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season 24

31/12/2018 24x257
It's New Year's Eve in Hollyoaks, and in this hour-long special episode, Maxine, Sienna and Liberty get the party started at The Dog. Simone and Martine's father, Walter, pays his daughters a visit.
28/12/2018 24x256
It's Louis and Leela's wedding day in this hour-long special episode, and Louis's secrets start to unravel for all to see.
27/12/2018 24x255
Leela is very excited to be marrying Louis, but it seems Louis still has his ex-wife Simone on his mind. Meanwhile, Yazz causes trouble for Ste.
21/12/2018 24x254
In an hour-long special festive episode, the McQueens cause chaos on Christmas Day at The Dog, and more is revealed about Breda's past. Grace forces Liam to celebrate Christmas with his family.
20/12/2018 24x253
In an attempt to save Christmas, Breda and Goldie beg Sylver to sweet-talk Mercedes into getting them invited to Christmas Day dinner. Darren and Mandy tell the kids about the baby's condition, and Ollie starts to feel like a burden on the family.
19/12/2018 24x252
Hollyoaks High puts on a nativity play with a twist: female empowerment! It's a huge hit, until Donna-Marie takes centre stage for a big announcement. Mandy is unsure whether she can be honest with Darren.
18/12/2018 24x251
Juliet gets kicked off the school play after destroying the set decorations, so Donna-Marie decides to blackmail an old friend and get her daughter back on stage. Mandy has a realisation, and visits an old friend.
17/12/2018 24x250
Sinead crashes Laurie's lunch on a mission to impress, and pitches an idea for the nativity play. Ste plays nice with Yazz, but secretly seeks revenge, and Mandy finally tells Darren the truth about the baby.
14/12/2018 24x249
Brody is told to try and appeal the decision so he can finally close his case. After drowning his sorrows, he gets into a fight with Damon.
13/12/2018 24x248
While Grace is busy playing roulette, Lisa tries to steal the money from the safe to pay Jamie for Jesse's freedom. Brody finds out that the police are dropping his case against Buster.
12-12-2018 24x247
Prince goes into hospital for his operation. Liam is worried that he'll have to sell the salon after Jamie demands her money back for the dodgy vodka. Jamie kidnaps Jesse.
11-12-2018 24x246
Lily gets upset because she can't understand why Prince has been acting up recently. Romeo tells Lily that Prince is having an affair, and when she confronts him there's a huge argument.
10-12-2018 24x245
Prince has an ultrasound appointment but lies to Lily about his whereabouts. Liam is furious when Lisa does a pickup for him but accidentally buys a crate of dodgy vodka instead of the arranged deal.
07/12/2018 24x244
Cindy starts to think Dirk is haunting her, as Mac continues to play his mind games. Grace tries to convince Misbah that her gangster days are over, and Glenn's will leaves the family shocked.
06/12/2018 24x243
Farrah decides it's time Misbah and Grace got to know each other. All is going well until Misbah finds a deadly weapon. Nancy tries her hardest to convince Kyle to stick around.
05/12/2018 24x242
Sienna loses control in the classroom, but luckily Laurie saves the day. Cindy plans to get rid of Donna-Marie once and for all, and Nancy gives Mandy a second chance.
04/12/2018 24x241
Darren and Nancy continue their custody battle, but Mandy is suddenly rushed to hospital. Marnie and Cindy plot to get Donna-Marie out, but get a nasty surprise while searching for evidence.
03/12/2018 24x240
Cindy is back, and is horrified to discover her house has been taken over by Donna-Marie. Laurie is given a second chance job interview, but his dark past may interfere with his future.
30-11-2018 24x239
Darren has filed for full custody, and Kyle helps Nancy by hiring an old friend as her lawyer. The custody war begins.
29-11-2018 24x238
Sinead is convinced Laurie is cheating, and decides to get payback by causing chaos. Ste is determined to get the justice he deserves.
28-11-2018 24x237
It's Careers Fair at the school, and Simone and Louis sneak off to Sally's office for some forbidden fun. Will they get away with it? Yazz has a shocking confession to make.
27-11-2018 24x236
Tony is far from impressed that Diane has invited Sinead, Laurie and Hannah to live in their flat. As Ste prepares for Careers Fair at Hollyoaks High, he hears a mysterious noise and goes to check it out - with dire consequences.
26-11-2018 24x235
It's the day of Tegan's funeral, but Ste has war on his mind. Donna-Marie strikes a deal with Monster Mac - could it be her family's ticket to happiness?
23/11/2018 24x234
Simone helps Leela as she breaks down ahead of Tegan's funeral. Misbah is worrying about the repercussions of Ste's murder accusations, while James buys Romeo a new pair of shoes.
22/11/2018 24x233
James vows to be a better dad than Mac could ever be. Louis asks Prince what's wrong, and Prince opens up about how terrified he is about the lump he has.
21-11-2018 24x232
Donna Marie's daughter Juliet is joining Hollyoaks High. Damon tries to play matchmaker with Sienna and Brody, while James is organising a networking event at The Hutch.
20-11-2018 24x231
It's Lily's 18th birthday, and Prince seems to have forgotten. Mac tells Marnie to come along to Alfie's psychological assessment, against Alfie's wishes.
#KillerMcQueen 24x230
Lily wants to spend the day with Prince, but he keeps rushing off and acting strangely. Meanwhile, Damon decides to steal some cocktail recipes from The Loft, and Louis is playing family peacemaker.
16-11-2018 24x229
It's Mercedes and Russ's wedding day. Mercedes reminisces about her failed marriages. Liam receives a delivery of poison labelled 'karma', and has Grace tied up in the office.
15-11-2018 24x228
Breda and Jack have an awkward meeting. Courtney fights with Jesse about him pretending to be her boyfriend to social services.
14-11-2018 24x227
Russ loses his temper with Max. Jack's excited about his date, but Breda tells Sylver she's too busy for romance. Courtney meets with social services about Iona.
13-11-2018 24x226
Lisa Loveday returns to Hollyoaks. Lisa admits that she met a guy in Thailand but things didn't end well. Mercedes questions why Goldie is so miserable at her pre-wedding festivities.
