Joe 90 was a puppet series created by Gerry Anderson. Joe is only nine but he is one the world's best agents. Joe is aided by a special pair of glasses. Opening Theme Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

The Birthday 01x30
t is Joe's 10th birthday, and as a special treat for Joe, Professor McClaine and his friends recall some of his son's greatest adventures.
Trial At Sea 01x29
Joe takes the brain patterns of a terrorist to advert disaster on a transatlantic super liner under siege.
Test Flight 01x28
With the aid of a computer specialist and an explosives expert's brain patterns, Joe is able to stop a sabotage threat.
Mission X-41 01x27
Joe needs the brain patterns of a top virologist in order to stop the X-41 virus, threatening to destroy everything in its path.
Viva Cordova 01x26
When a Mexican president's life is threatened Joe takes on the brain patterns of a top agent to be his bodyguard.
Attack Of The Tiger 01x25
With the brain patterns of a top pilot, Joe flies a VG 104 fighter bomber to destroy a nuclear rocket base holding the world to ransom.
Lone-Handed 90 01x24
Joe dreams of becoming a western sheriff, and then finds himself involved in a shoot out.
See You Down There 01x23
In order to stop the fraudulent activity of an entrepreneur Joe takes on a variety of brain patterns to convince the businessman to change his ways.
Child Of The Sun God 01x22
In order to receive an antidote and save the life of a statesman, Joe must convince a lost Indian tribe that he is their legendary Sun God.
Breakout 01x21
In an unusual twist of fate Joe adopts the brain patterns of a Bobsleigh champion in order to save the life of the Canadian Prime Minister under attack.

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