British weight-loss guru Paul McKenna presents his "4 Golden Rules" designed to help control the mind's relationship with food, which he says can eliminate the need for counting calories, cutting carbs and enduring punishing workouts. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Your Perfect Body 01x05
A technique through visualization in which one can gain confidence and self esteem.
Supercharge Your Metabolism 01x04
A technique is revealed through positive association which offers more motivation and are teachings for a more active lifestyle.
Busting Your Cravings 01x03
A lesson on controlling food cravings and addictions is given through negative association technique.
Overcoming Emotional Eating 01x02
Paul introduces a way of overcoming emotional stress as to stop using food as a crutch.
The Secrets of Naturally Thin People 01x01
McKenna reveals the secret of how to control the mind's relationship with food by using his "Four Golden Rules."

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