The universal themes of family, parenting, the battle of the sexes -- and of course, man's need for "more power" -- come to play each and every weekday on Home Improvement. Every episode finds Tim the "Tool Man" Taylor causing his share of goof-ups and mishaps and leaving his long-suffering wife, Jill, family and friends to mop up the mess. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Backstage Pass 08x28
The Long And Winding Road (3) 08x27
Tim and Jill share a touching moment at Al's wedding; outtakes from the series eight seasons.
The Long And Winding Road (2) 08x26
Tim and Jill need to decide their future and reminisce about the past eight years; Al prepares to get married in the Taylor's backyard.
The Long And Winding Road (1) 08x25
Many changes are on the way for the Taylor's, starting with Tim's frustration with his new producer.
Dead Weight 08x24
TIm and Jill comfort Al when his mother dies; a new producer makes Tim's job at 'Tool Time' very unpleasant.
Trouble-A-Bruin 08x23
Brad decides to risk re-injuring his knee in order to try out for a soccer scholarship, Binford cracks down even more on what can be done on 'Tool Time' and takes all non-Binford tools away from the set.
Loose Lips And Freudian Slips 08x22
Jill's professor overhears her insult him while at Mark's film presentation, which puts her at odds with the thesis committee. 'Tool Time' does a salute to men with a Heidi hosting a Chili making special.
A Hardware Habit To Break 08x21
Tim decides to buy the hardware store from Harry, but wonders what he is doing wrong when it stops making money.
Neighbours 08x20
Wilson wins a large sum of money at a hockey game while with Tim and Brad and he decides to build a greenhouse which annoys Tim.
Love's Labour Lost (2) 08x19
Jill's mother visits to help Jill and Tim cope with the emotional highs and lows of Jill's surgery.

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