Hollyoaks follows the lives of a group of residents living in the fictional village of Chester. Add to my shows

season 23

#HollyNewYear 23x258
In a double length episode, Adam convinces Esther to tell Grace that she still has feelings for her, and it's Tom's 18th birthday celebrations at The Loft, but Nancy and Mandy get competitive. Jack reminisces about Frankie, and Darcy's eyes light up when she hears about Tom's seven-figure trust fund - what could she be planning?
#Hollyoaks 23x257
Maggie wants to take Damon and Brody on a cruise, but Damon refuses to go if Scott isn't invited. Joel confides in Sienna that he still cares about Cleo. She encourages him to try to win her back - but is it too late?
#SiennaBlake 23x256
Granny Campbell continues to undermine Courtney, but Courtney takes it out on those who care about her the most. Brody has to choose between Maggie and Damon, while Scott is worried about losing Damon.
#Hollyoaksmas 23x255
It's a Christmas double episode of Hollyoaks. Jesse waits for a response from Courtney on Christmas Day after confessing his love, while Damon and Brody's fancy dress party brings drama and secrets.
#Hollyoaksmas 23x254
Cindy asks Milo to spend Christmas with the Cunninghams, while Jesse confesses his love for Courtney. And Imran is developing a major crush.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x253
Harry and Ste get close but can Ste find it in his heart to forget what he believes Harry did to Amy? Milo thinks he's rid of Armstrong, but Armstrong comes up with another idea. And Misbah makes Imran get a job.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x252
Ryan collapses in front of Ste and Tegan. Tegan wants to have some fun and find out more about Ryan, so uses a hospital heart monitor as a lie detector test. And James lets Harry stay with him.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x251
Tony and Diane end up arguing at the carol concert, while Luke and Mandy cross wires. Ryan is worried by new information regarding Amy's murder case, and James is intrigued by Sami.
#ThrowbackOaks 23x250
Holly and Tom question why Milo has been hiding information. He eventually opens up, but will he reveal the whole truth?
#ThrowbackOaks 23x249
Diane begs Tony to open up to her but he's busy preparing for his fancy dress throwback party. Cindy tries her luck with Tony, and an old face returns. Tom and Holly do some detective work and find out that Milo isn't as he seems.
#Hollyoaksmas 23x248
Diane is reaching the end of her tether with Tony's behaviour, and James is worried when Tony suggests telling all about Harry. Maxine and Nancy team up to teach Darcy a lesson.
#SiennaBlake 23x247
Grace can't resist Glenn's charms. Sienna plans a day out, but all is not as it seems when Maggie and Joel find Sienna. Luke puts on a front but has a sinister plan involving Mark.
#DaddyDonovan 23x246
Darren brings Jack back from hospital, while Luke is still obsessing over Mark Gibbs. Sienna thinks Joel is working with Warren and lashes out when he takes Sebastian for a walk, and Sienna is shocked by a discovery.
#DaddyDonovan 23x245
Misbah puts her foot down when Kim turns up at the Maaliks' to move in - but who will get their way? Joel sets up an alarm system at the flat, but Sienna freaks out when she unknowingly triggers it herself. She races to the garage, where she makes a shocking discovery.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x244
Glenn starts his plan to getMaxine and Adam back together, but will it end in tears?Maxine takes part in the singles night that she's organised and gets matched with private investigator Jordan.
#Hollyoaksmas 23x243
Maxine returns and bumps into a festive Adam and Darcy. Tony and Diane dispute over Prince's plans, while Yasmine tells Kim a bit too much information. And Kim and Farrah decide to move in together - but what will Misbah think?
#FatherDirkmas 23x242
Sally gives Myra some home truths, while Cindy is relieved to find Dirk in the village. Prince makes a big decision, Ellie tries to talk Holly round, and James gives Sami a job.
#Hollyoaksmas 23x241
Prince and Sally help each other out in the romance department, while Cindy struggles to trust Dirk, who also makes a big mistake. Sami is desperate to help James at work, while also getting close to Ellie.
#MonsterMac 23x240
Dirk, dressed as Santa, spies on Holly and Damon to make sure she's ok. Damon confronts Dirk at the Christmas light switch-on, and everyone is shocked when Santa Dirk loses his temper.
#MonsterMac 23x239
Holly returns from Mexico but still can't bring herself to forgive Dirk. The Christmas grotto has been set up in the village, and Holly and Damon find themselves getting closer, but when Holly freaks out, Dirk begins to worry.
#MonsterMac 23x238
Marnie attempts to seduce a confession out of Mac about the explosion. Later, Mac finds Lisa in The Dog flat and gets aggressive when she turns him down. A revelation from the school explosion is discovered, and James riles up Hunter.
#MonsterMac 23x237
Myra promises to film Neeta's memorial for Hunter, unaware he's planning to attend. And Lisa stands Brody up to help Cleo find Hunter.
#MonsterMac 23x236
Marnie is concerned about Mac but Ellie puts his behaviour down to Neeta's memorial. Cleo is worried when Hunter decides he's going to defy Mac, and Lisa plays hard to get with Brody - but it all backfires.
#MonsterMac 23x235
Esther is distraught when Frankie's wake descends into chaos. Hunter and Sally bond over their love for Neeta, but Myra is furious when Sally suggests a way for them to pay tribute to her.
#GoodbyeFrankie 23x234
A familiar face returns for Frankie's funeral, and Marnie helps Alfie when Barbarella goes missing. Luke begs Mandy for another chance.
#LukeMorgan 23x233
Mandy panics when Luke goes missing, and Damon turns his back on Maggie. Darren is furious with Jack, but when he confronts him, they both end up trapped.
#LukeMorgan 23x232
Mandy and Luke spend a lovely day in Chester, but something causes Luke to suddenly rush off. Maggie tries to make amends when Scott is discharged from hospital, and Jack goes overboard with the funeral planning.
