental?!
12.05.2017 21x184 Stay Out of Big Limos, Lady!
12.05.2017 21x185 Yorkie Struck and Killed!; Playing House Nightmare!
13.05.2017 21x186 Vandalized Office, Mudslinging Business Partner?!; Don't Believe Everything You Read Online!
13.05.2017 21x187 Harley Handshake Deal?!; Rottweiler Puppy Death Drama
16.05.2017 21x188 Cousin Helping Cousin Catastrophe!; Don't Run Away if You Did Nothing Wrong!
16.05.2017 21x189 Neighbor Nastiness Caught on Video!
17.05.2017 21x190 Defibrillator Pawn Shop Shocker!; Mercedes-Benz Deal of the Century?!
17.05.2017 21x191 Frantic 911 Call or Frenzied Fight?; Debt Payoff for Dud Car?!
18.05.2017 21x192 Child Deprived of Food on Dad Day?!
18.05.2017 21x193 What's a Broken Finger Between Brothers?; Car Theft or Goodwill Donation?; Skateboarder Lucky to Be Alive!
19.05.2017 21x194 The Joy of Music... Murdered?!; It Was Not an Engagement Ring!
19.05.2017 21x195 I Don't Have Rent... Take My Car!; Who Stalked Who?!
20.05.2017 21x196 Landlord Lock Out?!; Wronged Man Returns for Justice?!
20.05.2017 21x197 Damages From Police Invasion?!; Teens' Camaro Clash!
23.05.2017 21x198 Couch-Surfing Son Sued by Mother?!; Retaliatory Freeway Brake Tapping?!
23.05.2017 21x199 Great Childhood Friends, Lousy Roommates!; Short Temper, Long Rap Sheet!
24.05.2017 21x200 Pomeranian Custody Battle!; Day Care Serial Conman?!
24.05.2017 21x201 Remodel Fail in Old Hickory, Tennessee!; Woman's Weak Defense
25.05.2017 21x202 Go Find Yourself Another Harlequin Great Dane!; Judge Judy Shares Her Husband's Approach to Telemarketers
25.05.2017 21x203 Pregnant Ex-Lover Anger?!; Attending a Funeral or Arrested?
26.05.2017 21x204 HOA President Accused of Leaks and Lies; Harley Motorcycle Work-to-Own Fail!
26.05.2017 21x205 The Smell of 14 Cats in the Morning?!; Store Owner or Drug Dealer?!
27.05.2017 21x206 All Expense Paid Trip to Trinidad?!; Handicapped Senior Accused of Raging Vandalism
27.05.2017 21x207 Co-Worker Embarrasses Man Online; Ex Gets Short End of the Lizard Stick?!
31.05.2017 21x208 Dangerous Football League?; Property Brothers They Are Not!
06.06.2017 21x209 Boss Steals Worker's Car?!; Gimme Back My Camera!
08.06.2017 21x210 Salon Thievery?!; You're an Idiot!
09.06.2017 21x211 Don't Defame Your Contractor!; Deadbeat Dad?!
13.06.2017 21x212 Section 8 Housing Upset?!; Junkyard or Legit Auto Business?
30.06.2017 21x213 Miniature Schnauzer Return Policy Problem!; Irritating Landlord or Lease-Breaking Tenant?; Caught in the Act?
01.07.2017 21x214 Bedbug Battle!; Small Business Fail!
04.07.2017 21x215 Outlandish Landlord Demands?!; Mushy Agreements and Alleged Child Abuse?
04.07.2017 21x216 Mega Landlord Fail?!; On Again, Off Again Home?; Mother Daughter Feud!
05.07.2017 21x217 You Made Me Lose My House!; Disgusting Dog Mess?!
05.07.2017 21x218 Sneaky Boyfriend Discovery?!; Mommy Dearest Debt?
08.07.2017 21x219 Home Not So Sweet Home!; Teen Custody Fight for Pit Bull; Party Profit Dispute!
29.07.2017 21x220 Pocket Pit's Owner Attacked by Chow?!; Homeless Teen Meets Good Samaritan?; Back to Mommy
15.08.2017 21x221 28 Police Visits in Two Weeks?!; Ex-Friend Repo Drama!
15.08.2017 21x222 Someone Stole My Car!
16.08.2017 21x223 Suspicious Church Fire Payday?!; Cabin Renovation Gone Wrong?
16.08.2017 21x224 Costa Rican Vacation Con?!; Teen Mother vs. Godmother
17.08.2017 21x225 Beauty School Dropout?
17.08.2017 21x226 Car Payment Meets Child Support!; Unlucky Van Story
18.08.2017 21x227 Let's Grow Marijuana?!; Woodworking Hobby Fail
18.08.2017 21x228 House of Stolen Cards?!; Judge Discovers Tampering of Evidence?!
19.08.2017 21x229 Lifetime Protective Order Against Neighbor?!
19.08.2017 21x230 Defective Doberman?!; Minister of Mischief?!
22.08.2017 21x231 Roommate Cat Fight?!; Pink Eye, Stink Eye!
22.08.2017 21x232 Ex-Lover Restraining Order?!; Don't Show Me the Money!
23.08.2017 21x233 Adoption Turmoil?!; Harassment and Deception?
23.08.2017 21x234 Agoraphobic Dog-Owner Heartbreak!; Sob Story Payday?
24.08.2017 21x235 Don't Steal My Little Sister's Money!
24.08.2017 21x236 Mobile Home Towing Nightmare; Bed Bug Head Board!
25.08.2017 21x237 Get Me On Oprah?!
25.08.2017 21x238 Double Salary Snafu!
26.08.2017 21x239 Grandparent Custody Shuffle; Dog Owners Must-See TV! Warning!
26.08.2017 21x240 Going, Going ... Gone!; Grandmother's Payback?!
29.08.2017 21x241 Take Your Anger Management Classes ... or Else!; Don't Let Friends Drive Your Car!
29.08.2017 21x242 Deployment, a Dead Dog and a Crash?!; Good Samaritan or Social Security Thief?!; Roommates No More!
30.08.2017 21x243 Daisy Duke Spinout!; Vacation Nightmare
30.08.2017 21x244 Introducing ... the Attacking Chiweenie!; Expensive Hobby, Supportive Wife!
31.08.2017 21x245 Suicide, Sadness and Life Insurance?; Move to Ohio Fail!
31.08.2017 21x246 Dial 911 for Murder?!; Unfit for Children?!
01.09.2017 21x247 Tree-Killing Mystery; You Just Don't Get It!; School Bus-Driving Mom Sues Son!
01.09.2017 21x248 Kennedy Assassination Translation Fail!; Boiling Water Fight!
02.09.2017 21x249 Duplex Confusion; Uber Roommate Argument
02.09.2017 21x250 Home for Eight Children; Widow Payback?!
05.09.2017 21x251 On Second Thought ... I'm Outta Here!; The Disabled Ex-Husband and the Trashed Convertible?!; Judge Judy Doesn't Believe You!
05.09.2017 21x252 Hot Mess of a Long-Haired Cat?!; Shoddy Bathroom Remodel?
06.09.2017 21x253 Custody Battle Chaos?!; Landscaping Grief
06.09.2017 21x254 Caught Cheating?!; No Drinking, No Partying, No Random Boyfriends?!
07.09.2017 21x255 All Sales Are Final!; One-of-a-Kind Hardwood Table Feud!
07.09.2017 21x256 Dog Smashes Into Car?!; Domestic Violence and the Paint Job!?
08.09.2017 21x257 Eyewitness to Hit and Run!; Botched Bridesmaid Dresses?!