12-11-2018 24x225
Harley tells Peri that she's quit school. Jack asks Breda to look after Charlie as part of his plan to woo her. Sinead sets up a meeting for Laurie with Sally at the school.
09-11-2018 24x224
Russ buys Mercedes a necklace, but Goldie demands to have it. Tom invites Peri to spend the day with Steph, and she realises how much she's missed out on.
08-11-2018 24x223
Sinead tells Ste and Diane that she is picking Hannah up from the airport. Peri and Harley ditch school for the day. Harley lies about acing her classes.
07-11-2018 24x222
Leela takes the flowers sent by Martine as condolence for Tegan, and Louis manages to rip up the accompanying card before it's seen. Liam brings Iona to Courtney, and blackmails her.
06-11-2018 24x221
The WAGs call Kim to talk some sense into Maxine. Martine plans to out her cheating husband by ordering flowers to Leela's house, with a card addressed to her 'Yogi Bear'.
05-11-2018 24x220
Darren goes against Mandy's wishes and visits Nancy. Farrah encourages Cleo to eat out, and must keep her end of the deal. Martine tells Louis she's moving to the village.
02-11-2018 24x219
Liam is still suspicious of the Wags. Maxine is shocked to find out that Glenn left Minnie £20k. Cleo strikes a deal to eat a meal in the pub if Farrah goes out for a drink with Grace.
01-11-2018 24x218
Sienna convinces Brody to testify, and he then asks Sienna out to dinner to celebrate. Brooke is trying to cheer Ollie up, but he doesn't want to be protected and shouts at her.
31-10-2018 24x217
It's Buster's plea hearing in court, and Damon manages to convince Brody to go along. Sienna is trying to persuade Sally to give her a chance, and breaks into a classroom to teach.
30-10-2018 24x216
Darren decides to move out for Ollie's sake, but after Darren apologises to Ollie, he opens up about the plea hearing. Damon visits Buster in prison and tries to force a confession.
29-10-2018 24x215
Ollie receives Buster's plea hearing letter, and talks to Brody. Sylver sees that the phone Max found in the storm is his, with the text message revealing his one-night stand with Mercedes.
26/10/2018 24x214
Sinead is back and she heads to see Diane and Tony first. It's Rose's birthday party and Scott is booked as the entertainment! Misbah tells Imran that they are going to the police.
25/10/2018 24x213
The storm causes a dramatic structural collapse putting several lives in danger, while Mercedes and Goldie are in competition with each other about who can make the best cocktail.
24/10/2018 24x212
The violent storm has forced everyone inside and they are camped out at The Dog. But Lily is worried when she sees Romeo outside, and sneaks out to check on him when Prince is distracted.
23/10/2018 24x211
Romeo finds Lily alone and professes his love for her. Diane tells Tony she still loves him and is willing to give things a second try. Rose refers to Diane as her mum, which devastates Tegan.
22/10/2018 24x210
It's Ste and Harry's wedding day, but Goldie forgot to pass the message on to Mercedes that The Dog is meant to be catering. And James is using Romeo to help him expose his affair with Harry.
19/10/2018 24x209
Romeo decides to blackmail Harry into giving him some money, and the doctors plan to wake Dee Dee from her coma to see if the seizures have stopped.
18/10/2018 24x208
It's Dee Dee and Rose's birthday. Diane and Tony have bought them both bikes, and Tegan promises to give her daughter the best birthday. Kim decides it's time for her to leave.
17/10/2018 24x207
Donna Marie turns up at Prince and Lily's flat asking for money. Marnie decides to take James out for a mother and son bonding day.
16/10/2018 24x206
The WAGs are celebrating that Glenn is finally out of their lives, or so they think. Joel pays Father Marcus a visit, and Liam surprises Jesse.
15/10/2018 24x205
Grace finally puts her plan into action to manipulate Jay into killing Glenn. Meanwhile, Goldie offers to help Jesse plan a party for Glenn's birthday now he's out of hospital.
12/10/2018 24x204
Grace asks DS Roxy for help in getting rid of Glenn, but she thinks it's a terrible idea. Martine threatens to tell Simone who she has secretly married, but Louis rushes to stop her.
11/10/2018 24x203
Louis is struggling to keep his three women secret, but there's an awkward silence with Simone when he and Leela go shopping in Price Slice. Grace fills Glenn in on her plans for their final job before they go to Spain.
#DontFilterFeelings 24x202
This World Mental Health Day special episodefollows Cleo McQueen's ongoing battle with bulimia in the build-up to her wedding day to Joel.
09/10/2018 24x201
Jack breaks into the workshop in disguise to try and find out what is going on with Sylver and Mercedes. Tegan lets Rose skip school and takes her to the salon for a pamper day.
08-10-2018 24x200
Leela is excited to have Louis back, but he seems to want to get something off his chest. Nana and Goldie are taking over the wedding plans as they organise a double wedding for Mercedes and Cleo.
05-10-2018 24x199
Brody tells Damon he has a connection with Sienna, but Damon advises him to stay away. Joel is back and reunited with fiancée Cleo. Donna-Marie needs money fast.
04-10-2018 24x198
Damon discovers that Brody used his identity to visit Buster in prison. Lily knows it was Romeo who broke into James's flat, so she's keen for Romeo to move out.
03-10-2018 24x197
Brody uses Damon's ID to visit Buster in prison; he wants an apology, but Buster once again belittles him. Sienna and Liberty are bonding over nail varnish and boy chat.
02-10-2018 24x196
Romeo freezes when he comes face to face with his dad. Sienna invites Liberty to move in with her. Mac spray paints over Neeta's mural, while Damon receives a visiting order from Buster.
01-10-2018 24x195
Nancy tells Kyle that she won't stop until she tears Darren and Mandy apart. Romeo and Prince are trying to come up with another money-making scheme, while Hunter confronts Mac.
28/09/2018 24x194
Brody is trying his best to woo Liberty again. A reformed Sienna asks Sally if she could be a trainee teacher at Hollyoaks High. Hunter returns from Brighton and is horrified to see Mac is back in the village.