#BabyDaniel 23x231
Louis and Leela are frantic when baby Daniel goes missing, while Mandy worries that Luke might still be drinking. Jack struggles to cope with the loss of Frankie.
#SiennaBlake 23x230
Louis turns to Leela for help, and Joel gets a shock. Courtney seeks support from Tegan, while Milo encourages Mandy to start dating again.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x229
Tegan is concerned about Grannie Campbell being back and spills too much information to Jesse. Sienna refuses to get her test results, and Louis is struggling to cope as a single dad.
#GrannyCampbell 23x228
Ryan and Tegan make a public announcement, while Zack is shocked by Harry's strange demeanour. Grannie Campbell turns up in the village, and Grace is frustrated by Glenn's behaviour.
#RyanKnight 23x227
James is suspicious of Ryan's behaviour, while Grace uses Sami to make Glenn jealous. Jesse prepares for a date with Lisa, and Brody is tricked into getting naked in the hot tub.
#RyanKnight 23x226
Ryan is struggling to decide where his feelings lie, while Leela takes her frustration out on the wrong person. Glenn plans to sabotage Courtney and Jesse's arrangement.
#SavageWedding 23x225
Milo panics that his plan has got out of hand, while Tegan and Leah's scheme to get Ryan and Ste to be civil is successful.
#SavageWedding 23x224
Holly has a decision to make that could ruin Cindy and Dirk's relationship, while Ellie has managed to give herself and Damon food poisoning. Leah decides that Ryan and Ste need to make friends and comes up with an idea.
#WarrenFox 23x223
Milo is causing big problems for Dirk, and Ellie gets the wrong end of the stick with Brody and Damon.
#WarennaBabies 23x222
Cleo bumps into Joel at the garage and panics him with what she knows. Meanwhile, Milo's place at the Cunninghams' is in jeopardy, and Diane tries her best to help Tony.
#WarennaBabies 23x221
Kim and Farrah make a discovery, while Cleo comes up with a plan. Milo is aiming to sabotage Dirk's happiness, and Tony's one chance is ruined.
#WarennaBabies 23x220
There's panic when Sienna goes into labour; will she get the help she needs? And the Osbornes pull together to fix their broken family.
#WarennaBabies 23x219
The Osbornes are reeling, while Warren returns to the cottage to see Sienna but she manages to escape; will he track her down before she finds help?
#TheyAllFallDown 23x218
It's touch and go for the Osbornes, while Frankie is still oblivious to the explosion and the danger her family is in. The Maaliks are devastated by recent news.
#TheyAllFallDown 23x217
Everyone is fighting to escape the devastation in the aftermath of the explosion. Darren, Luke and the teens are trapped, while the power is in Neeta's hands with Mac.
#TheyAllFallDown 23x216
Frankie faces a big decision, while Mac's fury escalates towards Neeta. Lily and Peri threaten Yasmine and just as Darren catches Luke about to turn to drink, the school explodes.
#SecretLove 23x215
Mandy sabotages Luke's chances of being successful, while Yasmine finds the courage to stand up to Peri and Lily.
#The Maaliks 23x214
Neeta tries to hide the truth of her turbulent relationship, while Frankie is shocked when a blast from the past makes her rethink her future.
#GraceBlack 23x213
Adam panics when Darcy is nowhere to be found. Mac is unhappy about Neeta and Brody's blossoming friendship. Luke plans to win back Mandy, while Imran makes a shocking discovery.
#DeviousDarcy 23x212
Glenn offers to give Darcy a lift, with an ulterior motive. Sami and Misbah clash over his father, while Tegan starts playing Cupid.
#DeviousDarcy 23x211
Glenn hosts Courtney's baby shower but it descends into chaos. Milo tries to sabotage Dirk and Cindy's relationship, while Diane plans to get Luke and Mandy back together.
#BabyDaniel 23x210
Milo is furious about Cindy's trouble and is out for revenge. Meanwhile, Glenn helps Jesse in his time of need.
#BabyDaniel 23x209
Zack tries to help Leela, who is struggling to cope. Tony worries about Harry's whereabouts, while Cindy is caught red-handed, and Lily cancels on Prince.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x208
This special episode concentrates on a day in the life of teens Peri, Yasmine and Lily, alongside their guardians Leela, Misbah and Diane.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x207
Diane is furious when she discovers Tony's lies, while Peri and Yasmine are shocked by what they find out about Lily.
#CleoJ 23x206
Glenn and Grace are alarmed by recent findings, while Mandy gets a loan to help Tony. Yasmine and Peri are jealous over Lily's idea for the journalism competition.
#WarrenFox 23x205
Tony joins Damon, Brody and Mac for a poker game, while Lily goes up against Yasmine and Peri in a journalism competition to win an internship.
#BartMcQueen 23x204
Myra is suspicious when Cleo and Joel decide to bring their trip to Tanzania forward.
#SiennasEscape 23x203
Frankie is left looking the worse for wear and Tony wants to buy back Nightingales. Meanwhile, Glenn comes to Sienna's rescue.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x202
This episode focuses on Tony's journey as he struggles to come to terms with recent news.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x201
Tony is devastated by some news, while Mac shows Damon and Brody who's boss. Meanwhile, an old face returns and Cleo opens up.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x200
#DontFilterFeelings 23x199
#DaddyDonovan 23x198
#TheDonovans 23x197
#MysteriousMilo 23x196
#TomCunningham 23x195
Holly is worried about Cleo when she finds her crying in her bedroom. Sally turns to Myra in her lonely hour of need.
#SecretLove 23x194
Darren worries about his family's safety, while Mac decides that he and Neeta should go away. As Joel searches for a job, a new position catches his eye
#SecretLove 23x193
Darren is in trouble and warns Nancy. Holly and Ellie head out again, and a new face turns up in the village...