08.09.2017 21x258 Financial Elderly Abuse?!; Speeding, Crashing, Suing!
09.09.2017 21x259 Man's Fuzzy Memory of Assault?!
09.09.2017 21x260 Broken Jaw Party Foul!; Quick! Hide the Pontiac?!

season 22

Air date Episode Title
12.09.2017 22x01 Internet Obscenity Revenge?!; Wild Car Crash Caught on Tape!
12.09.2017 22x02 Child Abuse by Mom's Boyfriend?!; Bail Out Gone Wrong
13.09.2017 22x03 Wedding Ring Theft?; Don't Kiss Your Sister's Boyfriend!
13.09.2017 22x04 Worms Coming Up Through Drain?!
14.09.2017 22x05 Felony Kickbacks?!; Pomeranian Puppy Problem!
14.09.2017 22x06 Vicious Call to Ex-Lover's Boss?!; Roommate Roulette
15.09.2017 22x07 Last Will and Testament Surprise; Silent Partner Rip-Off?!
15.09.2017 22x08 When Miniature Pinschers Attack!; If You Like Me ... Take Down Your Dating Profile!; Eviction Save!
16.09.2017 22x09 Quick! Take This Homeless Baby?!; Single Mother Mayhem!
16.09.2017 22x10 Harlequin Great Dane Rescue?!; Whatever You Do ... Don't Answer the Phone!
19.09.2017 22x11 Heartthrob Concert Chaos!
19.09.2017 22x12 Drugs, Kids and Feuding Parents; Childcare Drama; Drug Arrests and Friendship Tests
20.09.2017 22x13 Teen Assaults Woman With Mace?; When Old Cats Attack
20.09.2017 22x14 Don't Sell Dogs to Teenagers!; World's Worst Roommate?!
21.09.2017 22x15 Sardines and Dr. Pepper Vandal!; Motorcycle T-Bone Crash!
21.09.2017 22x16 Unwed Teen Parent Turmoil & CPS Visits
22.09.2017 22x17 Mermaid Mural and Assault in the Yogurt Shop?!; Stylist Wars!
22.09.2017 22x18 Got $42,000? Plane for Sale!
23.09.2017 22x19 Family Business Money Triangle
23.09.2017 22x20 Childcare Payback!; Expensive Phone -- Throwaway Boyfriend?!; Telephone Pole Crash!
26.09.2017 22x21 Teen Joyriders Busted by Police!; Uninsured Boyfriend Destroys Car?!
27.09.2017 22x22 Home Profits Snafu!; Can You Find the Scam?
28.09.2017 22x23 You Can't Take the Fireplace With You!; Best Friend Split After Party Swipe!
29.09.2017 22x24 Pekingese Chihuahua Mating Mess; Camper vs. Computer
30.09.2017 22x25 I Will Never Help Another Soul Again!; Load a Bowl of Cannabis Vendetta?!; Oops! Lost My Checkbook!
17.10.2017 22x26 Robbed by Lover While in Prison?!
18.10.2017 22x27 Deliberate Finger Slam?!; I'm Not Paying for a Dry Wig!
19.10.2017 22x28 Husky Attacks Bichon Frise?!; Sick Girlfriend Payback!
20.10.2017 22x29 You Get What You Paint For!; Don't Fence Me In!
21.10.2017 22x30 Baby's Ashes Stolen?!; Daughter's Bad Behavior Battle
21.10.2017 22x31 Land Thief?!; Blown Stop Sign Slam?!; Fender Bender Battle!
24.10.2017 22x32 Attack Victim Cradles Pit Bull Like a Baby?!; Two Lemon Cars Equals Lemonade?
25.10.2017 22x33 Bullhorn Craziness Caught on Tape?!; Sublet Sorrow
26.10.2017 22x34 Dogsitting Disaster!; Surprise! We're Squatters?!
27.10.2017 22x35 Child Abuse Allegations and Assault? - Part 1
27.10.2017 22x36 Spiteful Grandpa?; Timber! Healthy Tree Takedown!
28.10.2017 22x37 Street Cat Fight in Front of Children?! Part 2; Young Waitress Dupes Older Man?
28.10.2017 22x38 Slashed Tires and Stolen iPhone?; Moving Violation Bonanza!
31.10.2017 22x39 Biker Tackled by Raging Motorist
31.10.2017 22x40 Groom Gets Cold Feet on Wedding Day!; Landlord Game Changer
01.11.2017 22x41 Injured Cyclist Screaming Like a Lunatic?! - Part 2
01.11.2017 22x42 Teen's Crash Cover-Up Story?!; Baby Daddy Called Home From Callie!
02.11.2017 22x43 Drunk Man Rages Against Neighbor?!; Illegal Breeding?!
02.11.2017 22x44 Make a Teenager Watch This Case!; Shot in the Arm While Driving!
03.11.2017 22x45 When Friends Cut Friends?!; Judge Judy's Big Emergency Account?!
03.11.2017 22x46 Homeless Ex Assaults TV?!; Massage Therapist Payback
04.11.2017 22x47 Car Sale Gets Personal!; Father-to-Be Cheating on Mommy-to-Be?!
04.11.2017 22x48 Don't Trust Men You Meet in a Supermarket?!; Flim Flam Car Sham?!; Mom Bails on Bail?!
07.11.2017 22x49 Teenager Challenges Judge Judy!; Stolen Service Dog?!
07.11.2017 22x50 It's All Very L.A.!; Mother Daughter Hair Care Fiasco?!
08.11.2017 22x51 Electric Scooter Pet Collision!; Back and Forth Truck Fail!
08.11.2017 22x52 Smoking, Squatting and Blaring Music?!; Assault Rifle Rift?!
09.11.2017 22x53 Coming to America ... to Sue My Daughter!; Reckless Driver, Wrecked Car?
09.11.2017 22x54 Man Pays Ex-Lover to Move Out?!; Wedding Venue Disaster!
10.11.2017 22x55 Newlywed Yelps Against Caterer?!; Bride Hates Her Wedding Photos!
10.11.2017 22x56 Officer Byrd Settles Case!; Dancing Beer Bottle to the Face!
11.11.2017 22x57 Father Rescues Daughter From Predator Danger?!
11.11.2017 22x58 Don't Miss Date Night!
14.11.2017 22x59 Domestic Abuse or Working the System?!
14.11.2017 22x60 Short Romance, Long Headache!; Sparrow Breaks Lease?; Amusement Park Pass Fraud?!
15.11.2017 22x61 Generous Aunt, Ungrateful Niece?; Husky Attacks Yorkie?!
15.11.2017 22x62 Give Me Back My Pomeranian!; Engagement Ring at Stake!; Boyfriend Embarrassment?
16.11.2017 22x63 Here's $30K: Go Furnish the House!; Judge's Verdict on Prom Dress: Awful!
16.11.2017 22x64 Single Mother Breaks House Rules; Father Steals From Incarcerated Son?!
17.11.2017 22x65 Commission Mission!; Buddy Pass Fraud?!
17.11.2017 22x66 Pants From Thailand for Sale!; Take My Loan Out of the Tip Jar!
18.11.2017 22x67 Pick Axes and Sucker Punches?!
18.11.2017 22x68 Teen Breaks Off Ankle Monitor!; Dangerous Dog Euthanized
21.11.2017 22x69 Knife Fight! Part 1; Woman Stabs Herself in the Neck?!
21.11.2017 22x70 From Homeless to Helpless?!; Hush Money?!
22.11.2017 22x71 Knife Fight! Part 2; Food Stamp Treachery?