27/09/2018 24x193
Darren is planning a grand gesture for Nancy. Breda is feeling taken for granted by Leela. It's Sienna's trial; she is released and greeted by Nancy, who needs her help.
26/09/2018 24x192
It's the day Luke has been dreading in court. Mandy pleads with Scott to stand up in court and defend Luke. Charlie and Oscar overhear an argument between Nancy and Darren and want to know what's going on.
#OaksLoveAffair 24x191
Luke is contemplating drinking again, and Ollie is furious that he would betray him and break their pact. Brody advises Ollie to support his dad and show him he's not alone. Goldie does Ella's makeup, McQueen style!
24/09/2018 24x190
Brody and Damon are shocked to find out who now owns The Dog, and Brody decides to organise a fundraiser for Ollie. Nancy and Darren are meeting with the social worker to see if they can officially foster Brooke.
21/09/2018 24x189
Darren wants to make Brooke a safe space where she can go when she feels stressed. Imran convinces Ollie not to give up his football dream and Mandy catches them bunking off school.
20/09/2018 24x188
It's the first day back at school and Ollie makes an entrance with Imran and Brooke. Diane tells Tegan she doesn't have a say in what treatment Dee Dee will be given, so Tegan hires James as her lawyer.
19/09/2018 24x187
Ste makes a heartfelt video pleading for Tony to come home, while Dee Dee doesn't recognise Tegan due to her condition.
18/09/2018 24x186
Imran discovers that Yazz has been drugging him with pills for anxiety. Breda tells Mercedes that Sylver is in love with her, while James is horrified to find Mac is back in the village.
17-09-2018 24x185
Auntie Kameela is coming for lunch and Misbah is determined to prove to her that their family isn't a shambles. Cindy has a new and unwelcome house guest, while Breda plays Cupid.
14-09-2018 24x184
Russ can't decide what to do about Mercedes. Sylver offers him some advice, putting his own feelings aside. Alfie believes everyone is turning against him.
13-09-2018 24x183
Russ and Mercedes are due to meet Father Dan regarding their wedding, but Russ thinks his future bride is a serial killer... Alfie accidentally blurts out to Ellie that Mac has woken up.
12-09-2018 24x182
James and Marnie decide Ellie mustn't know that Mac is awake before she leaves for her trip. Russ is disturbed by the number of Mercedes' partners who have died. Holly leaves a mess around the house to soften the blow of her leaving.
11-09-2018 24x181
Alfie visits Mac in hospital. Yazz and Marnie follow him as they believe he's hearing things again, and they are shocked to see a responsive Mac. Kim is gutted when she isn't released from hospital because Farrah changed her records.
10-09-2018 24x180
Hollyoaks High is re-opening and Breda has written a school application for Harley against her wishes. Harley throws a tantrum when she finds out. The WAGs come up with a plan to expose Glenn during the re-opening.
07-09-2018 24x179
Peri and Harley are thinking about going back to school and university. Glenn returns to the village, much to Grace and Maxine's disappointment.
06-09-2018 24x178
Imran heads to Ollie's place to offer some support and play video games. Scott's social media is bombarded with abuse after Buster reveals his full name to the press.
05-09-2018 24x177
Scott convinces Diane that he didn't do anything, while Darren tries to comfort Mandy but she can't forgive him for ending their relationship.
#BreakTheSilence 24x176
Darren finally decides to call things off with Mandy, but tells her that if she needs a fresh start, she should still leave Luke. Scott feels awful about ruining Diane's cake and attempts to replicate it.
03-09-2018 24x175
Damon is desperate to get back with Holly. He spots her out running and Brody gives him a little push to speak to her. Scott offers to help Diane prepare for Ollie's leaving party but accidentally drops the cake she's baked.
31/08/2018 24x174
Damon visits Holly and gives her some flowers - he's trying to make amends and support her after everything that has happened. Ollie and Brody have a kick about in the car park, and Brody tells Ollie he is living his dream.
30/08/2018 24x173
Asha leaves for Brighton for two weeks, so she and Hunter have a goodbye barbeque. Buster tells Ollie he impressed a Real Madrid manager and he wants to send him off to training with the youth squad.
29/08/2018 24x172
Ellie finds out Marnie has cleared out all the money in their business account to refurbish the flat. Romeo plucks up the courage to contact his dad, James.
28/08/2018 24x171
Romeo opens up to Prince about his father not wanting to know him - Prince and Lily are sympathetic and try to help. And the Cunningham family scatter Dirk's ashes.
27/08/2018 24x170
Sami dresses as an airline pilot and asks Ellie to travel around the world with her. Imran's behaviour towards Misbah improves, while Romeo and Prince are throwing another rave, this time with DJ Hype.
24/08/2018 24x169
Romeo is still trying his best to impress Lily. Misbah nearly tells her doctor about the abuse she is suffering from Imran, but ends up covering for him again.
23/08/2018 24x168
Brooke is at Imran's house for lunch when she suffers a sensory overload from the smell of Imran's aftershave. Ste is on a mission to find Tony, who is still missing.
22/08/2018 24x167
Glenn and Jesse share a heart-warming moment as Jesse thanks Glenn for his encouragement to do the right thing by Courtney.
21/08/2018 24x166
Courtney and Jesse argue after Jesse tells Courtney he feels he is being taken for granted. Grace is gutted to find out Glenn has slept with someone else.
20/08/2018 24x165
Simone arrives at Price Slice to find it has been broken into and trashed. Darren and Mandy's affair continues as they end up kissing.
17/08/2018 24x164
While Cindy is in Milo's room, she finds an address for his lock-up. Sally gives Glenn an earful for being late on the school build.
16/08/2018 24x163
It's Dirk's funeral and Milo is trying to get his hands on the camcorder footage before Cindy plays it at the wake. At the Osbornes', Tom is putting off opening his A-level exam results
15/08/2018 24x162
Liberty is cold towards Milo after kissing him the previous night. Cindy wants to watch the footage of Dirk from the camcorder recording he made for Holly before her wedding.