#SecretLove 23x192
Prince causes a fight with Damon, while the Maaliks search for missing Yasmine. Holly is worried about Ellie's behaviour
#SecretLove 23x191
Mac catches Neeta out again, while the Maaliks move into their new home and get some good news. Maxine and Darcy have a run-in, while Ellie and Holly plan a spa night.
#DeviousDarcy 23x190
Neeta and Hunter are paired together for an art project, but they're in danger of being caught when they get too close for comfort.
#TheDonovans 23x189
Tracey wants Grace to go away with her, but Grace has other more sinister plans. Scott is reunited with an old face, and Tegan questions Courtney's motives.
#AdamDonovan 23x188
Scott's lying gets out of hand, while Courtney and Jesse begin to bond.
#SiennaVsGrace 23x187
Jesse proposes to Darcy again in front of the family. Scott is filled with jealousy, while the memory of Bart looms over Joel.
#WarennaWedding 23x186
Darcy turns to Adam for money again, while Maxine unintentionally gives Jesse false hope. Myra passes Cleo some relationship advice.
#WarennaWedding 23x185
Grace is feeling confident, and Darren confides in Jack. Meanwhile, Joel questions Cleo's feelings.
#WarrenFox 23x184
Warren is suspicious of Sienna's actions, and Nancy lashes out at Darren, who is later tempted by old habits...
#BabyDaniel 23x183
Sienna and Kim continue lying, but will they get caught this time? Meanwhile, Brody makes a wise decision.
#BabyDaniel 23x182
Lily gets drunk with Prince, and Brody gets himself into a tricky situation. Meanwhile, Grace is feeling down but Tracey gives her some words of encouragement.
#TheLovedays 23x181
Lisa is still uncertain about being a surrogate, while Lily is devastated by future plans and begins to rebel.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x180
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x179
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x178
#SecretLove 23x177
#SecretLove 23x176
#SecretLove 23x175
Harry puts on a positive front, and he and Tony bond over fond memories of Ste. Damon comes up with a fun idea to make it up to Holly, which includes a fat suit and boxing gloves!
#SecretLove 23x174
Hunter and Neeta prepare to go on a date to Beeston in Mac's car, while Mandy gets a visitor. Later, Tegan visits Ste in hospital and he gives her a letter for Ryan.
#SecretLove 23x173
Neeta steals from The Dog but Mac blames Prince. Meanwhile, Damon offers to teach Ellie and Holly self-defence but Holly freaks out.
#MandysMistake 23x172
Dirk hears a voicemail from Cindy and rushes home, while Hunter gets an interview at art college in Edinburgh. Later, Neeta snaps at Mac and he's suspicious.
#DarrenOsborne 23x171
Cindy continues to be terrorised and someone tries to break into the Cunninghams'. Hunter sneaks into The Dog flat to surprise Neeta, but leaves angrily when he realises something...
#Dancy 23x170
Prince confides in Lily, while Yasmine harasses Cindy. Later, Cindy is panicked when she receives a creepy phone call.
#Dancy 23x169
Prince ruins his chances of getting back into school, while Darren is wracked with guilt.
#ShanesGame 23x168
Prince wants nothing more to do with Shane, while Tony is a helping hand for Mandy. Tom is suspicious of Darren, while Kim and Farrah continue to sneak around.
#ShanesGame 23x167
Shane discovers somebody is setting him up and takes action, while Mandy is disappointed by Luke again.
#ShanesGame 23x166
Darren plans to take Shane down, while Mandy panics over a letter from social services. Brody is sabotaging Scott's plans, while Sienna tricks Warren.
#Warenna 23x165
Joel gets protective over Cleo, while Brody isn't keen on Scott.
2017-08-17 23x164
Tom borrows Darren's car and is pulled over by the police, while Brody and Damon have their eye on a certain lady. Tegan is a hero for Yasmine.
#WarrenFox 23x163
Warren is struggling to cope with his blackmailer and goes too far when he begins pointing the finger at other villagers, but will he eventually figure things out?
#SiennaBlake 23x162
Kim is at Sienna's side, while Grace is determined to get revenge on Darcy. Tegan goes job hunting and Neeta is jealous over Hunter.
#DeviousDarcy 23x161
Darcy has Adam and Jesse on her side, much to Maxine's annoyance. Warren supports Sienna, and someone has their eye on Hunter. Meanwhile, Courtney urges Tegan to get a job.
#DeviousDarcy 23x160
Maxine plans a dinner party for the family but things quickly turn chaotic. Neeta is made to feel guilty by Mac, and then she gives Hunter some devastating news.
2017-08-11 23x159
Maxine plans a dinner party for the family but things quickly turn chaotic. Neeta is made to feel guilty by Mac, and then she gives Hunter some devastating news.
2017-08-10 23x158
Mac and Neeta have a serious talk, while Tegan and Leela search for information on Courtney's baby. Marnie tricks James.
2017-08-09 23x157
Hunter plans a surprise for Neeta, while the Donovans get an unexpected visit. Cindy is suffering, and Marnie turns to Myra for support.
#SecretLove 23x156
Hunter gets caught red-handed, while Holly and Cindy are suspicious about Dirk's actions. Leela plans an exciting day for her and Zack, but he's still feeling stressed.
#StalkerArmstrong 23x155
Cindy is alarmed over news of Armstrong, and Dirk has a plan. Zack feels under pressure, while Hunter and Neeta's day out is ruined. Meanwhile, Luke covers for Darren.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x154
Cindy is spooked by something she sees, Zack finds looking after Daniel a bit overwhelming, and James tries to explain himself to Armstrong.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x153
Ryan visits Ste in hospital and Damon gets a date, but it all goes wrong. Leela and Zack spend the night at the Lovedays'.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x152
Harry gives Ste something to live for, while Diane tells Misbah some home truths. Lisa is furious when Scott steals one of her ideas.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x151
Yasmine goes a step too far with Lily, while Harry turns to alcohol to heal his pain. Misbah worries about Farrah, and Scott gets a job.
