One of the most critically acclaimed shows in TV history, Homicide: Life on the Street reinvigorated a tired genre by focusing on the grueling work of solving murders instead of an endless succession of bloody crimes and car chases. Inspired by David Simon's Edgar Award-winning account of Baltimore homicide detectives and brought to television by writer Paul Attanasio and director Barry Levinson, Homicide boasted a powerhouse ensemble cast featuring Ned Beatty, Yaphet Kotto, Richard Belzer, and breakout star Andre Braugher. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Forgive Us Our Trespasses 07x22
Giardello receives a surprise visit from his daughter, Bayliss and Shepard try to bring a criminal to justice and Lewis and Falsone investigate a stabbing.
The Why Chromosome 07x21
Sheppard and Ballard investigate a teenage girl's murder, while Munch's fiancée asks him to settle a dispute between ex-lovers.
Lines of Fire 07x20
Giardello and Gharty get involved in a hostage situation in which a man holds his children at gunpoint and threatens to blow up an apartment building.
Identity Crisis 07x19
Munch and Bayliss attempt to identify a corpse stabbed in the medical examiner's room, while Lewis and Falsone investigate a man's murder during his barbecue.
Self Defense 07x18
An assistant U.S. attorney confesses to killing her ex-husband, but claims battered-spouse syndrome as her defense.
Zen and the Art of Murder 07x17
Bayliss rethinks his spiritual beliefs during the investigation of a Buddhist monk's murder.
Truth Will Out 07x16
A woman asks the police to reopen the case of her supposedly killing her baby brother by accident when she was 3 -- a case Giardello originally handled in 1972.
Sideshow 07x15
The New York and Baltimore detectives re-team to investigate the murder of a government worker and expose a connection to the White House.
A Case of Do or Die 07x14
Ballard and Bayliss must find out if a woman's death on the night before her wedding was murder or suicide. 07x13
A murderous webmaster announces on a website run by a homicide detective that he will kill women live and on-line at specified times and taunts the Baltimore police force to try and stop him from perpetrating the crimes.

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