James Hunter and Marty Shaw work as undercover counterespionage agents on the international scene. Their leader is General Baker. As members of an elite, five-member unit known; only to their boss, General Baker (Ralph Bellamy), Jim and Marty engage in perilous counter-espionage and anti-terrorist operations and still have time for a bit of romance. As a cover, Hunter runs a bookstore in Santa Barbara and Marty is a model. Jim has been persuaded to return to government service after quitting the CIA because of disillusionment over some of the operations of the CIA and FBI. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Episode 5 01x13
While doing an investigation, Bill Wells, a friend of Hunter's, is murdered. With the help of Marty Shaw, Jim decides to finish Wells' job. A car plate found in the victim's house leads to a prominent civil servant at the Department of State, Steven Brandt, about whom Hunter discovers that he is involved in a huge corruption scandal...
U.F.M. 13 01x12
An investigation of a theft from a nuclear plant uncovers a right-wing conspiracy.
The Lovejoy File 01x11
Someone else wants a secret dossier along with Hunter: a man who'll stop at nothing to obtain it.
The Backup 01x10
Hunter tries to recover a kidnapped Chinese defector (Keye Luke), who was about to leak crucial intelligence.
Yesterday, Upon the Stair 01x09
Hunter suspects a traitor in his organization thwarted a prisoner exchange between the U.S. and a foreign government. A prisoner exchange -a U.S.-held Communist spy for a Red-held U.S. spy - goes awry, and U.S. agents Jim Hunter and Marty Shaw are assigned to the recovery of the American spy
The Barking Dog 01x08
Doctor Martin Reed, a chemist working for the government, disappears mysteriously. At the same time, Doctor William Maklin, one of his associates, is killed in a plane crash. Investigating the death of Maklin's death, Jim Hunter discovers what Reed is hiding and that he's plotting a terrible conspiracy: poisoning two million persons if a ten million dollar booty is not delivered to him...
The K Group: Part 2 01x07
Seeking asylum in the U.S., Hunter's adversary offers to betray the group that hired him to assassinate a dignitary.
The K Group: Part 1 01x06
Hunter suddenly finds himself in a wary alliance with a ruthless East German spy on the verge of defection to America. Hunter encounters the East German who, nine years earlier, shot down his fiancée. First of two parts.
The Costa Rican Connection 01x05
Donald O'Connor guests as as retired song-and-dance man who becomes a key figure in the search for the assassin of a racketeer, Emile Teller. The entertainer gets involved in Hunter's search for a link between U.S. intelligence and the mob.
The Hit 01x04
The Hunter becomes the hunted in a caper in which Jim Hunter (James Franciscus) poses as a paid killer (the real guy dying accidentally) who is about to make a "hit," Jim is startled to suddenly discover that he, himself, appears to be the target of the assassin!

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