Drama series about life on the wards of Holby City Hospital, following the highs and lows of the staff and patients.A spin-off from the medical drama Casualty. Add to my shows

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Too Good to Be True 20x43

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Stains 20x42
Gaskell fears exposure when Hanssen confesses to having doubts about recent events. Jac discovers Steven has been keeping a potentially life-changing secret from Fletch. Donna tries to repair Xavier's broken bonds with his family.
The Three Musketeers 20x41
Xavier's secrets are laid bare when his grandfather arrives wounded on AAU. Gaskell's increasingly erratic behaviour puts a patient at risk, leaving Hanssen troubled. Serena tries to put some professional distance between herself and Leah.
Inscrutable 20x40
As Holby reels from tragic news, Sacha takes on a marathon operation. But Dom worries he's taking on too much too soon. Serena is pulled in all directions when Leah, a sparky new junior doctor, struggles with a problematic first patient. Fletch sets about stealthily engineering some quality time with Steven.
Undoing 20x39
A distraught Hanssen holds vigil at the hospital, while Gaskell agonises over his actions. Fletch is missing Evie and angrily blames Steven for pulling his family apart. Sacha makes a tentative return to Holby after time off for his depression.
One Man and His God 20x38
In America, in 1987, three young Holby familiars make a pact to push the boundaries of medicine no matter the cost. With the life of a friend hanging in the balance, Gaskell must question his unshakeable belief in Project Laszlo.
All Lies Lead To The Truth 20x37
Frieda is back and taking no prisoners. Tensions run high when Jac puts her to the test, is Darwin big enough for the both of them? Roxanna makes a devastating discovery… but will it be enough to persuade Gaskell to see sense?Meena finds herself friendless and in need of help, how much can one junior doctor take?
Keep Your Friends Close 20x36
Hanssen tries to bury himself in his work, but when Gaskell makes a move he hadn't bargained for, he can no longer ignore his conscience. Fletch is burning the candle at both ends, leaving Evie picking up the slack. Desperate to make things right with his daughter, Fletch faces a tough decision. Feeling more isolated than ever, Meena turns to an old flame for comfort.
Man Down 20x35
Sacha breaks a promise to Connor, a young patient, when catastrophic problems arise in surgery. Devastated, he struggles to keep his emotions in check as he faces his personal demons.
All Business 20x34
When Gaskell suggests a risky unapproved solution, Essie has to choose between Josh's quality of life and her ethical concerns.Stressed out by her flaky clients and ailing beauty business, Donna is consumed by self-doubt and comes close to giving up her side hustle. Can Xavier help her see she's got what it takes?Meena tries to keep smiling when Gaskell banishes her to AAU after suspecting that she's spying on the trial. However, when faced with troublesome patients and a disinterested Xavier, Meena is forced to face a harsh reality.
Bargaining 20x33
Roxanna questions Gaskell's leadership when his focus seems off. Can they work together to save a patient's life, or is the the trust between them fractured forever?Troubled Fletch throws himself into work as a distraction. When his micro-managing of Nicky puts a scared patient at risk, can Fletch find a way to forgive himself in time to put things right?Overworked and underappreciated, Serena is in no mood for games when a porters' prank goes awry. But is her short fuse making Serena too quick to judge?

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