Jeopardy! is a classic game show -- with a twist. The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. Three contestants, including the previous show's champion, compete in six categories and in three rounds (with each round's "answers" being worth more prize money).Contestant images from 2015 onwards are provided courtesy of Fikkle Fame. Add to my shows

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Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8346. 2021x41
Returning Champion; 

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Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8345. 2021x40
Returning Champion; 
Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8344. 2021x39
Returning Champion; 
Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8343. 2021x38
Returning Champion; 
Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8342. 2021x37
Returning Champion; 
Returning Champion Vs. , show # 8341. 2021x36
Returning Champion; 
Returning Champion Vs. Sam Stapleton Vs. Lauren Menke, show # 8340. 2021x35
Returning Champion; Sam Stapleton / Los Gatos, California, College Consultant; Lauren Menke / Columbus, Ohio, Math Teacher.
Returning Champion Vs. Alan Johnson Vs. Leah Friedman, show # 8339. 2021x34
Returning Champion; Alan Johnson / Metuchen, New Jersey, Software Engineering Manager; Leah Friedman / Originally Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Content Marketer.
Returning Champion Vs. Andy West Vs. Natalie Walsh, show # 8338. 2021x33
Returning Champion; Andy West / Fishersville, Virginia, Medical Information Officer; Natalie Walsh / Originally Okemos, Michigan, Naturopathic Doctor.
Returning Champion Vs. Joe Satran Vs. Pam Sung, show # 8337. 2021x32
Returning Champion; Joe Satran / Originally Montclair, New Jersey, Writer; Pam Sung / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Physician / scientist.
Lance St Laurent Vs. Karen Ellestad Vs. Phil Hoffman, show # 8336. 2021x31
Lance St Laurent / Madison, Wisconsin, Phd Student;  Karen Ellestad / Originally Frankfort, Kentucky, Chaplain; Phil Hoffman / Originally Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, Graduate Student.

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