#Prily 23x150
Everyone arrives back from Ibiza and Neeta has a decision to make. Harry gets a letter that sends him spiralling out of control and Tegan tells Farrah more than she should.
#IbizaOaks 23x149
Ellie and Brody continue to flirt, while Holly feels uncomfortable. Shane messes things up once again and Warren flips out about another note. Kim faces a big change in her life.
#IbizaOaks 23x148
Warren tells Grace his true feelings, while Alfie and Tom tease Hunter. Prince is keen to make his relationship with Lily work, and Darren lies to Nancy about his whereabouts.
#IbizaOaks 23x147
Grace reveals too much as the trip to Ibiza begins. Meanwhile, Darren discovers more than he expected.
#LukeMorgan 23x146
Grace prepares to take down her and Warren's blackmailer, and Alfie tries to help Lily and Prince. Sally surprises Neeta with a ticket to Ibiza, while Darren gets a blast from the past.
#SiennaBlake 23x145
Warren gets a threatening text, while Sienna is rushed to hospital. Hunter covers a shift at The Dog and sees the real Mac. Meanwhile, Prince surprises Lily with a present.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x144
Zack suggests a big step in his and Leela's relationship, and Sienna is frightened when a note gets pushed through the door. Marnie is up to her old tricks, but karma catches up with her.
#TheLovedays 23x143
Milo uncovers a tattoo on his back with a cryptic message that suggests a dark secret.
#StalkerArmstrong 23x142
Cindy is alone at the hotel in Liverpool with DS Armstrong, while Scott opens up about his past. Simone gets emotional when babysitting Daniel, and Marnie is in for a treat.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x141
Armstrong convinces Cindy to do a talk about powerful women in Liverpool, and Leela tries to warn Cindy about Armstrong. Scott searches for his brother.
#DisasterDarren 23x140
Cindy hires Leela as her cleaner, but Leela has a motive. Darren is tempted by money from Shane, while Farrah visits Scott. Meanwhile, Myra uses Mac to motivate Marnie.
#DisasterDarren 23x139
Shane is on to Darren, while Leela worries about Cindy. Dirk gets a call about Liberty, and Scott comes home from hospital.
#DisasterDarren 23x138
Tom and Alfie cover for Darren, while Armstrong acts as Cindy's protector. Holly gets a shock when she receives a letter from Jude inviting her and Nick to Ibiza.
#DisasterDarren 23x137
Darren and Nancy go to visit Kyle, but Nancy is worried about his welfare. Tom and Alfie get the wrong end of the stick at The Loft and Courtney makes a big decision.
#GrannyCampbell 23x136
Granny Campbell wants Courtney to come back to Scotland and Grace freaks Warren out. Darren plans a special foreign film night for Nancy, but then Kyle calls asking for them to visit.
#GrannyCampbell 23x135
Maxine is sure that Darcy is lying again, while Cindy has the opportunity to ruin Simone's political chances. Courtney is suspicious about her visitor.
#GraceVsWarren 23x134
Grace thinks she has something on Warren, while Cindy uses Simone's past against her. Darcy continues to manipulate Jesse, and Courtney receives an unexpected visitor.
#GraceBlack 23x133
Sienna confides in Farrah about wanting Warren to open up more. Meanwhile, Grace finds Warren's notebook. Simone puts on a brave face, while Prince and Hunter are furious with Shane.
#TheMcQueens 23x132
Myra is furious with Goldie's new idea, while Grace has another plan to get back at Warren. Cindy and Simone go head-to-head at the charity walkathon.
#MercedesMcQueen 23x131
Goldie panics when she thinks Prince could be in trouble and Grace is furious with Warren for stealing her thunder again. Meanwhile, Milo plays a role in helping Cindy's election campaign.
#TheMcQueens 23x130
Ryan is trying to keep Mercedes quiet, while Dirk is irritated by Cindy and DS Armstrong's closeness.
#NicksTrial 23x129
Goldie is delighted to see Prince again, but he is still up to no good. Farrah is concerned about Kim, while Mercedes is spooked by the arrival of a letter.
#CleoMcQueen 23x128
Cindy and Holly have some mum and daughter time, while Kim is feeling lost. Louis comforts Simone, and Prince has his eyes on the prize.
#CleoMcQueen 23x127
A new face arrives in Hollyoaks village. Shane manipulates Cleo, while Hunter turns to Lily for help, and Yasmine tricks Kim.
#CleoJ 23x126
Hunter is devastated by Neeta's decision, while Prince returns and Lily breaks down in his arms. Cleo begs Shane to keep quiet, and the Cunninghams are looking for a lodger.
#HollyoaksProm 23x125
It's the school prom and Hunter tells Neeta how he feels, Lily is feeling self-conscious, while Tony and Diane offer some help. Myra gives Cleo advice but it doesn't go to plan.
#LeelasStalker 23x124
DS Armstrong is nearly caught by Tegan when up to his old tricks, and Marnie is overwhelmed when she receives some true kindness.
#NeetaKaur 23x123
Leela is caught off-guard, while Mac begs for another chance. Lily is shocked by Alfie's knowledge and Marnie reaches breaking point.
#ZackLoveday 23x122
Marnie receives some news about the Nightingales, while Zack is tricked again. Tegan and Misbah have a stressful encounter, and Neeta catches Lily up to no good.
#RyanKnight 23x121
Lisa and Tegan begin plotting together, while Marnie confides in Myra that she is furious with Mac again. Meanwhile, Lily is struggling to cope with school work.
#RyanKnight 23x120
Darren finds out that Ryan has set Kyle up, while Neeta, Hunter and Alfie are organising the school ball in Jade's honour. Alfie helps Marnie and Mac work on their relationship.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x119
Ryan tries to talk to a drunken Mercedes but she just wants to be left alone. Lily is alarmed by Scott, and Darren pressurises Kyle. Meanwhile, family problems continue for the Nightingales when they find out that Nathan's headstone is ready.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x118
Myra asks Esther for a job at The Bean and Mercedes confronts Ryan. Meanwhile, Lily has a check-up at the hospital and Tom worries about her later at the fete.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x117
Mercedes and Diane come across some video footage taken by Scott and are stunned by what they discover.