22.11.2017 22x72 Security Guards Turned Roommates; Excuses Central!
23.11.2017 22x73 Man Has No Clue Why Girlfriend Is Mad!; Remembrance of Trucks Past
23.11.2017 22x74 Snake in the Basement!; Truck Driving School Payback!
28.11.2017 22x75 Bedbugs, Roaches and Mold?; Hit and Run Payback
29.11.2017 22x76 Show Me the Damage; Don't Trust Five-Star Reviews!
30.11.2017 22x77 Ex-Heroin Addict Tire-Slashing Mother?; Use Car Exploitation
01.12.2017 22x78 German Shepherd Attacks Chihuahua?; Houston Hurricane Damage?
02.12.2017 22x79 Divorcees Duke It Out; Muslim Mudslinging
05.12.2017 22x80 Bulldog Rescue Scam or Slander?
07.12.2017 22x81 New Career: Flipping Cars!; Creative Judgment!
08.12.2017 22x82 When Old Friends Become New Roommates; Frightened Painter Walks Off Job?
09.12.2017 22x83 Unwed Parents Feud!; Twin Sisters, Huge Settlement?
16.12.2017 22x84 Ambulance Ride Revisited; New ''Get Out of Jail'' Clothes
23.12.2017 22x85 Busting at the Seams in Hot Springs!; Lawn or Love Business?!
03.01.2018 22x86 Disabled Helping the Disabled?; Highway Barricade Collision!
04.01.2018 22x87 Repo Skirmish?!
05.01.2018 22x88 Car Takes a Hood Pounding!; If Your Bed Is There, You Are There!
06.01.2018 22x89 Fit of Drunken Rage?!; Social Security Theft?!
09.01.2018 22x90 Vindictive Tool Thief?!; Teen Driver Fail!
10.01.2018 22x91 Sister Love Gone Wrong!; Who Stole My Clarinet?
11.01.2018 22x92 Paraplegic's Dying Wishes Ignored?!; Mommy Stole My School Money!
12.01.2018 22x93 Where's My Harley Money?!; Choose a Defense ... Any Defense!; Moped Spill!
13.01.2018 22x94 Don't Treat Me Like the Help!; Motorcycle Mystery!
16.01.2018 22x95 Repo Mama!; Military Man Browbeating?; Truck Sale Fraud?
17.01.2018 22x96 Incarcerated Mechanic Runaround?!; Annoying New Girlfriend Alert!; High Speed Hit and Run?!
18.01.2018 22x97 Father Figure Accused of Evil Plot!; Phantom Driver at Fault?!
19.01.2018 22x98 Rent Control and the American Dream!; Outrageous Drinking and Driving Excuse!
20.01.2018 22x99 Yappie Yorkie Takes a Hit?!; World's Worst Music Deal?!; Security Deposit Dog Drama!
23.01.2018 22x100 Parties, Police and Payback?!; Bernese Mountain Dog Custody
24.01.2018 22x101 Man Endures Eight Rabies Shots After Attack!; Grief and Grit
25.01.2018 22x102 Vocab Lesson for Vandalizing Teenagers?!; I Wouldn't Sue My Son!
26.01.2018 22x103 Evicted by Mom?!; My Father Defrauded Me!
27.01.2018 22x104 Screaming Dog Owner's Gruesome Discovery!; Motorcycle Moocher?!
30.01.2018 22x105 Book Proposal Bust!; When Starving Retrievers Attack?!
31.01.2018 22x106 No One Talks to Judge Judy Like That!; Grief and Trauma Rental?
01.02.2018 22x107 Study Abroad Freeloader?!; Road Rage With Children in the Car?!
02.02.2018 22x108 Sucker Punch During Family Brunch?!; No Help for Scammers?!
02.02.2018 22x109 Hospital Cat Fight Mayhem!; It's Not My Fault!
03.02.2018 22x110 Don't Make Babies if You Don't Have a Job!; Final Days for First Cousins; Kicking Cars and Drinking!
03.02.2018 22x111 Short Love, Long Loan!; Videographer in the Ex-Lover Hot Seat?!
06.02.2018 22x112 Love Triangle Double Assault!
06.02.2018 22x113 Registered Sex Offender Fail?; Girl on Bike Hit by Car!
07.02.2018 22x114 Hazmat Poisoning of Innocent Family?!
07.02.2018 22x115 Give Me My Sports Car!; When Potted Plants Attack ...
08.02.2018 22x116 Unwed Parents Payback; From Homeless to Houseless?!
08.02.2018 22x117 Stealth Assault by Neighbor?!
09.02.2018 22x118 Creepy Jacuzzi Offer?!; Pay Me for Gardening!
09.02.2018 22x119 Writer vs. Magazine Owner; Act of God Tree Fall?!
10.02.2018 22x120 BMW Vandal?!; Cyclist Collision; Ex-Boyfriend Damage Control!
10.02.2018 22x121 Classic Truck Feud!; Gambling, Tax Refunds and Murder?
13.02.2018 22x122 Teen Boys Looking for Trouble; You Shouldn't Be on TV!
13.02.2018 22x123 Victim Payback for Towing Scam?; Beach Day Turns Violent?
14.02.2018 22x124 Homeland Security Homeschooling?
14.02.2018 22x125 The Anti-Sleepover Landlord?; Heavily Fogged Motorist?
15.02.2018 22x126 Chihuahua Nabbed by Dog Through Fence?; Let Me See My Dying Father!
15.02.2018 22x127 Leaks, Mold and the Illegal Tenant?; Drunk and Racist? No Way!
16.02.2018 22x128 Attorney Pleads His Case; Dad, You Drink Too Much
16.02.2018 22x129 Young Parents' Bitter Break-Up; Judge Judy Calls a Witness
17.02.2018 22x130 How to Stop Your Dog From Killing You; Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?
17.02.2018 22x131 Antique Gun Heist; Ungrateful Goddaughter?
20.02.2018 22x132 Rough Playground Plight!; Dueling Traffic Violations!
21.02.2018 22x133 Illegal Eviction Vendetta?!; Dangerous Home for a Child?!
22.02.2018 22x134 Mother of Nine Payback?!; Cats on the Prowl?!; Cry Me a River!
23.02.2018 22x135 Vicious Pit Bull Attack?!; Six-Year-Old Takes the Stand!
23.02.2018 22x136 House Flipping and Assault!?; Mechanic Fraud?!
24.02.2018 22x137 Daddy Debt Deployed to Japan?; Show Me the Money!
24.02.2018 22x138 Don't Clown Around With the Judge!; Car Swap Fail!
27.02.2018 22x139 Toxic Eye Injury?!; Mother Illegally Relocates Child?!
27.02.2018 22x140 Fed-Up Boss!; Negligent Teen Fishing Captain?!; Where's My $19,000 Garage Apartment?!
28.02.2018 22x141 Lying to Brooklyn Police?!; Uber Relationship Fail
01.03.2018 22x142 Jail Bailout Blues; Rare Disease? Financial Disaster!
01.03.2018 22x143 Which Driver Is Lying?!; Hauling Business Fail!
02.03.2018 22x144 Motorcycle Mayhem
03.03.2018 22x145 Friends Let Friends Drive Drunk?!; Wedding Band Break-Up!; Prove It's My Fault!
06.03.2018 22x146 Murder, Prison and Conjugal Visits; Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!
07.03.2018 22x147 A Woman's Dying Wishes; Subwoofer Custody Battle!
08.03.2018 22x148 And the Most Apathetic Landlord Award Goes to ...?!; The Cadillac and the Ex-Con Mom!
