Starting as an online BBC series, Impractical Jokers is set to premiere a full TV Series later in 2012. Four comedians compete in real-life situations. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Series 2, Episode 6 02x06
The team attempt to get complete strangers to remember meeting them at a bizarre event that never really happened. They also suffer humiliation as they have to deliver strange tarot card readings to customers.
Series 2, Episode 5 02x05
The team set each other up as they try and run run a fast-food chicken shop and also face embarrassment as they attempt to convince strangers to be photographed for their shocking blogs.
Series 2, Episode 4 02x04
When the jokers take over a cinema snack bar they are given some hugely embarrassing instructions. They also conduct a odd cheese survey, give away theatre tickets to made-up shows and are only allowed to move in a supermarket when they are touched.
Series 2, Episode 3 02x03
The team pretend to be trained opticians giving out strange advice.
Series 2, Episode 2 02x02
The team try their hands at becoming the world's worst receptionists and also lurk in a park in an attempt to trade ridiculous secrets with passing strangers.
Series 2, Episode 1 02x01
The friends cause havoc at a bakery, risk enraging strangers by trying to secretly touch them with their noses and clear the streets with the use of an out-of-control megaphone.
Episode 6 01x06
This week the jokes aren't allowed to scream in the scary part as they ride a rollercoaster and they also face embarrassment whilst attempting to analyse the public's handwriting.
Episode 5 01x05
The Jokers have to deal with a focus group as they present their autobiography that's been written by the other jokers. They also force each other to perform bizarre tasks during a photo shoot.
Episode 4 01x04
The jokers attempt to convince some complete strangers into taking a large amount of photos of them, force each other to offer unhelpful advice at a garden centre and risk total embarrassment as they carry out some bizarre instructions during a CPR demonstration.
Episode 3 01x03
The jokers aren't allowed to talk as they try to get strangers to dance with them, force each other to use bizarre words in a bookshop and are humiliated after they pose as nightclub bouncers.

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