Drama series about life on the wards of Holby City Hospital, following the highs and lows of the staff and patients.A spin-off from the medical drama Casualty. Add to my shows

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A Simple Lie, Part Two 21x12
As the protesters grow angrier, Holby tightens security - and Fletch realises there may be darker forces at play surrounding Theo's disappearance.Chloe struggles to decide if staying at Holby is the right thing to do. Dom tries to persuade her, but is thrown off course by a surprise visitor.A romantic evening doesn't go as planned for Xavier and Donna when his mother arrives, landing Donna in a difficult position.
A Simple Lie, Part 1 21x11
The high court gives its judgement on withdrawing care for Ange's patient, and Frieda returns to Darwin, but faces problems when she is paired with Zosia for the day.
Powerless 21x10
The second of a two-part crossover episode. After a computer virus shuts down the hospital's power, Jac and Connie fight to save friends, and Ric mounts a rescue to help Essie.
Guts 21x09
Zosia's news gets a mixed response and her situation is further complicated when a colleague from the US turns up. Sacha is rattled when an old flame appears with their partner.
Never Say Never 21x08
Zosia returns to Holby looking for work, while a frustrated Jac tries to track down Frieda, and Ange admits there is no hope for her patient, Holly.
Good Side 21x07
While Holly's condition weighs heavily on an emotionally invested Ange, Holly's distraught parents must put their differences aside to make a heart-breaking decision.
Force Majeure 21x06
A family secret leads to a young patient delaying vital surgery, Ric campaigns for change, and it remains to be seen whether Nicky has the strength to fight for what she wants.
Mad as Hell 21x05
When Holby is stretched to breaking point, an angry Ric can't take the status quo any longer. Can Frieda suppress her pain simply by throwing herself into a punishing work schedule? A reluctant Ange considers calling in someone close to help with a difficult patient.
A Daring Adventure or Nothing at All 21x04
Frieda's hard-won contentment is abruptly shattered when Roman reappears. Xavier strains his relationship with Donna thanks to some unsolicited attempts to parent Mia. Ange shoulders the burdens of YAU but seems blinkered as to who might really need help.
The Burden of Proof 21x03

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