Hogan's Heroes focuses on a group of American soldiers, led by Colonel Hogan, who are confined in a Nazi prisoner of war camp called Stalag 13 during World War II. While trapped in Stalag 13, the inmates conduct an espionage and sabotage campaign right under the noses of their warders. Because the Germans, led by the bumbling Colonel Wilhelm Klink, are often gullible, the real strength of Hogan's men are the elaborate ruses and sometimes dangerous lengths they will go to complete their mission. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

Rockets or Romance 06x24
Three mobile rocket launchers are aimed at London and awaiting detonation, or destruction. With radio detection trucks patrolling the area and one rocket sitting inside Stalag 13, directing the Allied bombers could turn into a suicide mission.
Look at the Pretty Snowflakes 06x23
An avalanche hangs over the pass near Hammelburg in the perfect position to halt a Panzer division. Hogan's team would love to do a little noise making, if a particularly nasty general didn't have them in chains.
Hogan's Double Life 06x22
His search for the Hammelburg sabotage leader leads Gestapo major Pruhst to Stalag 13 and Col. Hogan is in the cross hairs unless he can find a plausible alternative suspect.
Kommandant Gertrude 06x21
Gertrude's fiancé is assigned as Klink's new executive. He's a pushover, but the woman behind the throne is smart enough to turn Stalag 13 into a real prison.
The Kamikazes Are Coming 06x20
Marya convinces Hogan to defect to the Nazis in order to get access to a new rocket.
Klink for the Defense 06x19
Luftwaffe Col. Hauptmann is on trial for his life and with Klink as his defender, he's doomed to die unless the prisoners can fabricate some evidence.
To Russia Without Love 06x18
Kommandant Becker of the Eastern front wants a transfer to a warmer assignment. He's willing to trade Hogan battle plans for Stalag 13. Now Hogan just has to convince Klink that Russia is where he wants to be.
That's No Lady, That's My Spy 06x17
Newkirk does some creative cross-dressing to deliver life-saving medicine to a wounded underground agent.
The Meister Spy 06x16
Major Martin, AKA Hans Strausser, believes the hard part of his information gathering in London is over when he arrives safely in Stalag 13. But with Hogan out to learn what he knows, his troubles are just beginning.
Easy Come, Easy Go 06x15
Burkhalter offers Hogan one million dollars to go to England and steal a P-51 fighter for the Nazis.

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