A recollection of the accounts of people who survived life threatening situations. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Kim/Erin & Claire 08x03
Jamison & Kristy 08x02
Amanda & Erinn 08x01
A woman is imprisoned on a remote rural property, by a man who sexually assaults her and murders her boyfriend while a young mother is abducted at gunpoint and subjected to hours of assault, beatings and mental torture.
The Norway Massacre / Sofie / Adrian / Magnus / Rebekka 07x17
A deadly bombing and shooting spree in Norway is recalled.
Shaunna & Brad / Lee / Emily 07x16
A woman and her boyfriend are shot by her ex-partner and left to die in a burning house. A man pinned by his arm in his wrecked van faces amputation to escape. And a young mother whose neck is sawn open by an intruder plays dead in order to live.
Rhonda / Jason / Patrick 07x15
A young woman is abducted, sexually assaulted and stabbed and yet, incredibly, outwits her attacker. A man, who tries to save a neighboring family from a tornado, is sucked up 50 feet into the funnel cloud. And a husband is shot when his wife's brother opens fire at a Thanksgiving dinner.
Bill, Mike and Ginger / Wanda 07x14
A gunman enters a Florida school board meeting and begins shooting hostages at point blank range; and 23-year-old newly-wed Wanda is abducted from outside an Alabama restaurant and sexually assaulted by partygoers at a remote farmhouse.
Dorothy/Jim/Bud and Katrina 07x13
A woman is raped in front of her children before being shot in the head and left to die. A man picking berries alone is bitten by a deadly rattlesnake miles from help. And two teenagers are enjoying a summer's day at a popular swimming hole when a sniper starts shooting at random, killing three of their friends.
Singer/Romina and John 07x12
Four young Americans are kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan; a tsunami strikes a Thai beach resort.
David/ Sandy and Ken/ Maura 07x11
A teenage boy is assaulted and tortured; a nanny is attacked by a crocodile; and a mother is abducted by a stranger.

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