Fifty years ago, a half-demon name Inuyasha fell in love with a priestess name Kikyo. Unfortunately their love for each other turned into betrayal by Naraku, who wanted to separate them to get the Jewel of Four Souls. Because of this treachery, Inuyasha ended up sealed to the Sacred Tree, with Kikyo burning to death in flames with the Jewel of Four Souls to keep it away from any evil hands. Fifty years later, a 15-year-old girl named Kagome, who went to retrieve her cat Buyo from the Bone Eaters Well, was kidnapped by Miss Centipede. After getting struck a few times by her, the Jewel of Four Souls emerges from Kagome's body. After Inuyasha is calmed down for a while because the beads of subjugation fall onto his neck, Kagome is later revealed to be the reincarnation of Kikyo. Forced to work together, after the Jewel of Four Souls is broken into many little shards, Inuyasha and Kagome go on a journey to retrieve them all and put the jewel whole again. They meet a few new comrades on the way like Shippo, Sango, Kilala, and Miroku - who travel with them. But after learning that a villain name Naraku has most of the shards, the gang battles him to get them back. Music: Opening Theme: 1.: "Change the World" by V6 2.: "I Am" by Hitomi 3.: "Owarinai Yume" by Nanase Aikawa 4.: "Grip" by Every Little Thing 5.: "One Day, One Dream" by Tackey & Tsubasa 6.: "Angelus" by Hitomi Shimatani Ending Theme: 1.: "My Will" by Dream 2.: "Fukai Mori" by Do As Infinity 3.: "Dearest" by Ayumi Hamasaki 4.: "Every Heart - Minna no Kimochi" by BoA 5.: "Shinjitsu no Uta" by Do As Infinity 6.: "Itazurana Kiss" by Day After Tomorrow 7.: "Come" by Namie Amuro 8.: "Brand-New World" by V6 Add to my shows

Latest episodes

The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard, Part 2 07x21
The Bond Between Them, Use the Sacred Jewel Shard, Part 1 07x20
The Ultimate Key to Defeating Naraku 07x19
Possessed by a Parasite; Shippo, Our Worst Enemy 07x18
Kohaku, Sango and Kirara: The Secret Flower Garden 07x17
Forever with Lord Sesshomaru 07x16
Miroku's Past Mistake 07x15
The Lucky but Two-Timing Scoundrel! 07x14
Kohaku's Decision and Sango's Heart 07x13
Stampede of the Countless Demon Rats! 07x12

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