Kacey Simon used to be a part of The Perfs (the popular girls of Brewster High). But when she trades her shades for dorky glasses and her pearly white smile with metal braces, she's kicked out of the group immediately. Determined not to let this crush her, she forms her own band with her new friends and Kacey is on a mission is lead Gravity 5 to the top. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

How To Rock Christmas 01x26
Gravity 5 and Molly get trapped in a mall on Christmas Eve.
How to Rock a Tennis Ball 01x25
Mr. March's beloved tennis ball gets ruined while Kacey is manning his flea-market booth, so she enlists her band and the Perfs to help her find a replacement for it.
How to Rock a Uniform 01x24
The principal imposes a new school-uniform policy in response to Kacey and Molly's intense fashion rivalry, and the girls must join forces to get it overthrown.
How to Rock a Fashion Victim 01x23
Kacey tries to land an internship with a fashion designer, but the work she submits isn't up to par and forces her to realize she can't excel at everything.
How to Rock Camping 01x22
The kids embark on a school camping trip, and Grace steps up and takes on an authoritative role.
How to Rock a Good Deed 01x21
Kacey gets competitive about volunteer projects and exploits her foot injury to attract attention. After her scheme is uncovered, her pals retaliate.
How to Rock High School Sensation 01x20
Gravity 5 and the Perfs work together to create an audition tape for a TV show, but Kevin forgets to submit it.
How To Rock a Yearbook 01x19
Kacey is determined to get the band's photo in the school yearbook, despite a policy that prohibits it.
How To Rock a Singing Telegram 01x18
Stevie needs help asking a boy out, so she turns to Kacey, who uses a singing telegram. Meanwhile, telegram assignments for Zander, Kevin and Nelson don't go as expected.
How to Rock Cee Lo Part 2 01x17
Conclusion. Kacey's plan to tour with Cee Lo leaves her band with no lead singer for the Battle of the Bands competition.

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