09.03.2018 22x149 I'm Glad Your Cat Is Dead!
10.03.2018 22x150 Bleached Lawn Outrage!; Unwed Parents Feud; Time for Adult Child to Step Up!
13.03.2018 22x151 Gruesome Pet Discovery!; Single Mom Mayhem
14.03.2018 22x152 Head-Butting Tenant?!; Irresponsible Health Care Worker?!
15.03.2018 22x153 Neuter the Puppy or Lose the Puppy!; Hog-Hunting, Deer-Shooting and Frog-Leg Fighting!
16.03.2018 22x154 Homeless and Helpless?!; Deceased Father's Debt Drama!
21.03.2018 22x155 Help! I've Fallen Through a Hole!; Code Enforcement Fail?; Concrete Wall Collapse!
29.03.2018 22x156 Gestapo Mom Moves In With UC Berkeley Son?!; The Writing on the 8-Year-Old's Wall!
30.03.2018 22x157 Fighting After Father Dies; Lame Limo Business?!
31.03.2018 22x158 Deal With the Devil?!; Suspicious Nicaragua Trip; Expert Breakdown Witness?!
31.03.2018 22x159 Turtle Custody, Police and Power; High Heels on Disability?
07.04.2018 22x160 One Sick Puppy!; Abuse of the Court System?; Deceased Man's Golf Cart Giveaway?!
24.04.2018 22x161 Judy Bets on Officer Byrd's Life!; Guilty Tenant?
25.04.2018 22x162 Get Divorced Faster!; He Had a Gun! Read the Constitution?!
26.04.2018 22x163 Drive Away From the Hurricane!; Friends Do Let Friends Drive Drunk!
26.04.2018 22x164 Sobriety, Cheap Housing and Dangerous Heating; Sneakiest Insurance Scam Ever
27.04.2018 22x165 Sexting Gone Terribly Wrong!
27.04.2018 22x166 The $9,000 Favor; Boyfriends' Trip to Spain Fail
28.04.2018 22x167 Restraining Order Riot; Pit Bull Has a Bad Day
28.04.2018 22x168 Intimate or Not Intimate?; Process Server Payback!
01.05.2018 22x169 What if the Child Had Died?!; The Judge Asks a Woman-to-Woman Question!
01.05.2018 22x170 Dog Loses Eye at Photo Shoot!; Judge Catches Bad Driver in a Lie?
02.05.2018 22x171 Gun Custody Stand-Off?!
02.05.2018 22x172 The Stabbed Mattress, Mini Bull Terrier Battle?!; Possession of Heroin Bail Payback?!
03.05.2018 22x173 Video of Assault While Holding a Baby!
03.05.2018 22x174 I Wanted to See My Grandfather's Fake Eyeball!
04.05.2018 22x175 Cheerleading Nanny Time!; Puppies Eat Poisonous Elephant Ears!
04.05.2018 22x176 Transgender Art Drama?!; You Sold Me an Injured Horse?!
05.05.2018 22x177 Yes, I Attacked Him; Yes, I Choked Her!
05.05.2018 22x178 Smashed and Bashed Love!; Landscaper Laziness?!
08.05.2018 22x179 Shih Tzu Comes Between Lesbian Ex-Lovers!; Lesson in Respect Man Won't Forget!
08.05.2018 22x180 Guess What a Pit Bull Did?!; You're Not Gonna Believe This One!
09.05.2018 22x181 Mother Teresa Tesla Driver?!; Baby Daddy Ex-Lovers' Fight!
09.05.2018 22x182 I'm Glad I Had My Mom Arrested!; Gift-Giving 101
10.05.2018 22x183 Marital Debt Drama!; Teenager Hit at School; Child's Bike/Car Collision Caught on Tape!
10.05.2018 22x184 When the Aggressor Becomes the Victim?!; Pit Bull Takes a Bite out of a Man's Ear?
11.05.2018 22x185 Gorgeous Engagement Ring Setback!; Conspiracy Theory Flight Plan?!
11.05.2018 22x186 Rumors of Arson?!; Struggling Father's Uphill Battle
12.05.2018 22x187 Drive to Church Gone Bad!; Whiplash? I Doubt That!
12.05.2018 22x188 Dreaded Secret of the VW Rabbit?!; You Are Your Furniture!
15.05.2018 22x189 Open Relationship Shocker!; Chicken Slaughter
15.05.2018 22x190 Brandishing a Gun; Neglecting a Cat?!; Who Left the Diapers Out?!
16.05.2018 22x191 I Was in Rehab for Everything!
16.05.2018 22x192 Karma and the Camera!; Teen Failure Blamed on Tutor?!
17.05.2018 22x193 Frightened Mother's Telling Texts?
17.05.2018 22x194 Girlfriend's Hissy Fit Damage?!
18.05.2018 22x195 Puppy Death Drama; Lightning Strike Strife!
18.05.2018 22x196 Man With 12 Sisters Denies Assaulting a Woman; Trim My Tree... or Else!; Judge Judy Challenges a Teenager
19.05.2018 22x197 Bed Rest Made Me Do It!; Worst Teen Driver Award!
19.05.2018 22x198 Irresponsible Child or Greedy Parents?!; Hazmat Clean-Up, Drug Use and the Police?!
22.05.2018 22x199 $8,000 Designer Sneaker Fight!; Sister Mustang Feud
22.05.2018 22x200 Human Trafficking?!
23.05.2018 22x201 Falsely Imprisoned Bad Driver?!; What Does Judge Judy Hate?!
23.05.2018 22x202 Cute Yorkie Makes Court Debut!; Amusement Park Not So Amusing!
24.05.2018 22x203 Alabama Section 8 Payback!
24.05.2018 22x204 Shocking Tree Trimming!; Ex-Lover Slashing?!
25.05.2018 22x205 Deal With Your Child in Foster Care!; Mom's Burial Policy; Defective Sports Apparel Drama!
26.05.2018 22x206 Witness to Vandalism!; Domestic Dispute Ejection?!; Courts Are for Married Folks!
29.05.2018 22x207 Redneck With a Laser Pointer?!; Engine Blew? It's Up to You!
30.05.2018 22x208 Halfway House Flood!; Painter Misses the Obvious?!
31.05.2018 22x209 Widow's Cadillac Woes!; Anxious Dog Bites Pet Sitter!
02.06.2018 22x210 Here's the Real Reason We're Not Married!; Jail Time Buick Bummer!; Home Sale Fail!
02.06.2018 22x211 Kindergarten Teacher Abuse?!; Horse Grazing Ignorance?!; Fiance in Legal Trouble!
05.06.2018 22x212 College Teacher's DUI Drama!; Haunted Police Payday?
06.06.2018 22x213 The Service Dog Started It!; Roommate Forced Out and Robbed?!
07.06.2018 22x214 Endangered Children or Jealous Ex-Husband?!; Stormy Fence Fight!
08.06.2018 22x215 Overcrowding Chaos!; Bleeding Head Intro?!; Teen Vandal in the Hot Seat?!
09.06.2018 22x216 I'm Moving Back In, Dad!; Snowy Spinout!; Sister Slam!; Father Figure Fail?
12.06.2018 22x217 Grandmother Raises Ungrateful Brat?!; He Treated Me Like a Queen!
13.06.2018 22x218 Service Dog Attack?!; Unbelievable Tree Chopper Trauma
14.06.2018 22x219 Baby Formula for Disaster!; Police Fight Aromatherapy Crime!
15.06.2018 22x220 Pre-Valentine's Day Surprise Break-Up!; Quickest Way to End a Friendship!