14/08/2018 24x161
The McQueens fly back to Hollyoaks to a shocking revelation, while Liberty tries to hatch a plan to cheer Cindy up.
13-08-2018 24x160
The McQueens arrive in Magaluf and reunite with Mercedes for her hen do, at which she finally reveals that her mystery groom is Russ Owen.
10-08-2018 24x159
The McQueens are trying to figure out who Mercedes' fiancé is as they prepare for their trip to Magaluf. Goldie and Sylver work on Aunty Myra in order to try and persuade her to let Sylver have the spare ticket to fly to Magaluf with the girls.
09-08-2018 24x158
Marnie gives Buster a licensee application for The Dog. He is to become a new landlord! Harley returns and Peri is delighted.
08-08-2018 24x157
Nancy accompanies Brooke on her date with Imran. Scott is concerned about Ollie when he hears that he missed football training.
07-08-2018 24x156
Yazz tries to make Misbah see that Imran has serious anger issues after he punched Ollie. Harry attempts to visit James to tell him he's found proof that he is innocent.
06/08/2018 24x155
Ste pitches to have the Lunch Box made a permanent food supplier to the school. Luke receives a court summons after his drink driving incident, but he hides it from Mandy.
03/08/2018 24x154
Harry sneaks a phone into the prison for James. Ollie and Imran battle for Brooke's affection.
02/08/2018 24x153
Ellie creates a baby photo backdrop for her and Sami so they can announce the news as soon as they've had the scan. Ste pitches to Sally to have his food business permanently at the school.
01/08/2018 24x152
Romeo spots messages and missed calls on Prince's phone from Lily. He decides to visit Lily at the hospital to cheer her up.
31/07/2018 24x151
Ellie and Sami bicker over baby names, and then agree to let Marnie pick a name out of a hat. Romeo continues to flirt and annoy Lily.
30/07/2018 24x150
Prince agrees to Romeo's proposition to hold more raves. Simone is flustered, and a new flirtatious side to her emerges when Sylver is the topless handyman.
27/07/2018 24x149
Prince comes up with a plan to make more money and suggests to Glenn he hire Hunter to paint the mural at the school.
26/07/2018 24x148
Lily surprises Prince with a honeymoon in the park, while Leela has more than a handful babysitting Rose, Daniel and Iona.
25/07/2018 24x147
It's Yazz's beach themed birthday rave, which seems to be a success. Harry goes to visit James in prison.
24/07/2018 24x146
Lily decides she wants to quit her job for unpaid hospital work experience, and it's Damon and Holly's wedding day.
2018-07-23 24x145
Holly struggles with the revelation that Zack is in love with her. Hunter decides to throw Yazz an Ibiza beach-rave themed party for her 18th birthday.
20/07/2018 24x144
Damon begs Zack to help him throw a hen do for Holly after she organises a football-themed celebration for Damon.
#Tony 24x143
Diane and Tony are told Dee Dee must undergo a potentially fatal treatment to get better. They are all reluctant and decide the treatment is too risky.
18/07/2018 24x142
Ellie is trying her best to make everything perfect for Alfie coming out of hospital. Alfie opens up to Yazz and, unable to contain her feelings, Yazz gives him a kiss, which he reciprocates.
17/07/2018 24x141
Sylver is ready for his first day of work at The Emporium, but business is slow. Tegan plans to surprise Dee Dee with Disney princesses, as her application to go to Disneyland is declined.
#OaksLoveAffair 24x140
Nancy is in hospital after collapsing from another MS attack. When Jack and Darren come to visit her, she tells them she is going to be in a wheelchair for a while.
13/07/2018 24x139
The football team return from Barcelona, but Ollie is fed up when Buster hands him the team kit to wash. The Cheshire Foodie is coming to review The Hutch and Mandy is busy getting prepared.
12/07/2018 24x138
Peri is trying her best to find Harley and comes up with an idea of opening a soup kitchen, but she tricks Joel and Ste into running it.
11/07/2018 24x137
Zack is under Glenn's control since threatening Simone's safety. But is he acting as Glenn's reluctant mole when he asks Grace for a job later at The Loft?
10/07/2018 24x136
The salon isn't doing well for business. Jesse lies to Courtney that he has sorted all the bills, but later the electricity turns off.
09/07/2018 24x135
Marnie bumps into Yazz at The Magic Bean and asks for her help with Alfie. Fran sends Nancy a note asking her to meet up.
06/07/2018 24x134
Cleo is feeling stressed out with wedding planning and she hasn't even found her wedding dress, but Myra comes up with a plan.
05/07/2018 24x133
Marnie visits Alfie in hospital where she and Yazz learn that Alfie's diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder means that he will be on medication for the rest of his life. Glenn and Maxine scatter Adam's ashes.
04/07/2018 24x132
Ellie is taken to hospital when she collapses in a moment of light-headedness. Farrah receives an offer for her dream job, but it means she'll be away a lot and she doesn't think Kim will cope.
03/07/2018 24x131
Tegan is finally coming home from hospital and Leela is in panic mode trying to get everything ready. Misbah visits Buster and is determined to fix her relationship with Imran.
#JamesFlashback 24x130
This special episode features James, who is drunk and dishevelled with a notice board of names of people he thinks are out to seek revenge against him. A flashback sees James land his first role at law firm Forbes Carney.
29/06/2018 24x129
James is struggling to come to terms with Kyle's disappearance, while Tegan is finally allowed to leave hospital, but she's not happy about it.
28/06/2018 24x128
Misbah lends Imran her credit card to buy new football boots, but Ollie convinces him to spend it on alcohol. When Misbah finds out about it she cancels Imran's trip, and this leads Imran's anger to escalate.
27/06/2018 24x127
Buster is fundraising to take the team to Barcelona and goes to Ollie for help. Imran asks Misbah for the deposit for the trip, but she tells him they can't afford it.
26/06/2018 24x126
Goldie falsely accuses Jesse of scarring her in the salon in a desperate attempt to get cash. Brody helps Milo on his date with Liberty, which goes from bad to worse.
25/06/2018 24x125
Joel decides to focus on Cleo's health and buys them both fitness watches, while Holly is worried she's made a big mistake.
