Japanese Page Hellsing, or ヘルシング in Japanese, is based on the wildly popular manga by Kohta Hirano, the Hellsing anime, produced by Japan's popular Gonzo Studio, gained a loyal fan-base with its Gothic stylishness and dark action. A secret war brews in the night - A war where humanity is only a pawn. The Hellsing Organization deploys in the shadows to protect the mortal world. But now, artificially spawned vampires have appeared, forcing Hellsing to call in their ultimate weapon - the rogue vampire Alucard The Hellsing Organization is a small, elite group that deals with the creatures of the night. Vampires are indeed real and Hellsing is what keeps them quiet and out of the public's eye. Very few people know of Hellsings existence and it's meant to be that way, but when several 'fake', artificial Vampires begin to appear and cause trouble by killing innocents and creating Ghouls, or undead minions, the Hellsing Organization begins to worry. Who is supplying these chips that create those nontraditional Vampires, and why? Opening Theme: "Logos Naki World (A World Without Logos)" by Yasushi Ishii Ending Theme: "Shine" by Mr. Big The English Dubbed version of Hellsing can be found here. Add to my shows

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Latest episodes

Hellfire 01x13
Alucard and Incognito's battle rages on, each fighter taking a beating and giving another back, neither side making any progress. As Integra and Walter head out to the Tower of London to see what exactly is happening, they get a surprise attack from the British military. Integra is shocked when she then realizes what Incognito's true motives are. Alucard is the only hope left for this world.
Total Destruction 01x12
After the Queen cancels her ceremony at the Hellsing HQ, Integra hears word that her soldiers are having trouble fighting at the Tower of London, including Seras. Shortly after, the British military labels the Hellsing Organization as a terrorist group and attempts to halt their operations. Alucard heads out to the Tower of London to help the Hellsing units and meet Incognito, face to face.
Transcend Force 01x11
The Royal Knights of the Round Table decide to hold a conference due to the recent attempts to kill the Queen. Integra is disappointed because she cannot attend due to her still recovering from her operation. Shortly after, Integra receives word from the Queen that she'll be coming to the Hellsing's HQ to hold a secret ceremony. Seras is out trying to find out why she is seeing strange visions. She visits with Helena but Incognito shows up to prevent any Seras from getting any answers.
Master of Monster 01x10
In a desperate attempt to prevent herself from becoming a Ghoul, Integra cuts her throat open. Several doctors then attempt a very delicate operation to save her life. Seras sadly watches the operation from the side, while Alucard shows his first true emotions and feelings toward Integra. Several flashbacks occur that show how Integra met and released Alucard, and the events leading to her becoming the leader of the Hellsing Organization.
Red Rose Vertigo 01x09
The Hellsing Organization is the middle of a castle raid when, suddenly, they are told to pullout of the keep and let a group of S.A.S member's handle it. Seras senses that something there's more to the castle, but doesn't have time to found it. Back at the Hellsing HQ, Integra's sister, Laura, unexpectedly arrives. Things get even more confusing as a powerful new enemy emerges . . .
Kill House 01x08
A Chinese factory is destroyed along with the evidence inside, so Integra deploys several units to find any information about the computer chips that are making fake Vampires. Seras finds herself back at her old apartment where memories of a forgotten family flood her. After wards, Seras meets Helena; a old and wise Vampire who is child-like in appearance.
Duel 01x07
Alucard has another encounter with Paladin Alexander Anderson, ending in similar fashion. Back at the Hellsing base, the Organization is recovering from the recent assault on their HQ. Integra seeks revenge while Seras is deployed with her unit in an attempt to find who was responsible for the attack.
Dead Zone 01x06
The assault on the Hellsing Organization's HQ continues, with Jan leading the Ghoul Army towards the Round Table's meeting-room where Sir Integra is. Right outside, Walter and Seras plan to put a halt to Jan's plan. Meanwhile, Luke heads down to the barracks where Alucard waits patiently for him.
Brotherhood 01x05
Two vampires known as the Valentine Brothers have decided to fight back against Hellsing and start a surprise attack on Hellsing HQ. At the same time, Sir Integra meets with the Knights of the Round Table, in which they discuss how to deal with the rising man-made vampire problem.
Innocent as a Human 01x04
The Internet becomes flooded with video footage of live executions. The media begins to air them, because it's what the people want to see. The Hellsing Organization decides to investigate the site of the killings. Alucard is eventually sent in to to deal with the Ghoul responsible for the killings.

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