19.06.2018 22x221 Machine Operator Mom vs. Entitled Daughter?; Generation Z Start Up Fail!
20.06.2018 22x222 Woman Takes Tumble Down Unsafe Stairs?!; Show Car Not Go Car!
21.06.2018 22x223 The Ultimate Neighbor Fence Dispute!; I Want a 25K Video for Free!
22.06.2018 22x224 Death at the Cat Lady's Doorstep!; Only in America!
23.06.2018 22x225 Mystery of the Missing Altima!; Ex-Lover Check Fraud Injustice?
05.07.2018 22x226 Daycare Assault?!; Landlord Lodging Drama; Child Support Squandered by Mother?!; Plastic Surgery Purge
14.08.2018 22x227 Mom's Million Dollar Settlement!; Stucco Job From Hell!
14.08.2018 22x228 Motorcycle Racing Family Drama!; Single Old Lady Scam?!
15.08.2018 22x229 Teens Terrorize Neighborhood?!; How Many Times Have You Been Arrested?!
16.08.2018 22x230 Depression, Drinking and a Deceased Baby; Real Estate Nightmare
17.08.2018 22x231 Poorly Performing Parents?!; Teacup Yorkie Fail!; Truck Driver Ripped Off?!
18.08.2018 22x232 Pit Bull Mating Mayhem!; Slashed Tires and Loan Lies?!; Tijuana Stray Rescue Regret?
21.08.2018 22x233 Bully or Best Friend?; Gather 'Round for Judge Judy's Driving Class!
21.08.2018 22x234 Mothers to the Rescue of Adult Children!; Traffic Circle Mishap!
22.08.2018 22x235 Retaliatory Tenant Rant?!
22.08.2018 22x236 Moving Company Disaster?!; Roommates-R-Not-Us!
23.08.2018 22x237 Crying Jag Over Family Money; Surgery Craziness?!; Ghost Dating Heartache!
23.08.2018 22x238 The Diamond Quiz Show?!; Basketball Team Hotel Rip-Off?!; High-End Shoes or Stinky Sneakers?
24.08.2018 22x239 Pool Blowout!; Abusive Dad Incarcerated?!
24.08.2018 22x240 Designer Breed or Straight-Up Mutt?!; Settlement Vulture Swoops In?!
25.08.2018 22x241 Eight Kids Is Enough!; Bleeding Puppy Neglect?!; Wheelchair-Bound Honeymoon Cruiser!
25.08.2018 22x242 'Cute Way to Sell Alcohol' Rules the Judge!; Google the People You Date!
28.08.2018 22x243 Bad Boy Fixation?!; Give Me Back My Father's Ashes!
28.08.2018 22x244 Ex-Girlfriends' Bulldog Custody Battle!; Are You Buzzed?
29.08.2018 22x245 Parents Fight Over Imprisoned Daughter
29.08.2018 22x246 Widower with Special Needs Child; I Only Smoke Pot Now!
30.08.2018 22x247 Assault Rifle Misfire?!; Incarcerated Baby Daddy's Big Decision!
30.08.2018 22x248 Buyer's Remorse!; Don't Embarrass Yourself!
31.08.2018 22x249 Jet Ski Fiasco!; Hostile Landlord or Squatting Tenants?
31.08.2018 22x250 Dog Blinded at Kennel!; Car Beaten With Golf Club?
01.09.2018 22x251 Brother from Another Planet?!; World's Worst First Date?!
01.09.2018 22x252 Dog Trainer Travesty; Personalized Engagement Ring Payback?
05.09.2018 22x253 I Want My Mongrel Puppy!; How Not to Write a Contract
05.09.2018 22x254 Black Mold Mess!; Grocery Store Romance Sours
06.09.2018 22x255 Crazy Reminder From Landlord?!; Judge Judy Learns What a Slim Jim Is
06.09.2018 22x256 When Pink Floyd Albums Attack?!
07.09.2018 22x257 Marijuana House Rules; Obnoxious Witness Thrown Out of Court?!
07.09.2018 22x258 Vandal Carves His Own Initials on Car?!; Storming the Minibar?!
08.09.2018 22x259 Snowmobile Rooftop Whammy!; $5,000 for a $10 Haircut?!
08.09.2018 22x260 Childhood Friend Feud!; Gun Pawning Dilemma!

season 23

Air date Episode Title
11.09.2018 23x01 Surprise Police Dash Cam Video!; Dog Pulling Skateboarder Scuffle!
11.09.2018 23x02 Baby in Danger?!
12.09.2018 23x03 Man Claws His Own Face?!; Do-It-Yourself Puppy Delivery!
12.09.2018 23x04 Botched Tattooed Eyebrows?!
13.09.2018 23x05 Blatant Cheater?!
13.09.2018 23x06 Teenager's New Home Burns Down!; Marijuana-laced Brownies
14.09.2018 23x07 Sexual Assault Allegations
14.09.2018 23x08 Pool Fraud?!; Raise Your Hand If You Were Drinking!
15.09.2018 23x09 Wildest Explanation?!; Drug Possession and Child Custody?!
15.09.2018 23x10 When the Marine Is Away, the Gun Is in Play!; He Likes It Hot!
18.09.2018 23x11 Oh How I Wish I Hadn't Taken That Nude Photo of Myself!; Sushi Day for Judge Judy!
18.09.2018 23x12 Limo Driver Pummeled by Angry Drunk Passenger?
19.09.2018 23x13 Alcohol Poisoning Brought to You by Beer Pong!; Detox Cookbook Controversy
19.09.2018 23x14 Where's the Love?!; Small Dog Takes Bite Out of Delivery Man?!
20.09.2018 23x15 Why Are You Women Attracted to this Man?!; It's My Stupid Dog Story, and I'm Sticking to It?!
20.09.2018 23x16 Back Child Support Eats Up Settlement Check!; $65,000 Black Ice Settlement!
21.09.2018 23x17 Car Wash Road Rage Powered by Disability!; Mechanic Destroys Harley?!
21.09.2018 23x18 Bad Driver Caught on Tape?!; Teen Sues for Repo After Great Car Deal
22.09.2018 23x19 Teen Buys Stolen Dirt Bike
22.09.2018 23x20 Children in Kitchen Lead to Alleged Assault?!
25.09.2018 23x21 Tooth Knocked Out in Dog Fight?!; Puppy From Hell?!
26.09.2018 23x22 Dog Owner Laughs at Woman's Bloody Injuries?!; Malicious Harley Tow?!
27.09.2018 23x23 Your Husband Is My Man?!; Mobile Home Scam?!
28.09.2018 23x24 Used and Confused!; Pregnant and Owing?!
29.09.2018 23x25 Hypodermic Needle Fence Dispute?!; Chihuahua Death by Chocolate?!
02.10.2018 23x26 Heartbreaking Dog Custody Verdict; Mutilated Flower Fiasco?!
03.10.2018 23x27 Tag Team for Child Custody?!; Mother-Daughter Cruise Fail!
04.10.2018 23x28 Great Pyrenees Attacks Delivery Boy?!; The Judge's Nail Appointment?!
05.10.2018 23x29 Horse Put Down by Financially Strapped Owner; Illegal Deportation?!
06.10.2018 23x30 Vicious Pit Bull Kills Again?!
09.10.2018 23x31 Shameful Squatter and Pit Bull Pushover?!; Tree Trimming Travesty
10.10.2018 23x32 Emotional Vandal Pulls a Knife?!; Birthday Corvette and Abandoned Dogs?!; The Court Can't Help You!
11.10.2018 23x33 Unbelievable Semi-Nude Photo Post?!; Quinceanera Loan or Friendly Contribution?; Law Student Should Know Better!
