A comedy action series that revolves around a team of incompetent spy-catchers who work for the Canadian National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), a fictional intelligence gathering agency.Secret agent Alex Cranston and her team of spies juggle dates, terrorists, pets, ex-boyfriends and the safety of the nation. But the only thing harder than protecting the country is protecting themselves from their own insecurity. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

I Spy Peter 02x10
Alex's loyalty is tested when she is forced to investigate her boss, Peter. A case of corporate espionage puts Claude and JoJo together as an unlikely undercover couple.
The Spy, the Friend and Her Lover 02x09
Alex's work comes home with her when one of her team starts dating her house guest. A NISA wedding brings an air of romance to the office.
Agent Ex 02x08
Alex's old feelings resurface when JoJo investigates a radical who happens to be Alex's ex. Claude becomes addicted to a Ligerian videogame.
Spy Bites Dog 02x07
Alex must befriend an engineer suspected of funneling blueprints to a foreign country at the dog park, but there's just one hitch: Alex isn't good with dogs, and dogs aren't good with Alex. Claude is dealing with a frustrating reality of his own: N'udu is much wealthier than he is.
Spies of a Certain Age 02x06
When hackers threaten government systems, Alex teams up with a hot, young cyber analyst to keep the servers safe. But when their relationship heats up at the office, Peter begins to question Alex's judgment. Claude and Burt take a road trip to farm country, where an unfortunate mishap has Claude worried about being put out to pasture.
Anger Management 02x05
Alex loses her cool when someone else takes credit for her successful mission. Claude becomes obsessed with finding out what another team member said about him to the NISA psychiatrist.
The Spy Who Fed Me 02x04
After losing her badge, Alex struggles to be taken seriously in a high-level interrogation. Burt and JoJo find an interesting way to pass the time on a stakeout.
The Spy Whisperer 02x03
Alex reveals top-secret feelings for a co-worker while under anesthetic at the dentist. Burt finds N'udu's Ligerian birth certificate, which contains life-changing information.
The Gift of Life 02x02
Alex goes undercover as a pregnant woman to investigate a scientist suspected of selling secrets. Burt is down in the dumps when an ailing friend/informant needs a kidney.
Agent Oo La La 02x01
When inside jokes and inside information are WikiLeaked, Alex must win back Claude's respect and an informant's trust. Burt's lie detector test threatens to reveal his secret office affair.

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