22/06/2018 24x124
Louis has secretly booked flights to Hong Kong, but what will Leela think? And Holly prepares to ask Damon a serious question about her future.
#NightmareNico 24x123
Myra finds out some shocking news about Joel and blames him again for Cleo's upset. Cleo feels guilty knowing that Joel's actions have nothing to do with her problems, but will she open up?
20/06/2018 24x122
Harley and Peri have been roped in to work for Damon and Brody, but Harley isn't handling it well. A drunken Luke embarrasses Ollie, while Joel finds something concerning in Cleo's coat pocket. Louis gets a job offer in Hong Kong.
#DontFilterFeelings 24x121
Nico tries to break out of her bedroom, but will Sienna catch her? Damon and Brody are starting a new business venture. Cleo is hiding her struggles from Joel, but how long can she continue?
18/06/2018 24x120
Luke is back on the wagon, leaving Ollie to rebel against the rules. Sienna is planning to move, but Nico has another idea in mind.
15/06/2018 24x119
Mandy and Darren relight their flame, and the Donovans prepare for Adam's funeral. Buster offers to give Ollie some private sessions to help him improve his football skills.
14/06/2018 24x118
Luke is drinking heavily and Mandy covers for him, but how long until everyone discovers the truth? Farrah and Grace share a moment, and Maxine gives DS Roxy too much information.
13/06/2018 24x117
Grace sets up a trap to secure a confession about who really killed her brother - but does she have the right person? Farrah encourages Kim to get out of the house, but it doesn't end well.
12/06/2018 24x116
Grace is on a mission to find out what really happened to Adam. Ste and Harry prepare for the MS charity event, but is everything about to come crashing down for the couple?
11/06/2018 24x115
James wants to make sure Harry is back on the straight and narrow, and Sami gives Kyle the wrong idea. Liberty covers for Milo, Cindy employs her experiences to help Alfie, and Ste tries to use Nancy to promote his business.
08/06/2018 24x114
Ste is furious that Harry isn't putting any effort into their new business. Harry manages to gather some money and tells Ste it's from his club promotion job, but all is not as it seems.
07/06/2018 24x113
This special mental health episode focuses on Alfie, who has barricaded himself in at the Cunninghams' house surrounded by papers and calculations. He is manic, but everyone knows he's unwell.
06/06/2018 24x112
The new villager is searching for somewhere to stay, but it's not looking promising. Tom confides in Marnie about Alfie, but when Alfie overhears the conversation, he gets the wrong end of the stick.
05/06/2018 24x111
It's Harley's birthday party, but Nico has been watching Peri and Harley's relationship from afar and clearly has a plan. Yazz and Tom are increasingly worried about Alfie, while Hunter gets into a state. Dirk is shocked by a new arrival.
04/06/2018 24x110
A social worker visits the Maaliks after allegations of abuse, while Milo is trying to get Cindy and Dirk back together. Prince has a plan to get some extra cash, but Lily won't approve. Peri is busy planning a party for Harley.
01/06/2018 24x109
Prince and Lily accidentally break their TV but Prince proudly tells Lily he has the money to buy a new one. He buys a knock-off TV from a dodgy contact of Goldie and Myra's but will he tell Lily the truth?
31/05/2018 24x108
Misbah tries to mend another problem in Imran's life but ends up making it worse, while Peri is organising a birthday party for Harley and decides to invite one of her relatives without letting Harley know.
30/05/2018 24x107
mran lies to spite his mum letting him down, and ruins a piece of work she helped Yazz with. Marnie's dinner party doesn't quite go to plan when she ends up on the sofa drinking wine with Myra the hired help.
29/05/2018 24x106
Kyle is becoming wary of the revenge plan, while Harry thinks he's helping Ste out with a problem, but could he be making it worse? Marnie is trying to show off her newly decorated apartment and Imran is devastated when Misbah breaks a promise.
28/05/2018 24x105
Leah has sold a story to a gossip magazine and Ste is furious - how will she worm her way out of this one? An old face turns up in the village making financial demands. Ollie confides in Buster, while Sami pushes Kyle to keep going with their revenge plan on James.
25/05/2018 24x104
Scott is with Dee Dee as Tony and Diane wait for news. Tony tries to make a milkshake for Dee Dee, but ends up electrocuting himself in the process and cutting the electrics in The Hutch.
24/05/2018 24x103
Darren and Mandy meet at the Osbornes' alone - is this a recipe for disaster? Maxine is on a mission, while Tony and Diane continue to argue over Dee Dee's treatment.
23/05/2018 24x102
Darren, Mandy, Luke and Nancy make plans for a party at The Hutch. The couples all seem happy, and Mandy and Darren talk about just being friends and nothing more, but will they be able to resist temptation?
22/05/2018 24x101
Adam is trying to warn Maxine about Glenn, but Glenn is getting in the way. Meanwhile, Yazz attempts to offer Alfie support, but the voice in Alfie's head encourages him to decline.
21/05/2018 24x100
Glenn knows there's another grass in the village and he is suspicious of one unlucky person. Meanwhile, Tom tells Yazz some false information that could leave her heartbroken.
18/05/2018 24x99
Glenn is giving Grace a hard time, telling her to pull herself together. He continues to put her down, but it's one step too far when Grace is reduced to tears. Could this be enough for Grace to call it a day?
17/05/2018 24x98
Glenn and Adam know Zack has some information on them and come up with a plan to stop him breathing a word, but is it enough or could it be too late? And Tom is concerned about Alfie's behaviour when he makes a grand gesture.
16/05/2018 24x97
Everybody is in high spirits at The Dog. Goldie and Myra have decided to give up alcohol, but is all as it seems? Sienna is mentioned in conversation, but Cleo is not pleased.
15/05/2018 24x96
Zack overhears some sensitive business information from Glenn and Adam - could he reveal their real job titles? Sienna is panicking as the clock counts down and later receives a knock at the door.
14/05/2018 24x95
Cleo and Joel's relationship has already hit a bump, but could a conversation with James help Joel resolve things? Dirk is caught in a trap set up by Milo, Damon is trying to win Holly back, and somebody continues to watch Sienna.
