Salvo Montalbano is the police commissioner of Vigàta, a gruff character who is responsible and serious at work, but often also open and friendly with people he knows he can trust. Montalbano finds he must investigate various criminal acts in his area, for which - thanks to his great intelligence and the help of numerous assistants, even outside the police - he always manages to reconstruct the exact events and to find a solution. Among his colleagues are his deputy, Mimi Augello, inspector Giuseppe Fazio, the awkward policeman, Agatino Catarella and other officers of the police station. Otherwise, among his external collaborators are his friend Ingrid Sjostrom, the journalist Niccolò Zito and, more rarely, Adelina his cook. In his private life, Salvo carries on a long-distance relationship with Livia Burlando, with whom he has a sometimes tempestuous relationship, but in which love always prevails. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Un diario del '43 13x02
L'altro capo del filo 13x01
Amore 12x02
La giostra degli scambi 12x01
Come voleva la prassi 11x02
Un covo di vipere 11x01
Businessman Cosimo Barletta, a sleaze-bag loan shark who's bedded a string of lovelies in their 20s (and photographed them in compromising poses) is found dead in his holiday home, and the subsequent investigation unearths a selection of other unsavoury facts about his life.
La piramide di fango 10x02
Una faccenda delicata 10x01
Una lama di luce 09x04
A woman is attacked and robbed on her way home late at night, but the case leaves Montalbano wondering whether there isn't more to the story than he's being told. An abandoned cattle shed in the countryside has been boarded up by unknowns and used for mysterious purposes.
Una voce di notte 09x03
A supermarket controlled by a Mafia family is robbed, setting off a chain of events in which the Mafia's political links start to transpire. Montalbano finds himself having to conduct his investigation usingeven more unconventional methods and this time he does something he's never done before.

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