Hollyoaks is a British soap opera on Channel 4. The drama follows the lives of a group of residents living in the fictional village of Chester. Add to my shows

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24/05/2018 24x103
Darren and Mandy meet at the Osbornes' alone - is this a recipe for disaster? Maxine is on a mission, while Tony and Diane continue to argue over Dee Dee's treatment.

Latest episodes

23/05/2018 24x102
Darren, Mandy, Luke and Nancy make plans for a party at The Hutch. The couples all seem happy, and Mandy and Darren talk about just being friends and nothing more, but will they be able to resist temptation?
22/05/2018 24x101
Adam is trying to warn Maxine about Glenn, but Glenn is getting in the way. Meanwhile, Yazz attempts to offer Alfie support, but the voice in Alfie's head encourages him to decline.
21/05/2018 24x100
Glenn knows there's another grass in the village and he is suspicious of one unlucky person. Meanwhile, Tom tells Yazz some false information that could leave her heartbroken.
18/05/2018 24x99
Glenn is giving Grace a hard time, telling her to pull herself together. He continues to put her down, but it's one step too far when Grace is reduced to tears. Could this be enough for Grace to call it a day?
17/05/2018 24x98
Glenn and Adam know Zack has some information on them and come up with a plan to stop him breathing a word, but is it enough or could it be too late? And Tom is concerned about Alfie's behaviour when he makes a grand gesture.
16/05/2018 24x97
Everybody is in high spirits at The Dog. Goldie and Myra have decided to give up alcohol, but is all as it seems? Sienna is mentioned in conversation, but Cleo is not pleased.
15/05/2018 24x96
Zack overhears some sensitive business information from Glenn and Adam - could he reveal their real job titles? Sienna is panicking as the clock counts down and later receives a knock at the door.
14/05/2018 24x95
Cleo and Joel's relationship has already hit a bump, but could a conversation with James help Joel resolve things? Dirk is caught in a trap set up by Milo, Damon is trying to win Holly back, and somebody continues to watch Sienna.
11/05/2018 24x94
James goes to visit his dad at the home, while Milo continues to receive threats from Theo - could his secret be blown? Marnie opens up to Buster about something awful she did in the past.
10/05/2018 24x93
Kyle begins arranging his new plan for revenge, but will it work? Yazz confronts Tony and Diane, while Milo lies to Cindy to avoid Theo returning to the village.

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