11/05/2018 24x94
James goes to visit his dad at the home, while Milo continues to receive threats from Theo - could his secret be blown? Marnie opens up to Buster about something awful she did in the past.
10/05/2018 24x93
Kyle begins arranging his new plan for revenge, but will it work? Yazz confronts Tony and Diane, while Milo lies to Cindy to avoid Theo returning to the village.
09/05/2018 24x92
Nancy discovers Kyle's new plan to take revenge on James, while Sami gives Imran a stern warning, and Harry begins to rethink about his relationship with Ste.
08/05/2018 24x91
Misbah is mortified when a welfare officer organises a home visit, and Harry once again turns to James for help. Tony and Diane prepare to get Dee Dee's results back.
07/05/2018 24x90
Ste, Harry, Leah and Lucas are in jeopardy on their camping trip, while Leela discovers she's been broken into. Kim is getting weaker by the day, and Misbah finds out that Imran has been skipping school.
04/05/2018 24x89
Farrah ends up in a scary situation, while Kim is close to the end. Damon gets the wrong end of the stick, and Marnie is concerned by Alfie's recent actions - will they discover something is wrong?
03/05/2018 24x88
Farrah confides in Grace - could something more than a friendship be developing? Harry suggests a camping trip with Ste and the kids, but recent events cause a problem. Zack tries his best to keep Damon and Holly split up.
02/05/2018 24x87
Alfie is increasingly manic and makes a life-changing decision. Ryan gives Farrah an ultimatum, while Hunter is close to telling Prince about his anxiety, but will something get in the way?
01/05/2018 24x86
Maxine is still furious with Adam but Glenn gives Grace the challenge of sorting it out. Alfie embraces his wild side, while Farrah is getting nowhere in her search for Kim. And it seems that Lily and Prince's relationship is on the rocks.
30/04/2018 24x85
Goldie and Myra discover something about Prince and Lily, while Alfie is convinced a meteorite is coming to Hollyoaks. Adam's dark thoughts cause him to lash out.
27/04/2018 24x84
DS Roxy texts Adam to meet up and he gives her details on a new job he's doing, but Roxy explains that he must get his dad on the job for them to catch him. Alfie gets more frustrated by the voices he is hearing and turns Tom away when he arrives to hang out.
26/04/2018 24x83
Adam lies to Maxine when she catches him in the middle of a deal - but will she believe him? Later on, Adam is persuaded by Glenn to do another job, but again it's outside the law.
25/04/2018 24x82
Jack leaves the hospital with exceptionally good news, but what has got him so high? Sienna makes contact with an old acquaintance, and Adam continues to hide the truth from Maxine - but how long will it last?
24/04/2018 24x81
Sienna panics about an encrypted email she's received, while Esther reveals some truths that could jeopardise Darcy and Jack's future. Jesse tries to make amends with Goldie and Courtney, but they have other ideas.
23/04/2018 24x80
Leela is concerned about Peri, while Esther and Nancy use Adam to try and prove to Jack that Darcy isn't good for him. Sienna gets a terrifying message and is suspicious of Misbah, while Yaz tries to help Hunter.
20/04/2018 24x79
Myra discovers some devastating news about Cleo. Esther is furious when Darcy begins to replace the memory of her gran, while Yaz has some truths to tell Hunter.
19/04/2018 24x78
Following a huge row, Peri has to fend for herself on the streets after being kicked out by her mum in this Hollyoaks special episode.
18/04/2018 24x77
Louis and Leela have a temporary visitor at the house, but is all as it seems? Myra discovers Cleo has been kicked out of uni and tries to encourage her to go back, but will Cleo choose her education over her love for Joel?
17/04/2018 24x76
Ollie puts Luke's future on the line and Louis is suspicious of the new girl in the village. Damon asks for Buster's help over problems with Brody, but what will Buster do?
16/04/2018 24x75
It's Luke's birthday, but will it end in tears when Mandy gets jealous? Leela is shocked by a new face in the village and Damon is furious about Brody's new plans. Milo is acting shifty again; what is he hiding?
13/04/2018 24x74
Mandy, Luke and Ollie are surprised by a visitor in the village, while Buster and Brody clash over decisions for Damon. Cindy suggests a mother and daughter night for Holly, but will it end in disaster?
12/04/2018 24x73
Mandy and Luke are very happy, but when Luke asks if he can adopt Ella, how will Mandy react? Kim is finding ways to occupy herself, but her patience is wearing thin.
11/04/2018 24x72
Leah is demanding answers, while Leela turns to Tegan for support. Kyle backtracks on his original plan, but could James's next move make Kyle rethink again?
10/04/2018 24x71
Ste faces a very hard decision, but how far will he go to protect his family? Kyle assists James with an important legal problem, while Farrah is there to help when Diane struggles with Dee Dee.
09/04/2018 24x70
Leela and Ste clash over Tegan's care, while Ste makes a shocking discovery. James questions Kyle over texts on his phone, while Diane and Tony prepare for vlogger Amelia Gething to review The Hutch.
2018-04-06 24x69
Ellie tries to cheer Alfie up with stargazing and a picnic, but Alfie's mind is elsewhere. And Diane is beginning to worry about Dee Dee's behaviour.
2018-04-05 24x68
Alfie struggles after recent events, while Misbah confides in the wrong person about Tegan's health. And a nasty comment gives Kyle a motive.
2018-04-04 24x67
The Nightingale family are furious when they discover what Yas and Imran have done, but Buster tries to make amends. Myra is wary of Cleo, while Kyle is making all the right moves with James. Ryan's secret could be revealed, but how?
#MaaliksPlan 24x66
Sienna lies again to keep Joel by her side, but later confides in Myra about their problems. Farrah is suspicious of Grace and Glenn's relationship, while Yas and Imran have a plan to take James Nightingale down. And Sami continues to push Kyle.
#FaithfulJoel 24x65
Sienna surprises Joel with a present, but he continues to lie to her - will she discover the truth? Leela and Ste are delighted by a progression with Tegan, but the happiness ends quickly. And Grace and Glenn continue their battle of wills.