12.10.2018 23x34 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!; Those Are Not My Texts!
13.10.2018 23x35 Love Triangle Vandalism?!
16.10.2018 23x36 Dog Abuse vs. Puppy Deaths?!; High Kick to Antique Dresser?!; Show Me Proof of Internal Bruising!
17.10.2018 23x37 House Flipping Scam Artist?!; Pit Bull Mix Goes for Woman's Throat?!; Unfair Child Support!
18.10.2018 23x38 Vandalism Excuse at its Finest?!; Amazing Townhouse Profit?!
19.10.2018 23x39 Big Bucks Fish Tank Botch?!; Lover's Lexus Mix-Up!
20.10.2018 23x40 Hair Stylist Left in the Dark?!; Solar Tree Trimming Disaster?!
23.10.2018 23x41 Woman Desperate for Degrading Job?!; The Infamous Afghanistan Scam?!
24.10.2018 23x42 Dove Release Runaround; Uber Driver Payback?!; Clueless Young Mother?!
25.10.2018 23x43 A Mother's Worst Nightmare
26.10.2018 23x44 Thanksgiving Pit Bull Terrorism?!; Mysterious Mexican Van Vacation?
26.10.2018 23x45 The Wild Party Injury and the Uneducated Fool?!
27.10.2018 23x46 Fight Over Boy Equals Baseball Bat Vandalism?!; Married Military Teen Sues Cousin
27.10.2018 23x47 My Brother Broke My Arm!; Ex-Con Hops on One Foot for Judge Judy!
30.10.2018 23x48 Dog Grooming Trauma Caught on Tape!; Broken Love, Broken Lease?!
30.10.2018 23x49 Innocent Black Youth Threatened by Police?!; Botox Me Baby!
31.10.2018 23x50 Abysmal Wedding DJ?!; I'm Not Paying for Your Child!
31.10.2018 23x51 Short Marriage, Long Wedding Debt!; Jeweler Shares Business Secret!
01.11.2018 23x52 Random Vandalism or Hilary Clinton Attack?
01.11.2018 23x53 Man Ejected From His Own Home!; Father Son Car Project Fail!
02.11.2018 23x54 Children Witness Violent Tasering?!; Baloney Story From Squatter?!
02.11.2018 23x55 Unbelievable Toll Bill!; Holiday Betrayal!
03.11.2018 23x56 Drunk Driving Freeway Brawl!?; Don't Double-Talk Me!
03.11.2018 23x57 Kid Bullies and Vandals?!; Get Outta My Lane!
06.11.2018 23x58 Pepper Spraying Parent Catastrophe!
06.11.2018 23x59 Wild Tequila Bar Catfight!; Older Woman Takes Advantage of Young Partner?!
07.11.2018 23x60 Wedding Dress Distress; Pregnant and Panicked!
07.11.2018 23x61 I Need You to Love My Lamb!; Playing the Ride Share Game
08.11.2018 23x62 Pet Sitter Kills Dog?!; You're an Idiot for Helping Someone in Need!
08.11.2018 23x63 Woman Left Dying on Bathroom Floor?!; 5K Credit Card Free Ride?!
09.11.2018 23x64 You Made It Awkward! You Pay for It!; I Am Not My Adult Son's Keeper!
10.11.2018 23x65 Woman Whacks Husband's Ex in Head With a Gun?!; My Arm Was Almost Torn Off!
10.11.2018 23x66 Teenager's Night in Prison!; Completely Hideous Bridal Gown?!
13.11.2018 23x67 Guess Which Breed of Dog Annihilates Another!; Upcoming Rap Star Bling!; Cat-Litter Eating Puppy?!
13.11.2018 23x68 Shady Supervised Child Visits?; Bromance Party Fail!
14.11.2018 23x69 House Flipping 101: What Not to Do!; I Threw a Pingpong Ball, Not a Rock!
14.11.2018 23x70 Scary Healthcare Rip-Off; Senior Tricked Into Nursing Home Facility?!; Car Thieves Don't Get Far With Lemon!
15.11.2018 23x71 Damning Vandalism and Theft Caught on Tape?!; Don't Call My Antiques Junk!
15.11.2018 23x72 Man's Face Caught in Blacklisted Dog's Mouth!; Bengal Cat Breeding Debacle!
16.11.2018 23x73 Drone Under Attack Takes Fatal Dive!; Mysterious Cat Attacks Shepherd Puppy!
16.11.2018 23x74 Intimately Transmitted Disease Drama!; Dog Destroys $3,000 Mattress!
17.11.2018 23x75 Drug Bust and Jail Time!; Roof Falls on Daughter's Head?!
17.11.2018 23x76 Don't Even Think About Writing Hate Mail to Judge Judy!; Men Can't Get Ex-Wife Out Fast Enough?!; Painful Tooth Extraction Payback!
20.11.2018 23x77 Skateboard Boy Wonder; Mud-Dragging, Big Tipper?!
20.11.2018 23x78 Husband in Prison, Lover on the Side?!; Stealing From a Little Old Lady?!
21.11.2018 23x79 Endangered Child Rescue!; Child Surrogacy Meets Plastic Surgery!
21.11.2018 23x80 Stealing Workers and Money?!
22.11.2018 23x81 Alabama Crackheads Beware!; Rib Bones Sicken Puppy!
22.11.2018 23x82 Dual Driving Disaster; Aggressive Accounting
27.11.2018 23x83 Kicked Back Home to Saudi Arabia?!; Wake Up! You're a Squatter!
28.11.2018 23x84 Most Ridiculous Error in Judgment Award Goes to...; Hooters' Manager Not So Manageable?
01.12.2018 23x85 Son Spits in Father's Face!; Ex-Fiances Cut Their Losses!
01.12.2018 23x86 Dog Uses Bathroom in Shared Hallway?!
04.12.2018 23x87 Ex-Lovers Lifetime Protective Orders!; Vandalizing Fit of Jealous Rage?
05.12.2018 23x88 Locked and Loaded Neighborhood Patrol?!
08.12.2018 23x89 Trucking Venture Disaster?!; Waffle Whammy!
11.12.2018 23x90 Adultery and Assault?!; Border Collie Puppy Sent Packing!
12.12.2018 23x91 Fresh Mouth Dismissed From the Courtroom!; Toddler Daycare Injury; Pit Bull Chews Up House!
13.12.2018 23x92 Repo Assault and Neglect?!; Dog's Broken Nail Leads to Amputation?!
14.12.2018 23x93 Kid Carnival Fail!; Attempted Murder and Million Dollar Bail
15.12.2018 23x94 Homeless, Evicted and Robbed?!; Sentimental Family Property Feud
20.12.2018 23x95 Tree Trimming Travesty?!; Graduation Expediter to the Rescue!; 3K Worth of Nothing?!
21.12.2018 23x96 Clueless Young Bookkeeper?; Mother's Ashes Traded for Car?
21.12.2018 23x97 Deceased Father's Truck Totaled!; Adult Son Breaks Dad's Rules?; That's a Bunch of Baloney!
22.12.2018 23x98 Stalking Through the Ceiling?!; BB Gun Shootout?!
22.12.2018 23x99 Sentimental Fence Feud!; Juice-Bar Owner Fail?!
26.12.2018 23x100 What Are You NOT Suing Me For?!; When Smog Comes Between Friends!; Mother/Daughter Eviction and Child Endangerment?!
29.12.2018 23x101 Older Woman Mauled by Boxers?!; Grizzly Moving Accident!
