Highway Thru Hell focuses on a team of drivers who work for Jamie Davis, along with several other heavy recovery operations fighting to keep the roads open in some of the most dangerous working conditions ever seen on TV. The Coquihalla and nearby highways through BC's Cascade Mountains have some of the most difficult and fast changing road conditions anywhere. When it's snowing hard up top on the summit of ‘The Coq', 1200 metres below its pounding rain in The Fraser Valley. Add to that, Canada's busiest trucking route to the West Coast, Highway 1 (Trans Canada Hwy), and you have the ‘Bermuda Triangle' of trucking. Police and highway maintenance crews depend on Highway Thru Hell's heavy rescue operators to respond at a moment's notice in the worst conditions. In between the winter storms, the teams ‘off road' skills are put to the test. The rugged terrain near Hope, British Columbia dishes out some of the most unique and challenging recovery jobs over steep cliffs, down deep ravines and even in bodies of water. Highway Thru Hell is ultimately a series about man versus Mother Nature and the toughest men in the towing business being pushed to their breaking point. The stakes are high - lives, the economy and thousands of jobs depend on the highways staying open, and the last line of defense is Heavy Rescue. Add to my shows

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Lives on the Line 08x11

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Sub Zero 08x10
A polar vortex brings extreme cold and brutal working conditions to truck drivers and heavy wrecker operators on BC's Coquihalla Highway. Colin fights to recover a frozen rig. Cam finds himself in a deja vu dilemma with one of Jamie's classic wreckers. And an up and coming operator slides to the edge of disaster.
Door to Door 08x09
James Luke and "Black Sheep" rush to clear a tractor trailer on its side loaded with heavy doors. An 18-wheeler filled with firewood tests Cam and Colin. And Gord and Al must perform a delicate manoeuvre to move a shipping container full of garbage off the Trans Canada Highway.
Road to Recovery 08x08
A tractor trailer clinging to the edge of a mountain road has Mitch, Merv and James pulling together to save the the load. After years relying on older equipment, Jamie Davis takes a sharp turn in the road - bringing home a surprise for the team. A major rollover tests a first time heavy wrecker operator. And the Mission Towing crew gets an update on Ken's condition.
Heavy Hearts 08x07
A frightening collision in BC's Fraser Valley is captured on dash cam by one of its survivors. To open the road, Merv is dispatched in Aggressive Towing's 50-ton rotator. Jamie's in for a rough ride when he takes one of his classic wreckers on a two thousand kilometre journey north. And shocking news about a key member of the Mission Towing family hits home.
Thin Ice 08x06
A cliffside recovery on the banks of the BC's Coldwater River puts James and Adam on thin ice. Colin's forced to make a roadside repair in the middle of a winter storm. Al and Gord race to move a house off a busy highway. And in Mission, Ken and Dylan take on a 50-ton concrete pump truck stuck at a construction site.
Return to Sender 08x05
Near Merritt, BC a parcel delivery truck is torn wide open scattering hundreds of packages across The Coq. Facing high winds, high speed traffic and the threat of falling rocks, Reliable Towing must overcome numerous obstacles to clear the wreck. Al has to get physical after a dump truck crashes into a concrete barrier. And Jamie uses a "slick trick" to slide a heavy load off a highway.
Oil and Water 08x04
In Hope, BC - Jamie, Colin and Cam battle heavy rains to recover a rolled semi blocking the highway through town. With traffic to The Coq cut off, and a trailer full of cooking oil starting to rip, Jamie's crew must roll the dice to get the road open. In the Fraser Canyon, a wreck on the edge of a creek has Mission Towing's Dylan Greenwood in a race to save a pricey perishable load.
Chain Saw 08x03
When a dump truck and trailer crash into dense bush, Al Quiring and sons become heavy rescue lumber jacks. With the help of Gord Boyd, Team Green must overcome environmental obstacles and a twisted wreck trapped in the trees. After a tough break last winter, Cam Neno returns to Jamie's yard in Hope for round two. 
Battle in the Gravel 08x02
Jamie tests the limits of his classic wrecker "The General" against a 180,000 lb. rock crusher in a gravel pit. Mitch and James scramble to save a truck and camper on an icy cliff. Colin finally gets a crack at Mighty Mo's push bumper. And Mission Towing's Ken Duperon trains a new operator in the middle of a snow storm.
Winter Strikes 08x01
On BC's Coquihalla Highway, an early snowfall catches truckers off guard and puts Jamie Davis face to face with a heavy fuel tanker. Sparks fly when James Luke and "The Black Sheep" try to rescue a semi in deep snow. And Al Quiring moves mountains - to help a record-breaking load over the Coq Summit.

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