#KillerKnight 24x64
Ryan turns to Glenn for help but will he agree? Grace jeopardises a new deal for Glenn, while Myra offers Sienna some words of advice.
#McQueenFire 24x63
Ryan is panicking about the recent news on Tegan - could the truth be closing in on him?
#BackstabberAdam 24x62
Leela gets some news about Tegan and a familiar face returns to the village with an announcement prepared. Glenn gives Adam a new order and one family's lives are at risk.
#KillerKnight 24x61
DS Roxy reveals some life-changing news to Adam but what will he decide to do next? Shane and Simone have a heart to heart and she sees through his bad boy demeanour.
#KnightsOut 24x60
Leah prepares to make an announcement at Amy's memorial, while Adam is turning to alcohol to deal with his problems. Shane thinks he may have a chance with Simone just as Jesse gets a visiting order from Goldie.
#RyRysReturn 24x59
Leah puts her plan into action but will it work? Grace asks Adam to help her out but it's a risky job that could cost Adam his life.
#DivaLeah 24x58
Buster and Brody clash over advice for Damon, while DS Thorpe inadvertently gives Leah a secret plan to get what she wants. Leela hears some devastating news about Peri.
#CunninghamKiss 24x57
Cindy is preparing to make a speech to the village, but Tom makes sure he steals the limelight. Nancy and Darren continue to have difficulties, but could some father and son bonding help Darren realise what's the best course of action?
#MysteriousMilo 24x56
Cindy prepares to launch her business, while Tony is onto Milo, but will Milo be able to stop him before the truth is discovered? Damon and Brody prepare for Maggie's funeral but a new life venture for Damon ends in disaster.
#OaksLoveAffair 24x55
Luke and Mandy prepare for their trip to Florida but could Luke's past habits cause a problem? It looks like Darcy's plan could have failed for good, while Cindy embarks on a new business venture but Tony isn't happy. And Damon has a big decision to make.
#OaksLoveAffair 24x54
Darcy makes an announcement to the Osbornes, but they're not happy. Cindy is in trouble and being a big mouth could cause her some serious problems.
#OaksLoveAffair 24x53
Nancy confronts Darren about their problems, but how will he cover up his affair with Mandy? Misbah offers to help Joel, but this could become a problem for Sienna. Buster gives Ollie a motivational talk.
#SiennaBlake 24x52
Sienna tells one of her biggest lies. Darren and Nancy return from their holiday. James gives Kyle some rules, while Ollie is struggling with pressure from his dad and lashes out at Imran.
#SiennaBlake 24x51
Sienna ends up in a dangerous situation, but will anyone be there to help? Ellie has had enough of Sami's lies, while Ella is feeling left out by Luke.
#SiennaBlake 24x50
Sienna gets a shock when she returns home - could her 'justice' card of fate be playing its part? Marnie tries to hide her tag from Buster, while Kyle has a plan to get the man.
#SiennaVsCleo 24x49
Joel tries to help Cleo out, but Sienna is not happy. She goes to extreme lengths to keep her man.
#TheDonovans 24x48
Adam makes a big change in his life but could he end up in hot water? Zack makes the wrong assumption, while Sally and Myra admit their love for each other - but will it be enough?
#HunterMcQueen 24x47
Sally and Myra build up to telling Nana they are more than just friends, while Zack offers Holly support. Hunter is still struggling with the loss of Neeta, and Yasmine reveals more than she should.
#PrilyWedding 24x46
Diane is horrified by Shane's actions but ends up teaming up with him, while Lily prepares for her big day. Prince has a battle on his hands, Damon is sorting through his mum's things, and Adam is furious with Glenn's actions.
#Prily 24x45
It's the day of Prince's stag do and Lily's hen do, but their families are still trying to ruin their big day. Maxine thinks about Minnie's future, while Finn and Tony are suspicious of Milo. And Prince gets a shock.
#DeviousDarcy 24x44
Jack wakes up next to Darcy and is all confused, leading Darcy to lie about the previous night. And Scott agrees to help Diane sabotage Prince and Lily's wedding.
#CindySchemes 24x43
Mandy becomes jealous of Darren and Nancy, while Cindy starts a new venture. She goes to Tom for £20,000 but he turns her down - how will she get the money now? Milo discovers something that could reveal his secret, and Darcy begins to cause problems for the Osbornes.
#PeriLomax 24x42
Leela makes a video hoping Peri will see it on social media. And Darcy ups her plan to get Jack Osborne's money.
#OaksLoveAffair 24x41
Darren and Mandy make excuses for their absence, while an old friend returns with a present for Tony. But the friendship soon turns sour.
#OaksLoveAffair 24x40
Luke suggests moving in with Mandy, but what will that mean for her affair with Darren? Louis and Simone clash over money, while Ste is worried that Leah is going to reveal a big secret. Buster sets up his football academy, and Marnie misses a very important message.
#AdamDonovan 24x39
Mandy finds information about Darren's past that infuriates her, while Leela's drinking to numb the pain goes too far. Adam and Glenn try to build bridges, and Farrah ends up in the abandoned Hollyoaks High, but will she find Kim?
#AdamDonovan 24x38
It's the launch of the new restaurant, and Ella and Leah sneak off to have some fun of their own in the abandoned Hollyoaks High, but things could end badly. Diane and Tony are shocked by Dee Dee's behaviour, and Maxine takes a big step.
#DaddyDonovan 24x37
Jesse prepares for his drugs trial and Goldie wants him back. Diane and Cindy clash over their kids, while Darcy steps up her money plan.
#DaddyDonovan 24x36
Jesse has a decision to make, and Adam gets the wrong end of the stick about his father. Jack receives some life-threatening news, while Darren turns to Mandy when he's struggling.
#GrannyCampbell 24x35
Jesse is onto Granny Campbell, while Glenn sets Esther up. Jack helps Darcy to build bridges with Toby, and Marnie plays Cupid.
#SiennaVsCleo 24x34
Granny Campbell makes Courtney think about her ability as a mother, while Cleo tells Joel her concerns. Sally confides in Marnie about problems with Myra, but Marnie gets confused, and Grace talks to Maxine about her Glenn troubles.