#DontFilterFeelings 23x116
Tom isn't ready to face his fears and Lily is scared by some news. Scott is preparing for the fete and Kyle has a plan. Tony, Harry and Mercedes get a shock.
#Starry 23x115
Adam is frantic, while Kyle gives Darren an ultimatum. Ryan panics that someone has overheard something incriminating about him.
#SteHay 23x114
Darcy's plan is beginning to work and Darren gets caught red-handed. Meanwhile, Ryan is worried about covering his tracks and Scott finds out some gossip.
#DeviousDarcy 23x113
Maxine is panicking about a recent accusation, while Harry makes a dangerous decision. Scott hassles Nancy for help with the summer fete but pushes her too far.
#Madam 23x112
Yasmine asks Esther for some part-time work, just as her sister turns up on the back of a motorbike. Adam and Maxine get a welcome home shock, and Harry is alarmed when he visits Ste.
#Warren 23x111
Grace and Warren end up in a tricky situation, while Darcy is still playing games with Jesse. Esther spots a hooded figure watching her and gives chase.
#Warenna 23x110
Goldie gets her job back at the salon, where she and Jesse reconnect. But when Darcy shows up to help at the busy salon, she is jealous of Jesse and Goldie's closeness and plans to meddle.
#Sienna 23x109
Sienna has a new plan up her sleeve, but a tussle with Cindy adds a new worry to her life. And a crippling pain sends Sienna to the hospital to check that the babies are okay.
#HollyoaksConsent 23x108
Sienna wants Warren to be more involved in her pre-natal routine, but when James checks if Warren has changed his mind on the child arrangement order, Sienna sees them and is suspicious.
#HollyoaksConsent 23x107
Shane is trying to play the good guy, but it doesn't sit well with Goldie. She has a plan to make him leave, but it all backfires.
#HollyoaksConsent 23x106
It's Nick's graduation but Holly is furious after recent news. Goldie and Ellie are working together at The Dog but problems soon begin to occur.
#Warenna 23x105
Darren finds out new information about Kyle, while Nick worries about Tegan. Zack and Holly get close, and Goldie discovers that Shane has another conniving plan.
#FatherFox 23x104
Sally gets the wrong idea from Neeta and Tony, while Harry is adamant about pursuing something that Ste reveals.
#PoorPrince 23x103
Hunter steals Mrs St Claire's keys and surprises Neeta with a candlelit dinner and flowers.
#CleoJ 23x102
Hunter gets the wrong end of the stick when he sees Sally and Neeta talking. And Neeta makes a fatal move that could have big consequences.
#CleoJ 23x101
Cleo and Joel share a moment as Prince and Hunter celebrate their birthday. There's some miscommunication between Hunter and Neeta, and the teens take a road trip to remember.
#TheNightingales 23x100
James pressurises Marnie to continue with their revenge against Mac. Joel is struggling to cope and loses his cool during a talk at Hollyoaks High. Yasmine's lie is starting to catch up with her.
#MacNightingale 23x99
Leela and Zack have some explaining to do after Cindy's latest scheme. Yasmine has a new love interest in her sights, but quickly feels out of her depth. Marnie wonders whether she and James have gone too far, while Tom prepares for his driving test.
#TheNightingales 23x98
The Nightingales panic when Mac collapses. Cindy comes up with a plan to humiliate Simone, and Joel throws Cleo's help back in her face.
#JoelsGuilt 23x97
Zack gives Leela an ultimatum, while Simone thinks she's found someone more appropriate for her son to date. Cindy returns from holiday and immediately locks horns with political rival Simone. James and Marnie's plan could be about to unravel.
#JoelsGuilt 23x96
Joel returns, but Warren and Cleo are worried about his behaviour. Grace uses Goldie to get revenge on Warren, but Goldie is intrigued by something she overhears at The Loft.
#CourtneyCampbell 23x95
Nick is forced to defend himself again, but will anyone believe him? Neeta confronts Hunter after Prince's revenge. Jesse is worried about some unwanted interest in the salon.
#ShanesBack 23x94
Neeta is caught up in Shane's scam, and Hunter becomes a victim of Prince's revenge. Darcy targets Goldie in a bid to get Jesse back on her side. Tegan is stunned by harsh words from Nick.
#MadamsWedding 23x93
Nick makes a decision but finds it difficult to resist further temptation. Prince, Hunter and Shane break into the school but are trapped when Louis arrives.
#MadamsWedding 23x92
Hunter and Prince are shocked when their dad Shane returns. Zack's romantic surprise ends in a trip to the hospital, while Tegan gives Nick an ultimatum about their relationship.
#DeviousDarcy 23x91
Darcy makes Adam question whether he should marry Maxine. Simone is floored when Cindy announces that she's running against her for the local councillor position.
#DeviousDarcy 23x90
Esther realises what Kim is up to, and Darcy uses Toby to sabotage Maxine and Adam's plans. Lisa suggests Simone run for the local council, and Nancy opens up to Darren.
#CreepyKim 23x89
Mercedes tries to help Scott, but it isn't enough. Maxine breaks big news to Darcy, and Grace is feeling down. Darren wants to know the truth from Nancy and Kyle.
#CreepyKim 23x88
Esther and Grace have a huge row about Kim, and Darren and Tom's driving lesson takes a nasty turn. Scott hits rock bottom, while Sally books a holiday for her and Neeta.
#ScottDrinkwell 23x87
Mercedes discovers Ryan's secret stash, and Scott is heartbroken by cancelled plans. Louis rethinks Simone's request, Sally gets a shock, and Kim is caught out by Oscar.
