Inside Amy Schumer is the new series featuring Schumer's provocative and hilariously wicked mind, as she explores topics revolving around sex, relationships, and the general clusterf*ck that is life through a series of scripted vignettes, stand-up comedy, and man-on-the-street interviews. Add to my shows

season 3

3 Buttholes 03x10
Amy dates a guy with a British accent and has too many buttonholes.
Wingwoman 03x09
Amy travels through time, listens to terrible stories and gives an entire town the clap.
Foam 03x08
Amy confronts her therapist about her mother; falls in love with her barista; and loses her head.
Fight Like a Girl 03x07
Amy strips for dogs; gets a mail-order husband; and teaches men the art of female emotional combat.
80s Ladies 03x06
Amy rides a mechanical bull; swipes a credit card; and defends Bill Cosby.
Babies & Bustiers 03x05
Amy competes in a pageant; gives breast milk to a dog; and admires her new figure.
I'm Sorry 03x04
Amy directs a commercial for pizza; interviews a gigolo; and makes a sweeping apology.
12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer 03x03
Amy's fate is decided by an all-male jury.
Cool With It 03x02
Amy takes off her makeup; goes to a strip club; and dates a rapper.
Last Fuckable Day 03x01
Amy meets her heroes; attempts to get birth control; and discusses defecation.

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