In Hoarders professionals try to help people who compulsively hoard possessions. Add to my shows

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Dennis 11x05
A retired architect has collected a massive amount of clutter over the years; code enforcement officials are concerned about the safety of his property; featured experts are psychologist Dr. Michael Tompkins and extreme cleanup expert Matt Paxton.

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Becky 11x04
Over the past two decades, Becky has hoarded her home and motel property, including furniture, clothes and appliances; featured experts are psychologist Dr. Robin Zasio and extreme cleanup expert Cory Chalmers.
Althia 11x03
Althia faces heavy fines for multiple vehicles, building materials and a 60-foot semi-trailer on her residential property; her 5,000 square foot unfinished dream home is filled with unsold inventory from a business that ended when her husband died.
Sherry 11x02
Carol 11x01
Over the past two decades, Carol has hoarded her husband's home; with the mansion threatened to be condemned, the family unites to try to save the house and confront Carol about her behavior.
Three Amigos 10x05
Patricia 10x04
A retired nurse makes extra money selling things that other people have discarded, but is fined thousands of dollars a week because her three Florida homes are overflowing with her inventory.
Linda 10x03
Linda does not allow her family into her home for years until a medical emergency exposes the secret she has been hiding; Linda's daughter questions her mother's sanity after she makes a shocking discovery.
Dale 10x02
Over the past three decades Dale has hoarded his Alaskan property with everything from decking from the Yukon River Bridge to over 100 vehicles. Now he's hoarded himself out of his home. With a harsh Alaskan winter quickly approaching, he must clean up or face perishing this winter.
Andy & Becky 10x01
Andy and Becky feel it is their constitutional right to live however they choose, even if that's among 250 tons of hoard; they soon find themselves in a battle with the city government that could end with them going to jail and losing their home.
Sandra 09x06
A former interior designer hoards out every square inch of a historic mansion, then loses the house to foreclosure; the new owners of the property must determine how to compassionately evict the woman and dispose of her hoard.

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