#SiennaVsCleo 24x33
Cleo and Sienna are at war, while Granny Campbell continues to sabotage Courtney. Maxine gives in to Adam, and Milo offers Alfie some words of advice.
#CardsOfFate 24x32
Cleo is very angry when Sienna tricks her. Maxine is insulted by Adam's gesture, while Glenn uses Myra's new card-reading profession to help Adam out. And Alfie is preparing to build a robot.
#JoelDexter 24x31
Kyle is defeated by James, and Farrah is on a mission. Sienna gets some good news about her cancer, while Joel and Cleo share a moment. Milo helps Alfie with fundraising, but Alfie is still grieving.
#TheMaaliks 24x30
The Maaliks receive some shocking news and another revelation leaves Farrah reeling. Cleo turns to an unresponsive Brody in her hour of need. And Sienna tries to play matchmaker, but it doesn't go to plan.
#JamesNightingale 24x29
Imran is irritated by his mum flirting with Dirk so he makes up a lie to embarrass her. Cleo helps Brody out in the pub quiz and sparks begin to fly.
#JamesNightingale 24x28
Harry suggests a future for him and James, while Dirk tries to win over Imran.
#PeriLomax 24x27
Myra announces her feelings for Sally in front of everyone in The Dog, while James tries to encourage Harry to plead not guilty.
#TheMcQueens 24x26
The McQueens prepare for Bart's funeral. Myra realises she wants something meaningful with Sally, while Peri begins to feel guilty about her actions.
#PeriLomax 24x25
Goldie's arrival puts a smile back on Jesse's face, while Leela's actions lead Peri to make up a cruel lie.
#MissingKim 24x24
Sally and Myra arrange Bart's wake at The Dog but Myra gets a wandering eye, which doesn't please Sally. Peri begins to lie to her mum and Prince just as an old face returns.
#TegansVoicemail 24x23
Ryan faces another tricky situation in a bid to keep his secret safe. Peri continues to lie about being pregnant, while Farrah questions Kim about Sami.
#GraceBlack 24x22
Tegan is still in a coma, but Leela thinks there was more to the night they found her so goes to investigate. Milo helps Alfie with his fundraising idea, while Sami and Ellie rekindle their romance.
#CunninghamCoat 24x21
Cindy is shocked to discover that Glenn is Grace's boyfriend, while Misbah is furious when she realises that Imran sold her necklace to buy a new bike. Damon is a little wary about the new arrival.
#GraceBlack 24x20
Damon gets a surprise visitor in the village. Imran's irritation towards his mother is becoming more extreme. Grace and Trigger's plan backfires.
#MaggiesBattle 24x19
Milo shuts the door on Dirk, but Dirk doesn't want to give up without a fight. And Glenn is furious with Grace.
#DontFilterFeelings 24x18
Brody and Damon are confused by Scott's behaviour and Grace wants to celebrate Trevor's 40th birthday, despite Glenn's opinion. Zack and Holly fall out over Harry.
#DarrenOsborne 24x17
Nancy asks Darren to consider counselling, while Zack persuades Holly to visit Harry. Tension runs high when Brody and Damon visit Maggie in hospital, and Maxine warns Darcy not to hurt the Osbornes.
#LukesSon 24x16
Darren's lies leave Nancy heartbroken again. Darcy makes her move on Jack but is interrupted, while Damon is furious to find his mum at the police station.
#LandysWedding 24x15
Mandy and her hens prepare for the happiest day of her life, while Scarlett threatens to ruin the wedding. Maggie fulfils her bucket list with help from Damon, but it ends badly.
19/01/2018 24x14
Mandy's focus lies on getting Ella back, while Simone is on Shane's case. Adam agrees to let Darcy see Toby, but he's unaware of her plan.
#Landy 24x13
Luke makes another mistake, which jeopardises his and Mandy's relationship. Tom's inheritance comes through and Darcy puts her plan into action. And Simone becomes suspicious of Shane.
#DonovanDisaster 24x12
Granny Campbell has a plan to sabotage Courtney, while Luke and Darren get a lead. And just when Nancy thinks she can get one over on Shane, he drops a bombshell.
#DonovanDisaster 24x11
Grace puts Jesse in a dangerous position, while Courtney has an important visit to the flat. Maggie opens up to Scott, and Ryan has some questions for Ste.
#MaggiesBattle 24x10
Grace makes a big mistake when she tries to take control of Glenn's job. Granny is pressuring Courtney again, and Damon runs away from his troubles.
#HollyoaksChoices - #RyansChoice 24x09
Scott tries to explain to Damon about what he saw, but will his ideology cause bigger problems?
#HollyoaksChoices - #TegansChoice 24x08
Scott spots Maggie and Brody hugging and completely misreads the situation.
#HollyoaksChoices - #MisbahsChoice 24x07
Tony and Diane are caught up in the tunnel devastation with the Maaliks. Fear hits them all as Misbah has to act fast to save her children, but what decision will she make?
#HollyoaksChoices - #KimsChoice 24x06
Tony brings Diane to her sisters, while the Maaliks and Kim finish off their family cricket game and head home. However, disaster strikes when Misbah crashes her car and spins out of control.
#HollyoaksChoices - #TonysChoice 24x05
Diane gives Tony an ultimatum but what will he choose? DS Thorpe turns up to speak to Harry. Yasmine turns to drink when things go wrong, while Peri and Leela argue.
#ElliesConfession 24x04
James is delighted when Harry offers to be his date to a work event and things go well when the client takes a keen eye to Harry.
#PeriLomax 24x03
Myra and Leela are stunned when Diane reveals some home truths, but Myra has a plan. Meanwhile, Ellie and Sami get close.
#RealGraceBlack 24x02
Glenn gives Grace an ultimatum, Diane is fundraising for the school library, and James digs up some dirt on Sami.
#RealGraceBlack 24x01
Grace might have messed with the wrong people when thugs destroy The Bean, while Mandy thinks Luke is back drinking. Prince upsets Lily again, and Darcy returns to her mischievous ways.

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