Sherlock Holmes is, without doubt, the most famous fictional detective the world has ever known. "HOW SHERLOCK CHANGED THE WORLD" will show that Conan Doyle’s hero not only revolutionized the world of fiction, but also changed the real world in more ways than many realize. Holmes was a scientist who used chemistry, fingerprints and bloodstains to catch an offender in an era when eyewitness reports and “smoking gun” evidence were needed to convict criminals, and police incompetence meant that Jack the Ripper stalked the streets freely. In many ways, the modern detective can be seen as a direct extension of Conan Doyle’s literary genius. Add to my shows

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Forensic scientists and crime historians reveal the impact Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional character had on the development of real-life investigations. As a detective ahead of his time, Sherlock Holmes popularised techniques, instruments and a special reasoning method that went on to solve many crimes using seemingly inconsequential detail and invisible evidence. He became the only fictional character to be honoured by the Royal Chemistry Society, as scientists and detectives reveal many of the high-profile cases solved thanks to his ingenious techniques.

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