08.01.2019 23x102 Bad Teen Driver Crashes Into School!
09.01.2019 23x103 Cheated Out of 20K?!; Cyclists Don't Own the Road!
10.01.2019 23x104 Bitter About Boy Toy?!; Handsome Lawyer Remodel Fail!
11.01.2019 23x105 Get Out -- You're a Squatter!; Maserati Madness!
12.01.2019 23x106 A Dingo Mauled My Shepherd?!; Customized Nightmare!
15.01.2019 23x107 Special Needs Nanny Drama; World's Most Expensive Finance Class?!
16.01.2019 23x108 Car Flipper Backfire!
17.01.2019 23x109 Muzzle Confusion and Attack!; Swamp-Hunting Dog Meets Pit Bull!
18.01.2019 23x110 When Faulty Drivers Collide!; Kitty Litter Misstep!
22.01.2019 23x111 Sneaky Kickback Party!; Fraud and the Smelly Cat?!
23.01.2019 23x112 Illegal Power Rip-Off!; Wage Garnishment Travesty!
24.01.2019 23x113 50th Birthday Party Grand Entrance Upset!; Shoddy Work or Slanderous Words?!
25.01.2019 23x114 Pigs Leave a House Like This!; Toxic Ex-Roommate?!
26.01.2019 23x115 Huge Ego on Display?!; Masseuse on the Loose!
29.01.2019 23x116 Hotel Heist or Gold-Digger Guest?; West Nile Virus Threat?!
30.01.2019 23x117 Anxious Toy Spaniel Tug of War!; Courts Don't Care About You!
31.01.2019 23x118 Misguided Binge Shopping?; Jet Ski Stupidity!
01.02.2019 23x119 Race Card Played in Reckless Driver Drama; Dog Sitting for the Homeless?!
01.02.2019 23x120 Death Threat Caught on Tape!; Mother/Daughter Debt Duel!
02.02.2019 23x121 Unfit Dog Owner?!
02.02.2019 23x122 How to Tell if You're a Crazy Cat Lady!; Diamond-Encrusted Pawn Star!; Illegal Tenant Trouble!
05.02.2019 23x123 Stabbing, Slashing and Kidnapping?!
05.02.2019 23x124 $44,000 Child Support Bill?!; Drug Addiction Duo!
06.02.2019 23x125 Blind Man's Outrageous Request!; Service Dog Attacked in Coffee Shop!
06.02.2019 23x126 You Look Scared to Death... I Like It!; The Bank Is Closed!
07.02.2019 23x127 Dad's Therapy-Dog Scam?!; The First Lady of Hats
07.02.2019 23x128 Fresh Start or Fifth DUI?!; Judy Quotes Pacino
08.02.2019 23x129 Windshield Smack Down!; Show Me the Proof!
08.02.2019 23x130 Advocate Against Horse Slaughter
09.02.2019 23x131 Sex, Drugs and Surveillance?; Barn Wedding Fail!
09.02.2019 23x132 Stroke Victim's Frivolous Family Fight?!; Photo Cookie Bust!
12.02.2019 23x133 Beverly Hills Nightmare!; Horse-Riding Jeans Rule!
12.02.2019 23x134 Vandal Trapped by Bad Spelling?!; Lonely Puppy Damage
13.02.2019 23x135 Gender Reveal Party Pooper!; Judge Judy's Joy for $500 Alex!
13.02.2019 23x136 Halfway House Fail!; Son Paid to Care for Sick Mother
14.02.2019 23x137 The Duped Duo!; Co-Worker Hang Up!
14.02.2019 23x138 Don't Let Children Watch This!; Go Back to Where You Came From!; Was She High?!
15.02.2019 23x139 Never Pepper Spray a Cop's Kid!; Vandal's Apology Caught on Text?!
15.02.2019 23x140 Divorcees Fight over Son's Assault!; House Flipping Flop!
16.02.2019 23x141 Dirty Politics in a Union Election?!
16.02.2019 23x142 Sub-Lease Deadbeat?!; Neighbor Survey Changes Everything!
19.02.2019 23x143 Arrested for Mysterious Thigh-Kick?!
19.02.2019 23x144 Recess for a New Generation!; Bag of Rice Cellphone Trick!
20.02.2019 23x145 Mother's Mortgage Mishap!; Company and Fish Start to Stink...; Woman Assaults Father of Her Child?!
20.02.2019 23x146 Equestrian Bucks Responsibility?!
21.02.2019 23x147 Kidnapping and Assault?!; Define Restitution, Your Honor
21.02.2019 23x148 War Waged Over Gucci the Yorkie!
22.02.2019 23x149 My Pit Bull Is Like Scooby Doo!; Car Slammed Into Newspaper Stand!
22.02.2019 23x150 Condemned!; Dating Inventors Butt Heads!
23.02.2019 23x151 Alimony Hell!; Police Witness Vandalism!
23.02.2019 23x152 It's Not My Fault You're a Bad Driver!; Tyrannical Roommate?!
26.02.2019 23x153 Your Deceased Mother Would Be Ashamed of You!; Clueless Tenant?!
27.02.2019 23x154 Repossession Roulette!
28.02.2019 23x155 Grieving Sisters Try to Keep It Friendly!; Vanishing Carpenter?!
05.03.2019 23x156 Nine Phones, One Deadbeat Ex-Lover?!; Unlicensed Teen Coming In Hot!; Help Me and My Five Kids?
06.03.2019 23x157 Arson Payback for Vet Bill?!; Spay and Neuter Your Dogs!; Crime Victim's Funeral Plight
07.03.2019 23x158 Smiley Face Vandalism Fuels 13-Year Feud!
08.03.2019 23x159 High on Meth Home Invasion?!; Music Collaboration Battle!
09.03.2019 23x160 Foster Cat Fail!; 40th High School Reunion Disaster!; Stolen Child Support?!
12.03.2019 23x161 Cat Abandonment?!; Drugged and Beaten by Tijuana Police?!; Cyclist Slammed by Open Car Door!
14.03.2019 23x162 Volatile Mother/Daughter Feud!; Artist Van Rental Stupidity?!
16.03.2019 23x163 Roommate Meets Jail Cell!; Pushing, Shoving and Bleeding?!
19.03.2019 23x164 Stop Laughing! Your Dog Is Dead!; Man Jumps on One Foot for the Judge!
20.03.2019 23x165 He'll Never Find Me in Egypt!; Oh No! Judge Judy's Making a Call!
02.04.2019 23x166 Extreme Bullying and Life-Threatening Texts?!
13.04.2019 23x167 Artist's Botched Gallery Attempt!
23.04.2019 23x168 Child Abandonment?; Beamer Trap!
24.04.2019 23x169 Pepper Spray Showdown in Atlanta!; Charge Party With the Company Credit Card?!
25.04.2019 23x170 Fractured Jaw at the Rodeo!; A Pit Bull Is a Stupid Dog to Have!
25.04.2019 23x171 Man's Fear of Large Dogs Comes Back to Bite Him!; Gas Explosion Anxiety!
26.04.2019 23x172 Child Support From Hell!
26.04.2019 23x173 Coon Cat Custody; Crash Sob Story!
27.04.2019 23x174 America Not So Great Again!
27.04.2019 23x175 I Won't Rat Out a Friend!; Bartender Blackmail?
30.04.2019 23x176 Vigilante Boutique Thief Caught on Tape?!
30.04.2019 23x177 Landlord's Legal Troubles
01.05.2019 23x178 Nervy Son Sues Mother for Being Late?!; Baby Daddy Blues
01.05.2019 23x179 Pit Bull's Eye Poked Out!; Outrageous Roommate!