#ScottDrinkwell 23x86
Mercedes and Lily support Scott, while Simone makes a life-changing decision. Neeta once again helps Sally with dating, and Ryan gets up to no good.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x85
Nancy's favour to Kyle becomes too much for her. Maxine's night becomes a bit of a whirlwind, and Ryan threatens Harry. Mercedes remembers important information.
#SteHay 23x84
It's the day of Ste's sentencing, and Mike gives Ryan a big responsibility. Nancy is given fresh hope, but what will Darren think? Darcy has more bad news for Adam and Maxine.
#Starry 23x83
Darren conceals his worries from Nancy, and Kyle asks Nancy for a favour. Darcy is still getting in the way of Adam and Maxine, and Tony is worried about Harry.
#AmysFuneral 23x82
When Harry visits Ste in prison, Ste asks him to go to Amy's funeral and say sorry on his behalf. Ryan is comforted by Mike, and Joel is confused about his dad's whereabouts.
#FreddieRoscoe 23x81
Kathy and Zoe return for Amy's funeral but there is still bad blood between them. Hunter saves the day for Peri, and Sienna helps Warren with another criminal plan.
#HollyoaksConsent 23x80
Nick is horrified by the surprise party that Holly throws for him. Neeta turns to Hunter for help after discovering that her tablet has gone missing. Louis interrupts one of the classes to do a bag search.
#LisaLoveday 23x79
Holly and Zack beg Lisa to let them throw a party on the Loveboat to cheer up Nick. Nick discovers the police have fresh evidence, Peri and Yasmine get into a fight, and Hunter gets the wrong idea from Neeta.
#TheNightingales 23x78
Freddie is interviewed by the police, and Marnie finds Mac in a bad way. Tom gets a shock, and Holly tells Alfie that she's going to defend Nick.
#TheNightingales 23x77
The Pub of the Year judge arrives just as things start going wrong for Ellie. Marnie is delighted with the progression of her revenge plan, but could Tom cause a problem? Peri gets her wires crossed, and Nick loses his temper.
#WarrensBirthday 23x76
It's Warren's birthday, but he's distracted. Ellie is getting stressed about the Pub of the Year judge coming to The Dog, and Nick's paranoia gets the better of him. Zack and Leela get some alone time but it's quickly ruined.
#Warenna 23x75
Freddie puts Mercedes in an awkward position, while Marnie steps up her revenge plan. Neeta and Sally plan to move, but Neeta has some skeletons in her closet.
#BartMcQueen 23x74
Sienna worries about her babies when she starts getting pains and Scott finds out more than he bargained for about his biological mother. Ellie swears to do Nathan proud, while Freddie gets a shock.
#BartMcQueen 23x73
Darren and Kyle meet, while Joel warns Bart to stay away from Warren. Lily sets up an online page to find Scott's mum, but a discovery points them in a new direction.
#LiamDonovan 23x72
Lynette tries to cheer Scott up and Grace makes a deal with Warren. There's a clash between Cleo and Lisa, while Nancy lies to Darren about Kyle.
#LiamsRevenge 23x71
Liam's fury with Grace grows and he has a plan for those closest to her. Nancy bumps into her first boyfriend Kyle at an MS meeting, Lynette hands Scott some devastating news, and Cleo gets jealous over Joel.
#GraceBlack 23x70
Grace confides in Frankie and Jack that she's worried about Esther, and Kim panics when Grace steals her flat keys. Tegan is trying to win over Liam, but his eye wanders to Courtney.
#AdamsSon 23x69
Kim is trying to keep Grace away from Esther, but Grace is beginning to worry. Darren's money troubles get worse and he panics when Nancy suggests they should go quad biking.
#AdamDonovan 23x68
Darcy persuades Adam to take her out as a thank you for helping at the salon. Adam has to make an important decision. Liam teams up with Kim, while Myra continues to manipulate Sally.
#LeelasStalker 23x67
Maxine keeps important information from Adam, assuming he's chosen Darcy over her, while Leela's stalker pulls the next stunt.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x66
Myra is still blaming Sally for John Paul's departure. Neeta suggests that Sally try online dating. Leela is stuck in a love triangle, while Maxine discovers something about Darcy.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x65
Leela and Zack team up to find Leah and Lucas, who have run away from the Lomax's. Zack understands what Leah's going through, and Leela is impressed with Zack's approach.
#HollyoaksWhoKilledAmy 23x64
James has been locked out of his flat all night after Mercedes stole his keys. Scott wakes up next to Mercedes after a sleepover, overjoyed as their devious plan starts to come together.
#WeddingKnight 23x63
Diane and Tony are disturbed by a noise downstairs and think they're being burgled. Ryan confides in Mike about his and Amy's future.
#WeddingKnight 23x62
Alone with Ste, Leah and Lucas, Amy is still torn about the thought of moving. Mercedes and Scott are up to no good when they steal the keys for James's flat and find something they can use to their advantage.
#WeddingKnight 23x61
It's Amy and Ryan's wedding, but Ryan has also got their potential move to America playing on his mind - could this effect the big day? Scott is having a fashion crisis and asks Mercedes for help, while Leela is put on the spot by a request from DS Armstrong.
#LeelasStalker 23x60
Marnie convinces Mac to slow down and let Ellie run the pub. Amy doesn't believe that Ryan left a voicemail for her, unaware that Ste deleted it. Ryan is desperate to get the kids to understand, but will Ste help?
#LeelasStalker 23x59
Leela becomes more anxious about her stalker and DS Armstrong doesn't dispel her fears. It's relaunch day at The Dog and as Mac takes to the stage for his speech, something freaks him out. Meanwhile, Scott gets a cold reception and Amy is confused by reminders of the wedding she thought she'd cancelled.
#MacNightingale 23x58
Scott's mum turns up at Diane and Tony's flat and panics Diane. Scott's behavior changes - is he up to something? The Nightingales' are getting ready for the big relaunch at The Dog while Leela has a new suspicion about her stalker.
