Drama series about life on the wards of Holby City Hospital, following the highs and lows of the staff and patients.A spin-off from the medical drama Casualty. Add to my shows

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All Business 20x34

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Bargaining 20x33
Bygones 20x32
Child in Your Shadow 20x31
Fletch is shocked when someone from his past walks back into his life. Hanssen attempts to express his feelings to Roxanna. Serena and Ric decide to teach Nicky and Meena a little humility.
Two for Joy 20x30
Jac is back on form after her surgery and determined to prove she is a doctor not a patient. Dom and Lofty find themselves at cross purposes, which puts their future in the balance. Essie sees Holby afresh through the eyes of a fellow patient.
The Friend Zone 20x29
When nothing else seems to be going Sacha's way, he tries his hand at a new romance. Tensions rise as Meena moves in on Nicky's turf up on Darwin. Unconvinced by his slippery charm, Donna puts Zav to the test.
Into the Light 20x28
Torn between a chance to make history and her conscience, Roxanna faces a tough decision. Will she cross the line?Hanssen's recovery is put to the test with Essie's arrival, but he'll have to overcome painful memories if he wants to save her life.When Donna's hopes for her family seem out of reach, Zav is the last person she expects to save the day - has she misjudged him?
The Anniversary Waltz 20x27
The party celebrating 70 years of the NHS is put on hold when a major incident pushes Holby to the limits. Serena is reminded of a patient she saved many years ago - with the odds stacked against her, and withRic's help, can she do the same again?Jac and Abigail find themselves at odds over a patient set for a heart transplant. But with Jac back at work, is the transplant Abigail's only concern?Sheilagh reflects on her stay at Holby and the importance of the NHS. Encouraged by Dom's feelings for her grandson, she gives Lofty one last present before she goes.
Fallen Idol 20x26
Hungover, tired and caught out by a surprise assessment, a split-second mistake by Nicky causes things to get a whole lot closer between her and Zav than either of them bargained for.With pressure piling on and Gaskell nowhere to be found, a troubling discovery causes Roxanna to question her loyalties.Dom's commitment to his new relationship is tested when he is offered a great professional opportunity that he can only take up by breaking his promise to Lofty.
Primum Non Nocere, Part Two 20x25
The pressure's on for Gaskell to fix Jac, and the whole hospital is watching. With past decisions weighing on his mind and an inquisitive research student shadowing his every move, will Gaskell risk proceedingwith Jac's surgery?When a medical emergency strikes too close to home, Serena's priorities are tested and Bernie fears for the future of their relationship. Does she still hold a place in Serena's life?Fletch and Abigail are forced to confront their feelings for each other in the most public way possible. Is it time to cut their losses?
Primum Non Nocere, Part One 20x24
Desperate to prove her worth, Meena prepares a bespoke care plan for Gaskell's next patient. But while researching previous cases Meena discovers more than she bargained for. Dare she raise her concerns withthe great Professor Gaskell? And has she taken her eye off the ball elsewhere?Bernie's trauma ward in Nairobi is ready to open and she wants Serena by her side. But with Holby still in recovery and Jason and Greta's baby on the way, can Serena choose between the woman she loves and the family she's devoted to?When Abigail invites Fletch on a weekend away, he wonders if she's taking their relationship to the next level. This was just a bit of fun, wasn't it?

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