02.05.2019 23x180 Slick Senior Picture Operation?!
02.05.2019 23x181 Woman Terrified by Ex-Friend?! (Part One)
03.05.2019 23x182 Therapy Pit Bull Vs. 8-Year-Old Child; Alabama Child Support Drama!
03.05.2019 23x183 The Terror Continues... Part Two!; DUI and Domestic Abuse?!
04.05.2019 23x184 Babblers Are Usually Liars!; Battle Over the Bronze Lions!
04.05.2019 23x185 Account Missing $30K?!; The Party That Was Never Planned!
07.05.2019 23x186 Manhunt for Criminal at Large!; Married Teen Victim of Odometer Fraud
07.05.2019 23x187 Man Brings Wife and Girlfriend to Court?!; If You're Psychotic and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!
08.05.2019 23x188 Who Robbed Who?!; Child Visitation Fight; Surprise! I Left You No Money!
08.05.2019 23x189 Don't Mess with the Corvette!; Truck Facelift!
09.05.2019 23x190 Teen Sued by Mom for Pitching a Fit!; Ex-Lover Steals Shotgun and Gold Bars?!
09.05.2019 23x191 Scissor Hand Assault?!
10.05.2019 23x192 Golf Cart Collision!; Marriage on Drugs?!; Pregnant Dog Attack!
10.05.2019 23x193 Six Dachshunds Wreak Havoc?!; Egged House Payback!
11.05.2019 23x194 Judge's Biggest Fan Professes Love for Her!
11.05.2019 23x195 Permanently Disabled Entrepreneur!; Fiancée Father Fight!; Bingo Charity for Children!
14.05.2019 23x196 $25 a Week Doesn't Feed a Gerbil!; Polyamorous Relationship Fail
14.05.2019 23x197 Child Slapped for Wetting Bed?!
15.05.2019 23x198 Car Full of Children Headed Into Pond!; Fishing for Friends on a Dating App
15.05.2019 23x199 Dramatic Cyclist Meets Drunk Peddler?!; Where There's Smoke... There's More Smoke!
16.05.2019 23x200 Petri Dish for Scammers?!; Pit Bull Rescue Wreaks Havoc... of Course!
16.05.2019 23x201 You'll Get Dizzy From All the Lying!; Clueless Mechanic or Clever Thief?!
17.05.2019 23x202 When Exotic Cats Attack?!; Off to the Races!
17.05.2019 23x203 My Yard Is Not Your Pet's Bathroom!; Speeding Away With Identity Theft?!
18.05.2019 23x204 Bleachtastic Break-Up!; Auburn Football Lights It Up?!
18.05.2019 23x205 Girlfriend Vandal Hacks Into Lover's Phone?!; South African Carpet Theft?!
21.05.2019 23x206 Coin-Throwing Road Rage Stunt!
21.05.2019 23x207 Family Business Bust!; Property Thrown Down Snow Bank?!
22.05.2019 23x208 Don't Mix Business With Pleasure!; Identity Theft Between Cousins?!
22.05.2019 23x209 Malicious Forest Fire Eviction?!; I Didn't Become a Judge to Retrieve Your Toothbrush!
23.05.2019 23x210 Dance Business Fair?!; Judge Judy Vents About Child Abuse!
23.05.2019 23x211 Fear of Miscarriage Doesn't Stop Dog Lover!; Soul Food Sister Shuffle!
28.05.2019 23x212 Children Trapped in a Skirmish?!; Collision He Said, She Said!
29.05.2019 23x213 Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining!
31.05.2019 23x214 Ice Cream Parlor Owner Not so Sweet?!
04.06.2019 23x215 Blind Chef Scammed by Employer?!; All Aboard Excuse Central!
05.06.2019 23x216 Siblings' Nasty Text Battle!; Learn How to Pack a Box!
06.06.2019 23x217 Horse Killed While Fleeing Hungry Bear?!; Bad Barter Deal!; Empty Pockets in Australia
07.06.2019 23x218 Endangered Children and Rescue Dogs?!; Apprentice Plumber Bailout!
11.06.2019 23x219 The $18,000 Signature!; Teen Test Drive Disaster!
12.06.2019 23x220 Stuck Truck Rage!; Restaurant Money Pit!
13.06.2019 23x221 Neighbor Resorts to Stockade Privacy Protection!; Say Sorry to Your Grandmother!
14.06.2019 23x222 Gimme Half of What's in Your Pocket!; Snowy Road Sideswipe!
15.06.2019 23x223 Classic Mercedes Mayhem!; Catfight Over Cheap Wine!
15.06.2019 23x224 Landlord Dodges a Bullet!; Intersection Pile-Up!
18.06.2019 23x225 Remodel Slander?!; Privacy Invasion?!
19.06.2019 23x226 Deceased Father Fraud?!; Mutilated Privacy Hedge?!
20.06.2019 23x227 Teen Stupidity Causes Bodily Injury!; The Bee's Knees; Black Friday BB Gun Deal!
21.06.2019 23x228 This Is Not Let's Make a Deal!; Deadbeat Ex-Mother-in-Law?!
22.06.2019 23x229 Toxic Paint Job?!; Man Fears for Safety After BB Shootout?!
25.06.2019 23x230 Wailing from Disabled Ignites Dog to Attack?!; I Didn't Go to Law School for $38 in Dirt!
27.06.2019 23x231 $10,000 Doggy Daycare Bill!; Damaged Memorabilia
28.06.2019 23x232 Racing Motorcyle Rip-Off?!
02.07.2019 23x233 The Weaponization of Child Protective Services?!; Tax Fraud Conspiracy?!
03.07.2019 23x234 Bakersfield Boyfriend Trouble!; Double Lane-Change for a Donut?!
05.07.2019 23x235 Child Suffers 50 Stitches!; Mother/Daughter Savings Plan Fail!; Adult Male vs. Judge Judy's Grandchildren!
06.07.2019 23x236 Daycare Drama; Husky Attacks Tiny Dog; Mechanic Demands Payback!
10.07.2019 23x237 Baby Daddy Disrupts Lesbian Affair?!; Good Sister, Bad Sister!
11.07.2019 23x238 Border Collie Loses Ear in Attack!; 15K Investment in Not-So-Handy Boyfriend?!
12.07.2019 23x239 Sublease Nosedive!; Pick-Up Fraud?!
13.07.2019 23x240 Cute Service Dogs in the House!; Fight Aftermath!
18.07.2019 23x241 Hennessey-Fueled Catfight!; Homeless Man Home Invasion?!
19.07.2019 23x242 Outrageous Peeping Tom Allegations!; RV Flipping Fiasco!
20.07.2019 23x243 You're Young and Mumbling, I'm Old and Deaf!; Bedbugs, Rats and Parties?!
tuesday 23x244 Reign of Homeless Terror?!
tuesday 23x245 Intimate and Incarcerated?; Daughter Sideswipe? Mother Money Gripe!
wednesday 23x246 Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear?!; Teen Cheating Ruins Aruba Vacay?!
wednesday 23x247 Supermodel Reality Check; Paid in Cigs and Soda?!
thursday 23x248 Valentine's Day Curse!; Child Slapping and Cat Cutting?!
friday 23x249 Labrador Takes Bite Out of Terrier!; Another One Bytes the Dust!
friday 23x250 Insulin Emergency!; Traded Then Stolen!
31.08.2019 23x251 Lesbian Choking Catfight!; Retaliatory Mood Swing?!
31.08.2019 23x252 College Graduation Turmoil!; Walking on Eggshells?!

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