#HollyoaksConsent 23x57
Scott picks up on the tension between Lily and Diane and tells them to sort it out. Later, Lily confides in Prince but he uses what he knows as leverage.
#HollyoaksConsent 23x56
Ellie drags Freddie away from the Nightingales' but is stuck in a nightmare situation when she gets home.
#HollyoaksConsent 23x55
Esther confronts Kim, while Freddie encourages Ellie to open up. Later, Ellie and Freddie go for a meal but it turns awkward when they become aware that Nick, Dirk, Cindy and Holly are also around.
#AdamDonovan 23x54
Alfie returns home to a heated row between Ellie and Freddie. Prince has an attack of conscience about manipulating Esther. Diane makes things clear for Esther, while Lily confides in Prince.
#DarcyWilde 23x53
Scott confides in Lily about his dad's mistress. Adam hosts an engagement party at The Loft. Kim lies to Esther, leaving her confused, while Freddie brightens Ellie's day with a surprise.
#DarcyWilde 23x52
Warren turns up at the McQueens' to demand the truth from Sienna, while Scott receives some heartbreaking news. Maxine is determined to get to the bottom of something.
#DarcyWilde 23x51
It's the German-themed student night. Warren is ignoring Sienna but she makes a surprising confession to get his attention. Meanwhile, Bart threatens Joel, Maxine gets a tip-off and Prince manipulates Esther.
#BartMcQueen 23x50
Piecing the dates together, Warren asks Joel a big question about Bart. Nick is in the dog house with Holly, but suggests an idea to make her feel better.
#JohnPaul 23x49
Hungover Cleo is mortified when she wakes up, and Warren orders Bart to find Shane. Nick, Zack and Holly plan a German-themed student night, but things don't end well when Holly discovers something on Nick's phone.
#McNight 23x48
Jack is trying to win over Frankie but her mind is elsewhere. Myra is tempted by Diego's suggestion, while Sienna, Goldie and Cleo head off on a night out, with embarrassing consequences. John Paul becomes concerned about James's behaviour.
#McHay 23x47
Harry makes sacrifices for Ste, while Mercedes and Sally are onto Diego. Could he be found out? Later, Warren threatens Goldie, who has a sneaky suspicion about Cleo.
#JohnPaul 23x46
Harry organises a party but it doesn't go as planned. James asks John Paul for commitment, while Nancy tells her children about her MS. Ste offers Amy a helping hand, Leela thinks she has found her stalker, and Diego suggests a move to Myra.
#LeelasStalker 23x45
Charlie gives Nancy the cold shoulder. Tegan and Courtney encourage Leela to face her fears and go with them on a night out, but Leela receives a worrying message.
#NeetasDilemma 23x44
Leela is horrified when she receives a threatening note in the post, and Adam urges Jesse to help him track down Grace. Meanwhile, Nancy is faced with a tricky problem.
#NeetasDilemma 23x43
Grace begs Neeta to bring Curtis to her, but a mix-up with Leela and Jesse causes a bigger problem. Peri's emotions get the better of her and she steals from The Emporium.
#TheNightingales 23x42
Tabby and Alfie bond over their loved one's passing, while Marnie is in self-destruct mode. Esther gets trapped, and Neeta is thrown by a phone call from Grace.
#NathansFuneral 23x41
The grieving Nightingales prepare for a funeral, and Tabby arrives to support her family. Frankie breaks a secret to Esther, and Neeta lies to Sally about being ill.
#WarrenFox 23x40
Warren calls Prince wanting to know where Shane is, while Neeta helps Sally to get ready for some speed dating.
#SlySienna 23x39
Joel is stunned when he witnesses Sienna's abduction. Shane is planning a surprise holiday for himself, Goldie and the boys, but will he pull through or let them down again?
#BadBoyJoel 23x38
Sienna is suspicious when she sees Joel handing over a bag of cash to Shane. Warren is onto Shane, and Mac is concerned that Marnie could discover his affair.
#McHay 23x37
John Paul and Ste have reconnected, but what will this mean for Ste and Harry? Tegan and Courtney are confused by an angry outburst from Leela and think there's more to it.
#McHay 23x36
Problems arise between Ste and Harry, prompting Ste to turn to John Paul. Joel sets up a fundraiser, but is floored when faced with Shane. Zack comes to Leela's rescue and asks her out.
#JohnPaul 23x35
Harry is jealous when he thinks Ste and John Paul are getting closer. Scott and Mercedes discover something juicy at James's flat, while Prince makes headway with Lily.
#TheNightingales 23x34
Lisa has been on a night out and intends to tell someone about Mac. Tony asks Diane why there's no money in their current account. What is she hiding?
#NathanNightingale 23x33
Myra is at the hospital, while Cleo fills Joel in on Bart's return... a ghost from his past. Lisa tells Mac that everyone needs to know the truth.
#HollyoaksValentine 23x32
Myra is stunned by Sally's revelation. The McQueens and Jesse gather for Celine's funeral. Cleo is struggling to hold onto her feelings for Nathan, while Myra receives a shock.
#BartsBack 23x31
Nana and Bart McQueen return to the village, where Nathan makes an announcement. Myra thinks she's going into labour, while Holly hears Nick being disrespectful about her.
#MacsMistakes 23x30
Tony notices something is troubling Diane, while Cindy and Marnie prepare for Hilton's birthday party. Holly is heartbroken when she sees Alfie crying in his room after speaking to Jade.
#TheOsbornes 23x29
Lisa is still worried that she and Mac are going to get caught for past mistakes, but Mac tries to reassure her. Meanwhile, Jack goes to court.
#DarcysKiller 23x28
John Paul finds Lily looking at a website that worries him so he goes to speak to Diane. Later, Lily gets a shock and Jack begs Frankie for some affection.
