Get your tools ready - Australia's biggest renovation show is back! Guided by just five House Rules, the teams will each be given a designated zone in the house. They must draw on all their creative talents, determination and strategy to produce breathtaking reveals that impress not only the home owners but the judges. Add to my shows

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Episode 22 08x22
The teams are rewarded or scorned for their work on Lenore's house as their total scores are tallied and then displayed on the scoreboard. Which team will triumph and which will plummet? 

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Episode 21 08x21
It's a very emotional homecoming for Lenore who is impatient to see her newly transformed house. Will she be incredibly grateful to the teams for their handiwork, or bitterly disappointed?
Episode 20 08x20
Teams get stuck into Lenore's house and are tasked with creating a light Hampton's styled home with a nursery fit for a prince, AKA her grandson Aiden. Will they be able to deliver her dream home?
Episode 19 08x19
Lenore and Bradley finally get a rest this week whilst teams get stuck into Lenore's Greystanes house which is in desperate need of some love and affection.
Episode 18 08x18
We find our who will come out on top after renovating Rhys and Tamara's house as teams' total scores are tallied from top to bottom from the homeowners, judges and fellow contestants.
Episode 17 08x17
What will Rhys and Tamara think of their newly transformed house? Will they get the modern and minimalist place they had always dreamed of with a pumped up gym for Rhys?
Episode 16 08x16
Teams travel to Tamara and Rhys' house in Queensland to start renos on their place. Will the modern and minimalistic couple who bought their house at the last minute get their dream home?
Episode 15 08x15
The teams will be scored by the judges for their work on Tanya and Dave's house. Which team's final score will soar to the top of the leader board this week and which will sink to the bottom?
Episode 14 08x14
Get ready for tissues as Tanya, Dave and their beautiful family arrive home to see their newly transformed house.
Episode 13 08x13
Teams travel to Western Australia to renovate Tanya and Dave's Perth house which is big but not functional and in desperate need of an update to bring it into the 21st century.
Episode 12 08x12
Esteemed judges Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Kyly Clarke and Saul Myers score the teams' zones which will combine with the homeowners' scores to see who topped and bottomed this week's reno.

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