Hollyoaks is a British soap opera on Channel 4. The drama follows the lives of a group of residents living in the fictional village of Chester. Add to my shows

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19-11-2018 24x230
Lily wants to spend the day with Prince, but he keeps rushing off and acting strangely. Meanwhile, Damon decides to steal some cocktail recipes from The Loft, and Louis is playing family peacemaker.

Latest episodes

16-11-2018 24x229
It's Mercedes and Russ's wedding day. Mercedes reminisces about her failed marriages. Liam receives a delivery of poison labelled 'karma', and has Grace tied up in the office.
15-11-2018 24x228
Breda and Jack have an awkward meeting. Courtney fights with Jesse about him pretending to be her boyfriend to social services.
14-11-2018 24x227
Russ loses his temper with Max. Jack's excited about his date, but Breda tells Sylver she's too busy for romance. Courtney meets with social services about Iona.
13-11-2018 24x226
Lisa Loveday returns to Hollyoaks. Lisa admits that she met a guy in Thailand but things didn't end well. Mercedes questions why Goldie is so miserable at her pre-wedding festivities.
12-11-2018 24x225
Harley tells Peri that she's quit school. Jack asks Breda to look after Charlie as part of his plan to woo her. Sinead sets up a meeting for Laurie with Sally at the school.
09-11-2018 24x224
Russ buys Mercedes a necklace, but Goldie demands to have it. Tom invites Peri to spend the day with Steph, and she realises how much she's missed out on.
08-11-2018 24x223
Sinead tells Ste and Diane that she is picking Hannah up from the airport. Peri and Harley ditch school for the day. Harley lies about acing her classes.
07-11-2018 24x222
Leela takes the flowers sent by Martine as condolence for Tegan, and Louis manages to rip up the accompanying card before it's seen. Liam brings Iona to Courtney, and blackmails her.
06-11-2018 24x221
The WAGs call Kim to talk some sense into Maxine. Martine plans to out her cheating husband by ordering flowers to Leela's house, with a card addressed to her 'Yogi Bear'.
05-11-2018 24x220
Darren goes against Mandy's wishes and visits Nancy. Farrah encourages Cleo to eat out, and must keep her end of the deal. Martine tells Louis she's moving to the village.

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