Based on the Saturday Evening Post cartoons, the series centered around Hazel Burke, a maid, who for the first four seasons worked for the Baxter family. George Baxter was the head of the family which consisted of his wife, Dorothy and their son, Harold. Hazel ran the household and often preempted George's authority. The next door neighbors, Herbert and Harriet Johnson were occasionally seen. When the series moved to CBS in the fall of 1965, Hazel was given a new family to look after. George and Dorothy were transferred to the Middle East leaving Hazel and Harold behind. They moved in with George's brother, Steve and his family, which consisted of Steve's wife, Barbara and their daughter Susie. Add to my shows

Latest episodes

A Question of Ethics 05x29
A Little Bit of Genius 05x28
The Perfect Boss 05x27
Bee in Her Bonnet 05x26
Hazel's Free Enterprise 05x25
Barbara wants to get Steve a pool table for his birthday. She was able to find one at a bargain price of $250, but only has $50 put as a down payment. When Barbara tells Hazel about her predicament, Hazel decides to help out by turning the kitchen into a production line, in order to sell her prize winning chili sauce to the local grocery store.
Who Can Afford a Bargain? 05x24
But is It Art? 05x23
Please Don't Shout 05x22
My Son, the Sheepdog 05x21
How to Find Work Without Really Trying 05x20

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