In this new weekly series, HGTV's House Hunters Renovation follows potential home buyers as they tour three for-sale homes and choose the one that is the perfect fixer-upper. In a House Hunters first, HGTV cameras also capture what happens after the home is purchased and the renovation project begins. Each episode features the new homeowners as they renovate and then reveal their new space. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Girl Power Reno 2019x19
Till Reno Do Us Part 2019x18
Facing the Reno Music 2019x17
Musicians are looking to buy a home that can house their instruments; while he's more enthusiastic about renovating than she is, they both know that putting in some sweat equity is the only way they'll get a house that reflects their creative side.
Reno With a Roomie 2019x16
A Denver, Colo., transplant is ready to buy a home but doesn't know a lot about renovation; even with guidance, this inexperienced homeowner finds out how tough it can be to get through a major renovation.
Type A Reno 2019x15
Girl Power Reno 2019x14
Till Reno Do Us Part 2019x13
Facing the Reno Music 2019x12
Reno with a Roomie 2019x11
Renovation 911 2019x10

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