Boomer was a stray dog with a sharp mind and a heart of gold. He traveled from place to place helping out the humans with whom he came into contact. Here's Boomer was a new comedy-adventure series that focused on a lovable mutt who touched the lives of different people every week. Johnny, a canine rescued from a Los Angeles dog pound, had the title role in this comedy/adventure series about a vagabond shaggy dog who passes in and out of people's lives. Boomer first appeared in a TV-movie earlier in the season, and the film's success spawned the series. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Flatfoots 02x12
Boomer Goes for the Gold 02x11
Boomer enters a or show and emerges the champion, thus proving a prejudiced judge wrong. Boomer with the aid of a Charley Foster, helps Steve regain his self-esteem. Boomer also helps him get a job.
Boomer in the Pound 02x10
Looking Good 02x09
Camityville's Boomer 02x08
Make 'Em Laugh 02x07
Boomer and the Bucketeers 02x06
Boomer and Medowlark Lemmon help Robbie Johnson, a wheelchair-bound youth, to revive interest in basketball.
The Prince and the Boomer 02x05
Boomer's East Side Story 02x04
Boomer and the Musket Cove Treasure 02x03

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