In this new weekly series, HGTV's House Hunters Renovation follows potential home buyers as they tour three for-sale homes and choose the one that is the perfect fixer-upper. In a House Hunters first, HGTV cameras also capture what happens after the home is purchased and the renovation project begins. Each episode features the new homeowners as they renovate and then reveal their new space. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

American Dream, Reno Reality 2018x27
This Reno Is The Cat's Meow 2018x26
By Land Or By Cell 2018x25
A Denver couple wants to leave city life behind and get back to the land. While they're eager to find a top-to-bottom renovation, they don't want to get in over their heads. The couple begins questioning the quality of their home, however, once problems arise after renovation.
Goodbye Parents, Hello Reno 2018x24
Reno's On, But Nobody's Home 2018x23
A New England couple is ready to buy a bigger home for their growing family. Once renovations begin on their home, they quickly realize they may be in way over their heads. With the pressure of raising two small children in a home that's under constant construction, they begin questioning their decisions and looking for ways to speed up the process. One winter storm after another puts them even further behind and digging trenches in the icy ground puts them at a standstill. If they can power through all the obstacles and find a lost appliance, however, they may be able to finally cook a family meal in their new kitchen.
A Family Affair 2018x22
West Hills, CA, newlyweds are eager to buy their first home together. He's a second-generation real estate agent so they're feeling confident they have the skills to lock in the perfect house but do they have what it takes to get through renovations when multiple surprises take a big chunk out of their budget? From abatement to potentially having to dig up a large part of their yard, they may have to make some design compromises and scale back on dream projects. In the end, they'll learn of yet another surprise that will change their lives forever.
The Wife Runs the Reno 2018x21
Season 15, Episode 4The Wife Runs the RenoDenver natives are searching the city for a larger home for their family of four. He bought their current home before meeting his wife, so she thinks it's her turn to get what she wants. But agreeing on a home, figuring out what style fits them both and learning the renovation ropes proves to be an exercise in compromise. When unexpected discoveries, budget overages and new projects are thrown into the mix, this couple is forced to learn some lessons the hard way.
A Renovation Surprise 2018x20
Midwestern transplants are leaving their Burbank, Calif., rental for more space and a better commute. They find a home, move in and begin a huge renovation -- only to find out they're expecting. A baby on the way puts pressure on the couple's contractor to stay on schedule and on budget, but structural issues may force them to rethink their plans.
Reno Budget Up The Chimney 2018x19
A Wall Of Problems 2018x18
Ron and Sylvia face several challenges in order to create their dream home.

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