Drama series about life on the wards of Holby City Hospital, following the highs and lows of the staff and patients.A spin-off from the medical drama Casualty. Add to my shows

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Hard Day's Night 20x08

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Precipice 20x07
Not Your Home Now 20x06
Hanssen steps down as CEO, with Serena agreeing to take over temporarily. When Ric is admitted to Holby, Serena and Donna treat the injuries he sustained in prison. Distressed by Ric's situation, Serenainvestigates what happened the day Elaine Warren died.Oliver's physiotherapy is cut short when his therapist collapses, triggering his surgical instincts. As he attempts to diagnose her and other patients, Dom, Lofty and Roxanna try to temper his expectations. Oliver starts to wonder if he can still be a doctor.Jac must locate the rare vinyl she took from Raf's collection before Fletch purchases a replacement. This suspicious behaviour leads Frieda to uncover the true nature of Jac's motivations. Knowing Jac may have feelings for Fletch gives Frieda an opportunity to needle her mentor.
One Day at a Time 20x05
The clinical trial is heating up and it's time for Gaskell to live up to his reputation. Nicky tests Sacha's patience in a bid to prove her abilities. Frieda has to play tough in order to win Jac's trust.
Hanssen is as Hanssen Does 20x04
Torn between guilt and duty, Hanssen is pushed to the brink. Frustrated by her injury and longing to avoid the memorial, Jac turns to an old friend for support. Lofty is thrown when an unexpected patient turns up on Keller.
There by the Grace of... 20x03
Essie struggles to use her head over her heart as she gets involved with Gaskell's trial. Oliver is transferred to AAU for a change of scene, but how will he react to old and new faces? Fletch gets an unexpected delivery.
Ready or Not 20x02
Sacha finds his allegiances tested as he struggles to judge whether his patient can be trusted or not. Jac is keen to prove she is back on form, but can she step up when she faces competition from a visiting surgeon? Essie finds emotional support in Meena, and impresses Gaskell with an unexpected choice.
The Prisoner 20x01
Ric arrives in prison to begin his sentence. A popular prisoner takes him under his wing, but Ric starts to question who he should trust on the inside.
Always Forever 19x64
Rushed off her feet on Christmas Eve, Morven finds herself torn between her past and her future. Jac must decide which family - personal or professional - she owes allegiance to, or whether she can have it all. Essie is surprised to bond with Gaskell over an intriguing and unusual patient.
We Need to Talk About Fredrik 19x63
With the merger bringing new F1s Nicky and Meena to Holby, Hanssen wants to protect his staff more than ever. Meena relishes the thought of Hanssen's hands-free learning, but Dominic is determined to push his new colleague to the limit. Fletch calls in outside assistance for a beleaguered Darwin, but Jac is adamant she does not want or need help. Can she swallow her pride and welcome a familiar face back into the fold?
Group Animal, Part Two 19x62
The resolve of the Holby family is put to the test when a face from the past arrives with a chilling vendetta. How will the team cope when their whole world is torn apart?

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