#TheRealGrace 23x27
Diane makes sacrifices for Lily, but is there someone else in her life? Nancy is struggling, while Jack asks Mac for some shifts to take his mind off things.
#TheRealGrace 23x26
Darren worries when Nancy and Courtney go head-to-head. Liam is determined to get revenge while Tom discovers something in Esther and Kim's flat. Maxine receives some information.
#TheRealGrace 23x25
Darren worries when Nancy and Courtney go head-to-head. Liam is determined to get revenge while Tom discovers something in Esther and Kim's flat. Maxine receives some information.
#Hollyoaks 23x24
Grace's emotions put her off a scheme, but could that all change? Nancy prepares to tell people about her illness, but something stops her in her tracks.
#GraceAndEsther 23x23
Kim plans a surprise for Esther, but Esther is confused by a note she finds. And Kim doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for.
#LiamDonovan 23x22
Prince is searching for relationship advice but what he finds brings back bad memories for Goldie. Harry is preparing a surprise for Ste, while Grace tells Esther her true feelings.
#TroubleForJoel 23x21
Liam is taken back by an emotional Grace, while Esther explodes with anger over an upcoming change. Ste and Harry are worried about Amy, and Ryan has a new idea in mind.
#HappyBirthdayRyRy 23x20
It's Ryan's birthday but things become awkward when Amy invites the McQueens. Joel refuses Warren's gesture of reconciliation which leads to an unexpected reunion.
#KillerCameron 23x19
Ste gives Harry the cold shoulder. Ryan and Ste are back to square one with the kids. And Harry gets the wrong end of the stick with Goldie.
#KillerCameron 23x18
History repeats itself when Zack goes missing and Simone begins to panic. Simone receives some worrying news from Harry, while Ryan is on the case to help find Zack.
#KillerCameron 23x17
Nathan is worrying about his relationship while Mac has something else on his mind. Tegan makes a grim discovery, while Courtney tries to call the police. Meanwhile, Ryan and Ste join forces.
#KillerCameron 23x16
Things take a sinister turn when Courtney throws Tegan's phone in the water and disturbs something lurking beneath. Warren surprises Ste, while Lisa chooses between Mac and Nathan once again.
#Nancy 23x15
Leela worries about who overheard her in the hospital. Nathan forgets Lisa's birthday and she is furious. Nancy has an important appointment at the hospital. Ellie questions Freddie about why he's been AWOL all day.
#CamsBack 23x14
Esther is still struggling with her memory, but Nancy has an idea. Nancy tells Darren that her test results have arrived. Leela feels guilty when Peri admits that she needs her dad. Daniel's father turns up at the hospital, and Freddie is furious at Ellie.
#GraceBlack 23x13
Ellie quarrels with Freddie, and Tegan realises something about Daniel. Things are awkward between Louis and Leela in Price Slice but Louis is intrigued when Tegan reveals they're registering Daniel today.
#EvasEscape 23x12
Kim makes a panicked phone call to Grace asking her to get to the hospital. When Grace and Adam arrive, a team of nurses rush to Esther's room. Ellie surprises Marnie at the hospital and Courtney catches Lily and Prince getting close.
#TheDonovans 23x11
Prince engineers things so that he and Lily are paired together for a science project, and Kim is put out over Esther and Grace's relationship. Esther lashes out, and Lisa and Mac feel guilty. Mac thinks he knows who broke into the pub.
#HollyoaksHeist 23x10
Lisa wants Nathan to choose between her and Cleo. Someone burgles The Dog, and Lisa and Mac are locked in the cellar. Nathan returns to The Dog and catches the masked intruder trying to get into the safe.
#SteHay 23x09
Ste finds out about Ryan sleeping around. Lisa confronts Nathan about his cosy night with Cleo, and tells Cleo to stay away from Nathan. Goldie shows Mercedes the dating app she's on, but Mercedes is furious when she sees James Nightingale has a profile.
#RyanVsSte 23x08
Liam tells Adam what he knows about Darcy. Amy tries to defend herself to Social Services, while Ryan gets a lead on who reported her. Nathan plans a private cinema treat for Cleo in the Love Boat. However, Lisa spots them together and boils with jealousy.
#JesseDonovan 23x07
Adam finds out that Liam is keeping secrets about Darcy. Amy is reported to Social Services, but by who? Neeta makes a breakthrough with Lily.
#AdamAndJesse 23x06
It's Ste's birthday and he wants to see his kids. Prince and Hunter are out for revenge when Amy bans them from The Bean. Lily immediately catches the eye of another classmate on her first day of school.
#CelineMcQueen 23x05
Scott returns from holiday to find that Diane is back, but Diane and Tony are dressed for a funeral. Diane has brought her niece Lily to stay, but Tony isn't keen on the idea of a new arrival. He's forced to apologise to Lily when she overhears - can he convince her to stay?
#WarrenAndSienna 23x04
Marnie reveals a heart-breaking secret to Ellie that stops her moving into Freddie's flat. Jesse offers Goldie a job as salon receptionist when she spins him a sob story about needing money for her sons. They go for a few drinks and he walks her home.
#SiennasRevenge 23x03
Freddie offers Ellie his new apartment to move into when she decides to leave The Dog. Adam and Jesse are swamped at the salon, and Goldie lies that she's a qualified hairdresser and gives Holly a striking new look. Cindy ends up in a fight with the McQueens, and Joel confronts Sienna.
#SiennasRevenge 23x02
Sienna is being hassled by Joel, but when Warren refuses to let her leave Hollyoaks, she steps up her revenge plan. Diego is desperate to win Myra back, while Myra gets a confession out of Cindy. Marnie gives Jesse money to take Ellie out, but Ellie is horrified when she misunderstands Jesse's intentions.
#Joel 23x01
Tom is guilt-ridden, and comes up with a plan to help Sally make up for the money Jude stole. Sienna has to hide when Warren invites Joel to the flat, and Ryan tells Mercedes he's being blackmailed about their night together - but by whom?

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